Thursday, September 8, 2011

07 Sept 11

Hey, blogspot readers, come be a VIPer with SouthSide! Tonight, this reviewer's rockin' a rare appearance at the Foundation Room (the VIP lounge) of Chicago's House of Blues for a stripped-down rock performance. Long time friends, I:Scintilla held a rather intimate double acoustic set featuring classic and new stuff as well as a few covers inside this legendary venue. This was merely a prelude of what fans can expect to hear (when totally amplified) at Cubby Bear next Thursday on Sept 15 with SouthSide's other good friends, Beneath The Stares (21+ show / $5 cover).

In SouthSide's opinion, a true measure of any rock band is if their unique music and/or style could go acoustically unplugged. With some assistance of digital tracking for a few songs, I:Scintilla and its selected songs acoustically rocked the Foundation Room entertaining an intimate gathering of fans and concertgoers (attending Blondie show with The Handcuffs opening). Opening their double performance with Translate (one of this band's first songs that introduced SouthSide to them), I:Scintilla easily translated its hardcore industrial/metal sound into a rather subdued yet passionate acoustic sound. Even without the use of amps and other electrical things, this reviewer enjoyed how the music in acoustic form brought out more dynamic power and fierce from female lead Brittany and her vocals. In each song, she truly immersed herself into the emotions behind the words to make attentive listeners feel what she's feeling. Plus while performing cover songs like Orestes and Winter (by Tori Amos), her dynamic vocals personalized the words into a meaningful something for her and the band rather trying to copy the originator's composition. The highlight of the covers choosen by I:Scintilla was the their version of Nick Cave's The Ship Song in which Brittany's fiery fierceness within a solemn tempo range blew away SouthSide's ears. Off the band's collective repertoire of songs, this reviewer highly suggests listening to Prey On You (the interesting combination of digital track programming and acoustic music created a haunting dark theme), Worth The Wait (Brittany's voice brought to life the poetic atmosphere felt within the words) and Ammunition (a complete different version of I:Scintilla's original within an acoustic setting). Both Prey On You and Ammunition are featured on the band's new album ...also check out their Facebook page for the Sebastian Komor Mix of Prey On You.

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