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11 Apr 13

"...can I play with you? My band isn't really that great..."
Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has returned home!
Yes, after a couple of months of visiting other places (ie venues) around the Chicago local music scene, she has finally returned home to Elbo Room for a brief two-night stay to see bands Without Return tonight and Truckstop Darlin' (from Portland, OR) on Friday. According to Dave, owner, manager and bartender of Elbo Room, there are some exciting new things happening at this Lakeview venue - additional feet added to the downstairs lounge stage and a fresh coat of warpaint (of red and black) ...expect to see new photos of bands that have graced the acoustic and downstairs stages and many more. Plus this venue is getting ready for the annual one-day music and arts fest - I AM Fest which will be rockin' the House of Blues Chicago on Saturday August 24. More details about the 8 main acts and tickets as soon it comes, blogspot readers.
SouthSide highly suggests checking the unique semi-acoustic demo locally known as Without Return, blogspot readers, for their heartfelt tone as well as front man/guitarist Jack and his uncanny vocal falsetto comparison to Axl Rose. She enjoyed how this musician's raw yet emotionally dynamic voice not only popped the lyrics to life (like during City Lines or Fortunes of the Night) but amidst the semi-acoustic music of bass rhythms and acoustic melodies, she felt the words projecting the imagery from his dreams ...thus expressing Jack's deeper understanding of love and other things. Especially during No Light Tonight (based on a dream about him getting someone pregnant), the ballad wonderfully spotlighted the falsetto capabilities of his voice to which sent waves of heartfelt emotions down SouthSide's spine as he captured a lover's thoughts of worry and concern for the pregnant woman. Then while performing To The Sky (for those who have ever questioned anything), the downtempo rhythm spotlighted his vocal rawness while still retaining the ability to make you feel as well as experience his thought process behind the lyrics to this particular song.
As powerful was Jack's subconscious, blogspot readers, it was also amazing how Without Return's music captured the subtle tones and picturesque imagery to create a vibrant acoustic sound (when the song called for it) or gentle melodic downtempo rhythm for a ballad.  For instance, the closing song - Calm Winter, had that slight tinge of chill to the song yet you could see the picturesque images popping to life within the words with the acoustic guitar and percussion (shaker and tambourine) combined. Or feel the hurt and frustration of a man doing the woman wrong (from the male pov) in Field of Blood or the frustration of a person wanting to get out of that Small Town Trap, blogspot readers. The highlight of Without Return's set was their interesting cover version of the Lumineers song - Ho Hey to which they pointed out a unique fact about the lyrics. What made this cover rather interesting was the use of the mandolin melody to accompany Jack's acoustic harmony and vocal tone. It may have been a Lumineers song but tonight it felt fresh and new with Without Return owning it as their own, blogspot readers.
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