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24 Apr 13

Hey, blogspot readers, who has the BIGGEST mouth among you?

SouthSide recently spent an evening at a battle of the bands competition where up and coming bands/artists were able to strut their stuff on the legendary Metro stage in front of family, friends and other students. Columbia College (of Chicago) Biggest Mouth 2013 featured 12 student band finalists performing a quick sample of their music like neo-soul fusion (Upsin Hounds), R&B/pop rock (Daryn Alexus) and more before judges to be crowned the best band. The audience also had a say in this competition too as they were asked to text their favorite of the night. Before attending the show, this reviewer (via telephone) was able to chat with Alma Cook of Alma about her music, the competition and what she hopes to achieve from it and much more.

Even though stumping the artist on the first question, blogspot readers, Alma described music as "...honesty and spiritual growth..." in which she places importance on the ability of connecting with people on what she has to lyrically say to them ...something that they will understand. For Alma, she hopes her songs as well as the lyrics themselves will have people in deep conversations where ideas and opinions can be shared together or one on one with her - which she likes the most. After each show, Alma makes herself available for anyone for discussion. "...It's all about us having different or opposing opinions rather not about me being right..." says this artist. Besides performing under her own band name, Alma is busy person performing within other artists/bands in different genres like a hip hop group to a folk music project that she just started. She also wants to be a part of an acapella group. By doing this, it will help grow into the artist that she wants to be.

Since this was her first time hearing about the Biggest Mouth competition, this reviewer asked Alma to briefly describe what it entail to which she stated Columbia College hosts a monthly battle of band  show and the Biggest Mouth happens at the end of the year. It started with over 130 bands before narrowing it down to the top 12 competing in front of an audience and panel of judges. Yet, to Alma, as a career prospective it wouldn't matter if you won 1st or 2nd prize. She simply wants "...to show people that I have something to say ...[it] doesn't matter if I win ...it's about building a fanbase..." in Chicago. Even though it was a brief set, SouthSide enjoyed her Metro performance liking the neo-smooth contemporary sound that had a lively rhythmic beat and energy. Her vocals were heartfelt as well as dynamic that definitely pleased the crowd. In case you weren't able to attend this year's Biggest Mouth, blogspot readers, you can meet and see this artist performing on the acoustic lounge stage at Elbo Room on May 14th during the "Women Rock" showcase.

This reviewer did stay for majority of the Biggest Mouth and found herself rockin' along with the dynamic vocal power during Daryn Alexus' set. She was hot! And that's putting it mildly, blogpsot readers. This artist literally had the crowd going when opening with a sultry R&B number before tearing the Metro with a thunderous rock show. Then it was Kylie Marcus who also wowed the crowd with another strong yet dynamic vocal performance despite noticing that her backing vocalist almost overshadowed her. However her cover of Heart's Barracuda (which she dedicated to her mom) seemed a little too old for Hanna's voice to handle. She didn't have the same vocal punch that the lyrics required to carry this song. Upsin Hounds had this cool neo-soul groove and sound which had many moving to the swinging rhythmic beat. It was quite funky and fun especially when the trio of female vocalists were harmonizing on the lyrics ...a touch of sexiness to highlight this group's stage appeal, blogspot readers. Though missing this band's Elbo Room performance (on April 29th), SouthSide will be on hand to cover their next show for a future On The Town review. The next band after them had the most difficult task of meeting the standard and level the Upsin Hounds rocked the stage with. For SouthSide, the music didn't seem to gel cohesively with the front man on vocals who was trying too many voice ranges during their short set. The band that truly had this crowd in a frenzy was Earl especially during the song Last Cigarette in which this reviewer enjoyed the organic feel (featuring a flute and saxophone) within the band's rockin' alternative/jazz rock fusion, blogspot readers. She however didn't care for the band's second song because the fluctuating tempos and rhythms were somewhat confusing to this reviewer's ears ...as if they were doing too much at the same time.

Until next time, support your local scene,

One On One with Makeshift Prodigy

Makeshift Prodigy can be described as “...passionate ...exciting and dedicated...” as well as inspirational and motivational, blogspot readers. Over the years, this local band has made a name of itself for the way their unique symphonic rock fusion has effected and affected the mind, body and soul. With three albums to the band’s credit, Makeshift has also been known to sellout local venues like Cubby Bear, Angels & Kings, Reggie’s Rock Club and soon in August they will embark on their biggest challenge to date – Lollapalooza. Recently, SouthSide was lucky enough (via telephone) to chat with Anthony (front man on vocals, piano and guitar) and Brandon (vocalist, hype, keyboards and ambience) of this hot rising indie rock band before their Vocalo.org radio appearance if life has changed since their signing with Atlantic records to how excited they are about their upcoming Lollapalooza performance and much more.
Well, blogspot readers, you can add the words “modest” and “humble” to the list of descriptions about Makeshift Prodigy since that’s how they were at the beginning of the interview after SouthSide lightly teased them about being rock stars. Actually, according to Anthony and Brandon, the band is “...excited about what we do [by] sharing the music and love playing with other people and bands...” plus they “...love representing Chicago...” in between the million of reasons why they’re dedicated to their fans. On that note, this reviewer wondered if a world tour some day was in the works for Makeshift. Brandon replied that it was something the band could see in the future but right now they’re taking things at a “...day to day..." status Makeshift has toured the east coast in which they stated it helped them mature and the band plans to tour more like a college campus tour in the Fall and the west coast. Just enough to not only open doors for Makeshift but also get their name out there while promoting the new album, Illuminate.
In the meantime, Makeshift Prodigy are currently in the works (though nothing was definite at the time of this interview) of talking with different organizers to perform at summertime festivals (i.e. Milwaukee’s Summerfest) and was preparing for their appearance on Vocalo.org radio and JBTV (happening May 5 th in front of a live audience). Recently, an acoustic version of their hit single Chasing Daylight was released on purevolume.com. Brandon did disclose to SouthSide that the band is planning to do a music video for another song off the album. About their Lollapalooza appearance, blogspot readers? Well, that, according to Anthony and Brandon, that feeling really hasn’t hit them yet but they’re very excited about being part of the huge music festival. Makeshift will have new things as well as old favorites in store for the lucky fans and Lolla attendees who were able to grab single-day tickets before the entire three-day fest sold out in minutes. SouthSide, always the optimist about things, lightly teased the guys about having to handle the media and press while there despite not being one of the bigger named headlining acts. To quote Brandon, “..looking forward to riding the wave, I guess...”
And if you think the band has changed since signing with Atlantic, then you’re completely wrong. Makeshift Prodigy is still pretty much the same ...they’re still a DIY (do it yourself) band except they have been getting a little more press these days. Though it does take a little more time to record an album, the guys mentioned the representative at Atlantic do “...keep us on our toes...” since “...the work is even more harder...” Not worry, blogspot readers, according to Brandon, “...everything’s good so far...” The main thing about Makeshift you can take to heart – the band retains creative control over their music because that’s important to them. It wouldn’t be Makeshift Prodigy if they had Atlantic hire songwriters, a full production team and/or arrangement to create the next Makeshift album. It would definitely sound different compared to the inspirational, soul-filling music that uplifts when you’re down or motivates when you need that extra push. Unfortunately, Makeshift doesn’t get see or experience what SouthSide and many others have during their live shows, blogspot readers. However, they are grateful for reviews like from SouthSide and other members of the press about their shows. It’s “...great to hear [an] honest opinion about our shows...”
Speaking of their next album ...well, according to Makeshift, they’re always writing and recording some new tracks in between shows. For now, Makeshift is hard at work showing new faces their new EP, Illuminate to which they will try to tour with. So SouthSide wondered which track off the album would Anthony and Brandon suggest listening to. She would get five different answers from all of the Makeshift members, blogspot readers. The guys suggested listening to the entire EP “...we love all of our tracks...” says Brandon while Anthony added “...took us a long time to create [them]...” Compared to the first two albums, Illuminate is more a mature sounding Makeshift album even though retaining that same symphonic rock fusion but with more vibrant energy and motivational feel. When this reviewer first heard the EP at a listening party, she immediately noted how the band’s sound had gradually progressed as if they themselves were evolving along with the music. The heartfelt tenderness and inspirational words are still there in songs like Miracle and Perfect Mistake where you’re meant to experience the tidal wave of rhythms, melodic crescendo, and upbeat momentum especially in A Way Out (Makeshift’s follow up track to Revolution off Mathematica).
Sadly, like this interview, all good things had to come to an end, blogspot readers, and Anthony and Brandon wanted everyone to know that if you’re “...looking for something inspirational ...or a music lover in general...” give Makeshift Prodigy a try. Also “...we like to have fun though the music can be serious but we’re still cool people ...come out and meet us ...we’re friendly...”
For more information about Makeshift Prodigy, visit http://www.makeshiftprodigy.com.
Until next time, support your local scene,

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May 2013

Hey, blogspot readers, April showers gives way to May flowers for your mommy on  Mother's Day or rowdy Cinco de Mayo fun before remembering the fallen on Memorial Day. It's also the height of springtime fun before a summer-long vacation of festivals!

Please note that all shows mentioned are 21+ unless duly noted.

May 1:
City Front Plaza – join the May Day Anti-Capitalist Demonstration

Viper Alley – it’s Saving Abel rockin’ the stage there.

Venue One (8:30p) – attend the Free Macallan Scotch Tasting. You’re asked to select a date and time that fits your schedule to attend the tasting on May 1 or May 3 (start time at 7:45p). Your arrival is requested at the appointed time you chose.

Burlington Bar – check out Spaces of Disappearance with Belmont & Clark

MID – React presents a new event – Body Language which will be focusing on the underground dance music scene (i.e. something like a cross between Smartbar’s Machina and Nocturna) inside the luxurious Century Room (located upstairs at the MID) featuring rising UK producer and DJ Duke Dumont
FREE / rsvp at http://www.clubtix.com

Smartbar - it's Machina as DJ Scary Lady Sarah spins the best of the 80s and 90s from alternative to goth, industrial, new wave and punk

May 2:
Riviera Theatre – check out Nashville’s Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors rockin’ the stage here

Elbo Room – Shoeshine Boy Productions present Matthew Alfano of Mason’s Case performing an acoustic set. Expect new songs and special guests during this performance.

Crocodile Lounge (basement) – WeOut Here presents Dirty Drugs rockin’ the stage

Harte’s Saloon (Evergreen Park, IL) – Digeometric performs their monthly residency show

Hard Rock CafĂ© – rock with Four Star Brass Band

Smartbar - James Blake's DJ set ...they advise snagging your tickets now before it sells out
***Sorry - the Metro show has sold out***

Primary - React presents the rising UK duo - Gorgon City at their first appearance in Chicago also featuring DJ Sushi, Plus Plus, and Equator Club
Grab your tickest now at http://www.clubtix.com

evilOlive - it's Zombies vs Skeletons "Death to Pretty Ricky" with special guests Ghosthouse DJset (Deep V CD release), Gunplay and Stella

May 3:
House of Blues (Chicago) – How Far To Austin returns to the stage after a 9 month hiatus supporting Mathien during their record release along with Jackpot Donnie and special appearances to be announced.
17+ / $15adv

The Loft – check out Mason’s Case with Framing Hanley, The Chuck Schaffer Picture Show and Life Remaining

Engelmann Cellars (Fresno, CA) – attend a Friday night wine tasting featuring Joe Taylor who’s opening for the duo Whiskey Row. Don’t forget to bring your own chair and/or blanket ...or reserve a table for only $50.
Attendees are allowed to bring their own snacks and non-alchoholic beverages but no outside alcohol is allowed.
ALL IDs, ice chests, and bags will be checked.
For more information http://www.engelmancellars.com

27 Live (Evanston, IL) – punk rock fans check out this venue punk rock night every 1st Friday – the lineup will feature Death and Memphis, Voice of Addiction and The Shallow Hearts

Tonic Lounge Portland (Portland, OR) – rock with Die Robot, Cleansweep7 and We Are Brothers

Ace Bar – attend Elle Casazza’s album release show. For tix – http://www.tktwb.tw/13dahqr

Ultra Lounge – attend the Poetry and Absinthe show

Beat Kitchen - Hemmingbirds will open for Tenki at their record release show along with Dirty Pigeons
get tickets via Do312

Oberlin Spring FolkFest at The Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse (Oberlin, OH) - check out Lake Street Dive as they begin their May tour
for more tour information, visit http://www.lakestreetdive.com

Cobra Lounge - NSP Live and Unholy Empire present Dope Stars Inc (Rome, Italy), The Rabid Whole (Toronto, Canada), The Obscene Kiss, Lockjaw and Illusion Fate with special guest burlesque performance by Lady Lenux and grinding by Fahrenheit 666. it's going to a hot one!

Bird's Nest - rock the room with BDB, The Shivaos and Josh Mezyk

Timewarp Music (Los Angeles, CA) - check out Wasteful Consumption, Patterns Khrome 2013 Official tour stop

Hideout - The Claudettes will be setting up shop (to pay their rent) along with The Cell Phones and The Embraceables.

May 4:
FREE Comic Book Day

Ultra Lounge – it’s the Brickwall Vultures’ record release show featuring The JetBirds

Mutiny – Creeping Chicago will be presenting They Live (MN), Control, Claw Toe and The Nix rockin’ the stage

Institute for Cultural Affairs (4750 N. Sheridan, Chicago) – attend this event that will feature James Tracy (co-author of Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels and Black Power: Community Organizing in Radical Times) in a discussion of 1960s and 70s Uptown radical organization and activists. What can the legacies of Peggy Terry, Jobs or Income Now Community Union, The Young Patriots and others teach us about organizing today?
Donations requested to help support the work of Uptown Uprising but no one is turned away.

Bobby McGees (Chicago Ridge, IL) – TAFOYA’s Lost Boyzz sharing the stage with special guest Rockaholics and Badge

Double Door – rock out with Magatha Trysty, The Mirandas, High Energy Physics, The Bribes and King By Friday

Swing State – May the Force Be With You during Star Wars Day featuring Eylia, Count Rugen, Evil Twin Sister and another band TBA on stage.
7p / $6 ($10 with Hookah) / AA

Elbo Room – check out Matt Ryd Allstars with Cobalt & The Hired Guns, Laura Green, Michael Roth and The Box Berrys

Subterranean – check out Goodbye Good Sense, The Scissors, The Sky We Scrape, Dead On TV and Man Eating Tiger performing live on stage
17+ / $10 adv / $12 dos

Wisconsin Marathon (Kenosha, WI) - it's NEVER too early to polka rock with the Polkaholics
note the time - 7a to 10a

Abbey Pub - Last Rites presents Captured By Robots with I Love Rich, Beast Warrior and Hamburglars!
$10 adv / $12 dos

Quenchers - Phantom Note Productions present The Moses Gun with Native Signal, Ateliers and Ronnie and the Puzzle

Abbey Pub - Bad Bad Meow will be clawing the stage as they open for John Tiger and Snow Ghost

May 5:
JBTV studios - Makeshift Prodigy will be taping an episode with Jerry Bryant and the crew

Mojoe’s – rock out with Central Disorder featuring The Agonist

The Original Mother’s – celebrate Cinco de Mayo with AM Taxi!
FREE / 7p

City Winery – check out The Chris Green Quartet performing on stage here
purchase tickets on Do312

May 8:
Double Door – Polish rock band Riverside supporting new album S.O.N.G.S. featuring Jolly and A Friend Called Fire
$12 adv / $15 dos

SPACE (Evanston, IL) – check out Genevieve from Company of Thieves performing solo with Treehouse

Reggie’s Music Joint – starting on this and every Wednesday date afterwards, attend Wax On Wax Off event. RSVP reggies@gmail.com to reserve your slot to play vinyl record(s) from your private collection

Phyllis’ Musical Inn – check out this themed rock show The 12-Step Guide to Being a Badass

Subterranean – attend this show featuring Pool Holograph, Stereospeak, Wad and Magicks

May 9:
Township - check out Alice Russell (UK Electro Soul) celebrating her new album "To Dust" in which the lineup also features Esso Aftojam Funkbeat and DJRC
$10 adv / $15dos

May 10:
The Blue Pig (Cadahy, WI) – rock out with Spyderbone with Habit Of Force and Carbellion

Beat Kitchen – Camera will be rockin’ the stage here
***Sorry, but Camera had to back out of this show, blogspot readers.***

Rendezvu (Batavia, IL) – it’s a FREE show featuring Helium Fuse

Whammy Bar (West Allis, WI) – rock with Bellevue Suite

Papa Pete’s Pizza (Kalamazoo, MI) – enjoy a pie with live music by Fresh Hops and Digeometric
18+ $8 / 21+ $5

Bottom Lounge - rock to some sweetness with Candyland and Gladiator featuring Team Bayside High and Fatboy
17+ / tickets - http://www.clubtix.com

Reggie's Rock Club - Barb Wire Dolls: these Greeks rock da punk music

MID - React Presents and the MID welcome Gold Panda (live) with a special DJ set from RAC for their Mayhem event.
FREE w/rsvp at http://www.clubtix.com

Multi Kulti - The Wishing Well will be performing live

River Rockhouse (St Charles, IL) - Hellwagen and Two Ton Anvil will be ripping it up!

Bottom Lounge - Cole DeGenova will be opening for Australian guitarist Joe Robinson

May 11:
Elbo Room – check out Andy Metz rockin' double duty as he performs with Hero Monster Zero and with his hip hop counterpart Seth Williams of 8090

Double Door – groove with Honey and the 45s, State & Madison (releasing their new album – Tar and Feathers) and The Sweeps

Soldier Field – join other beer enthusiasts while sampling America’s finest beers at the American Beer Classic
For more information, visit http://www.americanbeerclassic.com

Bada Brew – check out Psycho Sister rockin the stage at Bitch Fest 2013

Bottom Lounge – Sound Prism Productions and Nickmo Productions present live music performances by The Coop, The Manhattan Project, Digeometric and Shapes & Colors
$17 adv / $20 dos

Uncommon Lounge (Clark St location) - The Loneliest Monk performs with Ian Cooke (Denver, CO).
Seating is limited - call 773 929 3680 for reservations

Lincoln Square Lanes - polka rock with the Polkaholics along with Ambassadors to Earth
FREE / 9p

May 12:
Music Box Theatre – spend Mother’s Day with your mother (or mother-type figure) watching the screening of Mommie Dearest

May 14:
Double Door – rock out with Elvisbride

May 15:
Reggie’s – rock with Wednesday 13, Vampires Everywhere and Sinister Fate
17+ / $14 adv / $18 dos

Abbey Pub – attend the debut of this rock duo Berto and The Lizard performing together on stage

May 16 - 19:
Empty Bottle - it's the annual HoZac Blackout Fest! This unique music festival will feature some of the midwest's wildest punk and rock acts like the 1970s Boston KBD Punk legends Unnatural Axe (making their 1st Chicago appearance headlining the Friday night lineup), Mike Rey & Tommy Jay, Pezband, Make-Overs (South Africa), The Sueves - just to name a few
4 Day passes available now!

May 16:
Bottom Lounge – rock your Wednesday night with In Flames, Armored Assault and Born The Remains
AA / $22 / 6:30p showtime

Mutiny - rock your night with Coaster and Rathammer

May 17:
Subterranean – it’s the Mike Mentz CD Release show and party!

Columbia College - Manifest: Urban &Arts Festival featuring live performances by Now Now, Electric Groove and Chance the Rapper on the mainstage.

Penny Road Pub – the “bridge” to London Tour continues featuring In The Flesh (Pink Floyd), Nick Bell’s Hour of (Robin) Trower and Deep Shades of Purple (Deep Purple) tribute bands.

Smartbar – check out Osunlade with Luke Solomon and Julius the Mad Thinker rockin’ this underground dance music venue

Reggie's Music Joint - Mia & the Bear begin their bi-monthly residency during happy hour (5:15p).

May 18 - 20:
Join others as they march from the Westside of Chicago to the Southside to City Hall in the 3-Day March for Education Justice in Chicago. Take it to the streets! Fight to save our schools ...communities ...make sure your voice is heard!
May 18:
Lincoln Hall – come attend this party as Super Happy Fun Club celebrates its release of their record “All Funned Up” featuring performances by Ryan Powers & the Secret Weapons (also celebrating the release of their “The Goodnight, Goodbye Hour”) and special guests Bury Me Lights
18+ / $10 adv / $12 dos / 9p showtime

Lucky Bar (Victoria, British Columbia) – check out Rococode on stage here

Canopy Club (Urbana, IL) - EGI (Ethereal Groove, Inc) and Digeometic will be rockin' the stage along with Electric Habit
18+ / $5

Quenchers - attend Hospital Garden's record release of "Mover"

May 19:
Double Door – engaged couples check out Wed Local Wicker Park / Bucktown Expo

May 20:
Elbo Room – cheer on Legions of Raum as the band competes in the I AM Fest Battle of the Bands competition

May 23:
Pierce Memorial Chapel (Wheaton College) – the American Liszet Society presents Italian pianist Antonio Pompa-Baldi in recital performing works written and inspired by Liszet
$15 general admission / $10 students & senior citizens / FREE for Chicago/Midwest American Liszet Society members
for tickets – http://www.americanliszetsociety.tix.com or 800-595-4tix (4849)

Empty Bottle – all the way from Saigon, Vietnam it’s Bret Newski & The Corruption rockin’ the stage

Liar’s Club – Voice of Addiction, Infected (KY), Blastoff and The Commonwealth will be rockin’ the stage here

May 24 – 26:
Three Sisters Park (Chillicothe, IL) – are you ready to attend Summer Camp Music Festival? This festival will feature 3 days of Moe, Umphrey McGee and Trey as well as performances by Anatasio Band (with 2 full sets), Thievery Corporation, Diplo, Taj Mahal Trio, Maps & Atlasses, North Mississippi Allstars, Cornmeal, Van Ghost, Papadosio, Filligar and many, many more ...also including a Thursday pre-party lineup that will feature Digital Tape Machine.
Over 100 artists on 7 stages ...late night shows ...on site camping, craft vendors, kids camp and musician workshops.
There will be plenty of beer and food too.
For tickets, call 800 514 ETIX or visit http://www.summercampfestival.com

Chicagoland Speedway – glow at Electric Daisy Carnival that will feature and expericence of 5 stages occupied by hundreds of artists and performers, interactive art installations, immersive audio and visual production with other thousands of beautiful fans.
For more information and ticket details, visit http://www.electricdaisycarnival.com

May 25:
Reggie's - rock with this band The Socialists!

May 26:
Double Door – Radio One Chicago presents The Drop featuring The Bright White and special guests TBA
FREE / 8p

May 28:
Burlington Bar – check out Clouds Becomes Your Hand, The Hecks and The Christmas Bride on stage

Alice Sweet Alice releases its 4 th album, Ribbons & Stone

May 29:
Double Door – attend the Chicago Craft Beer Advertising competition

May 30:
Empty Bottle – check out Village sharing the stage with Outside World and The Suaves
Free with RSVP (http://www.ticketweb.com/fb3516074/eb) or $8 w/o

May 31 – June 2:
Vittum Theater (Adventure Stage Chicago) – Studio Mangiameli presents Quejios – Cries In The Air

May 31:
NiteCap - rock with Skull Fogger with a few other bands yet to be announced while celebrating Eddie's Birthday ...heard it's going to be a wild time!

the Intersection of Leland & Lincoln (near the CTA's Brown Line station) - it's Maifest and there will be polka rock music by the Polkaholics
FREE / 6p - 11p

Cole's Bar - come celebrate at Jesse's (of Jet W Lee) Birthday showcase featuring performances by Big Black Bird, Coed Pageant, Elements of Style and Jet W Lee

Just check back here or another blog for updates as the month progresses with more shows!

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

21 Apr 13 - Oblivion

...Are you and Jack an effective team?”

The future looks even more bleak in the latest Tom Cruise movie, Oblivion, blogspot readers, and it’ll have you questioning the whys of your life and mission.
Based on an unpublished graphic novel by Tron Legacy director, Joseph Kosinki, it appears Earth has been devastated by earthquakes, tsunamis and more after an alien invasion destroyed our moon according to the narrative monologue by Cruise’s character, Jack Harper Tech 49, at the beginning of the movie. In a last ditch effort to save our planet, we unleashed a nuclear destruction which turns it into a radioactive wasteland. Jump to 60 years later, the war is over. We won but actually lost since the planet is no longer inhabited by humans. This opening premise of Oblivion tries to make you believe that everything presently is okay in paradise, blogspot readers, yet appearances can be quite deceiving.
Tom Cruise’s character spends his days fixing the Drones (like 166) that roam desolate planet on guard for aliens only known as Scavengers (or affectionately “Scavs”), exploring the desert wasteland that was once New York City and spends his nights in a seemingly effective team-run home with his communications partner and “lover” Victoria (Andrea Riseborough). She on the other hand is oblivious to Jack’s troubled mind (because of a recurring dream of a woman at the top of the Empire State Building) yet enjoys skinny dipping in the pool. Still there’s something about Jack compared to his counterpart. While he stays in awe with growing signs of plant life, Victoria’s more of a straight-to-the-point bot who doesn’t see the beauty of the potted plant when Jack brings it home ...she claims it could be radioactive and whatnot.
Yes, life for Jack may seem simple and somewhat mundane but he’s really the guy who heavily clings onto the past. If he’s not recalling the final Super Bowl moment ever played before the war, he retreats to his hidden cabin in the woods (that’s not within range of Victoria’s watchful tracking system) where he has keeps his collected memories ...mementos and remnants of the past civilization such as vinyl albums (look for Pink Floyd’s The Wall along with others like Duran Duran, Blue Oyster Cult), literary classics (like Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities), and other things (look for his Top Gun sunglasses too). Here, he can “escape” life as a drone technician ...talk to fish while wading in the cool water and listening to Led Zeppelin’s Ramble On (or Procol Harum’s Whiter Shade of Pale, Jack’s favorite song). However, any kind of normalcy within a life like Jack’s has a way being interrupted, blogspot readers, especially when you meet two characters who can ultimately change and/or reshape it.
First comes Julia (Olga Kurylenko) whom Jack saves from Drone termination after her ship (named Odyssey) crash lands on Earth due to a homing signal allegedly planted by the “scavs” at the top of the Empire State Building. Her presence not only disrupts the seemingly “happy” life Jack and Victoria have built for themselves but also causes Jack to remember and relive memories from his past ...for example that Julia is his wife. Next comes Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman), leader of the remaining human survivors living in an underground Matrix-like colony for the last 60 years aka the “scavs”, who tells Jack the real purpose of the Drones that he repairs. They were designed to kill humans. Things suddenly begin to unravel as well as start clicking for Jack. He begins to remember more about his former life he once had while discovering the truth about the “company” he works for and ultimately himself after being advised by Malcolm to search for it within the radiation zone. Sorry, blogspot readers, no spoilers here but just know this ...all is not what it truly appears to be in Jack’s world ...he’s not really what he appears to be thus leading him to take action and fight against the Tet, the alien lifeforce that invaded Earth many years ago, with Malcolm and the other human survivors in the end.
Though Oblivion is actually an homage to the sci-fi films of the 70s (i.e. the spaceship Odyssey for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey), Joseph Kosinki’s movie in way also borrows a few bits and pieces from other sci-fi movies like Independence Day (aliens invading Earth for our natural resources), Matrix and Terminator (machines designed to destroy the human race), Moon (references to cloning) and the original Planet of the Apes (the desolate landscape after some sort of nuclear attack). And despite that, he imaginatively creates a world where you can beautifully behold the visually stunning wasteland along with Tom Cruise’s character as he explores it on his Tron-like cycle. SouthSide at times was in awe at the amount of thought he and his team of set designers put into the contrasting destruction the alien invasion and nuclear aftermath for the New York area in the year 2077 ...aging naval ships laying stuck in sands to the Brooklyn bridge and underground decay of the famed New York Public Library (where Jack finds a copy of Plays of Ancient Rome). It’s not really a paradise you hope not to see 64 years from now, blogspot readers.
This reviewer enjoyed the contrasting characters between Tom Cruise’s Jack and Andrea Riseborough’s Victoria which sometimes had her sensing of two being cold and distant as well as loving towards each other ...sometimes at the same time. True, they were an effective team but not that effective if Julia’s presence could cause a rip between Jack and Victoria. Some might see that as the characters having no chemistry between them yet that’s not really the case, blogspot readers. Jack and Victoria are mainly paired together as co-workers and nothing more. It is until after Jack realizes that Julia is his wife that you’ll see Victoria’s jealous streak showing for her to report they (Jack and her) are not an effective team. She also liked how Morgan Freeman’s supporting character, Malcolm Beech, was channeling Lawrence Fishbourne’s Morpheus (of the Matrix trilogy) speak and wisdom when first meeting Jack during the latter half of the movie. The smaller role did have commanding performance even though information he tells Jack might seem a bit cryptic but as Jack unravels the truth about the Tet and himself, you understand why Malcolm didn’t shock him with truth all at once. Even the drones and the ominous “Sally” (think of her as Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey) who can terrify the mind with her “are you and Jack an effective team” to “I created you, Jack. I am your God”. Talk about putting some sci-fi terror into a few words like that, blogspot readers, especially since it had this reviewer constantly wondering what would happen if Victoria said no they weren’t an effective team. Well, she definitely found out towards the end of the movie.
SouthSide knows there are complaints that Oblivion doesn’t have much or that it lacks in the action department than your typically average sci-fi genre movie, blogspot readers. Well, in honesty, this movie wasn’t designed to be an action sci-fi flick since the “action” part wasn’t truly its main focal point. There’s action but it’s strategically placed in between a well-scripted plot cleverly building itself as a thought-provoking cinematic feature that’s deeply rooted in an Alfred Hitchcook-inspired mystery. Some clues are quite obvious and pop out at you while others are more subtle yet they do gradually reveal themselves as the movie progresses towards the conclusion which is neither happy nor sad ...just hopeful. And as a music critic, she liked how the French electronic/shoegaze band M83 was tapped for this project to provide that futuristic feel and sound for Oblivion just like Daft Punk did for Tron Legacy, blogspot readers. The soundtrack features an opening sequence (titled Jack’s Dream) that gives the audience seemingly look at happier times as Jack monologues what happened to Earth before feeling the attention grabbing blast of electronica upon seeing the movie title. Other notable tracks off the Oblivion soundtrack include Tech 49 when Jack is exploring the desolate wasteland (beautifully highlights visual effects of a world that’s no more) and Oblivion (featuring vocalist Susanne Sundfer) at the ending credits.
Highly recommended.
Until next time, support your local scene,

12 Apr 13 - Truckstop Darlin

Thumbin' a ride tonight to the nearest truckstop, blogspot readers!

Well, not literally, but SouthSide was rockin' and rollin' with this band from Portland, OR recently at Elbo Room where a vibrant combination of alternative/grunge rock and country/bluegrass rocked the stage. Come check out Truckstop Darlin, blogspot readers, in which you will be grooving to this band's rambunctious energy at their next schedule show.

Opening with Don't Walk Away, this reviewer was immediately liking the energized momentum felt by the band's unique genre combination which seemed not highlighted but also enhanced the heartfelt vocals and emotions on lyrics. Yet neither the grunge nor bluegrass sound tried to overpower each other throughout the set though giving the audience a taste of either when the tempo or particular song called for it. For example - listen to I See You, blogspot readers, where Truckstop  wowed the ears with some rockin' bluegrass rock music that spotlighted John (front man/guitarist) on lyrics thus bringing out the heartfelt emotions in the words meanwhile Same Old Story filled the basement lounge with an intense blast of alternative rock energy. SouthSide was utterly amazed how John's vocals seemed to naturally fit within either music spectrum without losing that emotional bind on the lyrics. There were moments when the music also brought out his raw vocal talent to truly pierce the heartstrings especially amidst the melodic tone of Dead Roses.

Though it might seem Truckstop Darlin doesn't do much talking in between songs, blogspot readers, but this band lets the music do the talking for them. It allowed the audience to bask within the melodic feel of the steel pedal which sometimes acted as the hidden third guitar (like in the song Dead Roses). Still this reviewer enjoyed how this band was big on calming pause within their instrumental bridges before picking up the original tempo again ...a clever strategic move that gives you the audience a chance feel (and hear) the notes played. Truckstop's music can get a bit rambunctious yet that's what the band intended it to be since their unique musical combination is meant for you to groove and dance. Think of it as rowdy music but with just enough grunge to bang your head to. This is why SouthSide didn't spend a single moment trying to compare this band to anyone else since Truckstop was unique in their own right. They even delved into some psychedelia during their closing number - Miss You More in which the lyrics had John popping with such vivid lyrical imagery, blogspot readers.

For more information about Truckstop Darlin and where they will be rockin' the stage again, visit http://www.truckstopdarlin.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, April 18, 2013

11 Apr 13

"...can I play with you? My band isn't really that great..."
Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has returned home!
Yes, after a couple of months of visiting other places (ie venues) around the Chicago local music scene, she has finally returned home to Elbo Room for a brief two-night stay to see bands Without Return tonight and Truckstop Darlin' (from Portland, OR) on Friday. According to Dave, owner, manager and bartender of Elbo Room, there are some exciting new things happening at this Lakeview venue - additional feet added to the downstairs lounge stage and a fresh coat of warpaint (of red and black) ...expect to see new photos of bands that have graced the acoustic and downstairs stages and many more. Plus this venue is getting ready for the annual one-day music and arts fest - I AM Fest which will be rockin' the House of Blues Chicago on Saturday August 24. More details about the 8 main acts and tickets as soon it comes, blogspot readers.
SouthSide highly suggests checking the unique semi-acoustic demo locally known as Without Return, blogspot readers, for their heartfelt tone as well as front man/guitarist Jack and his uncanny vocal falsetto comparison to Axl Rose. She enjoyed how this musician's raw yet emotionally dynamic voice not only popped the lyrics to life (like during City Lines or Fortunes of the Night) but amidst the semi-acoustic music of bass rhythms and acoustic melodies, she felt the words projecting the imagery from his dreams ...thus expressing Jack's deeper understanding of love and other things. Especially during No Light Tonight (based on a dream about him getting someone pregnant), the ballad wonderfully spotlighted the falsetto capabilities of his voice to which sent waves of heartfelt emotions down SouthSide's spine as he captured a lover's thoughts of worry and concern for the pregnant woman. Then while performing To The Sky (for those who have ever questioned anything), the downtempo rhythm spotlighted his vocal rawness while still retaining the ability to make you feel as well as experience his thought process behind the lyrics to this particular song.
As powerful was Jack's subconscious, blogspot readers, it was also amazing how Without Return's music captured the subtle tones and picturesque imagery to create a vibrant acoustic sound (when the song called for it) or gentle melodic downtempo rhythm for a ballad.  For instance, the closing song - Calm Winter, had that slight tinge of chill to the song yet you could see the picturesque images popping to life within the words with the acoustic guitar and percussion (shaker and tambourine) combined. Or feel the hurt and frustration of a man doing the woman wrong (from the male pov) in Field of Blood or the frustration of a person wanting to get out of that Small Town Trap, blogspot readers. The highlight of Without Return's set was their interesting cover version of the Lumineers song - Ho Hey to which they pointed out a unique fact about the lyrics. What made this cover rather interesting was the use of the mandolin melody to accompany Jack's acoustic harmony and vocal tone. It may have been a Lumineers song but tonight it felt fresh and new with Without Return owning it as their own, blogspot readers.
For more information about this band, visit http://www.withoutreturn.bandcamp.com.
Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

05 Apr 13

Hey, blogspot readers, it's the weekend and it's time to rock!

Tonight, SouthSide returns to "home base" - the Southside at the Reggie's Rock Club along with her special guest (and #1 fan) Joe to see old friends The Bright White and Comasoft featuring headliner Makeshift Prodigy and new ones Ship Captain Crew and Mighty Fox on stage. This unique lineup immersed its audience between the spectrum of  alternative rock sound and symphonic/fusion rock music.
SouthSide highly suggests feeling the robust energy of opening band Ship Captain Crew as they rocked the stage with a powerful display of guitar rock which featured 4 guitars (2 electrics, bass and acoustic) hitting the riffs hard. This vibrant presence produced not only intense energy but also the same in the band momentum that easily complimented front man Roger and his heartfelt vocals on lyrics. To SouthSide, it seemed a little odd for a band to be hitting the riffs this hard while having such a voice tone yet, blogspot readers, it somehow works without turning Ship Captain Crew into a screamo/metal band since the acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals balance that out. Too bad the audience (at the beginning) was lifeless because this reviewer was definitely rocking out where she was (in the balcony) with this local band. For more information about this band, http://www.shipcaptaincrew.bandcamp.com.
 It's been a long while since SouthSide and The Bright White rocked together, blogspot readers, to which she was informed before the show of a certain notable change. Matthew, front man of the band, was now performing on guitar ...and she has to admit - it's a good fit not only for him but for the band as well. With Matt on guitar, it seems to add more volume by taking Bright's music to a new level besides giving his vocals that extra boost on lyrics. Not worry, the band does still have that lively Brit pop/rock feel yet while he's on guitar, blogspot readers, there's more vibrant energy within the rhythm and a mature feel to certain songs despite the band being under the ugly red lights throughout most of the performance. This reviewer would have liked it better if the house turned up the lights a little especially during the heartfelt ballad, Lose Yourself (off new EP) due to the way Matt was pouring himself lyrically into the microphone and Upon The Wall where the band rocked the stage with bursts of energetic momentum. For more information about The Bright White, visit http://www.thebrightwhite.com.

Teetering betwen alternative rock and symphonic/fusion (think Muse/Coldplay) rock at the middle of the lineup was Mighty Fox to which this reviewer enjoyed the band's vibrant energy and rhythmic guitar riffs thus igniting the sparks of dance and movement amongst the crowd on the main floor. Though having a slight symphonic tone incorporated within its core rock sound, this band was quite big on the Muse-like dramatic endings, blogspot readers, that at times kept you pumped and ready for the next song. Still, there were some moments during Mighty's performance when the music seemed a little chaotic and/or were doing too much at once to this reviewer's ears. Despite having that lost feeling with Mighty Fox, SouthSide does recommend checking out this local band at their next scheduled performance. For more information about this band, visit http://www.soundcloud.com/mightyfoxmusic.

With capacity on the main floor filling fast for the headliner Makehift Prodigy, Comasoft was an excellent lead-in band to welcome the crowd into the electronica side of the music spectrum, blogspot readers. Though not seeing this particular band in a long time, SouthSide noted they still had that dramatic flare and energizing yet moody electronic sound (think The Cure and Depeche Mode merging together as one) that she liked about Comasoft. Sadly, it wasn't truly a Comasoft show since they had slight difficulty with the projection to run images in sync with their set list tonight ...and there were a few problems with the sound since Jay would get overshadowed by the music during a few songs. Not faulting the band on that, blogspot readers, because there was laser lights (running in sync to the music) to give the fans and the crowd a chance to be under that space cadet glow while rocking to songs like Oh Rawanda, Bang (new one with Jimmy engineer and member of Ghosthouse), and Adam's Beat (like the creepy, haunting you get with the music but needed more microphone to hear the lyrics). There was still one thing that made it a Comasoft show for this reviewer - hearing (one of many) favorite 80s song by Sly Fox - Let's Go All The Way within the band's modern electro-rock style that was a little sexier amidst the bad feedback in certain spots of the song. Every band has its bad performance days but it's not Comasoft's fault for the mediocre outing on stage, blogspot readers, since Reggie's sound didn't fully capture the band's electro vibe  that well. However that didn't entirely dampen this huge dance party for SouthSide and Joe. For more information, visit http://www.facebook.com/Comasoft.

Under the unique combination of lights and symphonic sound, fans were ready to experience something like they have before while those who haven't seen them before were about to experience a journey like no other, blogspot readers. Makeshift Prodigy wasted no time in taking everyone on an incredible journey through sight and sound to which not only inspires but motivates the mind, body and soul all at once. For those who have seen them live, it's like reliving a moment in time when music instantly grabs you by the heart thus whisking you away to where there will be a non-televised Revolution ...you can be Chasing Daylight of new hopes and dreams while feeling Alive within your soul. For those who were experiencing this musical phenomenon for the first time, SouthSide quietly observed how the music instantly uplifted their spirits as they boarded Makeshift's journey through inspirational symphonic/rock music. This isn't the first time this reviewer has seen this happen during one their shows where new listeners to this band's music suddenly changes them. Whenever Makeshift performs, blogspot readers, something incredible literally happens throughout the crowd ...it's a like a music revolution of sorts where people gravitate towards a higher conscious ...perhaps music (like Makeshift Prodigy) could be the key to world peace. Who knows but one thing is for sure - this band has the magic touch when you're feeling a bit down or when you need that motivation to continue forward and onward. Take all three albums by this band - Welcome To the World, Mathematica and Illuminate (the new one), somewhere you will find a song or two that will inspire your soul knowing having hopes and dreams isn't dead. For instance take Some Kind of Miracle (off Illuminate) or Sirens (off Mathematica) in which Makeshift's lyrics seem to be based off personal experience from front man Anthony as he poured heartfelt emotions into each word to make you feel something tingling in the heart. As SouthSide mentioned earlier ...this band has magic power. This summer you can feel as well as experience that same magic power with them as they perform at Lollapalooza in Grant Park on August 4 if you're lucky enough to score tickets. Don't despair, this band will making appearances around town or somewhere near you soon, blogspot readers. For more information about Makeshift Prodigy, visit http://www.makeshiftprodigy.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

The Other Room Series - May 2 & 3

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide would like to give you the exclusive heads up about an upcoming performance happening on May 2 and 3.

Intuit: The Center of Intutive and Outside Art (located 756 N. Milwaukee Ave) proudly presents its first event in "The Other Room Series" with two performances of 14 15 111 featuring some of the best alternative performing artists in Chicago - singer/songwriter/composer Daniel Knox and street photographer John Atwood on May 2 and 3, 2013 at 7pm.
14 15 111 is continuing the collaboration between these two artists which was first started during a formal engagement at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center last winter. This unique pairing is billed as "...a suite of music combining live instruments (synth, voice, percussion, two tubas, electric bass, violin, cello and a choir), pre-recorded material, and field recordings (featuring excerpts from Knox's
work with The Pushkin Theater in Moscow in 2012), all set to color video projection of footage shot by Atwood..."  The piece, blogspot readers, was written through circular influence: images provoking music provoking images and so on through many edits and developments. The final result will exhibit how both Knox and Atwood continued to push the boundaries of their respective mediums and previous work.

During this performance, Atwood's color photographs will also be on display.
Intuit defines 'intuitive and outsider art' as the work of artists who demonstrate little influence from the mainstream art world, and who instead are motivated by their unique personal vision. This definition includes art brut, non-traditional folk art, self-taught art, and visionary art.

Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00am - 6:00 pm, Thursday 11:00am -
7:30pm. Admission is $5. Intuit members and children under 12 are free.

Tickets are currently available for "The Other Room Series" 14 15 111 at  $15. Seating is limited to 75 persons per performance so SouthSide advises that you get your tickets now here -  http://www.art.org/2013/03/the-other-room-presents-daniel-knox-john-atwood/
Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, April 12, 2013

Yelp's Elemental Experience

Come with SouthSide and experience the four elements of life like you have never before...

Recently, this reviewer took a much needed break away from the music scene for a fun evening basking within the dazzling glow of club lights and music with other Yelpers at YELP's Elemental Experience. Housed inside the newly renovated Castle (formerly known as Excalibur), this River North nightclub offered its participants an unique, mind-bending event which inspired as well as tantalized the senses. Each part of the Castle's four clubs represented the basic elements of life - the main floor was Earth, club Palladium (upstairs) was the perfectly named Wind, club Sanctuary was the ruby hot Fire and the pub underneath was relaxing Water.

Upon her arrival, SouthSide began her journey with Earth by sampling of Peckish's dried-frozen veggie snacks. Now, it may sound difficult to wrap your mind inside the concept of eating a frozen mixture of broccoli and other lentils as a snack but to this reviewer it was simply like popping a few kernels of popcorn into her mouth. She even took some home for the test audience to try ...and she couldn't stop eating the rest of the tiny sample! Next in her journey, she tried some Southside polish pizza (that consisted of kielbasa sausage, applewood smoked bacon and a hint of sauerkraut mixed with their secret sweet sauce), blogspot readers from Chicago Pizza Tours. In one word - yummilicious! You didn't really taste the sauerkraut in the pizza until it reaches the back of your throat ...and plus that pizza sauce gives it that sweet taste instead of that harsh sour cabbage odor. She completed her journey with other Yelpers on this floor at Koi for a delicious sample of Asian noodles (with peanut sauce and a hint of cilantro) with some California maki sushi rolls (with fresh mango and drizzled dressing) and vegan macaroni and cheese. Don't knock the vegan mac and cheese, blogspot readers, until you taste how creamy and yummy it was. Even SouthSide was fooled because it simply tasted like her mother's mac and cheese! Plus for live entertainment, there was a car racing video game and DJ spinning lively dance/club mixes.

Leaving Earth, she climbed up the steps to venture into the exciting element of Wind where most of the Yelpers congregated during the event because it featured more than just delicious samples of food and DJ, there was a seductive fire dancer and flash photo-taking. Here, this reviewer sampled more Asian dishes, sweets by Jaafer Sweets, some Filipino pork egg rolls and bihon by Isla, and some Mongolian soup. This reviewer did take a jab at her boxing skills with Reach Boxing Chicago and some exercises on the second level to work off the food eaten thus far. And to cool off a bit, she sampled some Pomegranate and (Not so) Sweet teas from Honest Tea. Both were good, blogspot readers, but she liked the (Not so) Sweet tea better. She then went to tried some sweet, tangy and a little spicy pulled-pork from the team of Porkchop and some more veggies (with some humus dip - first time trying it too) to balance out her tour of Wind before going back downstairs to visit the Fire room.  It was somewhat steamy and a little warm inside this room when she entered the ruby red room where the Fireball Whiskey and Four Loco girls greeted visitors. Here under this red glow, there was more pizza try and plenty of floor space to dance to the room's DJ spinning from the balcony.

By now, SouthSide took a quick breather to meet two organizations in the Earth room that were being featured by Yelp during this event. Delete Blood Cancer was there to inform participants about their fight against blood cancer in which you can register as a potential bone marrow donor, blogspot readers. This organization globally works to fight this disease with families, communities and organizations to recruit more donors for patients in need. As a donor, you would be helping others have a second chance at life ...and it's easy and quite painless to do. All you have to do is register online. For more details or to register, visit http://www.deletebloodcancer.org. Also SouthSide met a representative from the Academy for Global Citizenship (located near 47th and Cicero) in which she was informing interested Yelpers about the school and their upcoming fundraising event. This school uses an innovative and holistic approach towards the education process by fostering systemic change and inspiring different ways society teaches students. Currently Kindergarten through 5th grade (will have start the middle school grade next school year), this school aims to show their students that the world is larger than where they live and provides organic lunches too. And there's a way to get involved with this school, blogspot readers, by attending their Chef's Playground that's happening on Thursday, May 16th. 14 legendary and famous chefs like Rick Bayless, Paul Kahan of Avec, Bill Kim of BellyQ, Jose Garces of Mercat and more will be doing to their unique take on school lunches to which participants will have a chance to sample throughout the night. The event will take place at Terzo Piano at the Modern Art Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. For more information and tickets, visit http://www.accchicago.org/chefsplayground.

While in the Earth room again, this reviewer sampled more delicious eats from the Castle kitchen and highly suggests munching on the fat onion rings and juicy burgers served with cole slaw on the bun. These were the most sought after munchies by most of the Yelpers. Also she suggests trying a cool glass of Black Cherry Honey Sweet wine from Oliver Winery, blogspot readers. Then, lastly before saying "good night" to Castle, SouthSide went under the sea to spend a few moments in the Water element to relax like the many others who were sitting at the high tables or booths. Unlike the other three rooms within this vast nightclub, the underground pub/restaurant is mostly designed for friendly get-togethers without having the noise of the clubs above. You can either relax at the bar or enjoy a game (or two) pool on one of four tables.  Also while down there, view the rock memorabilia displayed along the walls from a photo of Lady Gaga to a cool photo of Jimi Hendrix rightly placed near the Women's restroom.

Overall, the event was smashing time. You should check out Castle which stays open until 5a Friday and Saturday. For more information, visit http://www.castlechicago.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Dame-Nation V

Hey, blogspot readers, are you ready for Dame-NationV?!
Well, get ready because from the press releases about this annual event that SouthSide's been receiving lately, it's shaping up to be ONE hot rockin' festival of female powered rock on August 15! So far, it's been confirmed that Cradle of Filth's Schoolcraft will be making her third appearance as host of the Music Joint lineup and reuniting Luna Mortis will be headlining the Reggie's Rock Club lineup.
SouthSide wishes she has more news however promises to constantly update you blogspot readers about Dame-Nation when she receives them.
Tickets will be available starting May 3rd $10 (for 17+)  or $18 (21+)  which will include entrances to both Music Joint and Rock Club venues, blogspot readers.
For more information, visit http://www.dame-nation.com.
Until next time, support your local scene,

Lightning in a Bottle International Music and Arts Festival

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide knows spring has barely begun but she wants to give you the exclusive heads up about a rockin' summer festival happening in July.
Make plans now to attend the 8th Annual Lightning in a Bottle International Music and Arts Festival! It will be happening from July 11 to July 15, 2013 at a new location - the Lake Skinner County Park in Temecula, CA. Produced by The Do LaB, this particular festival will feature electronic pioneers Nicolas Jaar, Rusko, Tycho, Paper Diamond, Emancipator, PANTyRAiD, Lee Burridge, GRiZ* and more headlining the lineup of Miguel Migs, Eskmo, Tim Green, Blockhead and Kastle. And we've touched the iceberg of who else is scheduled to perform like house legeng Francois K ...the emerging indie melodies of Blackbird Blackbird ...Los Angeles icon Jason Bentley ...and over 100 more industry leading acts. This premier music and arts festival will have the performance-art enhanced version of The Lucent Dossier Experience, blogspot readers.

SouthSide has learned that in the past eight years the wonderful team of The Do LaB has been working tirelessly to produce the most innovative festival on the international circuit as well as transcending any typical perception of the modern gathering. How? By fusing the energy of the bass sound with the introspectice qualities of installation art, performance art, spiritual living workshops, and an overriding sense of conscious sustainability. And so far, Lightning in a Bottle has risen to unparalleled heights. Here's what one of The Do LaB's event creation visionaries, Jesse Flemming(Co-Founder/Curator) has to say about this festival, "Our goal with the music is to create a positive and uplifting experience, with a good balance of beautiful melodic music and good old party music. After 4 months of in depth research and a lot of listening we tried to cover as many genres as possible that we feel fit the vibe that we're trying to create with Lightning in a Bottle."

Plus, blogspot readers, much of Lightning in a Bottle’s intimate singularity is expressed through The
Lucent Temple of Consciousness, an amazing sanctuary for all participants to enrich the soul and inspire the spirit. The 2013 schedule inside the Lucent Temple, built out of recycled and found objects, will include over 300 different experiences in yoga, workshops, speakers and exotic world

For more information about Lightning in a Bottle,  and to purchase tickets, visit http://lightninginabottle.org . Like LIB on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LightningInaBottle.
Until next time, support your local scene,

04 Apr 13 - Counterfeit i

Hey, blogspot readers, come spend an intense evening full of anger with SouthSide. Yes, there’s a “new” wave of rock appearing in pockets here and there within Chicago’s local scene called “anger” rock from bands like Evil Twin Sister that can vividly express raw frustrated emotions through their music and lyrics. Recently at the Beat Kitchen, this reviewer met another such band that expressed not only vivid anger but also intense pain and heartache told from personal experience within an energetic, vibrant sound. If you want experience pain and anger, blogspot readers, then she highly suggests you check out Counterfeit i at the their next performance.

This trio lit up the Beat Kitchen stage with a rousing eclectic mesh of keyboard/programmed sounds and live instruments which was technically one half of the driving force propelling Counterfeit i’s “anger” rock sound. It was loud ...thunderous and full of vibrant energy, blogspot readers. In a way, you could say, the music itself was a member of the band since it sometimes shaped as well as defined the mood and tempo for each song performed during the set. For instance, take the song 241 – this reviewer enjoyed hearing the furious frustration being lashed out at the intro (and throughout) in which she felt the music was personifying the pain and hurt of a tortured soul. Mood swings can be intense but feeling them within a harsh “anger” rock sound. Yes, it’s killer but this is the reality you face when in pain.
The other half to this unique equation would be front man and guitarist Derek on vocals who puts a face to anger (from his own personal experience of chronic depression and anxiety) that many of us (at one point or another) could relate. Using these same experiences, he spotlights the highs and lows while also showing there’s solace at the end of rocky tunnel of intense emotion. There were moments during this band’s set when SouthSide literally felt her face melting from the heated venom spewing over the mic in between bouts of calm. She highly recommends checking out Counterfeit i’s single, Still, where Derek demonstrates that there’s hope after experiencing an emotional tide of agonizing pain. SouthSide, from her own personal experience, can somewhat relate feeling such raw emotions but not quite as intense or on the same level as Derek or you, the person reading this blog entry. Yet, this reviewer enjoyed how his vocals could vividly convey that charged energy especially during the song Age of the Machines. Rage at its best without being so over dramatic.
For more information about Counterfeit i and where this local will be displaying its anger rock at a venue near you, visit http://www.counterfeiti.bandcamp.com.
Until next time, support your local scene,