Friday, September 4, 2009

28 Aug 09

“…I see a lot of sexy ladies tonight…” Nothing Forgotten

“…so louder than the last crowd making my testicklies jingle…” Waste

Hey, Fearless fans, SouthSide has left her heart (and hearing) at the Metro …again! Tonight it was a special historic moment for one lucky band as they opened the lineup. It may have taken 72 Hours ten years to play the Metro stage but it was worth the long wait. However the way this band opened, you thought they were seasoned pros. Joe and the guys didn’t seem a bit nervous while rocking out the venue. It was merely another day in “office” for them giving their fans and friends one of their best shows ever. This show was a unique mix of covers and originals that spanned from rock/alternative to reggae. Performing songs like Rollercoaster and Hard For, the highlight of night came during a Kings of Leon cover. That reggae/ska sound had the entire crowd grooving to the beat. With such versatility, it's no wonder why 72 Hours is fast becoming a local fave in the scene …and that’s why the crowd wanted more. The performance ended with everyone’s favorite, Elephant Song. If you didn’t catch this band headlining during the Carpentersville Fest, SouthSide highly suggests you see them on September 26th at the Cubby Bear. It’s another Chicago Noise Machine show featuring Bullet Called Life and Along The Parallel. This reviewer guarantees to be a fun time when nine awesome bands rock the stage. Also if you’re a huge fan of the show Always Sunny in Philadelphia, there are clips of 72 Hours singing the theme song in the upcoming season’s promo. The clips (two of them) go by really fast however that’s Joe in the end doing a voicover. For more information about 72 Hours, visit them at or

FINALLY! That’s how SouthSide felt after many months of conflicting schedules with this band for a review. She had the extreme honor to see and review Nothing Forgotten. And this reviewer’s glad she did. After opening with a rousing headbanging song, they wasted no time pounding the stage with hardcore metal/rock for their fans. There was some lyrical rap and hip/hop in the mix too, Fearless fans. Somewhat eclectic for a rock band however SouthSide had no problems enjoying the uniqueness this band brought to the Metro. Nothing’s set was fast …energetic and full of guitar riffs that will blow your ears away. There was no physical way to slow this band down not even while performing a couple of ballads. SouthSide suggests listening to songs Metaphysical Girl and Seeds of A Rose. Jameel, the band’s lead on vocals, tore up the stage with his charismatic charm and sexy moves. Yes, Fearless fans, ladies were swooning as he moved about seducing them with his voice. One lucky fan was personally serenaded by this smooth crooner for a couple of seconds. In actuality, their ballads really didn’t sound like ballads at all. Though the tempo was taken down a notch, Nothing’s energy and fire wasn’t lost felt earlier in the set. Yet it wasn’t all about this sexiness. There was some frustration and anger in their songs too. SouthSide recommends listening to Nothing’s Indigenous. It perfectly conveyed the feeling of being frustrated and/or struggling with problems. Overall, this was one show that left SouthSide wanting more from her new friends. This reviewer highly suggests catching this energized rock/metal band when they hit the stage again at Otto’s on September 26th. They’ll be rocking the stage with SouthSide’s good friends, Heart Set Self Destruct. For more information about Nothing Forgotten, visit them at

Ever want to hear a wide range a rock mixed with some grunge and punk? Then SouthSide suggests checking out her friends Waste. Trust her; you won’t be wasting your time listening to their hard-hitting guitar riffs and energetic sound. After getting the audience going with a couple of quick songs, the band debut a new song called Elephantitis. This reviewer enjoyed the unique blend of punk and metal in this song which had many heads banging to the beat. There was also some southern fried rock sound during the performance that had this gritty dirty feel to it. Waste loved keeping their fans on their toes with their play on music. For example, there was one song in which it sounded as the chords and riffs were mismatched. However that wasn’t the case. Somehow it worked for this band because seemingly miscues drove that fire and energy in the song. Still there was one minor miscue by Roberto during Trainwreck when for a moment he forgot the words. It was all good, Fearless fans. This gave the fans a longer guitar intro to love. Waste was rocking so hard that they were breaking guitar straps during their hit single, Heartbreak Hell. SouthSide suggest listening to new song, Whistling Dixie for its thumping guitar riffs. What a fantastic way to get your heart pumping by their dirty rock sound set in a punk tone. It was an amazing performance! Waste definitely rocked out the Metro! And this reviewer highly suggests checking them out when they’ll be rocking the stage again on October 17th at Abbey Pub. They’re sharing the lineup with Captured By Robots …should be a fun pre-Halloween show. For more information about Waste, visit them at and

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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