Monday, September 21, 2009

19 Sept 09

“…we now know what’s the future for the dead…” The Glide

Hey, Fearless fans, shake your groove thang! It’s time to party and dance the night away. That’s what SouthSide did at her favorite place on the Southside. Reggie’s Rock Club went from its typical rock statue into one huge Euro pop disco scene on Saturday night. The party atmosphere was set on high as fans packed this popular venue for The Glide’s CD release show. The stage itself was electrified with the rockin’ sounds of electronic/pop/rock from the featured lineup. The Glide invited their close friends, Aktar Aktar, and Professor Kliq, to help celebrate their momentous event with Par Avion opening the lineup.

How does one get everyone into the spirit to a party? They have Par Avion open with an energetic pop/rock performance. Their rockin’ songs and stage presence contained a contagious vibe. No one was standing still throughout the set. It was a wild bout of crazy madness, Fearless fans, near the stage! Par’s flare for giving the audience an energized sound truly kept the momentum going until the very end. SouthSide enjoyed the eclectic pop/synthesized sound that brought out the band’s nonstop energy. Nothing slowed this band down for one minute except having to abruptly end their set. Sadly it was a crowd disappointment since Par Avion’s set barely started. Time did fly by fast when you’re in a dancing frenzy! If you’re looking for some high energy electronic music, SouthSide recommends Par Avion. For more information about this band, visit them at

Performing as part of the Chicago Noise Machine initiation next week at Cubby Bear, SouthSide caught a sneak peek of the latest member at Reggie’s. In her honest opinion, Aktar Aktar’s rock alternative sound didn’t fit on the lineup. However, Fearless fans, SouthSide’s knew a little variety is the spice to all things wonderful. And this band totally added spice and much more to the Reggie’s stage. Aktar rocked it with lots of energy and guitar rhythms which kept the packed venue dancing throughout their set. This band whipped the fans into a feverish frenzy during their song, Wet Dick, Raw Sex. Though not the official title, this song jammed with a titillating sound of Southern fried country rock. Whew, Fearless fans, it was sizzling hot especially during the lead guitar solo. There was another song which featured a unique mix of country and blues. Now, SouthSide could understand why CNM asked this band to join them. If you want rock alternative with a touch of country, Aktar Aktar is your type of band. SouthSide says see them perform on September 26th at Cubby Bear with the other Chicago Noise Machine members. For more information, visit them at

This duo of electronic pop wizardry surprised SouthSide by adding new member to their family. Looking very handsome and dapper in suits, Professor Kliq had a live drummer to accentuate the electronic drum rhythms for their performance. SouthSide thoroughly enjoyed their funky sample of the Sanford & Son theme to open the set. It totally had the crowd dancing into a dancing frenzy. Think the early days of house and underground music when you see them perform, Fearless fans. Professor took something old flipping it into something fresh with funky scratches and samples. However this reviewer was somewhat lukewarm to the new addition to the band noticing that Professor’s electronic/pop truly didn’t need a live drummer. Their unique and eclectic sounds worked just fine without drums performing with them. A good example would be when they performed the Steppenwolf rock classic, Born to be Wild. This reviewer wondered if she knew the drum rhythm or had a hard time keeping up with the Professor’s fast paced electronic sound. The highlight of the entire performance came when they covered a popular song by The Glide. Wow – that’s all SouthSide can say about the song. Professor Kliq gave it an awesome techno spin which closed out their set with The Glide joining them on stage. SouthSide highly recommends those into underground and house music to check out these professors of electronic pop wizardry sound. For more information about this band, visit them at or

Now it was time for the guest of honor to take the stage. After overcoming minor technical difficulty, The Glide rocked out their CD release party in style, Fearless fans. The guys looked very handsome on stage in their party costumes while exciting the crowd with electronic/pop songs off their new CD, A Future for the Dead. During their performance, the band dazzled their party guests by using a variety of video images on the big screen. This gave their songs more definition in imagery and depth …sometimes leaving you to wonder what actually goes on in the minds of The Glide. SouthSide loved how certain songs were paired with classic Twilight Zone or 2001: A Space Odyssey scenes. Even watching the final scenes (when the aliens’ true identities are revealed) from the movie, They Live, had a creepy yet the abstract effect on this reviewer. In other words, she loved the weirdness of their video choices. And what’s a Glide party without balloons? Yes, balloons, Fearless fans, bounced and popped everywhere as fans waved the glow sticks hidden inside in the air. This party was way better than their Metro one less than a month ago. The Glide had a longer set time to be more creative in showcasing their rockin’ electronic/pop/disco music. Sadly, it had to come to an end, Fearless fans …and this band did it under a blanket of stars and infinite space (with some help from 2001: Space Odyssey again). It was a stellar calm before closing with a rockin’ encore. SouthSide highly recommends this popular local band making its mark in the pop/disco/rock genre. For more information about The Glide, visit them at or

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer 09 Wrapup

Note: SouthSide’s offers apologies to some of the bands mentioned in this review for its lateness.

Hey, Fearless fans, how was your summer break? SouthSide had one of the busiest summer breaks ever! During the months of June to August, this reviewer covered a wide range of shows all over town. Whether it was music fest or a band’s final “goodbye” to its fans, SouthSide was there to witness it all.

June kicked off with a bang when her friends, Outshine (the pride of Gothenburg, Sweden) rocked the Elbo Room for their one-night only Chicago show. Then she met this hot band from Nashville called November during an AMP Booking Presents show. Machinegun Mojo got her mojo flowing with their brand of electrifying blues guitar rock. Then it was off to Congress Theatre to witness history in the making for the local music/art scene. Twenty-five bands on stages as well as artists, photographers and filmmakers made I AM Fest a complete success. In this reviewer’s opinion, MOB Fest 09 was one of the best she has covered. Besides covering the action at the Elbo Room, SouthSide caught shows by Cavashawn and BlackBox at Metro and Fiesta Cantina. The lineups at these and other venues were awesome making it very difficult to chose which shows to attend. June ended in meeting a legendary icon who has been supporting local music for twenty-four years. SouthSide had the extreme pleasure to meet Jerry Bryant (of JBTV) during his party at the Hard Rock CafĂ©. Bands like Electric Touch, Janus, and The Lifeline have been featured on his cable access show.

July had barely started when SouthSide found herself rocking with fans and friend at two Taste of Chicago shows. Moxxy and Lucid Ground rocked the Best Buy stage while sampling some fine eats. This reviewer rocked the night away at the Cubby Bear with new friends, From The Broken and Jimi Falls, and Contriband. During this month, she covered two bands on tour from Minnesota at the newest bar turned local music venue, Miska’s. She heard there’s a thriving music scene from hiphop to rock in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. SouthSide highly recommends Fearless fans checking out Machine 22 ( and Green Sweater Society ( or This reviewer enjoyed the variations of both bands’ guitar rock sound which had a fantastic rhythm. Both bands brought lots of energy however Miska’s sound system had a difficult time handling the loud rock music.

The next night, it was off to the Darkroom where SouthSide met three bands. Their music featured an eclectic array of rhythm/soul to psychedelic funk and ambient inspiration. This reviewer highly recommends checking out Taxi ( or, Bad Apples for Philadelphia, PA ( or and James Mitchell ( or Promoting their latest CD, Chinatown, Taxi offered its fans an energetic ride through a unique music combinations. For example, one song had this blues/alternative sound while another had this psychedelic/trippy feel to it. Meanwhile, Bad Apples wowed this reviewer with its tribute to the classic 70s Philly funk. Think Parliament-Funkadelic when seeing this band …lots of R&B/Soul and funk to get your groove on. Currently this band is still on tour and SouthSide encourages Fearless fans to check them out. Lastly, she enjoyed James Mitchell and his band’s performance. It was ambient music that inspired your soul to feel via his songs. They were about life observations from a touching yet personal point of view. It would be wrong boxing this band into one group since the music varied from genre to another. SouthSide highly recommends checking out James and his band at their next performance.

SouthSide returned to the Elbo Room for two back to back shows. That Friday she reviewed Always The Villain ( or and Log Nesto ( ATV spent the past year or so writing new songs and recording at the studio. This wasn’t the same band SouthSide met a year ago …they were totally improved. Experimenting with different sounds and music, they still retained the in your face man balls guitar rock yet with a subtle alternative sound from the keyboards. Fearless fans should expect their 1st EP to drop sometime this Fall. Friends, Log Nesto, headlined this lineup by opening with SouthSide’s favorite song, Perfect Minute. Once again, this band kept this reviewer on her toes with music that sometimes seemed mismatched. However what seemed to be choppy within their rock alternative sound somehow worked perfectly for them.

Meanwhile on Saturday night, it was Trainwreck Symphony’s ( and Along The Parallel’s ( to rock the stage. Formally known as Killing Karma, TWS improved its sound by adding screamin’ angst and more guitar rock with their new guitarist. Thus bringing more energy to the stage during their set. SouthSide believes TWS has finally found their niche in the hardcore metal scene. This reviewer suggests Fearless metal fans in checking out her friends, Along The Parallel. It’s all about the rock with this band …and they don’t skimp on the music either. You’re guaranteed a pounding guitar rock during the instrumentals and screamin’ angst to bang their head to. See them on September 26th at Cubby Bear for the Chicago Noise Machine Initiation show.

This long July weekend ended with one of the best “goodbye” shows ever. Simplistic Urge celebrated one final show in Aurora at Walter Payton’s Roundhouse. The lineup included From The Broken, Moxxy and The Insecurities ( This reviewer enjoyed their pop-rock performance though it did seem a bit out of place within a guitar/metal lineup. Still it was something different …funky, fun and fresh which kept fans dancing near the stage. SouthSide had a rockin’ time watching the energetic performance by The Heroine ( This band from Texas literally lit the gazebo stage on fire with its Southern rock sound. The short set performed didn’t do this band justice because the crowd wanted more. SouthSide highly encourages Fearless fans in checking out this band at their next live show. Simplistic Urge saved their very best show for the last. It was sad to this see band go yet they left with a bang. Performing all of their old and new hits, fans crowded the stage sing along with the band. But do not despair, Fearless fans, a newer version of the old debut on the same stage as Til Death. Expect to see some your favorite SU members rockin’ in this new band on a stage near you soon.

SouthSide closed out the month of July with a couple of free shows happening at Double Door. Vitallight ( or jammed and hopped about the stage filling the venue with their crazy guitar riffs. Such a performance like this drove the crowd feverishly insane for their music. She recommends listening to Vital’s song, Danger, for its deep hypnotic taste of classic psychedelic rock. It totally captured the fans under one huge drug-induced jam session during the instrumental. Yet this performance was more than just sprinkled magic dust within their songs. Also check out the space/psychedelic punk sound of Electric Void. There was punk energy and high tension angst heard too. It’s Vital’s crisscrossing through genres which had SouthSide ready for more. Then it was Seven Day Sonnet’s ( turn to rock. Fans packed the Double Door once again to not only see an awesome lineup but there were some sexy ladies strutting their stuff too. It was punk meets burlesque review night and there was plenty of eye candy to be seen between sets. SouthSide’s friends simply won this crowd over with their metal sound and rockin’ guitar riffs. Fans were jamming hard along with Seven Day much so that one joined the band on stage. It was one their best outings in recent reviews, Fearless fans.

The month of August began with rockin’ bang at Elbo Room. There, SouthSide and fans jammed with good friends, From The Broken again. Then it was off to the annual trek to Lollapalooza at Grant Park to see Lou Reed, Depeche Mode and many other rock the stages for three long days. SouthSide rocked at a couple of after Lolla shows like the one held at Double Door for The Constantines and Gaslight Anthem. Compared to last year’s after Lolla shows, most venues were so packed that they had to turn away fans. SouthSide’s schedule did die down a bit for the move into her new place though it didn’t take her long to get back into the swing of things. She rocked the night away at a Rock-n-Roll Bailout show featuring Mr. Russia and Evil Beaver at Double Door. Then it was off to Metro to witness A Birdsong Valentine’s final show and Digital Mindy’s unwedded bliss for their CD Release, Meet Mr. Agitator. lo/fi Pioneer returned to the stage for a funk originator’s show at Elbo Room while Meqqa and Inn Cinema performed at Double Door. Dies Mali not only rocked Underground Lounge but also blew a few fuses during their performance. 72 Hours made history by opening on the Metro stage for Nothing Forgotten and Waste. The month ended with an intimate singer/songwriter acoustic performance by Don Gibson.

Whew – what a summer vacation, Fearless fans. Now SouthSide’s ready to tackle the Fall/Winter season. Hopefully she’ll see you soon at a rockin’ show near you.

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


Friday, September 4, 2009

31 Aug 09

“…every song I write is inspired by a lady…” Don Gibson

Hey, Fearless fans, sometimes hidden talent can be found in the most unlikely of people. On Monday night, SouthSide had a rare opportunity to see such person. Usually Don Gibson is the loveable yet quiet door/security guy at the Double Door. Sometimes he barely says two words to you while checking your ID. However that changed when he stepped onto the stage to open for Bobby Long (co-writer of the hit song, Let Me Sign, from Twilight). This quiet giant is a remarkable singer-songwriter with the vocals to match. To say SouthSide’s blown away would an understatement …she was completely in awe by his acoustic performance.

He sang very eloquently about the pains and woes of life, love and society in general. His raspy yet deep voice emulates such emotions quite like no other singer during an acoustic set. There were moments when this reviewer could hear a little of Barry White in his voice. Don made the audience feel such emotions via the lyrics whether they wanted to or not especially during Blood. Oh that power and command in his voice …it can stop hearts when singing so passionately. This reviewer had no problems understanding the imagery this singer was trying to convey. She loved the witty but sometimes truthful messages in his songs. For example, in one, he sung about the ills of society and our government not giving a damn. In another song, he compared a woman to a banshee which SouthSide thought was funny. Don closed out his set with a solid ballad called Your Soul. Yes, SouthSide’s soul was inspired to see and hear more from this artist.

SouthSide highly recommends acoustic music lovers to check out her friend Don whenever he’s able to perform again. Or simply say “hi” to him the next time you visit the Double Door …please have your IDs ready. Currently Don Gibson doesn’t have an updated Myspace page however you can befriend him on Facebook.

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


28 Aug 09

“…I see a lot of sexy ladies tonight…” Nothing Forgotten

“…so louder than the last crowd making my testicklies jingle…” Waste

Hey, Fearless fans, SouthSide has left her heart (and hearing) at the Metro …again! Tonight it was a special historic moment for one lucky band as they opened the lineup. It may have taken 72 Hours ten years to play the Metro stage but it was worth the long wait. However the way this band opened, you thought they were seasoned pros. Joe and the guys didn’t seem a bit nervous while rocking out the venue. It was merely another day in “office” for them giving their fans and friends one of their best shows ever. This show was a unique mix of covers and originals that spanned from rock/alternative to reggae. Performing songs like Rollercoaster and Hard For, the highlight of night came during a Kings of Leon cover. That reggae/ska sound had the entire crowd grooving to the beat. With such versatility, it's no wonder why 72 Hours is fast becoming a local fave in the scene …and that’s why the crowd wanted more. The performance ended with everyone’s favorite, Elephant Song. If you didn’t catch this band headlining during the Carpentersville Fest, SouthSide highly suggests you see them on September 26th at the Cubby Bear. It’s another Chicago Noise Machine show featuring Bullet Called Life and Along The Parallel. This reviewer guarantees to be a fun time when nine awesome bands rock the stage. Also if you’re a huge fan of the show Always Sunny in Philadelphia, there are clips of 72 Hours singing the theme song in the upcoming season’s promo. The clips (two of them) go by really fast however that’s Joe in the end doing a voicover. For more information about 72 Hours, visit them at or

FINALLY! That’s how SouthSide felt after many months of conflicting schedules with this band for a review. She had the extreme honor to see and review Nothing Forgotten. And this reviewer’s glad she did. After opening with a rousing headbanging song, they wasted no time pounding the stage with hardcore metal/rock for their fans. There was some lyrical rap and hip/hop in the mix too, Fearless fans. Somewhat eclectic for a rock band however SouthSide had no problems enjoying the uniqueness this band brought to the Metro. Nothing’s set was fast …energetic and full of guitar riffs that will blow your ears away. There was no physical way to slow this band down not even while performing a couple of ballads. SouthSide suggests listening to songs Metaphysical Girl and Seeds of A Rose. Jameel, the band’s lead on vocals, tore up the stage with his charismatic charm and sexy moves. Yes, Fearless fans, ladies were swooning as he moved about seducing them with his voice. One lucky fan was personally serenaded by this smooth crooner for a couple of seconds. In actuality, their ballads really didn’t sound like ballads at all. Though the tempo was taken down a notch, Nothing’s energy and fire wasn’t lost felt earlier in the set. Yet it wasn’t all about this sexiness. There was some frustration and anger in their songs too. SouthSide recommends listening to Nothing’s Indigenous. It perfectly conveyed the feeling of being frustrated and/or struggling with problems. Overall, this was one show that left SouthSide wanting more from her new friends. This reviewer highly suggests catching this energized rock/metal band when they hit the stage again at Otto’s on September 26th. They’ll be rocking the stage with SouthSide’s good friends, Heart Set Self Destruct. For more information about Nothing Forgotten, visit them at

Ever want to hear a wide range a rock mixed with some grunge and punk? Then SouthSide suggests checking out her friends Waste. Trust her; you won’t be wasting your time listening to their hard-hitting guitar riffs and energetic sound. After getting the audience going with a couple of quick songs, the band debut a new song called Elephantitis. This reviewer enjoyed the unique blend of punk and metal in this song which had many heads banging to the beat. There was also some southern fried rock sound during the performance that had this gritty dirty feel to it. Waste loved keeping their fans on their toes with their play on music. For example, there was one song in which it sounded as the chords and riffs were mismatched. However that wasn’t the case. Somehow it worked for this band because seemingly miscues drove that fire and energy in the song. Still there was one minor miscue by Roberto during Trainwreck when for a moment he forgot the words. It was all good, Fearless fans. This gave the fans a longer guitar intro to love. Waste was rocking so hard that they were breaking guitar straps during their hit single, Heartbreak Hell. SouthSide suggest listening to new song, Whistling Dixie for its thumping guitar riffs. What a fantastic way to get your heart pumping by their dirty rock sound set in a punk tone. It was an amazing performance! Waste definitely rocked out the Metro! And this reviewer highly suggests checking them out when they’ll be rocking the stage again on October 17th at Abbey Pub. They’re sharing the lineup with Captured By Robots …should be a fun pre-Halloween show. For more information about Waste, visit them at and

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

27 Aug 09

“…you want more …we got more…” Meqqa

Hey, Fearless fans, with uncertainty in our economy these days, it has taken a noticeable effect on entertainment. Well don’t fret because the Double Door has a fun solution that’s way better than any stimulus package. It’s called Rock-n-Roll Bailout and it won’t break your bank! During the month, certain dates are reserved as free shows to showcase fine local music. Yes, SouthSide said F R E E. This month, this reviewer attended shows that had bands like Mr. Russia and Camera performing on stage. Recently she attended another awesome rock show in which featured Low Of The Low and On The Front. Meqqa and Inn Cinema closed out the lineup for night. For more information about the Double Door and Rock-n-Roll Bailout shows, visit

Are you looking for something new, unique with a dark emo rock tone in the music? SouthSide highly recommends Fearless fans checking out the “new” Meqqa. She was totally impressed how they took the dark undertone of emo yet keeping that ear-pounding guitar rock. Think of a cross between The Cure (in its early days) and Evanescence when seeing this band. After rocking the Double Door stage with Equestrian and Toys, it didn’t take long for this reviewer to be completely immersed into the performance. She enjoyed the keyboard (by Matt Nelson) that added some pop sound and haunting female vocals (by Tiffany Trezzo) complimenting the lead’s. Throughout Meqqa’s set, the audience was quite receptive especially during their new song, Dragons. The highlight of the night came when they performed Fire in the House of My Father. This song literally set the stage on fire with a flaming hot guitar intro. Fearless fans, don’t let your ears be fooled by Johanna’s quiet vocals. He did deliver that emotion needed to express the lyrics at the right moment. Whew! What a performance, Fearless fans. Feel and experience the “new” Meqqa …it’s nothing like you’ve seen before from this local band. For more information, visit Johanna and the guys of Meqqa at

After a great start to their set, the guitar suddenly died. Not to worry, Fearless fans, nothing like that could ever stop Inn Cinema from rocking out the Double Door. Minor technical problems never can stop a band giving their fans an amazing show. Once the guitar was back online, Cinema jammed stronger than ever especially during their hit, Wake Up. That’s what they did …keeping everyone awake and hungry for more rip-roaring guitar rock. During this fast-paced performance, the band debut a couple of new songs off their upcoming CD. SouthSide recommends listening to Crime of Passion. It literally ripped the stage with heart-stopping guitar riffs and rhythms. Whew – they really knew how to please this audience with that type of music. And that was a tiny sample of what Inn Cinema can deliver each time they hit the stage. This reviewer highly suggests Fearless fans checking out this band at their next performance. For more information about Inn Cinema, visit them at

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.