Friday, September 30, 2011

24 Sept 11 - Part 2

Hey, blogspot readers, the fun continues elsewhere on this autumn Saturday night. After some homemade pasta and Sangria with Pinto and The Bean and their special guests, it was time for SouthSide to head to another party happening in Wicker Park. The and music was already in full swing when this party reviewer arrived at Double Door. She was there to join in the celebration with new friends, The Buddies for their record release show. Actually, blogspot readers, only the band is new ...not the band itself since it joins together rockin' members of Welcome to Ashley and Collins into one. And what a rockin' jam session did this group of Buddies have!

SouthSide was instantly caught up in the friendly atmosphere which surrounded the stage during the stage throughout The Buddie's show-stompin' performance. This band permeated the feeling a lively hoe-down, good time amidst three (at times four) vocals on the mic which kept the audience dancing until the end. Fans will enjoy the variety mix of Folk/Americana and country/rock as well as the Buddies' homage to some retro rock-n-roll sounds with some gritty guitar chords too. Now picking a highlight from this performance was a quite difficult for this reviewer because the entire set contained so much momentum and energy that she was too busy having a good gime. She does recommend listening to rockin' punk vibe of All The Beer Is Gone (what a terrible thing to happen on a fun Saturday night), Times Are Rough (a perfect song to describe the state of the economy and society today) and the emotionally heartfelt ballad during Kathleen. Within those three samples, this reviewer felt such realism behind the words though at times (i.e. All The Beer Is Gone and I Got Drunk) there was some humor to keep you in a "feel good" happy mood. The closer featured one of the best collaborative band moments witnessed by SouthSide was heartwarming end in an acappella/acoustic combination in which all Buddies members were featured on the microphone. It was a fitting end to this rockin' party. SouthSide highly suggest becoming buds with this local group at the next scheduled show. For more information about The Buddies, visit

Though arriving a little late to this party rockin' Elbo Room stage, SouthSide still had plenty of time to dance unde the electonic glow with Star Persons (WI). This group combined the elements of rock/electronica/pop and lyrical hiphop thus turning the Elbo Room into the Enclave or Sound Bar for one night only. They had the late night hipster audience bumpin' and groovin' to the fast-paced rhythmic sounds and laser lighting. SouthSide enjoyed that they had the right mix of hot beats, turntable mixing and rock music as well as hiphop atmosphere flowing until the wee hours of the morning. She suggests bumpin to the songs Supernova and Kaleidoscope ...if you want to get down and funky with Star, try move your body to Less Than Three but what really had this reviewer moving was Star's version of Gap Band's legendary classic hit - You Dropped The Bomb On Me (which featured female vocals). SouthSide enjoyed the updated version with some lyrical hiphop in the middle thus giving this oldie but goodie a fresh modern take. SouthSide highly suggests getting your party on with Star Persons at their next show. They'll definitely rock your body with such thumping music and sounds all night long. For more information, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

24 Sept 11 - Part1

"...I hooked on Pinto & The Bean ...Robot Wars is my favorite song..."
Freddie Wilson, Anthony and Tim

Hey, blogspot readers, it's "3 in 1" night for SouthSide's with some delicious Sangria on the side! That's right, she's attempting to cover three shows at three different locations around town in one night (again). Thank goodness, CTA's running (somewhat) on time. First, she's at a private house party to celebrate with friends, Pinto & The Bean on their record release - The Waiting Place. Then, it's off to Double Door to jam with new friends, The Buddies at their record release show. Lastly, it's off to Elbo Room to party the night away with touring friends, Star Persons under the disco lights. Whew ...what a fun adventure planned.

Witin the heart of the Ravenswood neighborhood, SouthSide enjoyed a Saturday evening sampling yummy spaghetti (homemade sauce was divine rivaling SouthSide's own secret recipe) and Sangria (or two - not telling). It was more than a celebration of Pinto & The Bean's album release, blogspot readers. This was rather a fun gathering (as well as mingling) of family, friends, and fans under the blue tarp roof in the backyard. Pinto and their house hosts truly know how to make their guests feel so welcome ...and throw a rockin' party. The highlight of the evening was Ivan's display of his cooking abilities and the homemade Sangria in which this reviewer gave two thumbs WAY up. Plus she highly suggests (especially local bands) checking out the husband-wife team of Good Evening Chicago ( As videographers, they, like SouthSide, rock the local scene documenting what's hot, new and more for their YouTube channel. Yet instead of one camera angle, they film with three thus giving bands that rock star video presentation. Also, SouthSide says you should meet and say "hi" to her new road buddies ...a fun trio of gents - Freddie, Anthony and Tim. They kept her feeling so absolutely fabulous and in stitches from laughing so hard ...and of course, they are HUGE Pinto & The Bean fans. Their favorite song - Robot Wars (which you can find on Pinto & The Bean's YouTube page).

Besides the guests of honor rockin' their specially built stage, other musical guests included Bad Bad Meow ( and Hemmingbirds ( - both good friends of Pinto & The Bean. SouthSide highly suggest making your acquaintance with them at their next regularly scheduled local shows. Bad Bad Meow had some truly sharp claws when it came to their opening set, blogspot readers, as an acoustic duo. Alen (on guitar) and Sarah rocked the backyard with an upbeat, foot-tappin' sound yet full of fierce frustration and anger (at times). It was certainly amazing what a couple of PBRs could do to one's drumming throughout the set - not a bad thing ...but it did add a lot of that hidden emotional vibe into Meow's music. SouthSide recommends rockin' to their Touch You Where You Touch Em (fiery yet raw acoustic/alternative sound ...lots of intensity), La La La (more intense music and vocals that's coupled with a crescendo rise ...and surprises) and the Rape song (SouthSide's favorite song by Meow). Then Hemmingbirds featuring Yoo and Timothy acoustically took the energy down a bit but still retained that intense energy which warmed up the audience from Bad Bad Meow's set. SouthSide enjoyed the vivid imagery woven throughout their songs like Mellow Gold Haze and Treetops(this particular song given the reviewer the sense she was flying amongst the trees of the forest). The Hemmingbirds' new song was the highlight of the acoustic set that demonstrated how lyrically emotional Yoo's vocals could get under the right guitar intensity and rhythms. Then finally what everyone was waiting for - Pinto & The Bean ( rockin' out their record release show! Despite some minor technical difficulties, the duo debut the live version of The Waiting Place album in front of their invited guests that included a spectacular surprise - a lit up drum kit during Let's Make Noise. And boy, did they ever make some noise, blogspot readers. SoutSide (before having to dash away to Double Door) stayed long enough to her favorite song, Robot Wars. She also highly suggests listening to Rebuilding Everything, Miss America and Wake Up - which rocked the stage under a Morrissey-like pop alternative sound.

Coming soon - part 2: Double Door and Elbo Room

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, September 26, 2011

23 Sept 11

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to another rockin' weekend around town with SouthSide! This roving reviewer will be making stops all over Chicago from Ravenswood to Wicker Park with other stops in between ...that's where you'll find this rock chick partying. Tonight, she's hanging out in the middle of Chicago's hot club scene within the River North neighborhood at Hard Rock Cafe to attend its all-ages show featuring her friends, Bambi Raptor. In SouthSide's honest opinion, it was a very odd venue to hold a late night all-ages show. The Hard Rock Cafe is awesome place to dine amidst the vast collection of legendary rock memorabilia. However there was no true place for the audience to stand without obstructing the diners' view of the stage. Plus, this reviewer suggests management take another look at its entrance policy and late start for future all-ages show. She wasn't carded (first time ever) upon entering this event ...nor was she stamped/given a wrist bands like other venues. And starting the show at 10p (thus ending around midnight) does seem a bit late when other venues are ending at this time especially with Chicago's revised curfew ordinance.

Despite technical difficulties with Kenny's microphone (low volume), keyboard distortion and bad echo/reverb factor throughout the venue, Bambi Raptor was somehow able to pull off a decent headlining rock performance at Hard Rock Cafe. Not one of their spectacular best, blogspot readers, but enough for SouthSide to enjoy. This performance featured more than a couple of new songs but also something to liven up their stage presence - dancing Raptor-ettes! These gals popped Bambi's music and sound by dressing in their stylish vintage 80s fashions and dance moves thus adding more fun and excitement to coincide with Roger's neon finger lights and Doug's constant need to strip to his shorts (not tonight, blogspot readers, Hard Rock Cafe staff asked him to put his clothes back on). SouthSide and company had a rockin' time dancing and popping bubbles within the Bambi atmosphere while the band performed songs both off Conception and Adolesence albums like Greenology, Griffin, Away We Go and Alaska ...of course no Bambi show would be complete without fan fave Cosplay. Though most songs didn't have the same effect as earlier performances seen (and subsequently reviewed), this reviewer was sorely missing that famous Kenny screamo of venting rage and frustrated anger to counteract Roger's heartfelt vocals (especially during I'm Not Listening - a perfect example for Kenny to make you feel his anger). It simply wasn't the same hearing him pump such pure raw anger into the microphone that he literally melts it. This reviewer does recommends listening to Bambi's progression out of its Adolescence phase towards something more techno/powerpop-ish as heard in new songs Stories From The Road as well as taking in a Bambi-like dream in Dreams. The main surprise (though a bit rough around the edges) was the band's rendition of Limahl's Neverending Story theme song even included a Falcor looking hat for Kenny (Roger was Sebastian)!

For more information about Bambi Raptor and when they will be rockin' down another stage again, visit and

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Friday, September 23, 2011

5-9 Oct 11: The Chicago Guitar Festival

Hey, blogspot readers, this notice just came across SouthSide's desk just now.

Guitar entusists, come to Chicago and rock out during The Chicago Guitar Festival happening Oct 5 through Oct 9 at various locations which includes performances by guitarists from all over the world.

"...The festival will bring guitar artists into the area to enrich the already thriving culturally diverse pallet of Chicago’s listening audience. It will also celebrate the homegrown guitarists who drive Chicago’s passion for cultural and music eclecticism..."

Here's the schedule:

Wednesday October 5th

6:30 PM Petar Jankovic at Instituto Cervantes (located 31 W. Ohio St.)

8:30 PM Pachora featuring Brad Shepik at Old Town School Of Folk Music (located 4544 North Lincoln Avenue)

Thursday October 6th

6:00 PM Master Class on Balkan Rhythms & Modes with Pachora at Old Town School Of Folk Music

7:00 PM Snarky Puppy, Eastern Blok at Reggies (located 2109 S. State)

Friday October 7th

12:00 PM Pachora at Chicago Cultural Center (located 78 E. Washington St.)

9:00 PM Charlie Hunter, Carla Bozulich at Martyrs’ (located 3855 N Lincoln Ave)

Saturday October 8th

8:00 PM Les Frères Méduses at Instituto Cervantes

Sunday October 9th

8:00 PM Grazyna Auguscik ft. Chris Siebold & John Moulder - Fareed Haque Math Games at Mayne Stage (located 1328 W. Morse Avenue)

for more information, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

October 2011

Beware, blogspot readers! Creepy ghouls, ghostly goblins and other things that go bump in the night are haunting SouthSide's October calendar. Check out what's rockin' the local scene around Chicago during the month ...if you dare.

Oct 1 - 2: Chicago Music Guide presents 10th Annual Ravenswood Artwalk Festival. This FREE all-ages event features local artists (also in film, photography, and more) and music performances by such local acts - The Shams and I Lost Control (Saturday) and The Minneapolis Henrys, Scarlet Monk and The Film Society (Sunday). PLUS meet the fine staff members (including SouthSide) of Chicago Music Guide throughout the weekend. For more information, visit

Oct 1 - Attend the Out of The Dark - Bring Autism Into The Light event at Bobby McGee's (10139 S. Harlem, Chicago Ridge). This is a benefit to raise money for 3 1/2 year old Luke to obtain a service animal from Animals for Autism. Special music performances will be rockin' the stage by Skinwalker, Impale, Mock Star and more. Suggested donation to the event is $12 or if unable to make it, donate online at

Oct 1 - At Subterranean, good friends Jon Drake & The Shakes along with The Future Lauretes will be rockin' the stage meanwhile at House of Blues, Midnight Conspiracy will be rockin' the stage during a late night "secret" show featuring Chromeo.

Oct 5 - The fun anime-matics of Peelander Z returns to Chicago! This time they are bringing the Let's Go! Karaoke Party, So Many Mike and Happee Pee to Empty Bottle. Participating in their human bowling is advised, blogspot readers.

For some family fun, head to Amundsen Park (located in 6200 W. Bloomingdale) for Kraft Great Kids Family Night! Join other families for a healthy dinner and an evening of family fun from 6p to 8p at this FREE event. A parent/guardian must accompany children.

Oct 7 - Spineshank and Clandestine rocks the Elbo Room stage featuring Imperial Sons and The Science of Sleep. Meanwhile, upstairs, good friends A Thousand Julys will be opening for Chris Hawkes and Miranda Dawn with Matthew Murray in the middle of the lineup.

Meanwhile ...break out the hankies, fans, at Bourbon St (3359 W. 115ST Merrionette Park), The Branded will be performing their VERY LAST SHOW EVER during the Rally for Roger Donnick event. Suggested entry to this event is $25 (which includes free food and drinks). For more information, visit

Oct 8 - Dance the night away at Kinetic Playground when good friends Papadosio rocks the stage there.

Oct 9 - Swallows (from MN) makes its Elbo Room debut featuring Yellow Jacket and Mama Dempsey. Meanwhile upstairs, Sean G and Vanessa Diaz will be rockin' the acoustic stage.

Oct 12 - SouthSide will be attending a special debate at The Sperus Center (610 S. Michigan AV). As a part of Chicago’s Ideas Week, Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2US) makes its Chicago debut with a controversial resolution that asks whether higher education is really necessary for America’s youth: 'Do Too Many Kids Go to College?' Student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt, unemployment for those with a bachelor’s degree is at an all-time high, and entrepreneurs like the founders of Facebook and Microsoft have been successful without graduating. Given the many costs of college, is it time to rethink America’s love affair with higher education? Is it time for young people to skip college and go straight into the workforce, or is higher education still a necessary stepping-stone to success? - Good question, and SouthSide will discover the pros and cons to that question and more. Headlining the panel are PayPal founder Peter Thiel, whose 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship will pay twenty young people $100,000 NOT to go to college, and Henry Bienen, President Emeritus of Northwestern University. This debate will be moderated by ABC News Nightline’s John Donvan, Intelligence Squared U.S.'s fall season, presented in partnership with Slate, will air on WNET and more than 220 NPR stations nationwide. There's a reception at 5:45p / debate begins at 6:45p until 8:30p.

Tickets: $40 ($12 for students w/ID)

For more information, visit

Oct 15 - SouthSide's friends, Wags and RedCity, make its return after a LONG absence from the scene at Elbo Room celebrating the release of a debut album!

Also - Wine From The Moon will be rockin' the Ultra Lounge. For more information about the lineup, visit

Oct 21 - At Bottom Lounge, friends Digometric will be rockin' the stage at this West Loop venue while over at Martyrs', Last Rites presents Los Straitjackets Rock 'n' Burlesque Spectacular! This event will be featuring The World Famous Pontani Sisters, SouthSide's friends - Lake Street Dive and The Honeybees. doors 8p / show 9p / 21+ / $15

Oct 25 - Over at Schubas, SouthSide will be rockin' with new friends, honeyhoney while on their Ten Buck Tour featuring Joshua James. The release of "Billy Jack" will be out on Oct 24 and the buzz about it is good. Besides Chicago, they will be in WI, MN and CO before returning to CA. For more information, visit or

Oct 27 - Heads up, WI blogspot readers, and check out SouthSide's good friends, Beneath The Stares when they rock The Rave at an ALL-AGES show featuring Opeth and Katatonia. Tickets are $25 - at pre-sale price (go get them now!) 6p show start.

Also happening on this night, Michael Schenker will be rockin' the House of Blues stage in support of his new album "Temple of Rock" (to be released on Oct 11). He will also be sharing the stage with Uli Jon Roth and Leslie West on the 3 Guitar Heroes tour which kicks off on Oct 6 at Norfolk, CT will be making stops in Dallas and Houston before ending in Las Vegas. For more information and tickets, visit

Oct 28 - good friends, Foriegn Powder and Workout Music will be rockin' The Beat Kitchen during SouthSide's busy Halloween weekend of tricks and treats, blogspot readers.

Oct 29 - There are plenty of Halloween fun to be found around town! For the kiddies, join SouthSide and her daughter at Austin-Irving Library for a Halloween music concert featuring her Polish friends, The Polkaholics. They will be dressed in their finest costumes while entertaining families with traditional polka rock tunes but with a seasonal twist. The event is FREE / 2p start time.

Then at Elbo Room, SouthSide will be rockin' with Layers of Funk as they headline that also features local acts and friends, Lucid Ground, Bullet Called Life, Model Stranger, and Plastic Boots opening.

Over at Double Door - it's the annual Halloween bash! AM Taxi will be The Clash, The Last Vegas - The Runaways, Blackbox - Stone Temple Pilots, Dorian Taj - Bob Dylan, and Hessler - Judas Priest. Show 9p / $12 / 21+

Meanwhile at The Abbey, it's night 2 of its Halloweekend (which begins on Friday Oct 28) ...Last Rites is keeping the lineup under wraps (lol - mummy joke) but it's $10 adv / $12 at door / 21+ show at 8:30p ...dressing your finest costume is advised.

And at Ultra Lounge, Wine From The Moon presents "Dead Rockstars" featuring Paper Thick Walls, The Damn Choir, Briar Rabbit, The Embraceables, Sandman Viper Command rockin' the stage. For more information, visit

Oct 31 - Last Rites presents Halloween tricks and treats at Reggie's Rock Club with punk legend, the leader of The Stanglers - Hugh Cornwell! Also sharing the stage will be friends The Handcuffs and The Dead Superheroes Orchestra. PLUS a Dead Rockstar Halloween costume contest and photo booth by Glitter Guts.

Also happening in October - Urban Folk Circuit Market. Vist for details of when and where.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20 Sept 11 - CHIRP Radio

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has many friends who also support the local scene (and beyond) ...and CHIRP Radio is one of them.

CHIRP aka Chicago Independent Radio Project is a unique web radio station located here in Chicago. It's a non-profit, volunteer-run, music-, arts-, and culture-focused radio station transmitting live from our studios in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood from 6AM-3AM seven days a week, 365 days a year. It's their mission is to provide "...Chicago residents with a community radio station focused on the representation of local people, events, and issues alongside a wide array of local and independent music..."

They seek to promote localism, diversity, and independence in public broadcasting via programming and web content curated, created, and produced by Chicagoans as well as aim to consistently expand the breadth and depth of our on-air and online voice by incorporating the multi-faceted voices of the community.

CHIRP does have a goal - a physical spot the FM dial on the radio and they are working hard to convince Congress and the FCC to remove such existing barriers to grant low power FM radio licenses in urban areas, including Chicago. For now, CHIRP will operate the station in its online format until a broadcast license can be secured, at which time that functionality will be added to the online presence.

CHIRP Radio also wants you, blogspot readers, to know that it does not air commercials, and receives no funding from corporations or the federal government. It is mainly supported by special event revenues, small grants, and listeners like YOU and SouthSide.

Her friends at CHIRP Radio are asking listeners to help contribute as much as they possibly can during their Autumn Harvest fundraising campaign happening now until September 30th. And with your generous donations (which is tax-deductible), you will be supporting and helping this local independent station with its endeavors of keeping the music (not normally heard on the mainstream stations) alive and working in getting their LPFM license. But they don't want you to go home empty-handed without receiving a "thank you" gift or two:

A handy stainless steel bottle opener for a $60 gift
A freshly designed CHIRP T-shirt for a $120 gift
Both a bottle opener and a T-shirt for a $180 gift
A fashionable CHIRP Messenger Bag for a $240 gift
Or receive all of the above with a $365 donation!

Make your tax-deductible contribution and become a supporter of the best radio station in Chicago by visiting today.

Until next time, support your local scene,

19 Sept 11

Hey, blogspot readers, if you're in the Chicago area, check out the following shows happening this weekend at The Abbey!

The sludge metal act (from Arkansas), RWAKE, will be rockin' the stage before releasing their album "Rest" (recorded here at Engine Studios with a producer and engineer Sanford Parker [Nachtmystium, Unearthly Trance]), it's the follow-up to the 2007 release of "Voices of Omens". "Rest" will see its North American release on September 27th on CD, digital, as well as pressed on olive green and 180 gram black vinyl.

Also performing with RWAKE is Earthen Grave, Zebulon Pike and Czar. The tickets are $13 in advance and $15 at door / door: 8pm show: 8:30pm. / 21+ Buy them here:

Or on Sunday, check out Laetitia Sadier, an indie legend best known for her work with Stereolab and Monade. The French-born vocalist and keyboard player will be performing songs from her debut solo album "The Trip." Released in 2010, this album contains nice original compositions as well as three specially chosen covers: "By the Sea", originally performed by Wendy and Bonnie, "Un Soir, Un Chien", written by Fred Chichin and Catherine Ringer of Les Rita Mitsouko and the standard "Summertime", composed by George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward.

Also sharing the stage with her will be Sam Prekop, who fronts The Sea and Cake, an indie rock band with a pronounced jazz influence, and Chicago's own new an exciting duo, Redgrave, opening the show. Recently, Redgrave was featured on WXRT's Big Beat Show.

Her friends at Last Rites promises music fans as the one show not to be missed. Unfortunately, SouthSide is unable to review it due to other commitments that night. Door: 8pm show: 8:30pm / The tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door / 21+
Ticket link:

Until next time, support your local scene,

16 Sept 11

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to another wild and crazy Friday night On The Town with SouthSide! She's rockin' the busy streets of Chicago especially in the Lakeview neighborhood celebrating Mexico's independence from Spain and partying with local bands until sunrise. After some Tejano dancing, music and parade with other Mexican-Americans, this reviewer arrived in time at Elbo Room to see Lucrezio open for headliner Atom Smash (from Miami, FL). Upstairs performing on the acoustic stage was singer/songwriter Amanda Farmer and a rare unplugged set by Wags (of RedCity). This was his first time under the spotlight as a solo artist rockin' the audience with a lively mix of originals (like Apple Blossom) and covers (like Neil Young and more). Word around the acoustic lounge was that he put on a phenominal performance, blogspot readers. SouthSide hopes to review another Wags unplugged set before he rocks out with his band RedCity during their Oct 15th debut album release show (also at Elbo Room).

SouthSide (briefly) saw this band during The Flabby Hoffman Fest at the beginning of the year and thoroughly enjoyed the haunting yet melodic voice of vocalist Jennifer coupled with the intense guitar rock sound. Lucrezio once again, blogspot readers, had the ears bleeding from the realism heard within the lyrics and the heart hurting from bursts of the overwrought emotional tone felt whenever Jennifer sang amidst the music supporting her. In a way, this local band prided itself in being a whole of heart and soul centered deep within its rock-n-roll ...and it totally felt so good because their music left this audience hungrily wanting more. More of that dynamic vocal style which wonderfully draws out the realistic experiences of life, love and relationships (good and bad) intricately woven inside the image-filled words. More of Lucrezio's intense guitar rock energy that nicely complimented as well as highlighted Jennifer's voice - matching the mood and tone she sets for each song. Even while performing in a downtempo rhythm, this band still found a way to pop the music with such intense yet vibrant sound thus keeping the audience wrapped in its rockin' momentum. To fully immerse yourself inside Lucrezio's heart and soul rock sound, SouthSide highly suggests listening to these two selections first - Silenced (for its powerful chanteuse-like vocals that packs a punch within this downtempo song could actually get the message she refuses to be silenced about her feelings, etc.) and Dreamer (for its dramatic high soprano vocals amidst the subtle dream-like music that contains bursts of energy throughout especially towards the end). Also recommended for your listening pleasure, Just A Child (when she's not behind the piano, watch out, blogspot readers, she truly wows the ears with her vocals thus becoming a little more animated on stage) and new song Dig Deep (a little rough around the edges but does have the potential of being Lucrezio's next hit). For more information about Lucrezio, visit

"...damn, Dave, you made that bass your bitch..."

Opening with an ear-catching digital intro, SouthSide was absolutely blown away by this rockin' band from Miami, FL known as Atom Smash. Not only did they rock out the late night audience with such energy and momentum ...they also left no area of the basement lounge untouched by their presence. This reviewer literally felt the energizing intensity of Atom's guitar rock while hearing the heartfelt yet dynamic falsetto's by front man Sergio. This group electrified the audience as well with some primal animalistic screamo ...thundering riffs and boisterious percussions - lots and lots of percussions, blogspot readers, enough to bang your head to. By the middle of the set, Atom rocked the stage with a couple of rousing, heart-pounding anthems which truly had this gathering pumped up in which also featured a tiny lull of melodic rhythms but just enough to get you ready to be pumped up for more hardcore rock. SouthSide highly suggests listening to the following songs: Sacrifice, put a little terror of screamo in the lyrics yet dazzling the ears with plenty of guitar sound during the instrumental bridge ...Cocaine Angel (though slowed down a bit to which they encouraged couples to dance) and Bed of Nails one of many highlights of the night, truly expressed Sergio as a front man as he projected such heartfelt emotions of angst, frustration and love - all wrapped in these two powerfully moving songs while still wowing the ears Atom's signature intense rock sound. For this reviewer, she highly suggests snagging a live version of their Seal cover - Kiss From A Rose (way better than the Batman Forever soundtrack original). Within their hardcore metal-tastic music, it livened up the romantic-sounding tune into something darker and more wickedly delicious especially with Sergio's raspy falsetto/screamo combination on the lyrics. For more information about Atom Smash and where they will be rockin' the stage again, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Upcoming Events

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has music news that you could use today. She highly suggests checking out the following shows/events happening soon.

On September 23rd, check out this unique concert at the Park West featuring 10 successful indie artists from Nashville, TN. Ten Out of Tenn Tour 2011, sponsored by Amazon, Nashville CVB, Wedgewood Circle, Noisetrade, BMI, ASCAP, We Make Tapes and Topspin Media, is proud to promote a unique collective of singer/songwriters such as Katie Herzig, Gabe Dixon, Andrew Belle, and Amy Stroup to name a few.

Fans may or may not know them by name however probably have heard their songs featured on TV and film. According to the press release, individually these artists have shared the stage with such artists like REM, The Fray and Ben Folds and/or performed for Paul McCartney and Sarah McLachlan. They've also been the subject of an award-winning documentary "Any Day Now" where they were followed cross-country on Willie Nelson's old beat up tour bus.

Besides Chicago, this tour will be making stops in St. Louis, Oxford and Jackson (MS), Birmingham (AL) and more. Visit for special ticket offers.

On Sept 30 at Martyrs' HYMN FOR HER will be rockin' the stage at 9pm which also features Tony Rogers on the bill. The show is 21+ / cover $10

Also happening that same weekend in Milwaukee - the Yellow Phone Music Conference 2011. Confirmed panelists include Jeff Castelaz, Co-founder and CEO Dangerbird Records/Management (Silversun Pickups, Minus The Bear); Same Hunt, agent, The Windish Agency (Animal Collective, Girl Talk, Yeasayer); Peter Cohen, talent Producer, NBC's The Voice/Mark Burnett Productions; and Nick Haussling, A&R, Warner Records (The Veronicas, Disturbed, Guster) - just to name a few. For a complete list of all the panelists and details (including registration), visit

Heads up, my fabulous Miami blogspot readers - check out this festival rockin' your area in November. On the weekend of Nov 11 thru 13, the Rola Music Fest will be happening at The Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park.

The "ROLA MUSIC FEST", is billed as a celebration of Latin American Music featuring top artists like Julieta Venegas, Diego Torres, Oscar d’León, Jarabe de Palo, Wilfrido Vargas, King Changó, El Grupo Niche, Amara La Negra, Caramelos de Cianuro, Divagash, Locos por Juana, Servando y Florentino, Patafunk, Eduardo Osorio, Donato Poveda, RoBa and Estados Alterados (among others, are part of the exclusive list of stars so far confirmed for the event, according to the press release).

Tickets are on sale now on Ticketmaster

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SouthSide - 5 Years Later

When beginning this fantastical adventure as "SouthSide" on Sept 12, 2006, I never imagined what an impact "she" would have on Chicago's vibrantly growing music scene. It's truly amazing what "she" and her reviews have accomplished (thus far) for MANY local (including national and interational) bands and artists as well as nonprofit organizations, festivals and venues too. Her love and support for the indie scene has led others (many of them celebrities, publicists, management, promoters, music lovers, etc) outside Chicago's boundaries to take notice what's happening and rockin' the local stages. For me, personally, it's a startling realization as I celebrate 5 fun wonderful years as my nom de plume.

And honestly, I seriously thought this "SouthSide" gig wouldn't survive beyond year one.

After 5 years, over 600 shows logged (so far), nearly 2000 bands/artists and countless hours of being a partying rock chick, boy was I dead wrong!

It takes a lot of heart, soul and dedication in being any band's head cheerleader, girlfriend, groupie or whatever you want to label SouthSide besides music reviewer/critic. It's not easy either when you also have a private life such as a mother of two music-inclined daughters and fiancee to a wonderful yet busy corporate guy ...but it's also fun exposing them and close friends to the wonders of Chicago's rockin' local scene. And as SouthSide, I've seen and had so many memorable as well as not so memorable adventures that someday I should pen a "tell all" book about the places, bands/artists, shocking secrets and fans (this includes my tangling with a few celebs) one day. Who knows could probably be a New York Times best seller. I did have some wild and crazy "behind the scenes" adventures that don't get published in SouthSide's On The Town reviews.

Yet, I'm very humbled by this experience ...and no, that's not an understatement. Those who know the real me behind this name can tell you that I don't like being called a "celebrity" ...that I'm flattered as well as embarrassed even though many view SouthSide as "Chicago's local scene queen". Personally, I view SouthSide as a rock star. I mean it when I say the bands/artists on stage featured in my reviews are the true celebrities. I merely give them that well-deserved, center stage spotlight. Still, I'm not chest-thumping about SouthSide's many accomplishments. There's so much I have yet to achieve and want to accomplish within my next five ...ten and beyond like attending SXSW or taking SouthSide on the road and maybe across the pond. There are SO many bands I've befriended on Myspace, Facebook, and elsewhere on the vast social networking internet world that I would like to meet and review. Plus there's also finally finishing SouthSide's secret project that she's been writing for over a couple years now (not the "tell all" book) but will disclose more details when the mansucript is officially completed. However I can tell you - the book is about the rise and fall of band.

Then there's one other SouthSide goal which may take longer to complete but will definitely happen one day. I would like to open a venue/museum/bar or something to that effect that will feature all of the posters (taken off the walls of venues around town), buttons, song lists, stickers, CDs and whatnot collected over the years (you should see my apartment) on display with my pride and joy - an autographed acoustic guitar - in a glass case. This would be a place for musicians to reminisce, fans to bask in their band's moment under the spotlight again and music lovers to appreciate how vast and eclectic Chicago's local scene was (and still is). Believe me, I've (mostly) seen and heard it all ...from the wild dark theatrics of a Metal/Goth show to glam/electronica rock with some two-steppin' Country/Western, steampunk villainy and everything else in between. It might be a lofty goal at the moment with the economy as it is now but I'm determined to make this dream real ...when SouthSide's ready to hang up the pad and pen and retire from the music scene. Yet everyone knows, there's no retiring from the music scene ...look at the Rolling Stones. They'll probably still be rocking on stage in wheelchairs.

There are so many "thank you" that need to be said and shared with those who made the "SouthSide" experience and adventure possible. It's not an easy thing to do when you're a DIY (do it yourself) blogger/media person. It requires risk factor as well as good networking and people skills, building long-lasting contacts and business relationships and more. You really have to put yourself out there ...sometimes 3 to 4 nights a week all kinds of weather just to keep that promise of reviewing a band's set (unless there's an emergency). From the bottom of my heart, this "thank you" goes out to all of the people I've met and been in contact over the years - bands/artists, management, publicists and venue owners ...this includes street teams and fans. I would like to name each and every person but I might forget a name or two. And there's a special "thank you" to my blogspot readers for reading this blog in which I share my many adventures with you. Hope you've enjoyed reading the ups and downs as much I've experienced them and finding new bands/artists to check out.

Well, blogspot readers, time to rock into SouthSide's next year and beyond.

Are you ready because I promise you it's going to be an even wilder time around this town than the first five years...

Until next time, support your local scene,

10 Sept 11

Hey, blogspot readers, walk through these doors of this incredibly famous place and you would be stepping into over 90 years of Chicago history. There's only one place SouthSide knows that can boast such a claim - The Drake Hotel. This world class hotel has had royal and papal guests as well as was featured in the 1983 movie Risky Business (starring Tom Cruise). And if you want to experience a proper British high tea, The Drake is where you should go but do dress accordingly since high tea is a formal event.

Tonight, during this extra special On The Town adventure, SouthSide and her number one fan, Joe, had a rare chance to sit inside the legendary Co d'Or bar lounge for another enchanted evening with friend, jazz singer/songwriter Jesse Charbonier. The Coq has its own special place in Chicago history, blogspot readers. For instance when Prohibitiion was repealed on Dec 5, 1933, the Coq d'Or opened its doors the next day serving lines of customers wanting a glass of whiskey at 40 cents a glass. Then in 1940s, this was the place to hang out if you want to mingle with local politicians and newspaper reporters - oh the scoops and scandals the Coq walls must have been witnessed to. And though it's not related to Coq d'Or but this reviewer found this tiny bit of historical fact very interesting - Joe DiMaggio carved his and Marilyn Monroe's initials into the Cape Cod Room bar. She wonders it they're still there...

If you truly want to experience an enchanted, romantic evening of classic jazz standards by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley (yes, the King has a jazz standard), Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday and more, SouthSide highly suggests spending your next Saturday night (Sept 17 and with dates in October too) with a sauve, debonair friend of hers - Jesse Charbonier. This amazing singer/songwriter, along with Michael on bass and Adrian tickling the ivories, brought back to life the standards (as well as rare or not so popular tunes) from a generation who heard them first but with his unique magical twist. This reviewer knows anyone can do their best to sing and/or imitate Nat King Cole while performing his classic hit Unforgettable. And that's fine. However, when Jesse performed this particular song, it was more heartfelt and meaningful as he sung the lyrics within a downtempo pace which brought out more depth and emotions ...something SouthSide hasn't heard from any other artist who has covered this song than Jesse. She wish she could verbally describe what this vocalist does to make his repertorie of songs pop to life that had couples dancing during his performance. yet that would be giving away a magician's most trusted secret. Believe SouthSide when she says, Jesse is some magician, blogspot readers. He can take a song (for instance Elvis Presley's I Need Somebody from Viva Las Vegas) and add a hint of tender sadness into the lyrics while the accompaniment plays in a downtempo pace ...and voila, the magic of his voice and music hits you in a certain way that you actual "feel" the song instead of hearing it for the first or twenieth time.

Yes, there was plenty of magic happening throughout the time SouthSide spent inside the Coq d'Or with Jesse (his shows run until 1a) in which many enjoyed his lively upbeat tempo as well as the reverently graceful tempo pace of the songs chosen for the night. Jesse in his own magical way added fun lightheartedness to Sir Charles "Lil Tramp" Chaplin's Smile and Chuck Baker's Let's Get Lost. Both songs are among many in which this singer/songwriter put a little romanticism into the lyrics making you want to take a spin around the tiny dance floor of this busy bar lounge especially during the bass bridge solo of Let's Get Lost. Even Frank Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon (one of SouthSide's favorite songs by the Chairmen of the Board) received that special Jesse treatment of fun yet in more of a downtempo pace to which a couple showed off their divine dance moves for the audience ...such an awe-inspiring moment, blogspot readers, before creating more wonderful memories with Billie Holiday's Easy Living.
Other songs included tonight were Dinah Washington's What A Difference A Day Makes, Nat King Cole's Almost Like Being In Love and the ever popular song (made famous by both Frank and Billie) All Of Me before having to leave for the night. According to Jesse, the fun certainly continued into the early hours of the morning with a large crowd joined him and the band. He said "...It was amazing! There was a lot of romance in the air. It was joyous!"

If you enjoy watching Mad Men (Jesse and SouthSide love that AMC program) and want to relive hearing music from the 30s, 40s, 50s and some 60s, then head to Coq d'Or this Saturday night ...but get there early - that place jumps around 10p and 11p and table seating is hard to find. Also he will be at the Mellow Yellow Restaurant (located 150 E. 53rd in Hyde Park) for a post Hyde Park Jazz Festival celebration from midnight to 3a on Sept 24. For more information about Jesse Charbonier, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

07 Sept 11

Hey, blogspot readers, come be a VIPer with SouthSide! Tonight, this reviewer's rockin' a rare appearance at the Foundation Room (the VIP lounge) of Chicago's House of Blues for a stripped-down rock performance. Long time friends, I:Scintilla held a rather intimate double acoustic set featuring classic and new stuff as well as a few covers inside this legendary venue. This was merely a prelude of what fans can expect to hear (when totally amplified) at Cubby Bear next Thursday on Sept 15 with SouthSide's other good friends, Beneath The Stares (21+ show / $5 cover).

In SouthSide's opinion, a true measure of any rock band is if their unique music and/or style could go acoustically unplugged. With some assistance of digital tracking for a few songs, I:Scintilla and its selected songs acoustically rocked the Foundation Room entertaining an intimate gathering of fans and concertgoers (attending Blondie show with The Handcuffs opening). Opening their double performance with Translate (one of this band's first songs that introduced SouthSide to them), I:Scintilla easily translated its hardcore industrial/metal sound into a rather subdued yet passionate acoustic sound. Even without the use of amps and other electrical things, this reviewer enjoyed how the music in acoustic form brought out more dynamic power and fierce from female lead Brittany and her vocals. In each song, she truly immersed herself into the emotions behind the words to make attentive listeners feel what she's feeling. Plus while performing cover songs like Orestes and Winter (by Tori Amos), her dynamic vocals personalized the words into a meaningful something for her and the band rather trying to copy the originator's composition. The highlight of the covers choosen by I:Scintilla was the their version of Nick Cave's The Ship Song in which Brittany's fiery fierceness within a solemn tempo range blew away SouthSide's ears. Off the band's collective repertoire of songs, this reviewer highly suggests listening to Prey On You (the interesting combination of digital track programming and acoustic music created a haunting dark theme), Worth The Wait (Brittany's voice brought to life the poetic atmosphere felt within the words) and Ammunition (a complete different version of I:Scintilla's original within an acoustic setting). Both Prey On You and Ammunition are featured on the band's new album ...also check out their Facebook page for the Sebastian Komor Mix of Prey On You.

For more information about I:Scintilla, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

03 Sept 11


Villainess Eva Trix and her young protege, Sunday, elude Scotland Yard with another daring escape Saturday night! Chief Inspector Lastrade and his detectives of Scotland Yard staked out London's most wanted last known whereabouts the Metro concert hall in Chicago where the two were spotted in mixed company with the world's most evil mastermind, Mr. Agitator and his gang V Is For Villains. According to Chief Inspector Lastrade, he also noted other wanted villains gathered inside the concert hall known as Kazy and Sheriff Scabs with The Lords and Ladies of Steampunk Chicago providing entertainment delights before and in between performances. Though Eva and her child-like cohort had evaded capture this time, Lastrade vowed to bring the vile duo to justice for their crimes against the crown.

Halloween came early as these masked ghoul and goblin musicians opened this festive villainy gathering with a high energy tune titled Hooks. Kazy rocked out the Metro all-ages audience amidst its haunting nature and dark themes heard within their industrial/metal rock songs. What made this band unique was the electronic violin used as an extra guitar (sometimes) adding to Kazy's creepiness and dark tome which seemed to subsequently impress the youngsters. Besides performing the fan favorite of the INXS' Need You Tonight, the ghoulish band also blasted hardcore metal coupled with lyrical verse in LFM and Violate (a bit of sexiness and temptation heard in this song too) as well as Trick (the most intense instrumental bridge of music to rock the stage). It's recommended to check out Kazy's new song, Goodbye, that featured intense "in your face" shredded guitar riffs and violin rhythms. This act received a rousing thumbsup from Sunday liking the masked musicians as the band closed with another fan favorite, Wolf. For more information about Kazy, visit

Come one ...come all as Sheriff the Carnival Barker invited the Metro audience to partake in the delights and music of the Sheriff Scabs performance featuring Ivan Russia (of Mr. Russia) on guitar. Immediately, this quartet of rockin' musicians filled the venue with intense hard-hitting guitar rock wrapped inside dark themes though not as creepy like Kazy. Sheriff featured more of a deep rapsy vocal tone by front man Sheriff that at times fiercely emphasized the lyrics even while in a downtempo riff and steady rhythmic beat. Besides performing current band tunes for the excited audience. Sheriff Scabas also covered a couple of tunes from its former name incarnation, Black Country Rock (in which Sheriff started with Ivan). This was when the front man was vigorously energized as well as animated generating such momentum with his stage presence thus displaying more vocal intensity too. This was some rockin', foot-stompin' music that villain cohort Sunday enjoyed while Sheriff closed the set with a blast of punk/metal sound. For more information about Sheriff Scabs, visit

Chief Inspector Lastade of Scotland Yard nearly caught the elusive and quite deadly villainess Eva Trix while she attended the headlining performance by the evil mastermind Mr. Agitato (also wanted for spreading his villainy propoganda against the government) and his infamous gang, V Is For Villains. Too bad ...he also missed out his chance to capture other fashionably dressed villains of all ages as they converged in front of the stage to see their heroes rock out the Metro concert hall with high intense industrial/steampunk music. However, this time to help further spread the Villain message, this musical group used Hi-Definition 3d video images to run in sync during evry song performed. While working hard at infiltrating this well-organized criminal performance, Chief Inspector Lastrade noted how the young villains seemed to enjoy the heavily synth/keyboard sound that featured a new element not used when V debut in June at Bottom Lounge. Eva Trix noticed it too. The use of live drums added more thundering intensity to this criminal-minded band's music and performance which truly energized the Villains themselves and their legion of followers. Yet there were a couple of minor technical problems which did interfere with this particular performance - villaness Veronica Jade's microphone was on too low during Everybody Hates Me that Eva could barely hear her and the stage lighting clashed horribly against the video images thus not being able to delight in the pretty pictures. Rousing villains everywhere to Evolve or Die (and more), Mr. Agitator wowed the villainy gathering with new song - The Disease which was a haunting composition with low heartfelt vocals to be the creepy infection crawling under your skin. The thundering percussion rhythms and melodic synth sound wonderfully created an air of subtle mystery ...and calming terror for all to hear. This song received major thumbsup from Eva and young Sunday who also enjoyed the dizzy falling down the rabbit hole swirl effects on the screen during the surprise return of Digital Mindy to perform Mr Agitator's theme song. Unfortunately for Chief Inspector Lastrade, he soon found himself knee deep with an army of Pink Elephants (featuring clips from Disney's Dumbo on screen) before nearly nabbing Fallon Flynn who wasn't wearing a mask to conceal his true villain identity. But alas the Villains along with Eva and her child-like cohort were able to slip away (again) undetected into Chicago's bustling Wrigleyville scene. Chief Inspector Lastrade has been quoted that he'll try again to capture this villain network when V Is For Villains returned to the scene of the crime at Kinetic Playground on Sept 23 with Trainwreck Symphony and Black Arrow (21+ show / $8 cover). For more information about V Is For Villains, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

02 Sept 11

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to the swingiest soulful afterparty set to ever rock the Double Door stage! And SouthSide hopes you have your dancing shoes on because that's what she did all Friday night long. In celebration of the start of North Coast Music Festival, Soul Summit DJs Sloppy White, Dave Mata and Duke Grip got the fun off to a rockin' beginning with a lively mix of retro and modern soul/funk/R&B tunes. They certainly kept this gathering crowd thoroughly warmed up until it was time for J.C. Brooks & The Uptown Sound to appear on stage to close out this party.

SouthSide highly suggests spending time groovin' with the hippest group of cool cats ever seen (or reviewed) around town known as J.C. Brooks & The Uptown Sound. Their soulful vibration, blogspot readers, had many within this crowded venue (guys included) screamin like giddy schoolgirls throughout this extended performance whenever their favorite J.C. song was performed. What made this group so unique to the local scene is their homage to the classic Motown soul/R&B sound that also has a lively modern funk/groove flow. Plus coupled with front man J.C. Brooks and his ultra smooth, heartfelt falsetto vocal style on the mic, this band kept everyone dancing to the J.C. magical soul vibration song after song. Performing hits such as Berry Please, Sister Ray Charles and Hold You Back, J.C. and Uptown performed new song Baaaad News off the upcoming album Want More(due out Oct 25 ...record release show on Oct 28 at Double Door) in which SouthSide enjoyed the wicked guitar riffs and hot rhythms pumping excitable momentum into the crowd. Yet to truly feel and experience the full effects of J.C. Brooks & The Uptown Sound, this reviewer suggests listening to Awake - it had a soulful but powerfully dynamic message for the millenial generation almost reminiscent to Marvin Gaye's What's Going On and Mercy Me combined. And for a taste of J.C.'s fast-paced funk vibrations, it's suggested blogspot readers check out Wilco (started off nice and slow but ending Uptown rough and fast like Ike and Tina's version of Proud Mary) and Get It Together (which ended the show on a rockin' high note leaving the crowd hungry for more J.C.). For that J.C. sound that will leave you feeling hot and sweaty from its funk sexiness, listen to 75 Years of Art Sex (included a verse and chorus of Eurhythmics' Sweet Dreams) and Everything Will Be Fine.

For more information about J.C. Brooks & The Uptown Sound, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Aug 11

"...we're babies and do terribly at 21+ shows..."
Island of Misfit Toys

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's feeling a little like Mrs. Robinson during this On The Town adventure. Tonight, she's rockin' out a busy August schedule at another Wine from the Moon presents show. And this time, it's located at Empty Bottle with a slightly different type of audience - college age. This College Space Out showcase featured a rockin' yet eclectic lineup of musical performances by young bands such as Mapmaker, Delmar & The Dedications, and Please and Thank Yous with Island of Misft Toys headlining. Though not being able to stay for the entire Misfit Toys' performance, this reviewer highly suggests checking out the strange humbled Beginnings of Beer and more with this jammin' band. This unique Island of musicians meshed together misfit sounds of acoustic/rhythmic/pop and some melodic horn (or accordion) on the side. They almost resembled The Fatty Acids (seen and reviewed at Beat Kitchen on August 22nd) with its intense stage presence, antics, and music but lyrically these two bands are totally different. Within Island's instensed edgy sound, there was plenty of venomous male falsettos from front man Anthony's voice. He had a way of spewing words (for example, during the opening song "...I love you because I have to..." took on a terrifying tone) full of spite and angst wafting over the microphone. Definitely not one to tangle with when he's in a foul mood, blogspot readers. She also recommends listening to Island's Taffy Apple Lifestyle and Heads Will Roll (or otherwise known as Hermit Crab). For more information, visit Island of Misfit Toys at

The band known as Mapmaker ( kicked off the lineup with an energizing yet rousing twist to the modern jazz/swing sound, blogspot readers. There was even a tiny bit of Brit pop felt from the keyboard rhythms that provided a groovy upbeat momentum at first. However, sadly, the rest of Mapmaker's set literally confused this reviewer when the band switched to elongated funk/R&B/soul instrumental bridges with guitar rock solo riffs. This not only muddled the original tempo and vibe but threw off everything about this band out of whack. She had terrible figuring if they were attempting to be a reggae/ska OR modern jazz/swing OR R&B/funk/soul OR a combination of all three at once. And it wasn't just the music that had her scratching the head either. The vocals were also missing something as well - life ...feeling i.e. emotions. SouthSide felt there wasn't enough umph to make the lyrics pop to life drawing out that fire and dynamic falsetto range during certain songs. Honesty, blogspot readers, this reviewer tried her best to enjoy as well as like Mapmaker's set but she couldn't. Suggestion #1 - try not to confuse the audience by doing so much with so many music genres at once. NOT all genres (or tempos) jam well together especially while switching from R&B/funk/soul to rock within one song. For example, during Map's quad-trilogy of songs, the third song began as downtempo rhythm with a slow steady beat before switching to a fast-paced R&B melody and then some ska before finally ending the song with a jumbled mesh of all three. SouthSide noticed this band was its best when rockin' the stage as instrumental R&B/funk/soul band. Suggestion #2 - don't be afraid to let yourself go, lyrically and emotionally. Most of Map's songs had powerful lyrics which required a powerful set of falsettos to the words popo. Even the backing vocals didn't gell with the lead's as both seemed quite bland when together. More umph is needed to excite the ears as well as the soul.

Delmar & The Dedications ( honed in that retro/early 50s rock-n-roll sound and feel for their set, blogspot readers. The music certainly popped with vibrant momentum wafting throughout the lively rhythms that it gave some in the audience the urge to dance. Though understanding the difficulty experienced of having to borrow another band's equipment, SouthSide noticed a few moments when the unfamiliarity threw off Delmar's rockin' sound (especially during the start of Let's Play Spin The Bottle). She also noticed (as well as suggests) the vocals needing some tuning within certain areas of the set like when performing their romantic slow dance song. In her opinion, she felt that would have been the perfect moment to wow the ears with such emotional sound by allowing the voice to shine. Other times, the vocal harmonies were a tad off and quite rough when closing out a couple of songs. Plus at one point, instead of singing, she heard "shouting" as the vocals began to strain over the microphone. However, despite that, this reviewer did enjoy Delmar's seemingly similiar (in music only) cover version of Ronettes' Be My Baby though the backing vocals could have used more soulful umph at the chorus (while being the echo on the lyrics seemed a little flat).

Now, Please and Thank Yous'( performance was a little more of SouthSide's speed for that adrenaline rush of hardcore punk/rock music, blogspot readers. This was hardhitting garage, "shred your face off" rock with a few melodic interludes at certain moments when the ears least expect it ...but definitely plenty of blood curdling riffs to get the head banging. SouthSide immediately liked the fast-paced speed and hair-raising tempo within Please's intense music. A word of caution - earplugs were a must if going to stand in front of the stage to rock out with this band. Just coming off their west coast tour, Please rocked a quick short set performing a birthday song (not the typical "happy" kind either) and love song (no flowery poetic words here either) with some powerful punk angst ever heard. She could literally feel the frustrated anger by front man Geoff dripping all over the microphone while lyrically popping the venomous emotions to life. Even when performing the downtempo song, Losing Your Virginity, this front man not only rocked the mic with such fiery spite but also showed off his natural falsetto side as well which was downright terrifying to hear such calmness in his voice. Still, there was enough venom and spite to keep this audience energized to Please's hardcore punk sound until the close of this brief set.

Until next time, support your local scene,