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23 Sept 11

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to another rockin' weekend around town with SouthSide! This roving reviewer will be making stops all over Chicago from Ravenswood to Wicker Park with other stops in between ...that's where you'll find this rock chick partying. Tonight, she's hanging out in the middle of Chicago's hot club scene within the River North neighborhood at Hard Rock Cafe to attend its all-ages show featuring her friends, Bambi Raptor. In SouthSide's honest opinion, it was a very odd venue to hold a late night all-ages show. The Hard Rock Cafe is awesome place to dine amidst the vast collection of legendary rock memorabilia. However there was no true place for the audience to stand without obstructing the diners' view of the stage. Plus, this reviewer suggests management take another look at its entrance policy and late start for future all-ages show. She wasn't carded (first time ever) upon entering this event ...nor was she stamped/given a wrist bands like other venues. And starting the show at 10p (thus ending around midnight) does seem a bit late when other venues are ending at this time especially with Chicago's revised curfew ordinance.

Despite technical difficulties with Kenny's microphone (low volume), keyboard distortion and bad echo/reverb factor throughout the venue, Bambi Raptor was somehow able to pull off a decent headlining rock performance at Hard Rock Cafe. Not one of their spectacular best, blogspot readers, but enough for SouthSide to enjoy. This performance featured more than a couple of new songs but also something to liven up their stage presence - dancing Raptor-ettes! These gals popped Bambi's music and sound by dressing in their stylish vintage 80s fashions and dance moves thus adding more fun and excitement to coincide with Roger's neon finger lights and Doug's constant need to strip to his shorts (not tonight, blogspot readers, Hard Rock Cafe staff asked him to put his clothes back on). SouthSide and company had a rockin' time dancing and popping bubbles within the Bambi atmosphere while the band performed songs both off Conception and Adolesence albums like Greenology, Griffin, Away We Go and Alaska ...of course no Bambi show would be complete without fan fave Cosplay. Though most songs didn't have the same effect as earlier performances seen (and subsequently reviewed), this reviewer was sorely missing that famous Kenny screamo of venting rage and frustrated anger to counteract Roger's heartfelt vocals (especially during I'm Not Listening - a perfect example for Kenny to make you feel his anger). It simply wasn't the same hearing him pump such pure raw anger into the microphone that he literally melts it. This reviewer does recommends listening to Bambi's progression out of its Adolescence phase towards something more techno/powerpop-ish as heard in new songs Stories From The Road as well as taking in a Bambi-like dream in Dreams. The main surprise (though a bit rough around the edges) was the band's rendition of Limahl's Neverending Story theme song even included a Falcor looking hat for Kenny (Roger was Sebastian)!

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