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29 Mar 14

Something so dark sinister has arrived but it’s only happening once a month, blogspot readers.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out the latest dance party to rock Chicago’s late night music scene at Lakeview’s Elbo Room. It’s called :::Sinister::: and it’s taking over the underbelly of this venue from midnight until closing time (3a) every last Saturday of the month. This free event, blogspot readers, will mesh together artists like Red Flag, NIN, Front Line Assembly and many more creating a broad genre of dark dance music spun by local DJs – Boy Alberto (of Synthetic) and Circuitry (of Cybernetic Organisms). And just like SouthSide’s other favorite dance party, it’s totally request friendly.

The first :::Sinister::: dance party was recently held within the underbelly of Elbo Room after a long night of thrash/heavy metal performances from such bands like Bloodletter and Walking Shapes. And all it took was a quick change with the lighting to immerse its attendees into a musical world of darkness and sinisterly vibrating industrial sounds. It may have been a sparse attendance, blogspot readers, SouthSide wasn’t afraid to dance alone on the floor ...even while sporting a cane. This reviewer didn’t care she might had to take the lead. She was there to party amidst the electro glow as Circuitry entertained the few that remained within the basement “cave”. It may have been a rough start but this reviewer hopes to see more attending this free event in the coming month and beyond.

Embrace it, blogspot readers, :::Sinister::: is here to stay.

:::Sinister::: happens again at Elbo Room on 26 April.
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

26 Mar 14

“...Welcome to Moe’s Bar ...and there’s a real Moe...” ~ Ric

Hey, blogspot readers, there’s a real Moe’s Bar and you don’t have to drive to Springfield to find it! Right here in the Avondale neighborhood, Moe’s Bar is a friendly place to play pool or darts sports or listen to live local music during the week. What’s really cool about this dive bar that it has its own doggy mascot named Alexis or Lexi which roams freely (sometimes politely barking) inside the establishment. She’s quite friendly ...once she gets to know you, blogspot readers. Oh, if you get the yummy aroma of homemade Mexican style cooking floating around the bar, it’s no mistake that one of the staff members made something very delicious to eat including warmed fresh tortillas and green salsa. On this particular night. SouthSide had the chance to hang out with some of the patrons and open mic musicians to rock with her new friends Sphynx , the trillest band from Austin, TX!

After their appearance at SXSW 2014 and currently on tour, this traveling trio of musicians were gracious enough to bring their highly intense electro/dance rock to town, blogspot readers. Yet, who or what is Sphynx all about? Well, this reviewer had the opportunity to chat with these lads cleverly nicknamed Cory “Can’t Stop” (synths/vocals), Aaron “Won’t Stop” (guitars/vocals) and Todd “Might Stop” (drums) who is also the wildcard of the band. So, ladies, watch out for him ...anything can happen. So how would Sphynx describe who they are in five words or less? Try twelve words with three words used twice. First it was “...exotic glam rock experience forever...” then it turned into “ ...exotic dance glam rock out...” before ending with “...rock outfit experience...” So far, blogspot readers, this was going to be a very fun as well as interesting interview with Sphynx. Why did they choose those set of particular words? Basically, they’re not three DJs on stage spinning synths/dance-heavy music that’s hitting the popular airwaves today. No, blogspot readers, this band performs like a synths/dance-heavy power trio with programmed tracks and live drums. Think of the performances as a raw rock show featuring a bit of “Magic Mike” i.e. stripping (minimal though to get you dancing), flashing and dazzling lights and funky, furry costumes.

Tonight, the guys told this reviewer to expect a “...high energy ...visual...” Sphynx show, blogspot readers. However, it was more than that. It was a literally a workout watching this trio work the stage with hair swinging, jumping, funky dance moves and more. “...we’re not guys standing on stage playing instruments...” after stating “...we create more of a fun dance party...” SouthSide had fun dancing to the electo glam mixed with intense rock that was energetic from beginning to end ...nonstop funky rhythms and poppy beats. It was, blogspot readers, a feast for the senses. Visually, Sphynx dazzled their Chicago audience with pulsating (sometimes flashing) lights that decorated the stage and instruments thus turning Moe’s Tavern into a nightclub amidst its lighting glow. Next, came the funky fashion to heighten everyone’s experience at this party. The guys were decked out in their (faux) furry jackets and skinniest pants almost giving Cory and Aaron a Freddy Mercury look while Todd in the back rocked the drums as hard as in his Phil Collins-like persona. Now, musically, it was amazing, blogspot readers. Song after song, Sphynx gave this audience (including SouthSide) an experience where electronic and rock harmoniously existed that they’ll probably never forget. Bursts of energy throughout ...flowing rhythmic vibes coupled with melodic beats and thunderous percussion wizardry to build that intense momentum to keep your body moving ...excitement all around which keeps the energy running high especially during songs like Hunger.

Yet, besides performing their originals off Human Beast album (this reviewer suggests listening track 1 – "Carpe Noctum" and track 4 – "Maneater Pt II"), Sphynx road tested a couple of new songs that might be on the band’s next album, blogspot readers. The first one had a slight upbeat rhythmic tempo yet bursting with energetic momentum when the electro beat called for it in between the computerized vocals. Meanwhile the second was the direct opposite with its downtempo feel though still having that sense of strong energetic bursts in the chorus. Sphynx wowed the audience with its renditions of Outkast’s “Mrs. Jackson” (flipping this R&B/soul song into a electronic dance remix), Asia’s “Heat Of The Moment” (who knew an 80s hair band classic could be jazzed up to have that pop/dance vibe) and Haddaway’s “What’s Love?” (a funky number that you can dance to its upbeat glam rock tempo), blogspot readers. Yet, don’t expect the same show happening in your town to be the same like Chicago’s. The guys do try to keep each show a bit fresh for the audience and fans wherever they roam. According to the band, with longer sets, they tend to test new material and/or change up their cover selections chosen for night’s performance just as done here tonight. And they do this by reading the crowd since its based on how and what they’re feeling from people inside the venue. So instead of the Asia cover, you just might hear their Hall & Oates’ cover “Rich Girl”.

So what is Austin’s music scene like beyond the annual SXSW festival? SouthSide was told there are “...a lot of great bands...” rockin’ the local stages that’s dominated by the folk/Americana scene. In their opinion, Austin’s “...a great place to be in band...” especially since it’s the place that “...shaped us as a band...” However, there’s a bit of a downside too, blogspot readers. With so many bands in town, dealing with clubs/promoters can get a bit competitive but keeping that sense of community amongst other bands. Plus, Sphynx likes the fact fans have an eclectic taste when it comes to music. Oh another things, blogspot readers, Todd would everyone to know that the food in Austin is good suggesting everyone try a breakfast taco. This band would definitely fit right in Chicago with its many taquerias like Flash Taco and Los Comales. Asking them about their appearance at this year’s SXSW, they said “ was great one yet...” though not officially a SXSW performing band. She was told that an official SXSW band couldn’t perform at night at the unofficial or unsanctioned SXSW parties which she didn’t know that. So this year, Sphynx opted to performed after 7p at parties where the crowds were which got them noticed. “ was an insane experience...”

Lastly, Sphynx would like to part with these final words “...stay in touch with us...” because the band will have a new releases and album coming out soon as well as touring again in the fall. It looks to be a super busy year for the guys while trying to make Sphynx a fulltime gig, blogspot readers.

Good luck ...and come back to Chicago!
For more information about Sphynx, visit or “like” them on Facebook.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

April 2014

If you live where SouthSide does, blogspot readers, it’s a rough start for Spring 2014. However don’t let the chilly (sometimes cold, snowy) weather keep you away from the local scene ...especially during the month of April. There’s PLENTY to do, see and rock to throughout this month from film festivals to charity events and so much more. This reviewer highly recommends planning your calendar accordingly and enjoy!

Please note all events listed are 21 and older unless stated otherwise

April 1:
Richard J. Daley Center – protest at Frack Your Nose At The Government ...diapers optional

Reggie’s Music Joint – check out Great Barrier Reefs as they bringing their tour to Chicago

Act One Pub - Jeff Daschbach will be performing as part of CAU's Singing For Your Supper along with other singer/songwriters such as Bear McGarth, Herbie Gaines, Hannah Frank Group and more
AA / No Cover

April 2 – 6:
Logan Theatre – view the films selected for the 21st Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival
For more information, visit

April 2:
Door No. 3 (Double Door location) – attend this Creature Feature: Cenobite, a Hellraiser tribute hosted by JoJo Baby with soundtrack by Peter Propaganda
FREE / 9p

Double Door - M&O's album release "Almost Us" show will feature She and No Name Gypsy performing on the lineup with them.
$7 adv / $10 dos

April 3 - 17:
AMC River East 21 Theatres - 30th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival
For more information, visit

April 3:
Rosy’s Roadhouse (Dekalb, IL) – rock with Heroes and Villains, Trapkillaz (a duo from Brazil), Regulators and Statut3 in this college tour.
For tickets

Owl - It's Massive Ego's "Don't" LP release show

April 4:
Aragon Ballroom – groove with David Gueta
For tickets

Double Door – check out Midwest Hype’s The Time album release show featuring Spare Parts, The Palmer Squares, cloud 9, Illl Ambition and DJ Steezy

Cobra Lounge – rock with A Friend Called Fire, Gunner’s Daughter, Mexican Werewolf and Westward Spirit

Mackey’s Hideout (McHenry, IL) – rock with Digeometric and Dreamtrap here
Quencher's - check out Common Shiner along with ACTN, KPT and Vortis rockin' the stage here.
$5 / 10p
NiteCap - it's Kittypalooza! Tree House Humane Society Benefit featuring The Alder Kings along with Crusader, Saucy Boss and Skull Fogger performing on stage
$7 cover

Lincoln Square Lanes - AFRO Zep will be performing a unique Led Zeppelin experience for their fans at this Fan Appreciation show.

Upstairs Gallery - hang out with Chicago's Very Own pirate in blue - Thee Bluebeard as he performs his show at Chicago Improv Festival 17

April 5 & 6:
Unity Junior High School (Cicero, IL) - Edward James Olmos & town of Cicero presents the 14th Annual Latino Book & Family Festival, an event that features 8 pavilions of culture, education, finance, literacy, family, health, debutants and technology under one roof!
FREE parking / FREE admission / FREE health screenings.
For more information, email

April 5:
Double Door – love spaghetti and wrestling? The Chicago Outfit Roller Derby presents Spaghetti Wrestling featuring Vaudezilla Burlesque Troupe and DJ (TBA)
$7 adv / $10 dos ($1 off admission for every two canned goods donated)

Hq Gallery – join the fun at the 2nd Annual Underground! Balkan Fest 2014 featuring Pet Peeve, Davor Ana Paintings, tribal belly dance and much more.

4637 N. Ashland - it's the Pickle Juice Jean Jacket event, an art and music show featuring artwork by Kevin Weeder, Keely Nelson-Rivers, Matthew Ruiz, Shir Ende, Jose Arias, Nathan Friedman and more with live performances by Free Pain, Peter La Rue, Jihoon Woo, Mars Giolas, Dorian Electra & Jason Magicks and more.

Auditorium Theatre - Chick Corea and Bela Fleck will be performing here
For ticket information, visit

April 7:
Reggie's - head-bang to Jucifer, Of Wolves and Disrotted as they rock the stage here
17+ / $10 adv / $12 dos

Grandbar - time to Wax Dat Ass with Mad, Caleb Roche, Mike Tupak and Hugo Moya

April 9:
Door No. 3 (Double Door location) – it’s FABITAT: LIVE featuring Mr. Ma’am live performance with DJ Adam El and hosted by Lucy Stoole
FREE / 9p

Elbo Room – check out Free Spirited Spring Break showcase featuring performances by Epic Eric, CRTF, DEshawn Flaire, Kelly Campos and Omni Rose.
For tickets, email or

The Devil’s Playground (3394 N. Milwaukee) – it’s Ladies’ Night featuring David Bates (of Sinister Fate0 spinning Metal/Rock/Industrial/Punk and Goth with burlesque performances by Misfit Dolls, Cheeries Jubalie and special guest Madame Envy and Mister Junior.

April 10 - 27:
Collaboration Rm 300(Flatiron Arts Building) - attend Lysistrata by Aristophones
$15 - $20
For more information, visit

April 10:
Shrine Chicago – attend the next Respect The Mic indie concert series featuring MC Eiht, Notrydo Sincere, Phee and The Survivalists.
ALL proceeds benefit the local acts

April 11:
Alive One – support the non-profit organization The Arts of Life at Rock It Fest featuring Swamp Heat, bq and aboveandbelow
For more information, visit

Schubas Tavern – Phillip Morris and Sean Anonymous will be opening for Caroline Smith

Cubby Bear – check out this show featuring Jesse Wagner (of The Aggrolites), Green Room Rockers, On Your Marx and Run and Punch
18+ / $6 adv / $9 dos

Township – it’s Panther Style along with DTCV (featuring members of Guided By Voices), Spaceships and Sea Lions rockin’ this stage.

Windy City Inn (2257 W. Irving Park Rd) - it's Berto & the Lizard performing 3 solid sets of their favorite songs by The Band, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughn and more.

April 12:
Double Door – celebrate Shoeshine Boy’s 14th Anniversary at this rockin’ party featuring Big Paraid, The Ivorys, Verona Red Out For Hours and Upsin Hounds
$10 adv / $15 / 8p

The Mutiny – Jack Rabbit featuring Nate Z  along with Stranger Danger will be performing here

Junior's - Mind Merchant, Eyes Like 20 and Punch Cabbie will be performing here.

Patio Theatre - check out the Sci-Fi Spectacular 2014 featuring live appearances by Doug Jones (Hellboy I & II, Pan's Labybrinth) and Kyra Schon (the little ghoul girl of Night Of The Living Dead) and movies such as Legend, Buckaroo Banzai, George Melies' A Trip To The Moon and many more ending with  Phenomena at 2:15a!
$20 adv / $25 dos
For tickets, go to or in person at Laurie's Planet of Sound, Thrift & Thrive, Shake Rattle & Read and Alley Cat Comics

April 13:
Bottom Lounge – rock with this tour lineup featuring William Control, Combichrist and New Year’s Day

Cobra Lounge – punk out with Voice of Addiction, OC45 (from Boston, MA), Butchered and The Damn Tracks

Berlin Nightclub - shine during GLO: Eurodance party - the Kylie Minogue edition with DJ MAJR and Greg Haus

Quencher's - Magicks will spinning his dreampop magical sounds along with Universe Contest and Power Haunts.

April 15:
SPACE (Evanston, IL) - check out Canadian indie rockers Wildlife as they perform selections off the new album "...On The Heart" here.

April 16:
Elbo Room – rock with Miggs featuring Open Air Stereo and Man On Earth opening.

Whistler - Check out Handsome Tyrants with Belmont & Clark here

April 17:
Beat Kitchen – attend HoneyHoney with Ryan Joseph Anderson show here

Mojoe’s – check out “The Bootleg Banner Tour 2014” featuring Twiztid with special guests Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Smokehouse Junkiez
April 18 & 19:
Bada Brew - attend Rock In Chicago's Cancer Fundraiser. This two-night event will feature local acts performing Metal (on Friday) and Punk (on Saturday). Lend your support as bands like Solution Unsatisfactory, Voice of Addiction, 80 Proof, Bleed For The Fallen, Impale, Withering Soul and more perform to raise money for American Cancer Society.
AA / $10

April 18:
Aragon Ballroom – it’s Excision 2014 Tour featuring performances by Dirty Phonics and Ill Gates
For tickets

Goose Island Wrigleyville - check out John Burrows Project with Saved By The Belvedere and She's Crafty (an all female Beastie Boys tribute band)
$8 adv / $10

Beat Kitchen - Phantom Note Productions presents American Wolf with Boyfrndz, Pisces at the Animal, Far and Space Blood performing here

NiteCaps - JBC Entertainment presents a Triple Bill Show featuring 3 great bands but you have to attend to find who's rockin' the stage. It's so secret - SouthSide doesn't know!

April 19:
Red Line Tap – rock with Magatha Trysty at their performance during International Pop Overthrow

Take 20 (Cherry Valley, IL) – attend the “Benefit For The Paws” to raise money for Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter featuring live performances by Sinister Fate, Losing September, Untold Legacy, Chad Foster, The Smokes and many more.
$5 donation / noon (12:00p)

Elbo Room – say “amen” to funk music performed by Pastor Funkpleez & The Pulpit Players when they kick off their local tour around town featuring other shows happening at Tonic Room (May 9) and Reggie’s (May 20)

Record Breakers - celebrate Record Store Day here at it's RSD Extravaganza featuring live music by The Wild Family, brontosaurus, The New Diet, Magicks and more starting at 11a. Be there at 8a for super RSD specials.

April 21:
SouthSide's real birthday

April 23:
Door No. 3 (Double Door location) – FABITAT: GROOVES ...DJ Adam El’s b-day bash
FREE / 9p

April 24:
Empty Bottle - Sweater Beats with Different Sleep, The GTW, Aztek and Soleman will be rockin' the stage.

April 25:
Double Door – rock with Girl Group featuring The Congregation
$12 / 7:30p

City Winery – singer/songwriterAntje Duvekot will be performing her “chamber folk” music with John Garka opening
$28 VIP seating / $24 premier seating / $20 reserved seating
AA / 8p

Hard Rock CafĂ© – attend the Fallon Flynn’s Farewell Party featuring V Is For Villains performing with Fallon before he takes a hiatus from the band.

Township – there be Whales, Jet W. Lee, The Rutabega and Like Like The The Death
$6 adv / $8 dos / 8p

Elbo Room - Elston's Exchange will be making their local scene debut here!

April 26:
Aragon Ballroom – check out Life In Color Unleash ...the world’s largest paint party featuring Adventure Club, Caked Up and The Chainsmokers performing live.

Double Door – groove all night long during Soul Summit Free Dance Party featuring DJs Sloppy White, Dave Mata and Duke Grip with special guests TBA
FREE ($10 VIP available)

Scruffy City Hall (Knoxville, TN) – check out Skytown Riot with Annandale and The Hollywood Kills performing on stage.

Goose Island Wrigleyville - Yeehaw, Colonel Gunn's Wild West Music Show will be performing their first full show featuring classic rock and country pop ...and maybe a shoot-out too.
$8 adv

Logan Square Auditorium - Black Lips return to Chicago along with Natural Child and Football
$14 adv / $22 dos

April 27:
Mayne Stage – attend this Spring Soiree featuring Jesse Charbonier crooning your favorite Jazz classics and rarities and delicacies by Chef Dejan  with a special performance by Joe Hall Dancers.
$33.00 - $43.00 / 5p

April 28:
Elbo Room – Jack Rabbit will be rockin’ the first round of the I AM Fest Battle of the Bands competition
10:30 (approx) showtime

April 30:
O'Brien's Pub (Allston, MA) - check out Strieght Angular, Idiot Genes and Chandeliers with Kangaroo Court rockin' the stage here.
$8 / 9p

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, March 24, 2014

21 Mar 14

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide’s back rockin’ the town after resting in bed due the dreaded flu bug. And what a fun adventure did this reviewer have planned for her Friday night. First, she partied at Wrigleyville’s Metro with her friends Magatha Trysty and Hero Monster Zero and then at Rogers Park’s Touche Bar with the bears in leather and DJ Germ of Riot Bear Productions/Modern Day Rippers. At the Metro, excitement was definitely in the air for two up-n-coming local bands – Magatha Trysty and Hero Monster Zero. Both making their debut at this legendary music venue with Hero headlining the show that featured other acts like Lost Brigade and Jeff Brown & The New Black.

This was so freakin’ amazing...” ~ Catherine of Magatha Trysty

Three months ago, they conquered the Double Door stage. Tonight, Magatha Trysty was poised and ready to conquer their next target – Metro, blogspot readers. And once again, they rocked it with their brand of melodic pop/alternative songs. After slight bumpy opening when performing “Raygun”, not even a minor problem with the mics was able to stop this band from giving their fans danceable rhythms amidst upbeat tempo and heartfelt lyrics. Soon things began to gell wonderfully for the band as they progressed through other songs like “Reels In Hand” and the dynamic downtempo ballad “Paper Cranes” which featured Catherine on lead vocals. Since this was an extra special occasion for Magatha and its fans, blogspot readers, the band premiered two new songs – “Brandywhine” and “The Clocks Run In Reverse”. SouthSide enjoyed the two new editions to the band’s growing song list ...each had its own distinct style and sound still featuring uniquely creative lyrics. Yet “The Clocks Run In Reverse” generated more of a poppy dance beat to which the audience liked best while “Brandywhine” was a rhythmic downtempo ballad. Plus, a show within the show. During “This Is Your Magic” (and closing song, “Meet Me Tonight”), the Metro audience was treated to twirling “fire” lights and freestyle dancers near the main stage to expound the energetic vibe felt from the stage. Magatha Trysty was having a great time, blogspot readers ...reeling in their momentous achievement as a band until the very end when they concluded with a thunderous bang. Some of their fans could be heard shouting for more. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this band at their next performance or visit them at

Not Freebird ...[but] it’s almost close to it...” ~ Andy Metz of Hero Monster Zero

Pumping hardcore rock back into this venue, Hero Monster Zero closed out the night’s lineup with one of this band’s best outings seen to date by this reviewer, blogspot readers. There was intense energy ...excitement as well as momentum felt throughout the set that held the late night audience within its tight music grip until the very end. It was the first time SouthSide had seen fans respond by cheering and/or head banging to songs like “Steppin’ On Me” and Rage Against The Machine's “Killing In The Name” in which this particular song generated the loudest response of the night. Andy (on vocals and guitar) totally stirred up the atmosphere with a fierce hardcore sound and raw intensity on the lyrics. What makes Hero somewhat unique in the local scene is the band covers its own songs but it’s the cover renditions that truly gives these fans thrill especially when Andy lays down the lyrical free verse as heard during “Only I Can Fly”. Yet tonight, each member of the band were personally giving it their all for the fans inside Metro ...and you could tell by how hard they were rockin’ the stage. The highlight of this headlining set came at the end when Hero Monster Zero wow the audience with its awesome rendition of Prince’s "Purple Rain". A great homage to His Royal Purple Highness, Andy seriously expressed the heartfelt emotions within the lyrics which probably many tearing up as he sang. You simply had to be there, blogspot readers, to witness the epic guitar ending that sent chills down this reviewer’s spine. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this amazing live at their next performance or visit Hero Monster Zero at Facebook.

SouthSide’s adventure had barely begun, blogspot readers, and it was time to continue partying as well as support her LGBTQ friends. She traveled from the heart of Wrigleyville to Rogers Park area to hang out the patrons and her friend Germ of Riot Bear Productions (and Modern Day Rippers) at Touche Bar. Located beyond the “twink” bar scene (i.e. Boystoen), this bar offers a sort of safe haven for those interested being in the company of the manly men of the LGBTQ community for drinks, a friendly game of pool and/or live music in between watching sports and porn on the tvs. At first it was a bit awkward for SouthSide being the only woman in this establishment but she soon warmed up the bar staff and some of the patrons hanging out to enjoy DJ Germ spinning his mix selection of industrial/punk/and more all night long. Her stay at Touche was brief, blogspot readers, though wanting to venture to the depths below to explore what happens underneath. However, she did see Mr. Leather 2014 making a quick appearance. It’s hard to pinpoint when DJ Germ will be spinning again at Touche but he did suggest checking out

Until next time, support your local scene,

20 Mar 14

He’s a bastard...” ~ a passerby after receiving a flyer

Henry Kissinger he a humanitarian or war criminal?

That was the question of the hour, blogspot readers, during a recent protest against him giving the keynote speech at the annual Illinois Holocaust Museum’s Humanitarian Awards ceremony. Held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Chicago, several groups social and political actions groups including Veterans For Peace organization peacefully demonstrated near the hotel not against the ideals of Illinois Holocaust Museum but against the idea of they would welcome a war criminal at this prestigious event. According to the dictionary, the word “humanitarian” is defined as “...a person who seeks to promote human welfare ie philanthropist ...benefactor, patron, social reformer, do-gooder...” 

Yet speaker after speaker laid claim of the direct opposite about Henry Kissinger with convincing evidence of the many war crimes committed by him over a period of time ...which ultimately shaped and/or reshaped US foreign policy around the world. For example, he was the key promoter of the 1973 coup that overthrew Chile’s government that in the end killed its democratically elected president. He’s quoted saying the following “...I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people...” 

In 1975, he and former president Gerald Ford gave the green light for the Indonesian dictatorship to invade the newly independent East Timor resulting in the deaths of approximately 200,000 people. Other war crimes committed by Henry Kissinger include promoting “Operation Candor” as well as supporting the assassinations of the heads of governments in Congo, Cuba, Cyprus, South Vietnam and possibly other countries. “...the US should demand accountability for its own war criminals ...let him speak but not about peace and humanitarian issues ...what can we learn from a war criminal? He should speak at a tribunal...” according of the protest speakers because “...the US has no moral authority to criticize human rights abuse...” anywhere in the world. “...Henry Kissinger is not a humanitarian...” said another, “...not a speaker of peace ...[he] should be on trial for his criminality...” And according to the representative from Veterans For Peace “...[Henry Kissinger] promised peace in Vietnam...” under the Nixon regime however instead there was “...five more years of death and blood...”

The following statement from Rabbi Brant Rosen (Rabbi of the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation [JRC] and co-founder of Ta’anit Tzedek – Jewish Fast for Gaza. He serves as the Chairperson of the Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council as well as blogs regularly at Shalom Rav ( was read aloud during the protest:

"As a rabbi, a Jew and a person of conscience I was profoundly dismayed to learn that Henry Kissinger was chosen by the Illinois Holocaust Museum to be the keynote speaker at its 'Humanitarian Awards Dinner.' This choice is most certainly at odds with the mission and good work of this important institution. I cannot understand how a man who was the architect of our nation's war crimes in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, who was instrumental in the brutal coup in Chile and other acts of illegal international intervention around the world could possibly be considered an appropriate speaker at a gathering that celebrates humanitarianism. The mission of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center is to 'Remember the Past, Transform the Future' and 'to preserve the legacy of the Holocaust by teaching universal lessons that combat hatred, prejudice and indifference.' Given this mission, I urge the Museum to think seriously about the messages it sends when it associates itself with figures such as Henry Kissinger.”

After the speeches, there was peacefully demonstrating at the corner of Wacker and Columbus where chants such as “Never again means never again” and “Henry Kissinger ...war criminal” could be heard above the whipping breeze off the lakefront be heard loud and clear from the inside of Hyatt Regency. The protest rally ended shortly with another planned at Columbia College.

The question, blogspot readers, still remains Henry Kissinger a humanitarian or war criminal? Only you can answer that...

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, March 21, 2014

15 Mar 14

Is everyone drunk yet?" ~ Brian

Irish eyes were definitely smiling today, blogspot readers ...and it was only noon! Today, SouthSide took an early “night” out on the town to see the river dyed in its finest green colour before having a saucy time with her friends, The Hot Sauce Committee. This local tribute band has become wildly known near and far for rockin’ venues with those lovable party/dance songs from the 80s, 90s and today. They'll turn any party into a hot saucy party wherever they roam. And it was no different at River North’s The Grid where these quintet of musicians - Serv (vocals), Brian (guitar/vocals), Nick (bass), Danger Russ (drums) and DJ Kevin recently rocked this sports bar during its St Paddy’s Day festivities, blogspot readers.

After opening the first half of their performance with 2Pac’s “California Love” and The Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”, The Hot Sauce Committee got this St. Paddy’s Day party off to a rockin’ start with funky dance moves in which inspired others to bust a move (or two) on the dance floor as well. Just because they cover popular party tunes, blogspot readers, it doesn’t mean they skimp the original lyrics or music. So don’t expect them to flub on lyrics or miss a beat. Everything The Committee performs is tight and well rehearsed (including to censored beep heard during “Slim Shady”). Plus, to spice things up at their shows, the band might sneak in a verse  (for example Eminem’s “Slim Shady” during the middle of “Rapper’s Delight”) or group a montage of songs together ( for example Kurtis Blow’s “The Breaks” to Salt-n-Peppa’s “Push It” to Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock’s “It Takes Two” to Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Ice Baby” to Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Membrane” song mix) to keep their parties very saucy and fun for everyone ...even on a Saturday afternoon – that’s how they do it, blogspot readers.

From Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” to Bell, Biv & Debov’s “Poison” as well as 69 Boyz’s “Tootsee Roll”, The Hot Sauce Committee definitely had the dance floor hopping and grooving song after song. And the momentum wasn’t contained to those dancing wildly around this reviewer but also in other areas around the main floor of The Grid. Couples ...groups ...even the guy portraying the leprechaun on stilts was digging the saucy beat. There was a couple doing ballroom dancing near the stage area. Still everyone has way too fun that it was getting very hot in here. Besides dancing, attendees in their finest green were photobombing each other or trying to do their best twerking move to Sir Mix-a-lot’s “Baby Got Back” and Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 5”. Rock fans, not worry – The Hot Sauce Committee covered your favorites too with a music mix featuring Run DMC (with Aerosmith) “Walk This Way”, Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and Guns-n-Roses “Paradise City” in between surfer rock and Tone Loc’s “Wild Thang”. As usual, Brian got a little sweet with the ladies ...he’s such a charmer, blogspot readers.

Now it’s time for Brian to preach to the crowd about having faith which leads straight into the George Michael song featuring some sexy butt-shaking action, blogspot readers. It wasn’t like the original composition but more of an upbeat tempo to keep things jumpin’ inside The Grid. With a party like this, there will be moments when it might get crazy ...a bit rowdy due to drunken dancing near the stage. So do be careful. Singing along with The Hot Sauce Committee is strongly encouraged especially when the band performs Sublime “What I Got” and Eninem’s “Slim Shady” songs.

Whew – what fun, blogspot readers ...and that was merely the first set! SouthSide highly recommends snagging The Hot Sauce Committee to make your next party a saucy one. For more information, visit
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14 Mar 14

Hey, blogspot readers, Irish eyes are beginning to smile during this pre-St. Patrick's Day weekend ...and this reviewer has a full schedule of music, fun and more to keep her busy around town. Tonight, she's rockin' at Lakeview's Elbo Room with The Disclaimers ...oops, she means The Fine Print. This 5-piece local band was sharing the stage with Hot Alaska, The Back Forty and Kevin Leeds who headlined the show.
The Fine Print's  main focus of the night was to perform  "...original rock driven by the lyrics ...bringing the songs to life..." And throughout their set, they were entertaining the audience heartwarming melodies and words because "...everything exists to serve the songs..." according to brothers Chris and Jon Herning during the interview with SouthSide after the show. There's also one more thing the band would like you to know about them - "...[we're] not a jam band..." That is so true. There's  the right enough of a melodic break in the bridge to carry your ears along with the tune before returning you back to the original rhythm. However, don't think of them as a serious rock band when noticing how the songs tend to take on a serious tone, blogspot readers. But fortunately the guys aren't that serious. They're having way too much "serious" fun while rocking on stage. Sounds like a weird combination, doesn't it? Yet, that's what the band likes to do keeping things plain and simple for the fans through its melodic flow and rhythms. Besides that,  The Fine Print boosts a tight vocal harmonic sound within its "serious" alternative/rock music.

With songs like "Hope", "Mysterious" and "All These Things I've Done", you might get the sense there's perhaps a message within the words ...and you would be right, BlogSpot readers. For instance take the closing song "We Are More" and listen very carefully to the words. For the band it's their anthem since it perfectly capture who and what they are as The Fine Print. Still this simple song has a much more deeper thought in which everyone can relate to. "..we are more than what the world sees us..." In a way, blogspot readers, we should try to be more than how we perceive our own selves. This reviewer also recommends listening to "Shut Out The Light" an upbeat tempo amidst a lively rhythm that had this crowd dancing to the beat meanwhile "Nothing Without You" expressed some heartfelt as well as serious emotions tucked inside the lyrics. While watching this band perform, SouthSide could vividly see how not only the music but the seriousness of the words connected with their audience the words spoke to the mind and heart yet still providing a melodic floetry to dance to.

It wasn't all that serious of a performance, blogspot readers. There were some fun moments to be had with The Fine Print. Like why did they change the band name from The Disclaimers to The Fine Print. Well, there's a funny story behind that. It seems there are about three other bands with the same name and a fan casually mentioned (after performing elsewhere) they had a good YouTube page. Yet, that particular page belonged another band named The Disclaimers. The other fun moment was tonight's wacky band giveaways. It was an autographed box of Skittles and two pairs of white "granny" panties. Yes, you heard right on the last part. "'s [the giveaways] Matt's idea..." says Jon, "...he's always doing something random..." One time the band giveaway shirts from the local thrift store with tape on them. But on a serious note, they were the ones giving back to charity because all the band proceeds made were being donated to the Syrian refugee relief in Lebanon.

Oh, fans should know that Andrew (keys/vocals) is the prima donna of the band ...the brothers are just joking but they did mention he does stop band rehearsals for tea time. "...he's a talented guy but we put up with his weirdness...." So what else would The Fine Print would like to say to their fans? "...give us a shot ...come see us live ...see if [the music] speaks to you..." Definitely give The Fine Print a chance, blogspot readers, by listening to anthem "We Are More" and "Smile".

For more information about The Fine Print, visit

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

12 Mar 14

It was a swansong of a performance, blogspot readers...

Tonight, SouthSide’s out and about within the Roscoe neighborhood rockin’ Beat Kitchen for one last ride with her longtime friend, Mr. Russia. She has reviewed this local band since its humble beginnings at the former Ronny’s to Metro and many Double Door appearance. So it was fitting for her to be there to bid a fond farewell to Ryan, Ivan and Rob of Mr. Russia. Coincidentally, it was also Ryan’s last performance before leaving Chicago for the bright lights of L.A. Supporting this band’s swansong show was touring Ohio bands Graves and History’s History with local band Fitness opening.

Though performing in front of a sparse Chicago audience, blogspot readers, both Ohio bands, Graves ( and History’s History ( rocked the Beat Kitchen stage under two unique sounds of rock music. However, it was Graves’ set that left this reviewer confused. She had a difficult time comprehending the strange lead guitarist Matt’s vocals-music combination. Neither one complemented each other throughout the set since it sounded as if he was actually screaming the lyrics into the mic instead of singing. At times SouthSide wondered if he was going for a screamo vocal style despite his voice was straining hard. Also, this reviewer was confused by Graves’ core rock sound. It was a cross between hardcore and melodic guitar rock. in all honesty, blogspot readers, SouthSide tried “feeling” this touring band but couldn’t. There could have been more audience-band interaction such as mentioning song titles before or after a couple of songs especially the new ones performed.

History’s History had a bit more tolerable performance even though it wasn’t this reviewer’s type of rock music featuring hardcore yet melodic sound. This band had the energy to rock out this fairly sizable audience but sadly, blogspot readers, she wasn’t truly feeling what their Ohio fans were feeling throughout the set. There were moments which left her scratching her head especially when History’s History would zip into a fast chord change between hardcore and melodic without allowing the ears to gradually adjust to the switch. And despite being big on instrumental floetry within song bridges, SouthSide still felt something was missing or lacking that could have her “feeling” the band more. In the end, it was a short performance due to the front man’s have minor vocal problems (his voice was straining) ...having guest vocalist on History’s songs didn’t help either.

It was a trip down memory lane during Mr. Russia’s swansong performance at Beat Kitchen, blogspot readers. Fans crowded the back room to hear classic songs like “Pretty Girls” (in which they merched panties), “Damage” and more that featured the gritty double bass punk rock sound. Yet it wasn’t all punk with this band. They did try their hand with a little disco as heard from the song “I Explode” which had many (including this reviewer) dancing to the rhythmic beat. It’s what Mr. Russia did best during their time in the local scene – they exploded. “...If we play it [It’s True], maybe Summer will come ...what a girl named Summer?” before Ryan took lead vocals during the song “Temper”. And for not playing together in a couple of years, the band rocked extra hard and sounded great. Still, blogspot readers, it was saddening to see Mr. Russia perform its final live show as the band ended with its first song, “Boys” after wishing Ryan well. A sentimental end (since Ivan Russia doesn’t like getting emotional) but not to worry ...he did promise another exciting band to come in the near future. This reviewer would like to salute Mr. Russia for the many fond music memories wishing each member luck in their future endeavors...
Until next time, support your local scene,