Friday, September 4, 2009

31 Aug 09

“…every song I write is inspired by a lady…” Don Gibson

Hey, Fearless fans, sometimes hidden talent can be found in the most unlikely of people. On Monday night, SouthSide had a rare opportunity to see such person. Usually Don Gibson is the loveable yet quiet door/security guy at the Double Door. Sometimes he barely says two words to you while checking your ID. However that changed when he stepped onto the stage to open for Bobby Long (co-writer of the hit song, Let Me Sign, from Twilight). This quiet giant is a remarkable singer-songwriter with the vocals to match. To say SouthSide’s blown away would an understatement …she was completely in awe by his acoustic performance.

He sang very eloquently about the pains and woes of life, love and society in general. His raspy yet deep voice emulates such emotions quite like no other singer during an acoustic set. There were moments when this reviewer could hear a little of Barry White in his voice. Don made the audience feel such emotions via the lyrics whether they wanted to or not especially during Blood. Oh that power and command in his voice …it can stop hearts when singing so passionately. This reviewer had no problems understanding the imagery this singer was trying to convey. She loved the witty but sometimes truthful messages in his songs. For example, in one, he sung about the ills of society and our government not giving a damn. In another song, he compared a woman to a banshee which SouthSide thought was funny. Don closed out his set with a solid ballad called Your Soul. Yes, SouthSide’s soul was inspired to see and hear more from this artist.

SouthSide highly recommends acoustic music lovers to check out her friend Don whenever he’s able to perform again. Or simply say “hi” to him the next time you visit the Double Door …please have your IDs ready. Currently Don Gibson doesn’t have an updated Myspace page however you can befriend him on Facebook.

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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  1. I saw you at our show (Vitallight @ The Double Door) and I'm wondering if you ever wrote a review of our show. Please contact us! thanks!


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