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16 Mar 13

Hey, blogspot readers, it's St Patrick's Day eve and there are plenty of Irish eyes smiling all over Chicago tonight! Besides celebrating everything that's green, SouthSide did most of her Saturday night partying underground (literally in the basement) at Underground Lounge with friend Lair Scott and many of his invited guests and friends. Not only was it his birthday but also a celebration of his Queer Fest America aniversary too in which he was raising money for the organization. Yet, blogspot readers, this wasn't any ordinary birthday bash. No. It had music, comedy and a special surprise by the birthday daddy himself!
The first comic, Darren, had some hits but sadly that was outweighed by the misses as he opened the birthday celebration with a couple of Lent and Pope jokes (like former Pope Benedict gave up being pope for Lent) before poking some fun at Pope Francis I. She did experience quite a few ha-ha moments when he dished puns on Lindsay Lohan however this reviewer didn't find him and/or the other jokes funny, blogspot readers. This comic really didn't connect with the audience around him during his performance. In the meanwhile, Kate, when performing her comedy act, immediately popped with a burst of energy while poking fun at her recent weight lost ...if she loses 25 more pounds, she gets white boy sex. HA! Also, a notice to all - she absolutely LOVES her dick ...9 inches of it too. Plus she had the audience cracking up as she simulated her big "O" on stage. Kate also talked about her love for porn and her ex-boyfriend who would have sex with anything. Oh, there were plenty of hecklers during this act who just loved to egg her on with jeers. SouthSide was rolling in her seat while she ragged on the martini drink names (like Apple-tini to Herpes-tini, the gift that keeps on giving). What a belly-busting time with this comic.
Then, Thomas Bottoms who was totally hilarious about pinching people not wearing the green tonight. Oh yeah, if he sounded a bit bitchy tonight it's because he gave up smoking pot for Lent. So, watch out, blogspot readers. He lightly touched on how terrible traffic was on Clark St claiming that St. Patrick's Day was [Gay] Pride Day for the straight! HA! HA! He concluded his act with a funny music number in which this reviewer wouldn't dare repeat. Sorry, you simply had to be there to hear it. Finally, Marcos - looking a bit dashing as well as daring in his kilt, opened with a pun towards Lair. He didn't know Sandy Duncan was hosting the event. LOL! He went on to crack puns about homophobia, arguments  against gay marriage, and transgender (on how they don't fit one gender but the other ...yet instead they're transcending into something better). He had SouthSide laughing while poking fun at Tyler Perry's Madea (it's RuPaul with the extra pounds) before joking about Samuel L. Jackson as a Black Nick Fury.
Now with our funny bones busted to the hilt, it was time for Lair to do his special act to roxy music, blogspot readers. It was, in a nutshell, ultra hip, sexy and very provocative all at once. *Fans self* Smurf Daddy knows how to tease. After that sensual glam dance, the fuming fury of Evil Twin Sister (http://www.reverbnation.com/eviltwinsister) took over the stage to open the music part of the celebration. They crank up the volume to fully blast the audience with loud, "in your face" female frustration and anger (something likened to women experience while having PMS). Performing songs like Alone, Gasoline, Evil Twin Sister and Fork and Knives, this band electrified the stage with instense guitar riffs and screamo vocal rantings even though the music tends to be somewhat chaotic at times due to the mesh of chords and percussion rhythms going everywhere. It's hardcore ...angry and punk - the way it should be when you want to vent your frustrations at everyone around you. Also rockin' the stage this night was Kickstarts and boy did they continue where Evil Twin Sister left off, blogspot readers! This duo was definitely loud (like Evil Twin Sister) yet had more of a rambucous punk rock scene going unlike Evil Twin which is mostly hardcore screamo punk. This band instantly perked the audience to life again with plenty of electrified riffs and clashing percusssion rhythms to get you bobbing your head to the music. However, this reviewer does suggest upping the mic a little so the lead on guitar could be heard above thunderous sound. Kickstart had the a few people wildly dancing or clapping along to their songs like Destiny Smestiny (or something to that effect).

Oh what a fun night, blogspot readers ...Lair Scott definitely knows how to rock a show.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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