Monday, August 31, 2009

Press Release - 31 Aug 09

They plan to bare all for a worthy cause …and SouthSide means A L L, Fearless fans.

On September 5th, the band known as Reverie will perform bare-butt nude on the Elbo Room stage under one condition. She’ll get to that in one second. You see, it’s Brian Bender’s birthday bash on this date. It’s an annual fun fest of good music and shots. However this year he has one special wish – to sellout the Elbo Room. A feat never done before in Brian’s tenure at this venue. Well, that’s going to change on Saturday September 5th, 2009 SouthSide is calling all Fearless and Reverie fans` to help SELLOUT the Elbo Room! Bring your best friends and frienemies …moms, dads and grandparents …bring the entire family …invite anyone and everyone you know …hey drag a stranger off the street.

DO something …anything to help Reverie with this task. Please remember it’s an 21 + and older venue and show. Guess what – it’s only a mere $7 entry fee! You can’t get much with $7 these days but at this show, you’re going to hear some great local music. Besides bare-butt Reverie, the lineup includes Mason’s Case, Band Called Catch, and Digital Mindy. SouthSide suggests you stay for the special Chicago Noise Machine jam session to close out this birthday party. Who knows maybe Brian will be bare-butt nude on stage too.

Sorry, kiddies, this momentous event is not for your innocent eyes.

And don’t forget to bring PLENTY of batteries! Of course SouthSide will be there …you should too!

Help sellout the Elbo Room for Brian Bender!

Make this truly a night he’ll never forget.

For more information about this event, visit Elbo Room at or on Facebook at
For more information about Reverie, visit this band at, or read their official blogspot at
Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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