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01 Apr 13 - Detective

If you don’t have to work tomorrow, you should be more drunk...”
This rockin’ trio from LA may be named after the Luc Godard film, blogspot readers, but they certainly know how to excite their audience with a “...raw energetic sweet and dynamic...” performance.
SouthSide recently had the pleasure of reviewing the touring band known as Detective when they rolled into Chicago (according to Detective, “’s like New York but without the annoying people...”) to perform at the Empty Bottle. Known for their “...garage pop...” sound, this band told this reviewer during an interview that they’re “...more raw on the record...” yet have “...a lot of energy...” when performing live. Their main goal now as they record the new album is “...trying to reproduce that [same] feeling...” felt during a live show. Still there’s one thing Detective isn’t trying to be or do – they’re not trying to be or like anyone else, blogspot readers, as well as be the “..LA band that everyone loves...” ...not with their unique poppy punk sound.
Opening with the fun danceable pop song, Creative Class, Detective instantly caught this reviewer’s attention with a variety of other genres that were interwoven within the band’s core rock sound. She heard a bit of California surfer rock during the song Rhodesian Man to a slightly fast-paced punk sound in Basket of Masks or maybe a wee bit of Irish flare in I Was Where Were You?. Plus this reviewer enjoyed how the vocal duties between James Greer (ex-Guided By Voices) and Guylaine Vivarat were sometimes shared together or individually paired to particular songs which matched their vocal style and/or tone. There were moments when Guylaine’s soft voice balanced out James’ falsetto voice when he would lead on lyrics but together, there was chemistry as their voice naturally compliment each other.
Musically, Detective focused such attention on that side to their band on their audience throughout the headlining performance, blogspot readers. SouthSide took noticed that many of the songs didn’t overwhelm the ears with long extensive solos or instrumental bridges to grab your attention. Each one had the right amount rhythms, harmonizing melodies and catchy hooks thus producing (at times) intense energy that had some dancing along with the band. And accompanying this great music is the sarcastic or humored wit laced inside the lyrics. For instance, SouthSide enjoyed the pseudo title “Get Out Of My Haircut You Priest” as the inside joke to I’d Rather Run ...or the humor in between songs when James was selling Chris’ (Detective’s drummer from Chicago) body parts along with the other merch after the show. On this night, there were no takers on that offer, blogspot readers. Even after hurting his thumb (from playing too vigorously on the guitar), he was offering some of his blood for a mere low price of $500. Well, you know, a band especially while on tour has to make money some kind a way.

During a telephone interview with Guylaine of Detective, SouthSide asked what made Detective decide to release a cassette tape for their recent full-length album, However Strange. She replied stating that some fans have cars with cassette tape players beside it being cheaper to release than on CD or vinyl. Plus it “...makes for a cool collector’s item...” With their upcoming album, the band according to Guylaine is taking their time with it as well as having fun making it since it’s going to be double album produced by Steve Kille of Dead Meadow. Yet, blogspot readers can find three (3) raw tracks posted on the band’s site to get an idea where Detective is going with their upcoming release. One thing is certain, their live shows are quite different from the recording and SouthSide highly recommends checking this trio out at their next show. Also say “hi” to them. They are very friendly.
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