Thursday, September 3, 2009

27 Aug 09

“…you want more …we got more…” Meqqa

Hey, Fearless fans, with uncertainty in our economy these days, it has taken a noticeable effect on entertainment. Well don’t fret because the Double Door has a fun solution that’s way better than any stimulus package. It’s called Rock-n-Roll Bailout and it won’t break your bank! During the month, certain dates are reserved as free shows to showcase fine local music. Yes, SouthSide said F R E E. This month, this reviewer attended shows that had bands like Mr. Russia and Camera performing on stage. Recently she attended another awesome rock show in which featured Low Of The Low and On The Front. Meqqa and Inn Cinema closed out the lineup for night. For more information about the Double Door and Rock-n-Roll Bailout shows, visit

Are you looking for something new, unique with a dark emo rock tone in the music? SouthSide highly recommends Fearless fans checking out the “new” Meqqa. She was totally impressed how they took the dark undertone of emo yet keeping that ear-pounding guitar rock. Think of a cross between The Cure (in its early days) and Evanescence when seeing this band. After rocking the Double Door stage with Equestrian and Toys, it didn’t take long for this reviewer to be completely immersed into the performance. She enjoyed the keyboard (by Matt Nelson) that added some pop sound and haunting female vocals (by Tiffany Trezzo) complimenting the lead’s. Throughout Meqqa’s set, the audience was quite receptive especially during their new song, Dragons. The highlight of the night came when they performed Fire in the House of My Father. This song literally set the stage on fire with a flaming hot guitar intro. Fearless fans, don’t let your ears be fooled by Johanna’s quiet vocals. He did deliver that emotion needed to express the lyrics at the right moment. Whew! What a performance, Fearless fans. Feel and experience the “new” Meqqa …it’s nothing like you’ve seen before from this local band. For more information, visit Johanna and the guys of Meqqa at

After a great start to their set, the guitar suddenly died. Not to worry, Fearless fans, nothing like that could ever stop Inn Cinema from rocking out the Double Door. Minor technical problems never can stop a band giving their fans an amazing show. Once the guitar was back online, Cinema jammed stronger than ever especially during their hit, Wake Up. That’s what they did …keeping everyone awake and hungry for more rip-roaring guitar rock. During this fast-paced performance, the band debut a couple of new songs off their upcoming CD. SouthSide recommends listening to Crime of Passion. It literally ripped the stage with heart-stopping guitar riffs and rhythms. Whew – they really knew how to please this audience with that type of music. And that was a tiny sample of what Inn Cinema can deliver each time they hit the stage. This reviewer highly suggests Fearless fans checking out this band at their next performance. For more information about Inn Cinema, visit them at

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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