Friday, September 30, 2011

24 Sept 11 - Part 2

Hey, blogspot readers, the fun continues elsewhere on this autumn Saturday night. After some homemade pasta and Sangria with Pinto and The Bean and their special guests, it was time for SouthSide to head to another party happening in Wicker Park. The and music was already in full swing when this party reviewer arrived at Double Door. She was there to join in the celebration with new friends, The Buddies for their record release show. Actually, blogspot readers, only the band is new ...not the band itself since it joins together rockin' members of Welcome to Ashley and Collins into one. And what a rockin' jam session did this group of Buddies have!

SouthSide was instantly caught up in the friendly atmosphere which surrounded the stage during the stage throughout The Buddie's show-stompin' performance. This band permeated the feeling a lively hoe-down, good time amidst three (at times four) vocals on the mic which kept the audience dancing until the end. Fans will enjoy the variety mix of Folk/Americana and country/rock as well as the Buddies' homage to some retro rock-n-roll sounds with some gritty guitar chords too. Now picking a highlight from this performance was a quite difficult for this reviewer because the entire set contained so much momentum and energy that she was too busy having a good gime. She does recommend listening to rockin' punk vibe of All The Beer Is Gone (what a terrible thing to happen on a fun Saturday night), Times Are Rough (a perfect song to describe the state of the economy and society today) and the emotionally heartfelt ballad during Kathleen. Within those three samples, this reviewer felt such realism behind the words though at times (i.e. All The Beer Is Gone and I Got Drunk) there was some humor to keep you in a "feel good" happy mood. The closer featured one of the best collaborative band moments witnessed by SouthSide was heartwarming end in an acappella/acoustic combination in which all Buddies members were featured on the microphone. It was a fitting end to this rockin' party. SouthSide highly suggest becoming buds with this local group at the next scheduled show. For more information about The Buddies, visit

Though arriving a little late to this party rockin' Elbo Room stage, SouthSide still had plenty of time to dance unde the electonic glow with Star Persons (WI). This group combined the elements of rock/electronica/pop and lyrical hiphop thus turning the Elbo Room into the Enclave or Sound Bar for one night only. They had the late night hipster audience bumpin' and groovin' to the fast-paced rhythmic sounds and laser lighting. SouthSide enjoyed that they had the right mix of hot beats, turntable mixing and rock music as well as hiphop atmosphere flowing until the wee hours of the morning. She suggests bumpin to the songs Supernova and Kaleidoscope ...if you want to get down and funky with Star, try move your body to Less Than Three but what really had this reviewer moving was Star's version of Gap Band's legendary classic hit - You Dropped The Bomb On Me (which featured female vocals). SouthSide enjoyed the updated version with some lyrical hiphop in the middle thus giving this oldie but goodie a fresh modern take. SouthSide highly suggests getting your party on with Star Persons at their next show. They'll definitely rock your body with such thumping music and sounds all night long. For more information, visit

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