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Summer 09 Wrapup

Note: SouthSide’s offers apologies to some of the bands mentioned in this review for its lateness.

Hey, Fearless fans, how was your summer break? SouthSide had one of the busiest summer breaks ever! During the months of June to August, this reviewer covered a wide range of shows all over town. Whether it was music fest or a band’s final “goodbye” to its fans, SouthSide was there to witness it all.

June kicked off with a bang when her friends, Outshine (the pride of Gothenburg, Sweden) rocked the Elbo Room for their one-night only Chicago show. Then she met this hot band from Nashville called November during an AMP Booking Presents show. Machinegun Mojo got her mojo flowing with their brand of electrifying blues guitar rock. Then it was off to Congress Theatre to witness history in the making for the local music/art scene. Twenty-five bands on stages as well as artists, photographers and filmmakers made I AM Fest a complete success. In this reviewer’s opinion, MOB Fest 09 was one of the best she has covered. Besides covering the action at the Elbo Room, SouthSide caught shows by Cavashawn and BlackBox at Metro and Fiesta Cantina. The lineups at these and other venues were awesome making it very difficult to chose which shows to attend. June ended in meeting a legendary icon who has been supporting local music for twenty-four years. SouthSide had the extreme pleasure to meet Jerry Bryant (of JBTV) during his party at the Hard Rock CafĂ©. Bands like Electric Touch, Janus, and The Lifeline have been featured on his cable access show.

July had barely started when SouthSide found herself rocking with fans and friend at two Taste of Chicago shows. Moxxy and Lucid Ground rocked the Best Buy stage while sampling some fine eats. This reviewer rocked the night away at the Cubby Bear with new friends, From The Broken and Jimi Falls, and Contriband. During this month, she covered two bands on tour from Minnesota at the newest bar turned local music venue, Miska’s. She heard there’s a thriving music scene from hiphop to rock in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. SouthSide highly recommends Fearless fans checking out Machine 22 ( and Green Sweater Society ( or This reviewer enjoyed the variations of both bands’ guitar rock sound which had a fantastic rhythm. Both bands brought lots of energy however Miska’s sound system had a difficult time handling the loud rock music.

The next night, it was off to the Darkroom where SouthSide met three bands. Their music featured an eclectic array of rhythm/soul to psychedelic funk and ambient inspiration. This reviewer highly recommends checking out Taxi ( or, Bad Apples for Philadelphia, PA ( or and James Mitchell ( or Promoting their latest CD, Chinatown, Taxi offered its fans an energetic ride through a unique music combinations. For example, one song had this blues/alternative sound while another had this psychedelic/trippy feel to it. Meanwhile, Bad Apples wowed this reviewer with its tribute to the classic 70s Philly funk. Think Parliament-Funkadelic when seeing this band …lots of R&B/Soul and funk to get your groove on. Currently this band is still on tour and SouthSide encourages Fearless fans to check them out. Lastly, she enjoyed James Mitchell and his band’s performance. It was ambient music that inspired your soul to feel via his songs. They were about life observations from a touching yet personal point of view. It would be wrong boxing this band into one group since the music varied from genre to another. SouthSide highly recommends checking out James and his band at their next performance.

SouthSide returned to the Elbo Room for two back to back shows. That Friday she reviewed Always The Villain ( or and Log Nesto ( ATV spent the past year or so writing new songs and recording at the studio. This wasn’t the same band SouthSide met a year ago …they were totally improved. Experimenting with different sounds and music, they still retained the in your face man balls guitar rock yet with a subtle alternative sound from the keyboards. Fearless fans should expect their 1st EP to drop sometime this Fall. Friends, Log Nesto, headlined this lineup by opening with SouthSide’s favorite song, Perfect Minute. Once again, this band kept this reviewer on her toes with music that sometimes seemed mismatched. However what seemed to be choppy within their rock alternative sound somehow worked perfectly for them.

Meanwhile on Saturday night, it was Trainwreck Symphony’s ( and Along The Parallel’s ( to rock the stage. Formally known as Killing Karma, TWS improved its sound by adding screamin’ angst and more guitar rock with their new guitarist. Thus bringing more energy to the stage during their set. SouthSide believes TWS has finally found their niche in the hardcore metal scene. This reviewer suggests Fearless metal fans in checking out her friends, Along The Parallel. It’s all about the rock with this band …and they don’t skimp on the music either. You’re guaranteed a pounding guitar rock during the instrumentals and screamin’ angst to bang their head to. See them on September 26th at Cubby Bear for the Chicago Noise Machine Initiation show.

This long July weekend ended with one of the best “goodbye” shows ever. Simplistic Urge celebrated one final show in Aurora at Walter Payton’s Roundhouse. The lineup included From The Broken, Moxxy and The Insecurities ( This reviewer enjoyed their pop-rock performance though it did seem a bit out of place within a guitar/metal lineup. Still it was something different …funky, fun and fresh which kept fans dancing near the stage. SouthSide had a rockin’ time watching the energetic performance by The Heroine ( This band from Texas literally lit the gazebo stage on fire with its Southern rock sound. The short set performed didn’t do this band justice because the crowd wanted more. SouthSide highly encourages Fearless fans in checking out this band at their next live show. Simplistic Urge saved their very best show for the last. It was sad to this see band go yet they left with a bang. Performing all of their old and new hits, fans crowded the stage sing along with the band. But do not despair, Fearless fans, a newer version of the old debut on the same stage as Til Death. Expect to see some your favorite SU members rockin’ in this new band on a stage near you soon.

SouthSide closed out the month of July with a couple of free shows happening at Double Door. Vitallight ( or jammed and hopped about the stage filling the venue with their crazy guitar riffs. Such a performance like this drove the crowd feverishly insane for their music. She recommends listening to Vital’s song, Danger, for its deep hypnotic taste of classic psychedelic rock. It totally captured the fans under one huge drug-induced jam session during the instrumental. Yet this performance was more than just sprinkled magic dust within their songs. Also check out the space/psychedelic punk sound of Electric Void. There was punk energy and high tension angst heard too. It’s Vital’s crisscrossing through genres which had SouthSide ready for more. Then it was Seven Day Sonnet’s ( turn to rock. Fans packed the Double Door once again to not only see an awesome lineup but there were some sexy ladies strutting their stuff too. It was punk meets burlesque review night and there was plenty of eye candy to be seen between sets. SouthSide’s friends simply won this crowd over with their metal sound and rockin’ guitar riffs. Fans were jamming hard along with Seven Day much so that one joined the band on stage. It was one their best outings in recent reviews, Fearless fans.

The month of August began with rockin’ bang at Elbo Room. There, SouthSide and fans jammed with good friends, From The Broken again. Then it was off to the annual trek to Lollapalooza at Grant Park to see Lou Reed, Depeche Mode and many other rock the stages for three long days. SouthSide rocked at a couple of after Lolla shows like the one held at Double Door for The Constantines and Gaslight Anthem. Compared to last year’s after Lolla shows, most venues were so packed that they had to turn away fans. SouthSide’s schedule did die down a bit for the move into her new place though it didn’t take her long to get back into the swing of things. She rocked the night away at a Rock-n-Roll Bailout show featuring Mr. Russia and Evil Beaver at Double Door. Then it was off to Metro to witness A Birdsong Valentine’s final show and Digital Mindy’s unwedded bliss for their CD Release, Meet Mr. Agitator. lo/fi Pioneer returned to the stage for a funk originator’s show at Elbo Room while Meqqa and Inn Cinema performed at Double Door. Dies Mali not only rocked Underground Lounge but also blew a few fuses during their performance. 72 Hours made history by opening on the Metro stage for Nothing Forgotten and Waste. The month ended with an intimate singer/songwriter acoustic performance by Don Gibson.

Whew – what a summer vacation, Fearless fans. Now SouthSide’s ready to tackle the Fall/Winter season. Hopefully she’ll see you soon at a rockin’ show near you.

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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