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04 Apr 13 - Counterfeit i

Hey, blogspot readers, come spend an intense evening full of anger with SouthSide. Yes, there’s a “new” wave of rock appearing in pockets here and there within Chicago’s local scene called “anger” rock from bands like Evil Twin Sister that can vividly express raw frustrated emotions through their music and lyrics. Recently at the Beat Kitchen, this reviewer met another such band that expressed not only vivid anger but also intense pain and heartache told from personal experience within an energetic, vibrant sound. If you want experience pain and anger, blogspot readers, then she highly suggests you check out Counterfeit i at the their next performance.

This trio lit up the Beat Kitchen stage with a rousing eclectic mesh of keyboard/programmed sounds and live instruments which was technically one half of the driving force propelling Counterfeit i’s “anger” rock sound. It was loud ...thunderous and full of vibrant energy, blogspot readers. In a way, you could say, the music itself was a member of the band since it sometimes shaped as well as defined the mood and tempo for each song performed during the set. For instance, take the song 241 – this reviewer enjoyed hearing the furious frustration being lashed out at the intro (and throughout) in which she felt the music was personifying the pain and hurt of a tortured soul. Mood swings can be intense but feeling them within a harsh “anger” rock sound. Yes, it’s killer but this is the reality you face when in pain.
The other half to this unique equation would be front man and guitarist Derek on vocals who puts a face to anger (from his own personal experience of chronic depression and anxiety) that many of us (at one point or another) could relate. Using these same experiences, he spotlights the highs and lows while also showing there’s solace at the end of rocky tunnel of intense emotion. There were moments during this band’s set when SouthSide literally felt her face melting from the heated venom spewing over the mic in between bouts of calm. She highly recommends checking out Counterfeit i’s single, Still, where Derek demonstrates that there’s hope after experiencing an emotional tide of agonizing pain. SouthSide, from her own personal experience, can somewhat relate feeling such raw emotions but not quite as intense or on the same level as Derek or you, the person reading this blog entry. Yet, this reviewer enjoyed how his vocals could vividly convey that charged energy especially during the song Age of the Machines. Rage at its best without being so over dramatic.
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