Wednesday, April 24, 2013

12 Apr 13 - Truckstop Darlin

Thumbin' a ride tonight to the nearest truckstop, blogspot readers!

Well, not literally, but SouthSide was rockin' and rollin' with this band from Portland, OR recently at Elbo Room where a vibrant combination of alternative/grunge rock and country/bluegrass rocked the stage. Come check out Truckstop Darlin, blogspot readers, in which you will be grooving to this band's rambunctious energy at their next schedule show.

Opening with Don't Walk Away, this reviewer was immediately liking the energized momentum felt by the band's unique genre combination which seemed not highlighted but also enhanced the heartfelt vocals and emotions on lyrics. Yet neither the grunge nor bluegrass sound tried to overpower each other throughout the set though giving the audience a taste of either when the tempo or particular song called for it. For example - listen to I See You, blogspot readers, where Truckstop  wowed the ears with some rockin' bluegrass rock music that spotlighted John (front man/guitarist) on lyrics thus bringing out the heartfelt emotions in the words meanwhile Same Old Story filled the basement lounge with an intense blast of alternative rock energy. SouthSide was utterly amazed how John's vocals seemed to naturally fit within either music spectrum without losing that emotional bind on the lyrics. There were moments when the music also brought out his raw vocal talent to truly pierce the heartstrings especially amidst the melodic tone of Dead Roses.

Though it might seem Truckstop Darlin doesn't do much talking in between songs, blogspot readers, but this band lets the music do the talking for them. It allowed the audience to bask within the melodic feel of the steel pedal which sometimes acted as the hidden third guitar (like in the song Dead Roses). Still this reviewer enjoyed how this band was big on calming pause within their instrumental bridges before picking up the original tempo again ...a clever strategic move that gives you the audience a chance feel (and hear) the notes played. Truckstop's music can get a bit rambunctious yet that's what the band intended it to be since their unique musical combination is meant for you to groove and dance. Think of it as rowdy music but with just enough grunge to bang your head to. This is why SouthSide didn't spend a single moment trying to compare this band to anyone else since Truckstop was unique in their own right. They even delved into some psychedelia during their closing number - Miss You More in which the lyrics had John popping with such vivid lyrical imagery, blogspot readers.

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