Saturday, March 30, 2013

23 Mar 13

"...this is just a phase ...I can quit whenever I want..." ~ Pop Radio 101 by Camera

Hey, blogspot readers, spring break has finally arrived without the spring weather here in Chicago. However that didn't stop SouthSide from spending it at Double Door to see an old friend rock the stage there. It was Camera's The Panic and The Permanence (a follow up to the band's 2008 album Fire & Science) LP release show which also featured performances by Audiences, Cassettes On Tape and Golden State (Los Angeles, CA) to assist in the celebration. SouthSide highly recommends checking out all bands mentioned in this review.
Though missing Audiences' ( opening act, this reviewer did arrive in time to groove within the electro powerpop swing of things by Cassettes On Tape ( This local band provided a dreamy yet energerized momentum as the quartet of musicians rocked the ears with an Echo and the Bunnymen sound, blogspot readers, if you had to compare the band's core music style. Not that this reviewer is frowning on the comparison ...she did like the danceable tempo and pop fee within that shoegaze vibe though having her see front man Joe (also on guitars) as Echo's stand-in during most of the set. She instantly fell in love with his deep falsetto vocal tone that popped the lyrics to life with such heartfelt tone and emotions. There's plenty of electro energy to keep you feeling that urge to dance along with the band even while in a slight downtempo rhythm.
Next from the warm sunny shores of California, this band brought more than just the bright lights of his rockin' city to the stage. Golden State ( also brought to its Chicago audience lots of thunderous energy and electric guitar riffs that had the stage ablaze under such intense fervor, blogspot readers, but not only that  there was some (rock) sexual tension emulating from this band's sound too. This reviewer enjoyed how the music especially during the instrumental was performed quite emotionally as well as passionately to which helped highlight front man/guitarist James' fierce vocal tone on the lyrics in songs like All Roads Lead Home, Save Me and Bombs. Plus it did help to have Double Door lighting working in sync with the band to capture the intensity of Golden State's rock music adding plenty of excitement and energy for the audience rockin' in front of the stage. For example, during one particular song, this reviewer relished in feeling the sensation of the band's pent up electric momentum gradually rise on a steady crescendo that had the blood boiling with anticipation amidst the percussion's rhythm. Too hot to the touch despite the following song afterward having a downtempo energy and momentum but it was not to overshadow James' heartfelt vocal tone, blogspot readers. 
Finally the moment had arrived to hear the live version of Camera's ( new LP, The Panic and the Permanence with a few oldies tossed in their headlining performance, blogspot readers. This local band have what they dub their music as "pop noir" though they do wonderfully pay homage to a few 80s bands like "..Oingo Boingo, David Byrne..." (according to Owl Mag in its review of the new album), and Talking Heads that's heard within core music. It doesn't have a campy 80s sound, mind you yet Camera plays around with it while meshing a different genres here and there within their songs. You might feel a pseudo Latin/sumba electroswing rhythm (track 1 - Grazed By Bullets) going one minute then at the next you're getting a saracastic lesson within a funky electro/powerpop beat (track - 2 Pop Radio 101) or you might find yourself dancing to the fun pop sound (track 6 -The Negotiator).  Though most of the songs on this new album aren't technically "new", blogspot readers, it was great to mix with them a couple of new ones like A Place I Know and Heir Apparent. SouthSide's test audience recently did a test run of Camera's album and found the electro music enjoyable like the previous one - Fire & Science. They had like track 2 (Pop Radio 101) and track 8 (On A Night Like This) for both songs' tongue and cheek sarcasm especially in track 8 in which the lyrics jokinly state "'re a girl what do you know..." Tracks 4 (Nuclear) and 5 (Debris) are perfect in the order they're placed on this album because you get a somewhat contrasting sound by the band within a sort of "doom and gloom" feeling.  During their Double Door show, Camera did perform three cool oldies (and reviewer favorites) like Wicked Games, One Neo Eon and London Fields.
Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, March 29, 2013

25 Mar 13 - Fight for Marriage Equality

...this is 2013 and [we’re] doing this for our children’s about equal rights for everyone ...[it’s] not just about marriage ...hopefully, this is the last frontier for equality in America...” ~ Lair Scott
...marriage equality is a civil right...”, blogspot readers.
For centuries, marriage has been religiously defined as a union between a man and woman. However in recent days, the US Supreme heard legal arguments from two separate cases. one involving DOMA – Defense of Marriage Act. It's a federal law which "...restricts federal marriage benefits and required inter-state marriage recognition to only oppossite-sex marriages in the United States..." where in Section 3 of DOMA "...codifies the non-recognition of same-sex marriages for all federal purposes, including insurance benefits for government employees, Social Security survivors' benefits, immigration and the filing of joint tax returns..." Section 3 of DOMA has been found unconstitutional in eight federal courts even though it passed both houses of Congress with a high majority and was signed into law by former President Bill Clinton on September 21, 1996. The other case deals with Proposition 8 (also known as the California Marriage Protection Act), a Californian law prohibiting gay marriage in which was a ballot proposition before becoming a state constitutional amendment in November 2008. Both Supreme Court decisions undoubtedly change society as well as politically defined what marriage is. In cities like Chicago, there have been protests and marches uniting many for and against marriage equality for the LGBT community despite the wait will be months away for decisions from the Justices.

On Monday evening, the cold spring weather couldn’t stop the several hundred who gathered at Federal Plaza with their posters and/or rainbow-colored flags for a marriage equality rally and then marched around downtown to the Tribune Tower. It was a unique mix of protesters from the young and old ...straight and LGBT...etc near Picasso’s Flamingo. Speakers like Kim Hunter (of Affinity Community Services) and a Lutheran minister from Romeoville, IL, fired up the crowd with their passionate speeches advocating the main central theme of equality (not just marriage) for all, blogspot readers. They emphasized how important this issue is today and reminded everyone what was at stake in the coming weeks and months as well as telling them to make sure their voices were heard not by the Supreme Justices but by the representatives on the state and federal level.
...say ‘NO’ to ballot box bigotry...”
For example, the Lutheran minister told the crowd how she and her husband raised their three children to accect everyone as God’s children before ending “ are loved for who you are as God created you...” Speaking to Charlie Rice-Minoso of Equality Illinois, this reviewer asked him for his thoughts about the historic importance of the US Supreme Justices hearing arguments that would politically define what marriage is. He noted how 25 years ago it wasn’t acceptable being a bi-racial couple but now, it is also adding “’s an exciting time to see how the scene is progressing...” Brent holding the sign from had a unique religious spin by saying “...radical inclusion was the gospel of Jesus Christ...” while Pastor Kim added how marriage equality would take away the barriers and give [same sex] couples support as well as societal recognition. “...I’m happy to be able to perform these types of ceremonies...” Then, SouthSide met same sex couple Michael and Randall for their thoughts and opinions about how important this is to them. Michael, a veteran and father of two, told her “...everyone should be entitled to marriage...” meanwhile his partner of two years, Randall said “ [marriage equality] should be given ...[it’s] a civil right’s the modern era ...shouldn’t be debated...” Michael also told this reviewer that he was glad to have the love and support of his children and family.

From the youthful end of the spectrum, SouthSide briefly chatted with Liz to get her thoughts about the importance of marriage equality to which she said “’s time for equality for all...” and that she’s a strong supporter for gay rights, blogspot readers. While joining the protesters in their march to Tribune Towers that went east on Jackson then south on State Street and then on Wacker, SouthSide was able to spend some time with Kim Hunter asking what this issue means to her to which she stated it’s more about rights of gay marriage but equality and justice for everyone ...a civil right movement for the modern family structure, blogspot readers. “...I wish we would go to the human rights of what marriage is...” says Kim “...there are other family structures out there ...those are the types that need protection and recognition...” noting there needs to be more protection rights for them. SouthSide didn’t escape the questioning either as some of her interviewees turned the tables asking her if she supported marriage equality, blogspot readers. She supports equality for everyone and hopes her eldest daughter can enjoy the same legal benefits as married gay couple one day.

After two days of hearing arguments from both sides of the issue between these two separate cases, it's a "wait and see" process now on how the US Supreme Court will rule since a decision won't probably happen until some time in June. However, in case you haven't noticed, social media and celebrities have been outspoken oabout their views on where they stand on marriage equality. From country music artist Willie Nelson to George Takei and Jay-Z, many are voicing and/or showing their support for equal marriage rights for all.
Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

16 Mar 13

Hey, blogspot readers, it's St Patrick's Day eve and there are plenty of Irish eyes smiling all over Chicago tonight! Besides celebrating everything that's green, SouthSide did most of her Saturday night partying underground (literally in the basement) at Underground Lounge with friend Lair Scott and many of his invited guests and friends. Not only was it his birthday but also a celebration of his Queer Fest America aniversary too in which he was raising money for the organization. Yet, blogspot readers, this wasn't any ordinary birthday bash. No. It had music, comedy and a special surprise by the birthday daddy himself!
The first comic, Darren, had some hits but sadly that was outweighed by the misses as he opened the birthday celebration with a couple of Lent and Pope jokes (like former Pope Benedict gave up being pope for Lent) before poking some fun at Pope Francis I. She did experience quite a few ha-ha moments when he dished puns on Lindsay Lohan however this reviewer didn't find him and/or the other jokes funny, blogspot readers. This comic really didn't connect with the audience around him during his performance. In the meanwhile, Kate, when performing her comedy act, immediately popped with a burst of energy while poking fun at her recent weight lost ...if she loses 25 more pounds, she gets white boy sex. HA! Also, a notice to all - she absolutely LOVES her dick ...9 inches of it too. Plus she had the audience cracking up as she simulated her big "O" on stage. Kate also talked about her love for porn and her ex-boyfriend who would have sex with anything. Oh, there were plenty of hecklers during this act who just loved to egg her on with jeers. SouthSide was rolling in her seat while she ragged on the martini drink names (like Apple-tini to Herpes-tini, the gift that keeps on giving). What a belly-busting time with this comic.
Then, Thomas Bottoms who was totally hilarious about pinching people not wearing the green tonight. Oh yeah, if he sounded a bit bitchy tonight it's because he gave up smoking pot for Lent. So, watch out, blogspot readers. He lightly touched on how terrible traffic was on Clark St claiming that St. Patrick's Day was [Gay] Pride Day for the straight! HA! HA! He concluded his act with a funny music number in which this reviewer wouldn't dare repeat. Sorry, you simply had to be there to hear it. Finally, Marcos - looking a bit dashing as well as daring in his kilt, opened with a pun towards Lair. He didn't know Sandy Duncan was hosting the event. LOL! He went on to crack puns about homophobia, arguments  against gay marriage, and transgender (on how they don't fit one gender but the other ...yet instead they're transcending into something better). He had SouthSide laughing while poking fun at Tyler Perry's Madea (it's RuPaul with the extra pounds) before joking about Samuel L. Jackson as a Black Nick Fury.
Now with our funny bones busted to the hilt, it was time for Lair to do his special act to roxy music, blogspot readers. It was, in a nutshell, ultra hip, sexy and very provocative all at once. *Fans self* Smurf Daddy knows how to tease. After that sensual glam dance, the fuming fury of Evil Twin Sister ( took over the stage to open the music part of the celebration. They crank up the volume to fully blast the audience with loud, "in your face" female frustration and anger (something likened to women experience while having PMS). Performing songs like Alone, Gasoline, Evil Twin Sister and Fork and Knives, this band electrified the stage with instense guitar riffs and screamo vocal rantings even though the music tends to be somewhat chaotic at times due to the mesh of chords and percussion rhythms going everywhere. It's hardcore ...angry and punk - the way it should be when you want to vent your frustrations at everyone around you. Also rockin' the stage this night was Kickstarts and boy did they continue where Evil Twin Sister left off, blogspot readers! This duo was definitely loud (like Evil Twin Sister) yet had more of a rambucous punk rock scene going unlike Evil Twin which is mostly hardcore screamo punk. This band instantly perked the audience to life again with plenty of electrified riffs and clashing percusssion rhythms to get you bobbing your head to the music. However, this reviewer does suggest upping the mic a little so the lead on guitar could be heard above thunderous sound. Kickstart had the a few people wildly dancing or clapping along to their songs like Destiny Smestiny (or something to that effect).

Oh what a fun night, blogspot readers ...Lair Scott definitely knows how to rock a show.

Until next time, support your local scene,

I AM Fest Fourth Annual Battle of the Bands 2013

Heads up, blogspot readers, bands, artists, and musicians, I AM Fest 2013 is coming soon! SouthSide recently received this from the desk of the Elbo Room about the details and sign up process for the battle of the bands.

Good luck to all who enter!

We are happy to announce we are in our fourth year of putting on one of the biggest, independently produced arts and music festivals. In the past we have worked with over 500 bands and artists and are continuing to give opportunities for local bands to network, get in front of new crowds and a chance to open up at one of Chicago’s premiere music venues.
The Elbo Room presents I AM FEST 2013 INDEPENDENT ARTS & MUSIC FESTIVAL. It will host 10 bands at Chicago's very own HOUSE OF BLUES on SAT AUG 23RD, 2013. There is just one thing missing... the MAIN STAGE OPENING BANDS FOR THE SHOW and THAT COULD BE YOU!

There will be several Battle of the Band contests held at the Elbo Room. Bands will be provided with a basic backline (Guitar/Bass Cabs minus heads and Basic drum set and hardware minus kick pedal, snare drum and cymbals). 20 min sets for each band will be judged by a music industry panel, voted on by fans in attendance and tallied for the number of people watching the LIVE VIDEO STREAM of the show per band thanks to GIGITY.TV.
This unique BATTLE OF THE BANDS looks for talented musicians that put on a great show and can win over an audience in person and LIVE online. The top 2 bands from each night advances to the Secondary Rounds on FRIDAY 6/7, 6/14, 6/21 and/or 6/28. 2 winners from each of those nights with 1 wild card will advance to the SEMI-FINALS on SATURDAY 7/6 or 7/13 along with 1 wild-card band. The winner and runner up of the FINALS (on SATURDAY JULY 27th) OPENS The 2013 I AM FEST at House of Blues presented by the ELBO ROOM Chicago.

E-mail KAYLA@ELBOROOMLIVE.COM with the following information:




4) WHICH PRELIMINARY SHOW(S) YOU ARE AVAILABLE (4/29, 4/30, 5/6, 5/7, 5/13, 5/14, 5/20, 5/21, 5/27, 5/28, 6/3, 6/4)





9) A Member of your band is available to attend the MANDATORY meeting at ELBO ROOM ON APRIL 14TH at 7PM to pick up pre-sale tickets and get details for the BATTLE OF THE BANDS show.

Hope to hear from you soon and have a safe 'holiday' weekend,
Elbo Room

22 Mar 13 - Private Instigators

Hey, blogspot readers, Keith and the Private Instigators would like you to know they’re too pretty for prison! 

SouthSide highly suggests checking out this retro rock-n-roll song on their Kickstarter campaign site as the band raises funds for production and recording costs of their debut album, Rhythm & Bruise (probably) featuring the hot single, “Too Pretty for Prison”.  Going to Nashville to record, this album will contain a unique blend of 50s R&B and 70s punk.

At the time of this post, Keith and the guys have reached 30% of their intended goal of $5000 (which also includes traveling, food, motel and rental expenses) ...and they need your help Instigators fans by donating whatever amount you can. Believe it or not, the minimum to pledge is $1. So, they’re not asking for much but you will get something back in return with each different dollar amount such as a Private Instigator logo t-shirt (black or white) and bonus tracks to go along with your digital copy, CD, sticker and shout out (if you pledge $50) or be listed as part of the “Thank you” credits of the CD along with the other goodies at the $50 level.

Please help this DIY (do-it-yourself) rockin’ trio reach their goal, blogspot readers. For more information, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

April 2013

No foolin' you, blogspot readers!

April is here and so is SouthSide's (and HRH's) birthday along with the showers, tax deadlines and Administrative Professional Day. Oh yeah, don't forget to hug Mother Nature during Earth Day and plant a tree on Arbor Day. In the meantime, this reviewer highly recommends attending one (or more) of these events  rockin' the local scene ...near and far.

Please remember all shows are 21+ unless duly noted.

Every Saturday starting April 6 thru April 20, Jesse Charbonier will be performing live at the legendary Coq d’Or (located inside The Drake Hotel) with Adrian Joel Ruiz on piano and Alex Feldman on Bass as this jazz singer croons some your favorites (and not so famous) classic tunes by Chet Baker, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra and more ...even some blues, Latin standards and Elvis too. 
NO Cover or reservations / 9p to 1a / it's all ages as long as those under 21 sit at the tables.

April 1:
Cobra Lounge – Unholy Empire presents Everything Went Black, So Many Ways, Genus and Arbogast rockin’ the stage at this West Loop venue

Hard Rock Café – Patti Rain will be part of the Rising Star Showcase presented by Michael Riser
Empty Bottle – Detective will be performing live here along with Walking Bicycles and Art Decade
SouthSide will be attending

April 2:
Empty Bottle – check out Ducktails, Monopoly Child Star Searchers and Pet Lions rockin’ the lineup
Schubas – there will be some magic in the air when Magicks, Different Sleep and Sunny Shadows rock the stage
18+ / $8 adv / $10 dos

Logan Theater - so ya ...thought ya might like to go to the show ...well, SouthSide will be as she attends the CIMM Fest's April Do312 Meet Up with the screening of Pink Floyd's The Wall (how cool is that!?) featuring DJ sets by Edward (from Mazes and 1900) and Elia (from Scotland Yard Gospel Choir)

April 3:
Smartbar (Metro) -  check out the new weekly club night known as MACHINA with DJ Scary Lady Sarah
10p / NO COVER

Logan Theater - Wednesday Rewind presents Liquid Sky
$3 / 10:30p

April 4:
Koval Distillery (5121 N. Ravenswood) – take part in one of two special tours and tastings benefitting Rock For Kids. Enjoy a guided tour of Chicago’s first craft distillery since Prohibition as well as learn the distilling process for Koval’s handcrafted whiskey, vodka and liqueurs brandy.
100% of ticket sales and 10% of Koval sales will benefit Rock For Kids
$20 (tickets can be purchased at the door)
Tour spots are limited – reserved online in advance:

Subterranean – it’s the AEMMP Record Show featuring Apollo House, Audiences, American Wolf and Fox the Cat

Harte Saloon (Evergreen Park, IL) – Digeometric will be performing at Harte’s every first Thursday of the month that will feature two long sets of musical bliss

Mogger’s Brewery (Terre Haute, IN) – first of Papa J Otis’ monthly shows happening every 1st Thursday
Beat Kitchen -  Counterfeit along with Thee Arthur Lane and Roach Beach will be performing here

JD Muggs (Addison, IL) – The Fuckers will be rockin’ the stage
All Ages

Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville) - it's the Joe Marcinek Band's CD release show

Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1 (New York, NY) - check out Jamie Kent performing live here

MID - Grammy Award winning producer Mark Ronson will be doing a rare DJ set with Zebo, Gus Karas, DJ Gordo and Torio.
Free before 11:30p with rsvp at

April 5:
Reggie’s – check out Makeshift Prodigy sharing the stage with Comasoft, Mighty Fox, The Bright White and Ship Captain Crew.
17+ show
SouthSide and guest will be attending

Goose Island – check out JIP rockin’ the stage here

Red Line Tap – Chris and Dave of Cornmeal with special guest Dog1 will be performing on stage
$5 adv / $7 dos

Subterranean – it’s Giant, Bailiff and Panther Style rockin’ the stage at this Wicker Park venue
For tickets, visit

Congress Theater – Riot Fest presents Bad Religion, Against Me!, and Polar Bear Club
All Ages / 6:30p doors

Marytrs – party with the Polkaholics as they open for March Fourth Marching Band

Bottom Lounge – I:Scintilla will be sharing the stage with Go Fight in this dual CD release party featuring Echodroides and Mend
17+ / $7 adv / $10 dos

Castle (formerly known as Excalibur) – Markus Schulz will be performing live here

Double Door – it’s the Rock and Wrestling Rebellion featuring a blend of burlesque, pro wrestling, live bands comedy, street art and more ...with Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Mr. 450, Ruff Crossing, El Chivas Blanco, Rinaldo Piven, Grin and The Ringmaster, Expired Empire, Simple Simon, and DJ Todd Anthony

Beat Kitchen – Bassel & the Supernaturals will be sharing the stage with Red Green, Brother Ember and The Skinny

MID – it’s MAYHEM featuring Moon Boots with Zebot and Gemini Club (DJ set)
FREE with rsvp at

Hard Rock Café Foxwoods (Ledyard Center, CT) – Joe Taylor will be performing live with his band featuring Sergio Ortega on guitar and backing vocals, Tony Tino on bass and Chris Infusino on drums

27 Live (Evanston, IL) – Every first Friday is Evanston’s Punk Rock Night presented by Wrecking Ball Production featuring The Mizzerables, The Cathy Santonies and Comman Control
$5 / 18+ / 8p

Shooters (Logansport, IN) – check out Voice of Addiction rockin’ the stage with Bo Jackson 5, Crosstown Collision and Bela Blacncato

Antone’s (Austin, TX) – it’s Confusapalooza 2013 featuring White Ghost Shivers, Whiskey Shivers, Clyde & Clem’s Whiskey Business, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Ghost Wolves
$10 adv

Ye Olde Town Inn – check out Waxwork, Count Rugen and An Acoustic Machine at this venue

Durty Nellie's (Palatine, IL) - it's Durty Nellie's 10th anniversary and Workout Music along with Lucky Boys Confusion are rockin' the party!
FREE show - for tickets visit
April 6:
Ultra Lounge – Jack Rabbit, Hero Monster Zero, The Middle City Sound and Magatha Trystry will be performing live here
$5 adv / $7 dos

House of Blues (Chicago) – Modestep 
Tickets on sale now at

Kryptonite (Rockford, IL) – The Handcuffs will be partying live her with Susie Q

The Southgate House Revival (Newport, KY) – check out Vintage Blue performing live here
Another Hole in the Wall – check out Wrath, Big Nasty Kiss, Denial Machine and Before Dishonor 
All Ages

Now That’s Class (Cleveland, OH) – check out Voice of Addiction sharing the stage with Hot Ham and Cheese, Lorain Skum and Balloon Knot
18+ / FREE

Castle - Yelp Chicago's Elemental Experience celebrating the basic elements - Earth, Wind, Fire and Water! The event will feature Gemini Club doing DJ set and array of food, drinks and more by some of Chicago's best such as Koi, Jaafer Sweets, Peckish, RA Sushi, Moskato Lite, Olive Winery, Tito's Homemade Vodka, Action Booth to name a few.
Event is FREE (RSVP on with a $10 suggested donation with all proceeds going to Alumni for Public Schools and Delete Blood Cancer

The Parlor Room (Northampton, MA) - it's an acoustic Jamie Kent show at 7p and then an electric show at 9p

April 7:
Grant Park (Chicago) – Irish eyes are still smiling at the Shamrock Shuffle. For more information, visit

April 8:
Cobra Lounge – Unholy Empire and Cobra Lounge present Air Raid, Hammerfight, Armored Assult and Miles From Exile rockin’ the stage
$5 / 8p

Empty Bottle – DJ Scary Lady Sarah along with Implodes, Population and Acteurs will be performing here

The Whistler – CHIRP (Chicago Independent Radio Project) will be having a benefit featuring live performances by the Hemmingbirds with Brooklyn act Les Racquet. There will be raffles and prizes – all proceeds going to CHIRP

April 9:
Underground Wonder Bar – France Jean-Baptiste and her Sexy Menz return to the stage

April 10:
Murphy’s Pub (Forest Park, IL) – check out Green Jello’s “Punk Rock Puppet Show” tour 2013 for an intimate show
$10 adv / $12 dos

April 11:
Liars Club – check out Blastoff rockin’ the stage here

Red Line Tap – Fred Eaglesmith and the Treaveling Steam show with James Curley
$15 adv / $20 dos

Elbo Room - Without Return will be performing here

Liar's Club - Blastoff, Napervillain, MILFs and The Likelihood will be performing live here
$5 donation or buy the band's drinks

April 12:
Swerp Mansion – check out Loma Prieta, Sin Orden, Itto and Droughts
$5 donation / “no booze, no drugs, no jerks” allowed

Double Door – The Chicago Outfit Roller Derby presents Spaghetti Wrestling. This roller derby team is hosting the event to raise money for their upcoming season as well as collecting non-perishable donations for the Chicago Food Bank
$7 adv / $10 dos

Hard Rock Café – Common Shiner will be sharing the stage with Cobalt & the Hired Guns, A Band Called Catch and The Empty Pockets

Penny Road Pub (Barrington, IL) – Cream fans attend this Badge show featuring Rebel and Goin South

Red Line Tap – Sara Hickman with Urban Twang and Christina Trulio will be performing live
$7 adv / $19 dos

Ebenezers Coffehouse (Washington D.C.) – check out Rachel Levitin with Mike Mangione & The Union

The Shrine - Raekwon with Guilty Simpson and MC ADad performing live

Congress Theater - Alesso with Adventure Club and Don Dada will be performing live here
For tickets, visit

The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA) - it's an acoustic duo show featuring Jamie Kent and Marc Broussard

Chris' Northland Tavern and Grill - it's SHIMMER! Shine along with the other Chi Gazers while dancing to shoegaze and dreampop with Scary Lady Sarah and Philly Peroxide
$5 / 9p
April 13:
Hard Rock Café – it’s the Warner Brothers iShowcase Music Event featuring Rebelmann in the lineup

Lakeshore Lanes (Michigan City, IN) – The Last Chance Boyz, No Shelter and Dirt Eater will be performing live here
$5 / sorry 21+ show and must show I.D. to enter

Subterranean - check out Blue Eyed Jesus rockin' the stage here

Goose Island Wrigleyville - presents Gurg featuring Wook with Funbrella, Giants In La Mancha and DJ Funktopus
$5 presale tix / $8 dos

April 14:
Empty Bottle – Writer’s House Book Fair meets here featuring Mr. Mayor and The Highballers and Warm Bones
FREE with rsvp or $5 / 2p

April 15:
Dirtroom (Double Door) – attend the Dirtroom Comedy show Jon Griffin’s “Hilarity Will Hit Your Ear Tonight” featuring Danny Kallas, Emily Lake, Danny Black, Brandon Ruiz, David Michaels, Lindsay Adams and David Franks
$5 / 8:30p

April 16:
Dirtroom (Double Door) – Kobanes, Vatican Junkies and Pearl Driver rockin’ the lineup

Reggie’s – check out Butterclock, Teen Witch, Magicks, Shuteye and Moon River in this hot lineup
17+ / $10 adv / $13 dos

April 17:
Gallery Cabaret – JD 3 along with Al Brookside and Angles and Fuselage will be performing here

Tonic Room – check out Four Star Brass Band rockin’ this Lincoln Park venue

April 18:
Shakori Hills Community Arts Center (Pitsboro, North Carolina) – it’s the Spring Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music & Dance which will feature more than 50 bands and performers on 2 stages, a large dance tent and an intimate cabaret tent with local crafts, food and various activities for kids. Donna the Buffalo along with Big Fat Gap, Keller Willaims and The Travelin’ McCourys, Solas, The Horse Flies, John Brown’s Body, The Beast and Big Band (featuring Yomira John) and many, many more in the lineup.
For more information, visit

115 Bourbon Street (Merrionette Park, IL) – get sauced with The Hot Sauce Committee

World Cafe Live downstairs (Philadelphia, PA) - it's an acoustic show featuring Jamie Kent with Marc Broussard

April 19:
Bada Brew (Crest Hill, IL) – check out Wayward, Eye Empire, A.D.D. and Emperors Elephants rockin the stage
$10 adv

Empty Botle – it’s the Windy City Soul Club

Elbo Room – celebrate Wag’s birthday with him during a special performance

April 20:
House of Blues (Chicago) – Northern Borders Tour featuring Bonobo and Shigeto
Tickets on sale now at

Lizard’s Liquid Lounge – attend The Unknown Pleasures with Planet Claire
Drink specials / Food / never a cover – come and celebrate 5 years

April 21:
SouthSide’s birthday

April 24:
TAC’s Lounge (5114 S. Prairie) – Pastor Funkpleez and his band The Pulpit Players make their debut performance of a solid mix featuring funk soul and house music. 
No cover / early arrival is suggested

April 26 & 27:
Empty Bottle – Killing Joke with Czar will be performing two sold out shows HOWEVER there will be limited number of tickets available at the door when Empty Bottle opens – first come, first serve

April 26:
Heaven Gallery – attend a concert showcasing some of Chicago’s best musicians Brandon Acker, Eliza Bangert, Michael Chatara-Morse, Ben McGunn, Brad Conroy, Karen Kulzer and more.
$10 suggested donation at door

Double Door – Soul Summit presents Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics plus Soul Summit DJs – DJ Dave Mata, Duke Grip and Sloppy White

The MID – Ghosthouse’s “Deep V” album release party with Porn & Chicken Dance Party, Zebo, DJ LA *Jesus and Sam Padrul

Red Line Tap – check out Marizen’s acoustic show during International Pop Overthrow

27 Live (Evanston, IL) - The Handcuffs will be opening for Legs McNeil with Black Laces
$6 adv on

April 27:
Soldier Field – it’s the 2013 American Cancer Society Walk & Roll Chicago ...please help create more birthdays! There are three ways to participate – 5k walk, 10k skate or 15k bike – individual or teams
For more information, visit

Yosemite Lanes (Modesto, CA) – KLANK will be performing live here

Double Door – celebrate Shoeshine Boy’s 13 Anniversary featuring Workout Music, Vintage Blue, Farraday and Chris Buehrle Band
$10 adv / $12 dos

Metro – come join the other fashionable creatures of the Nocturna crowd one of them, a true hipster while dancing to the best of the highly requested-driven music (current and classic) goth, industrial, shoegaze, ethereal and more til sunrise (dawn). 
$10 / 18+ / 11:30p
Also, SouthSide will be officially celebrating her birthday here.

Look for updates in a future calendar blog...

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Friday, March 22, 2013

13 Mar 13 - Rococode

Oh, no - the Canucks (not the hockey team) are invading Chicago ...again, blogspot readers! This time it's Rococode (from Vancouver, British Columbia) on their US rockin' the stage at Double Door along with other bands More Gorgeous and The New Diet featuring a very special late performance by Zombies In the Basement. Besides reviewing Rococode's performance, SouthSide was able to exclusively interview Andy and Laura of Rococode to discuss with them about the band's debut album, Guns, Sex and Glory, the music and if they could take Justin Bieber back to Canada. No such luck on the latter, blogspot readers...
It's fun interviewing two people from the same band because you get contrasting answers especially when asking them to define their band in five (5) words or less. Andy described Rococode as "...melody ...gonegothic ...twists and turns..." while Laura said "...harmony ...sonic-textures ...rock rhythms..." Meanwhile this reviewer after seeing their entire Double Door debut had this to say about them "...haunting powerpop ...aria-toned Canucks..." It was amazing to hear such of a vibrant mesh of sounds and textures amidst calming lulls and electrifying riffs flowing throughout Rococode's set, blogspot readers. At times, you were lured into that calming effect and sound before before viciously assaulted (in a nice way) by the blast of percussion and keyboards. Then there were other times when your ears were intrigued by the haunting feel and tone of this Canadian band's melodic tempo and harmonizing rhythms all at once. For Rococode's music being so dark and mysterious, blogspot readers, it does have a way of being danceable pop with a few sparks of energy tucked inside the instrumental. SouthSide enjoyed how each band member performed on stage under a spell of intense momentum not only from the instruments but also vocally whenever the lyrics called for a strong, dynamic feel on the words from Andy and/or soft chilling sensation from Laura. The contrasting lyrical style to SouthSide is what fuels Rococode's enigmatic presence and dark mysteries within their powerpop sound.
Each song had it's own complicated yet unique sound and style though you could still hear Rococode's core sound interwoven around the basic melody. It's main job is not only to lure the ears deeper into the band's vibe but draws you closer to the vocalists' (whether it's Andy and Laura or just Laura) words especially when highlighting Laura's softness for that "ghostly" feel, blogspot readers. To say, you might get shivers from some of Rococode's song may be an understatemnt unless you're listening to Ghost - the most haunting number but brief number performed during this set. This reviewer instantly felt the spine-tingling chills running down her back while listening to Laura's voice go into an aria mode on the lyrics that left a lasting effect of creepiness in the bones. *shivers* Believe it or not, blogspot readers, according to the band, that was the intended goal for the song. SouthSide highly suggests checking out the video for Ghost on their YouTube page as well as listen to Empire and title track, Guns, Sex and Glory. This reviewer asked Rococode the meaning behind the debut album title to which Andy replied "...those are the things that drives the world in a negative way..." sort of a tongue-n-cheek kinda thing of being retrospective. Then Laura added "'s nice to put a contrast out there for the listeners..." since some people thought the album was hip hop or something you would seen done by 50 Cent or Jay-Z.
Ideally, Rococode was going for the Radiohead standard since according to Andy "...that's the bar.." set for the band but they also look to St. Vincent as an inspiration too, blogspot readers. They like bands who are making what Laura dubbed as "ballsy" pop music - it's not your average or ordinary type of sound but the type that's taking a risk and creating something new and different. You definitely can hear that with Rococode. For example, during one particular song, the band took a basic 80s pop sound flipping it to add more of an electric powerpop vibration and keyboard rhythms while in the in next the ears were give a harsh dose of fast-paced electric reality which gave off a dynamic rush of a thrill ride. That's what many fans can expect when Rococode wraps up their tour before heading back to Canada. The band disclosed to SouthSide they have new songs recorded that are going to be free for all and should have a new record out sometime next year as well as writing more new stuff. This reviewer did ask Andy and Laura what the music scene is like and they said it's "...a flourishing scene..." though being "...a small community across the country..." They do have a Canadian version of SXSW called Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

Before ending the interview, Andy and Laura told SouthSide that they were having a good time while on tour "...everyone's been really nice..." also adding that "...gas [here] is cheaper ...everything is cheaper here..." It takes about 90 Canadian dollars compared to 50 US dollars to fill up their van, blogspot readers. Though they didn't have time to see the (Cloud) Bean or ride on Lake Shore Drive, Rococode did get a chance to see Mount Rushmore. Hopefully, they do return when the weather is a bit warmer or during the summetime when Chicago is alive with neighborhood/street festivals.

For more information, visit

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 Mar 13

Allo ...allo, blogspot readers!
London's calling and has royally invaded the shores of Lake Michigan once more with another exciting all British (tribute band) rock show!

Tonight, inside the hall of the world famous Double Door, Americans relived memories while groovin' to the era that brought them the powerful vibe and sounds of psychedelic blues/rock as each band performed their greatest hits on stage. This swingin' party included such performances by Cream (Badge), Deep Purple (Deep Shades of Purple), Robin Trower (The Nick Bell Band) and Pink Floyd (In The Flesh).

The night got off to a rockin' start with fine renditions of Cream songs such as Sweet Wine, White Room and more by the fabulous members of Badge. And, SouthSide's happy to report that fans weren't disappointed, blogspot readers. This trio wonderfully recreated the sounds and feel of what was Cream's heyday when this Brit band dominated the music charts with its blues rock riffs and rhythms featured in Crossroads, Badge and SouthSide's favorite, Strange Brew. Yes, chickie birds, this reviewer was righteously groovin' on the dance floor especially during Sunshine of Your Love before Badge ended their set with an homage to Alvin Lee of Ten Years After with I'd Love to Change the World.

Then, the only Deep Purple tribute band in Chicago (perhaps in the US), rocked everyone's face off during the gritty, electrifying sound waves felt and heard throughout this set, blogspot readers. SouthSide along with other fans enjoyed the thrilling rush of Deep Shades of Purple's rendition of classic hits like Highway Star and Smoke on the Water. There was high intense energy song after song that featured epic guitar riffs and psychedelic keyboard wizardry done in the Deep Purple style as heard in the instrumentals ...and what a rock high this reviewer felt while dancing to some of her favorites -  Hush (a hit Deep Purple didn't write) and My Woman From Tokyo.

And continuing with another electrifying performance was The Nick Bell Band performing the classic epic hits of Robin Trower, blogspot readers. What a hot performance which had smokin' guitar riffs throughout the instrumentals amidst the poetic lyrics found in songs like Bridge of Sighs and Day of the Eagle ...and a cowbell. Yet, it was the deep, raspy falsetto vocals by Richard which had this reviewer swooning with electric fever especially while hearing The Fool and Me. She felt the heated rush rising from the guitar's crescendo thus allowing the ears to soak up every note as the band "made love" to every note during the instrumental of this particular song before ending it with a dazzling display of heart-pumping music to drive the audience around her wild. Many had fun reliving their glorious Robin Trower moment by shouting their favorite song for the band to perform. Even the Double Door's lighting effects did a wonderful job adding to the rock experience for this band (as well as the others before them).

The orgasmic "O" finally happened for this reviewer when the headliner In The Flesh opened with one of her many favorite Pink Floyd songs - Run Like Hell (from The Wall) as members dressed the part with the hammer patches behind their "wall". SouthSide does suggest taping down the box tops to make them not so obvious to the audience's eye that they are boxess used as bricks for the wall. Anyway, blogspot readers, she was a little hard on this particular band than the others because Pink Floyd is one of her favorite rock bands and there was a discerning eye as well as attention to every tiny detail that is Floyd during this set. She knows and lives the songs like Us and Them and Money (off Dark Side of The Moon), though not really liking the added instrumental "fluff" to the song but the cool Floyd vocalist did pop the words to life with his charismatic style and stage persona. However what made In The Flesh uniquely different was this band didn't just perform the standards (i.e. the entire The Wall or Dark Side of the Moon). They took a daring chance performed the entire amazing parts of Shine On You Crazy Diamond (despite the rough audio feedback off the electric) and Wish You Were Here. Yet the happy moment for SouthSide was when they did Floyd's poking fun at politics - Pigs (off Animals) ...she wonders how good is this band's version of Dogs...

Besides the hot rockin' Brit music, blogspot readers, SouthSide spent a few moments getting to know the woman behind the fabulous yet fashionable display of jewelry near the entrance of  Double Door. For over 25 years, Venus Lane Designs  has been adorned around the necks or wrists of such famous rockers like Jimmy Page (of The Who), Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) ...sports celebrities like Dennis Rodman and band members of Hessler and The Last Vegas. Billed as "...spiritually alive wearable art..." as seen on her business card, this reviewer asked Venus what was her secret behind many of her jewelry designs to which she replied "...I don't draw them out..." but did say that she gets inspired by objects like feathers (even before it became fashionable these days), rocks, and other materials she finds. "...[I've] been collecting stuff since I was a little girl ...started with my grandmother who was an actress..." also adding that her pieces take on an Native American inspiration. SouthSide noted that Venus' jewelry have a professional appearance and style to them however, she learned that Venus herself through "...a lot of trial and error..." Venus would like everyone to know that her jewelry is " of a kind..." and that she doesn't "...make the same piece twice..." "...some [pieces] are similar ...some are very feminine and masculine..." says Venus to which she states that every piece has a person vibe. She also can make a custom piece of jewelry for you, blogspot readers, featuring a broken piece from another or an heirloom. For more information, visit

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Friday, March 8, 2013

March 2013 update

Hey, blogspot readers, March has barely begun and there are MORE hot shows and events rockin' around town ...near and far.
All of the following shows listed are 21+ unless duly noted.
Tonight (March 8):
Ultra Lounge - Check out No Two Waynes, Vortis, The Mons, Wide Angles and Shut Up (from Dayton, OH)
$5 adv / $8 dos
Underground Lounge - Jeff Daschbach has a last minute scheduled performance happening at 10:30p!
March 9:
The End Zone Bar & Grill (Aurora, IL) - Devils In Angels, Broken, Born Rotten and Red Poet will be rockin' the stage here.
$5 entry (with printed flyer)
Metro - Attend the monthly Nocturna meeting! Now in its 24th year, this is your chance to be seen while dancing with the other fashionable guests as DJ Scary Lady Sarah spins one of your favorite and/or highly requested mix of current and classic goth to industrial, post-punk and more. It's a lot of fun dancing until 5a (dawn)
18+ / 21+ to drink / $10
Schuba's Tavern - K.Serra, My Gold Mask and Shuteye will be performing here.
March 10:
Beauty Bar (Chicago) - it's Nickel & Dimed with 50cent Beers and FREE Pie-Eyed Pizza (while supplies last) featuring DJs Red Rom Rio, Kite, White Owl and Stella. Hosted by Johnny Zombo
March 14:
Bada Brew (Crest Hill, IL) - Denial Machine and Brave the Pain will be rockin' the fans here.
March 15:
Brauerhouse (Lombard, IL) - It's a hot rockin' punk show featuring The Fisticuffs kicking off their tour along with The Horrids, Voice of Addiction and Shotgun Gambling
$5 adv / $7 dos
Red Line Tap - DEFCON, SUTURESELF, and Genus will be rockin' a Flabby Hoffman style St Patrick's show!
Olympic Theater (Cicero, IL) - it's the Electric Shamrock Festival featuring the best in electro, dubstep, House, trap, trippy rock, hardstyle and more during this St Paddy's Day Dance party. 3 stages / 3 bars / 25 acts with easy access to CTA
$15 discount tickets available (before 8:30p) / $40 ALL ACCESS VIP tickets / $20 at door
17+ / 21+ to drink 
Liar's Club - It's a record release party featuring The Demerits, The Ex-bombers and The Artist Formerly Known As Vince Band
Underground Wonder Bar - it's Forbidden Knowledge with special guest Boris Kofman on percussion rockin' a double set.
March 16:
The Grid Chicago - it's the 1st Annual St Paddy's Party featuring leprechauns jumping rope ...bag pipers and Irish drummers! Plus there will be stilt-walking leprechauns too and much more green fun happening here! Try the green beer and eggs from 8a til noon
$30 per person (for tickets or email for details on how to reserve a table.
Lincoln Hall - it's Safe Haven's CD Release show featuring Catfish & The Dogstars and Weber Band
Reggie's - Akasha, Stick Figure and John Wayne will be rockin' the lineup here
March 17:
Red Line Tap - celebrate your St Patrick's Day here with drink specials and The Rogers Park All-Stars: Micki Croisant (of the Good Name Band), Ian Brocker (of the Grizzly Sweets), Justin Gillom and James Weigel (of Outlaw Family Band/Muddflapps) and more!
March 21:
Liar's Club - Band Practice returns to Liar's Club featuring Evil Empire, Vatican Junkies and special guests with a guest DJ set by Johnny Zombo
$5 suggested donation
Beat Kitchen - It's the "Choose Your Own Adventure" EP release show featuring Wally Dogger's five new garage anthems rockin' the stage along with Quiet Company and The Websters
March 22:
Glasslands Gallery (Brooklyn, New York) - check out Stone Cold Fox and Land of Pines rockin' the stage.
$10 / doors at 8:30p
Debonair Social Club - come to the final Rebhab party featuring DJs Zebo v Matt Roan, Hey Champ v Greg Corner, Knife Fight v Ryan Paradise, Johnny Walker v Special Guests (???)
No cover until 10:30p (rsvp at
March 23:
Elbo Room - Bob Erl rocks the acoustic stage with DJ Teks Boogie spinning afterwards
Penny Road Pub (Barrington, IL) - Blue Eyed Jesus will be performing here
SubT - Great Divide's Record Release Party featuring The Congregation and Cole DeGenova & the Peoples Republic rockin' the stage
Tiger O'stylies (Berwyn) - Hot Lips Messiah, Mandatory Abortions, Lunatic Click and Aggro Control rockin' the stage here
Sorry this is a 21+ show (ID a must to enter) / $5
March 25:
Red Line Tap - Izzy and the Catastrophics will be rockin' the stage here
$5 adv / $7 dos
March 27:
Beat Kitchen - Spaces of Disappearance along with Timetables and Daemon Familiar will be rockin' the stage here.
March 29:
Hard Rock Cafe (Chicago) - Kelsey Montanez performs an ALL-AGES show that will feature Trainwreck Symphony, Iliana, Julian Bell and Jessica Brown
$10 / All Ages
Beat Kitchen - Model Stranger opens for The Western featuring The Damn Choir and Bullet Called Life
Cole's Bar - It's Alen's Birthday and Record Release show featuring Bad Bad Meow releasing its Run Through the Middle Ep with Teenage Rage and Peeaboos an early treat by Bourbonaires.
After party details to be announced
March 30:
Red Line Tap - Michael McDermott performs live with Kevin Mileski
Until next time, support your local scene,