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22 Aug 09

All good things must come to an end, Fearless fans. And that’s true for bands too. On Saturday, one local band performed its farewell show in front of a crowd of family, friends and fans of all ages. There were plenty of tears as well as cheers when A Birdsong Valentine said their final good-byes on the Metro stage. Also it was a somewhat joyous occasion for another band, Fearless fans. Everyone had an invite to Digital Mindy’s Nick’s wildest, non-wedding event of the summer season. It was to celebrate the release of Digital Mindy’s CD, Meet Mr. Agitator. This show also featured performances by Sinister Fate and The Glide.

SouthSide highly recommends checking the dark theatrics of Sinister Fate ( or at their next show. Everyday is Halloween with this band as the Metro stage dressed up in a cemetery theme with tombstones and heads on a pike. Though their opening performance was a tad short, SouthSide was completely wowed by it. Plan on a full review of this band in the near future, Fearless fans. Also she recommends checking out the funky disco/pop rock sounds of The Glide ( or Their having a record release show on September 19th at Reggie’s with friends, Professor Kliq ( or, in the lineup. That should be one hot rockin’ show, Fearless fans.

Saying “good-bye” is so hard to do especially when performing your final show. A Birdsong Valentine chose Saturday, August 22 as the day to give their loyal fans and friends a fond farewell. It would be a total lost if you missed this show before they walked off the stage into history. Out of the many shows, SouthSide has seen and reviewed this local band, they truly saved the very best for the last. Performing fan favorites like Sink or Swim, The One and I Am, guest musicians like Dan Goltz (on guitar) and Leonard Warren (on drums from Lucid Ground) helped make this last show extra special. They celebrated the band’s end with a huge love fest during the final song. Then one final bow for the crowd and then it was over. Yet don’t despair, my loyal Fearless fans. SouthSide believes one day A Birdsong Valentine or a different version of it will rise again. Everyone needs to take a break sometimes and/or try something new. That’s what this reviewer believes Brian, Chris and Oscar are doing. She doesn’t want to believe A Birdsong is completely done. There are more ABV songs yet to be heard and performances to be reviewed. However, please remember, this only one person’s opinion …so she could be wrong. SouthSide personally is going to miss this legendary local band and the fun times she had reviewing and snapping photos of them. No one will ever replace the gut busting screams of Brian, Oscar’s so cool guitar riffs or Chris’ martial arts-like moves on stage while playing the bass. Thanks for the memories, guys. As mentioned earlier, it would be shame if you missed this show, Fearless fans. For more information about A Birdsong Valentine, visit or

The stage was now set for a wedding. There was a best man and groom however where was the bride? Oops, she turned out to be a zombie, Fearless fans, and sadly Digital Nick quickly dumped her before the kiss. It was the wedding that almost happened as Digital Mindy celebrated the release of its first CD, Meet Mr. Agitator. Legions of their fans packed the Metro to witness the unwedded bliss unfold on screen. After the mini comic book style movie, the band got down to business by opening with the gloomy End of the World. There were random images from movies (i.e. Nosferatu and Hellbound: Hellraiser 2) and video to add more depth to Mindy’s songs. Plus there was sexy eye candy during Drama Queen as choreographed dancers charmed the stage. The highlight of the set was when Brian Bender (of A Birdsong Valentine) joined them for a couple of songs. He added some sexy moves and screams in the chorus to Popular. SouthSide enjoyed new song, Piece of Time, off the new EP as well as her favorite, Mr. Agitator. Overall this was a fantastic and fun Digital Mindy performance. Emo, vamps and tramps will love the dark ambience this band performs under in each show. SouthSide highly recommends Fearless fans checking out this band or snagging a copy of thief CD for their collection. For more information about Digital Mindy, visit them at or

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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