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10 Mar 13

Allo ...allo, blogspot readers!
London's calling and has royally invaded the shores of Lake Michigan once more with another exciting all British (tribute band) rock show!

Tonight, inside the hall of the world famous Double Door, Americans relived memories while groovin' to the era that brought them the powerful vibe and sounds of psychedelic blues/rock as each band performed their greatest hits on stage. This swingin' party included such performances by Cream (Badge), Deep Purple (Deep Shades of Purple), Robin Trower (The Nick Bell Band) and Pink Floyd (In The Flesh).

The night got off to a rockin' start with fine renditions of Cream songs such as Sweet Wine, White Room and more by the fabulous members of Badge. And, SouthSide's happy to report that fans weren't disappointed, blogspot readers. This trio wonderfully recreated the sounds and feel of what was Cream's heyday when this Brit band dominated the music charts with its blues rock riffs and rhythms featured in Crossroads, Badge and SouthSide's favorite, Strange Brew. Yes, chickie birds, this reviewer was righteously groovin' on the dance floor especially during Sunshine of Your Love before Badge ended their set with an homage to Alvin Lee of Ten Years After with I'd Love to Change the World.

Then, the only Deep Purple tribute band in Chicago (perhaps in the US), rocked everyone's face off during the gritty, electrifying sound waves felt and heard throughout this set, blogspot readers. SouthSide along with other fans enjoyed the thrilling rush of Deep Shades of Purple's rendition of classic hits like Highway Star and Smoke on the Water. There was high intense energy song after song that featured epic guitar riffs and psychedelic keyboard wizardry done in the Deep Purple style as heard in the instrumentals ...and what a rock high this reviewer felt while dancing to some of her favorites -  Hush (a hit Deep Purple didn't write) and My Woman From Tokyo.

And continuing with another electrifying performance was The Nick Bell Band performing the classic epic hits of Robin Trower, blogspot readers. What a hot performance which had smokin' guitar riffs throughout the instrumentals amidst the poetic lyrics found in songs like Bridge of Sighs and Day of the Eagle ...and a cowbell. Yet, it was the deep, raspy falsetto vocals by Richard which had this reviewer swooning with electric fever especially while hearing The Fool and Me. She felt the heated rush rising from the guitar's crescendo thus allowing the ears to soak up every note as the band "made love" to every note during the instrumental of this particular song before ending it with a dazzling display of heart-pumping music to drive the audience around her wild. Many had fun reliving their glorious Robin Trower moment by shouting their favorite song for the band to perform. Even the Double Door's lighting effects did a wonderful job adding to the rock experience for this band (as well as the others before them).

The orgasmic "O" finally happened for this reviewer when the headliner In The Flesh opened with one of her many favorite Pink Floyd songs - Run Like Hell (from The Wall) as members dressed the part with the hammer patches behind their "wall". SouthSide does suggest taping down the box tops to make them not so obvious to the audience's eye that they are boxess used as bricks for the wall. Anyway, blogspot readers, she was a little hard on this particular band than the others because Pink Floyd is one of her favorite rock bands and there was a discerning eye as well as attention to every tiny detail that is Floyd during this set. She knows and lives the songs like Us and Them and Money (off Dark Side of The Moon), though not really liking the added instrumental "fluff" to the song but the cool Floyd vocalist did pop the words to life with his charismatic style and stage persona. However what made In The Flesh uniquely different was this band didn't just perform the standards (i.e. the entire The Wall or Dark Side of the Moon). They took a daring chance performed the entire amazing parts of Shine On You Crazy Diamond (despite the rough audio feedback off the electric) and Wish You Were Here. Yet the happy moment for SouthSide was when they did Floyd's poking fun at politics - Pigs (off Animals) ...she wonders how good is this band's version of Dogs...

Besides the hot rockin' Brit music, blogspot readers, SouthSide spent a few moments getting to know the woman behind the fabulous yet fashionable display of jewelry near the entrance of  Double Door. For over 25 years, Venus Lane Designs  has been adorned around the necks or wrists of such famous rockers like Jimmy Page (of The Who), Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) ...sports celebrities like Dennis Rodman and band members of Hessler and The Last Vegas. Billed as "...spiritually alive wearable art..." as seen on her business card, this reviewer asked Venus what was her secret behind many of her jewelry designs to which she replied "...I don't draw them out..." but did say that she gets inspired by objects like feathers (even before it became fashionable these days), rocks, and other materials she finds. "...[I've] been collecting stuff since I was a little girl ...started with my grandmother who was an actress..." also adding that her pieces take on an Native American inspiration. SouthSide noted that Venus' jewelry have a professional appearance and style to them however, she learned that Venus herself through "...a lot of trial and error..." Venus would like everyone to know that her jewelry is " of a kind..." and that she doesn't "...make the same piece twice..." "...some [pieces] are similar ...some are very feminine and masculine..." says Venus to which she states that every piece has a person vibe. She also can make a custom piece of jewelry for you, blogspot readers, featuring a broken piece from another or an heirloom. For more information, visit

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  1. Thank you,sooooo much,Tanya,for coming and experiencing of Cream show! I know you specialize in all the "Original"music that is in Chicago,and for you to take the time to join us at Double Door,was Doubley rewarding!..So good to see you!...We'll let you know when "6DOS"is ready to hit the stage,again!..Love ya!

  2. I try to cover EVERYTHING that is local music (including tribute/cover bands're still part of the Chicago music scene) in a span of a year. It was fun night reliving some the best of what was 70s psychedelic rock. Looking forward to seeing both 6DOS and Badge again.


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