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27 Jan 13

Hey, blogspot readers, let's party! SouthSide's rockin' the Double Door once more on this wet and icy night around town at a special birthday bash. Even though the audience was at its lowest (many stayed away due to weather), the guest of honor and  fans supported the bands who truly pumped one exciting show by rockin' the stage hard and loud. Tonight, the lineup featured an eclectic mix of music from hard-hitting psychedelia guitar rock (We Killed The Lion) to energizing industrial/steampunk electronica (V Is For Villains) to mobilizing an army of classic hard rock (General Patton & His Privates). SouthSide highly recommends checking out all bands listed in this review at their next scheduled appearances around town.

Photo0669 Photo0665
We Killed The Lion

We Killed The Lion did more than just thrilled the initimate audience of a few, blogspot readers, ...they opened with a sonic bang of tripped out psychedelia rock vibe while performing songs like The Scene, To The Sky (dedicated to SouthSide) and Back Down. Fans of this genre will like how this trio of musicians combine intensely wicked guitar riffs, rhythmic flow and groove of sound to surround you and the rawness heard in the vocals by Brian (front man/guitarist) on the lyrics especially during To The Sky. Though there were times when they did take that intensity down to a mellow vibe (as heard in 7 Circles), WKTL didn't skimp on the energizing wave of psychedelic grooviness felt within the soothing music. During this particular song, the band's music will give off the sensation of tripping or floating along to the tempo underneath the Double Door's lava lamp-like lighting effect illuminating the stage. Yet that feeling will soon wear off once you're sent back to the intense electrifying sound of Back Down which incorporates some wild stax guitar wailing within the band's hardcore guitar riffs just to give this particular tune an extra kick before steadily keeping you in that sound groove with Slayer. Even after closing their set with the rousing, fired up song Revival, the audience wanted more and got Jet Plane to zoom them into the next band appearing on stage. For more information about We Killed The Lion, visit,
Photo0664 Photo0662

"...sometimes shit breaks..." ~ Fallon Flynn of V Is For Villains

Photo0699 Photo0685
V Is For Villains

Where's Scotland Yard when you need them?! Villains have taken over the stage during their Double Door premiere, blogspot readers. And though it came with a few minor problems (Fallon Flynn blew a guitar and Mr. Agitator rockin' the stage with sore leg), this villainous band of wanted criminals still perform one heck of show especially after enticing the audience with a very seductive entrance of belly dancing by their newest member Isthar (also on keyboards). Beware ...she's one powerful villain while luring you closer towards the stage as the others ensnare your ears with songs like Everybody Hates Me, Sinner and Evolve or Die. SouthSide is not faulting the band for a somewhat lackluster appearance ...and also knows there will be moments like this show when nothing seems to be going right. Every band has that one "bad" performance. Still these Villains made the best out of a somewhat rather interesting show where most of the set was missing Fallon's electrifying guitar sound and the keyboards and drums had to rock the show. Also, this reviewer was totally amazed after hurting himself at another event weeks ago Mr. Agitator (villainous leader of the band) took command of the stage in full villain style and force even while in pain. Ladies, he looks very dapper sporting a cane to his look too. All was not lost during their Double Door debut, blogspot readers. The Villains did return to full strength with it's electrifying industrial/steampunk sound and pulsing intensity that fans love and enjoy so much. Just in time too when it was time to perform Broken Doll and Sinner. Sinner didn't have quite of intensity or sex appeal as it did during the Villains' House of Blues debut but it was shocking as Mr. Agitator revealed his true self to the world by removing his mask. *shock* *awe* But NO Villain show would be complete without the ever popular Pink Elephants haunting the stage before ending with the anthem, Playing The Villain. For more information about V Is For Villains, visit
Photo0687 Photo0692

Photo0747 Photo0723
General Patton & His Privates

This general is looking for a few good men (and women) to rock out the stage with him and Rockasaurus, blogspot readers! Don't worry, Rockasaurus doesn't eat meat ...he simply rocks out the stage while devouring  the twitterpating guitar rock music of General Patton & His Privates. The general himself was in fine form tonight as he commanded his army of musicians into battle with a performance featuring classic tones of psychedelic guitar rock and screaming punk on lyrics. Loud wouldn't be the correct term to describe it. It was intense, head-banging rock to where your ears were assaulted with heart-pounding riffs and chord changes after another especially during the instrumental bridges. You were meant to feel this army of three storming the stage with full force especially while performing Sorry (dedicated to those who told the General their excuses for not being able to attend this rockin' birthday bash) and Cyber. SouthSide was simply blown away by this band ...and felt the groove when Rockasaurus joined the band for his special song. Got to love a rockin' dino who loves to rock out with this band, blogspot readers. This reviewer spent most of her time rockin' out with the band than writing since it was a party why work too hard not enjoying the fun! For more information about General Patton & His Privates, enlist at He and his army as well as others will be rockin' the Winter Peace Festival happening at Portage Theater on Feb 16.
Photo0727 Photo0733

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

20 Jan 13

"...going to funk up some shit..."

"...a white guy with black glasses and a black guy with white glasses..."

Hey, blogspot readers, come celebrate a music milestone featuring rockin' fun and more along with this legendary band! Tonight, deep within the heart of Wicker Park area, SouthSide made a rare  Sunday night appearance to party and review 20years of homegrown "acid" jazz and soul with Liquid Soul. Getting their start as a mainstay on the Elbo Room stage back in the early 90s, this Chicago band has graced many stages around town (including Double Door and Mayne Stage) as well as around the world to festivals (ie Taste of Chicago) and even performed at a presidential inauguration for former president Bill Clinton. This extra special show not only included a crowded stage of current Liquid Soul band members but also former members as a one huge family reunion of sorts throughout this double set celebration ...actually more like "...4 drummers, 3 DJs, 2 MCs and a partridge in a pear tree..." In order to get this party kicked off right (besides defrosting the crowd), DJ Jesse de la Pena rocked the venue with his vibrant mix of retro and modern R&B/soul music that featured Sade and an instrumental funk/soul version of John Lennon's Imagine.

Now, that the crowd was warmed up, they were ready to party all night long! Work on Monday?! Yeah right ...not this crowd! As soon as Liquid Soul took the stage, a rousing cry of cheers and whistles quickly filled up the venue from front to back while the band opened with a exuberant burst of energy and sound amidst the fast lyrical hip hop verse. This unique combination (as seen throughout the show) soon had many dancing and grooving to the funky music vibrations floating from the stage, blogspot readers. This legendary band fused the tones and elements of Chicago Jazz with some funk, R&B, hip hop, Latin spiciness and whole lot of soul along with a hot horn section (led by co-founder Mars Williams) to add sparks to its rhythms within their songs off albums like One-Two Punch, Here's The Deal and Liquid Soul. SouthSide particularly loved the space wizardry funking up the scene amidst a lively upbeat tempo and rhythmic soul sound. This instrumental piece wonderfully meshed together Jazz, DJ scratching, hip hop beats and more until it gelled towards the bridge where the trumpet solo took over firing up the crowd into a frantic frenzy. To say at this point (it was merely the second song into the first set) the entire band was on fire would a be a gross understatement, blogpsot readers. Liquid Soul was setting the stage ablaze song after song popping all over with funk-tastic sound within each note performed.

Liquid Soul did have this unique floetry about their music besides the "acid" Jazz, blogspot readers. During another fun moment, the band tossed in some R&B/groove music to their lyrical hip hop verses as MCs Dirty MF and Brian rocked the mics featuring a guest MC, Mr. Green.  Meanwhile during another song, Liquid upped the not only the rhtyhms to now feature heart-pounding congas and other percussions to the mix but also electrified the stage with hot spicy blasts from the band's horn section and twitterpating electric riffs laced throughout this song though keeping the jazz element within pockets here and there. The band, though bringing the music and vibe to a downtempo tone, soon rocked the stage with a neo-classic Jazz instrumental piece which peeked with vibrant bursts of energy and DJ scratching here and there showing that any music genre and style could be meshed together into a soulful vibration of sound, blogspot readers. This first set so far had upbeat grooves, a funkified diverse sound of music and eclectic style unlike any other (Jazz) band SouthSide has reviewed before now. She liked how Liquid would slow the rhythm and tempo down to allow the ears to bask in the sensual floetry while at other times make the heart race to the beat of quick-step tempos as well as getting your booty shaking. It's a cosmic fusion of many proportions, blogspot readers, in which this reviewer was glad to be a part of their celebration.

For more information about Liquid Soul, its music and where they will be rockin' the stage again, visit

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Monday, January 28, 2013

February 2013 part 2

Hey, blogspot readers, here are MORE exciting shows/events happening locally and elsewhere during the month of February. Please note: all shows are 21+ unless stated otherwise.

Daniel Knox has a Hideout residency (every Tuesday night) during the month of February. The first 3 nights, he and the band will be performing the Disaster Trilogy in its entirety – Disaster, Evryman For Himself and the un-recorded Chasescene. For his Feb 26 show, he’ll present music set to projection along with photographer John Atwood.
All shows are $5 / 9p

Feb 1:
The Burlington Bar – Made By Man, Bring Your Ray Gun , Boy Blue and Worrier will be rockin’ the stage

MultiKulti – it’s the Flabby Dabba Doo Album Release party!

Feb 2:
Q-Bar (Darien, IL) – Chicago’s only tribute band to UFO, Strangers will be rockin’ the stage here performing songs off albums Obsession, Lights Out, Strangers in the Night, Walk on Water, Force It, Phenomenon and No Heavy Petting

House of Blues – Papadosio brings their The Future Forest Tour to the stage

Feb 5:
Preservation Club (Knoxville, TN) – it’s Skytown Riot vs The Blue Heavy duking it out in this unique $3000 Scruffy City Band Eat Band competition. Good luck, guys!

Feb 7:
Beat Kitchen - It’s Tomilinson’s Half Birthday show in which the band, Cobalt and The Hired Guns will be debuting new songs too. The lineup also features Jessie Torrisi & the Please Please Me and Witchfeet

Double Door – Jack Rabbit will be joining the lineup that features Private Instigators

The Burlington – Pre-Valentine’s Day fun, music and love featuring El Mejor, The Particulars and Jan King & Medicine Ball rockin’ the stage

Martyrs’ – The Brooklyn band Miss Tess & The Talkbacks will be performing here

Township – The King of Power Pop, Paul Collins along with Little Boy Jr, Blizzard Babies and Scoundrel will be rockin’ the stage

Feb 8 & 9:
House of Blues – React Presents welcome the return of England’s aggressive dubstep electro producer – Feed Me along with his production With Teeth and Estonia’s Mord Fustang
17+ / visit for tickets

Feb 8:
Wise Fool Pub – it’s the Bad Bad Meow Takeover featuring Kez Ban and Teenage Rage

Lee Street Games & Sports Bar Inc (Des Plaines, IL) – Cream fans check Badge as they rock the stage with an ALL Cream 3-set show!

Chris Northland Tavern & Grill – SHIMMER while shining and dancing to Shoegaze and Dreampop with Scary Lady Sarah and Philly Peroxide
FREE (before 10p) / $5 afterwards until 2a

Whites Bar (Saginaw, MI) – check out Mason’s Case before the band leaves for tour in March

Bird’s Nest – check out Steph & 7 Cents along with Apollo House, John Scarpelli and Zach Wcislo performing on stage

Feb 9:
Congress Theatre – Coheed, Cambria, BTBAM and Russian Circles will be illuminating and rockin’ this ALL AGES show

Bungalow Joe’s (Hanover Park, IL) – Hellwagen will be rockin’ the stage here

Vibe at 1935 (Highland Park, IL) – Borrowed Time celebrates the band’s first jam of 2013

Jerry’s Wicker Park – it’s a special birthday celebration for the legendary Bob Marley featuring live reggae by Rasta Kelly and the Mix with Rad Brian and DJ Papa G

Feb 13:
SPACE (Evanston, IL) – Aryk Crowder opens for national touring artist/guitarist Joe Robinson
tickets are $10 - $18 / visit

Kaufman Center (New York) – featured debate of the month by Intelligence Squared – Should we prohibit genetically engineered babies? 
Imagine a world like the movie Gattaca (starring Jude Law, Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman) where kids are designed to be and grow up genetically free of diseases and parents get to control their son’s or daughter’s height, eye color and intelligence. The reality of that particular movie happening now is closer than you think. Choose your side and cast your vote online.
For: Sheldon Krimsky and Lord Robert Winston
Against: Nita Farahany and Lee Silver
visit for tickets

Feb 14:
Logan Square Auditorium – it’s the Chicago Reader’s 4th Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Party featuring The Hood Internet, Fly Honeys, Words from Our Loves, Words from Our Exes and Tess from Slo’ Mo

Empty Bottle – it’s Handlebar Tin Year Anniversary Party featuring Pink Frost, The Runnies, Touched by Ghoul, Melina Ausikatis, and Old Black & Blue Eyes with Gel Set DJ
FREE with rvsp (sorry individual rsvp’s only NO plus 1’s) / $8 without rsvp

Feb 15:
The Mutiny – Queer Fest America Benefits Broadway Youth Center’s Education Department. Offering a safe place for LGBTQA and/or youth experiencing housing instability from the ages of 12 – 24 years old, this event will help BYC’s educational department. Attendees are asked to bring backpacks, school supplies, pens, pencils, etc. There will be music performances by queer hip hop/rapper Ripparchie, Cold Country Salty Peters, Kez Ban and the acclaimed LGBTQ artist Tony Jones

The Frequency (Madison, WI) – it’s the Local Love Fest 2013 where Venus In Furs will be rockin’ the stage during the 1st night of this 3rd annual event. It also features other local artists including a reunion set from Way Off The Horse. The first 100 people at the door will receive a copy of this year’s limited edition Local Love Fest Mix Tape

Nite Cap – it’s the Voodoo Queen (aka Yvonne Loveland) / Jeff Iverson’s (of Spinning Red) Birthday Bash featuring Angry Mixtape, Lye, Sinister Fate, Spinning Red, Deadman’s Hand and Today’s Wreckage

Joe’s Bar – The Casey Donahew Band will be performing here
$10 / 8:30p showtime

Metro – it’s Nocturna’s annual New Loves & Broken Hearts Ball featuring request-driven music (current and classic) from industrial and post-punk to ethereal and more. Plus there will be a fashion show at 1a and The Artifixer selling corsetry and other fine steampunk artifacts
18+ / 11:30p til 4a / $10

Feb 16:
Red Line Tap – 312 Presents Nora Jane Struthers of Barefoot with the Mike Meo Trio and Mad Bread
$7 adv / $10 dos

Fitz’s Spare Keys – it’s the 7th Annual Drunky Monkey Pub Crawl

Feb 17:
SPACE (Evanston, IL) – Emily Hurd introduces her new band, Stone Blood Valentine, at this record release brunch party
Tickets are $12 adv / $15 dos / $22 for reserved seating

Portage Theatre – there’s a screening for Julia’s Smile (a film by Eric Mattson)
doors – 4p / showtime – 5p / PG-13 with a runtime 80 mins / $5

Feb 18:
Boiler Room – it’s Local Focus Film Festival. Enter your film and/or video at

Feb 19:
Double Door – check out Chicago Music Magazine’s Spotlight/Local Pulse Monthly Music Industry Showcase! “...putting together lineups that [CMM] believe are some of the best emerging talent from Chicago and around the world...” this month’s lineup features A Friend Called Fire, Hypodrive and Ozwald Bozwald (both from NY), and Boots With Spurs 
$7 adv (go to for tickets) / $10 dos

Feb 20:
Double Door – Social Focus returns to the stage opening for A Man Called Noon’s CD Release show

Feb 21:
SPACE (Evanston, IL) – New Orleans Suspects featuring members of legendary touring acts The Racliators, The Neville Bros and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band performing live on stage at this ALL AGES show
7:30p / tickets: $12 - $24

Feb 22:
Township – Ormen Lange, An Aesthetic Anaesthetic, Droughts and Zaius will be performing here

Feb 23:
Goose Island Brew Pub Wrigleyville – check out this lineup featuring Walking Shadows, Counting 10, Apollo House and The Pipe Dreams
$8 dos / $5 pre-sale

Feb 24:
Fitzgerald’s (Berwyn) – it’s the Sixth Annual After Brunch Bash featuring music and family barn dancing performances by country/swing group The Teflons and bluegrass outfit Sunnyside Up

Until next time, support your local scene,

19 Jan 13

This is why I hate Rihanna’s a real sister who can sing can’t get break...” 
Elbo Room regular Chris about Esh the Singer

Photo0607 ~ The Last Chance Boyz

Hey, blogspot readers, the weekend has barely just begun for this reviewer! Tonight, SouthSide’s doing more than just rockin’ out Lakeview’s local rock venue, Elbo Room ...she’s partying until closing time with Esh the Singer (WI), Astor Place Riot (KY) and The Last Chance Boyz (IN) on this chilly winter’s night. Though unable to rock out with this beer-drinking, girlfriend-stealing scumbag band aka The Last Chance Boyz (can find them on Facebook) from Michigan City, IN, this reviewer highly suggests checking out this lively bunch off rockers who did a very mean punk version of the Richie Valens classic La Bamba. Hopefully, these Boyz will return to Chicago for a full review and perhaps an interview, blogspot readers.

Photo0592 Photo0599
The Astor Place Riot

Upon her arrival, SouthSide was automatically mesmerized by the symphonically pleasing sound of a uniquely blended mesh of music genres. It wouldn’t be fair to this band from Lexington, KY – Astor Place Riot in describing how awe-inspiring the music felt or how wondrous the floetry surrounded this reviewer as it drifted across the stage during their performance ...unless you were personally there yourself, blogspot readers. To say it was an amazingly good set would be a gross understatement especially to way this band blended the edginess of symphonic rock with some dreampop, shoegaze and piano-driven sound and dynamic vocals (by front man and guitarist Josh) here and there that made the basement lounge vibrantly pop to life. Sure this reviewer could compare this band to another popular and/or local band she knows but for the sake of Astor’s review, they’ll be spared that since she got the general feeling they want their music to stand on its own merit. And it did. During one particular song, her ears were lost within the energizing pop of the symphonic sound that she briefly forgot how it highlighted the heartfelt sentiments sung by Josh before flipping the script for a more alternative/rock sound and less symphonic while keeping an electrifying tone in the music of the song that followed. SouthSide highly suggests mellowing out when Astor cranks up the intense volume while they perform long instrumental bridges to which the fiery spirited sound excited this audience and fans who demanded for more. Snag Astor Place Riot’s current release Crossing Lines that features songs likes 2 Against 3, All In, Prevail and In Too Close – this particular song truly brought out Josh’s falsetto vocals as well as the band’s intense crescendo music rise at the instrumental bridge. Visit Astor Place Riot at


Upstairs rockin’ the acoustic lounge, The Silvas warmed up the audience with a dynamic vocal performance set to an electrical acoustic tone that featured a couple of originals and Bob Dylan cover before Esh the Singer took the stage. SouthSide enjoyed the natural floetry from the unique combination of Jasmine’s voice and the electric guitar (used as an electronic sitar) when she sang a couple of traditional songs. Then, it was time for something a little different from Esh (the Singer), blogspot readers. Tonight for her Elbo Room debut, this dynamic rock artist without her full band took the intimate, acoustic route to which thoroughly impressed and wowed not only this reviewer but also the Elbo Room regulars and management. Compared to when SouthSide first heard and met this artist, she enjoyed change of pace that featured a much more dynamic stage and vocal presence out of Esh in which her voice vividly brought each song to life with energizing fire and spirit. And so what if she flubbed on her favorite song (Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black), it was still cool to know she has moments when the famous words can escape her grasp but can still rockin’ it out for her fans while attracting the new listeners who came up from the basement lounge.


Esh is more than just a dynamic female vocalist, blogspot readers. She has a special unique talent of conjuring strong female emotions and then translating them through her choice of songs whether they be her own originals or covers. From the Elbo Room regulars and management, they compared her to Stevie Nicks because of her deep, classically trained vocal style. It has gritty edge in which you’re made to feel her voice permeating through your soul not just sitting there in your chair listening to it. For example, she soulfully drenched the ears with her powerful rendition of No Doubt’s Don’t Speak to which Nick (on electric guitar) took a much slower tempo pace to allow Esh’s vocals to be dynamic and strong while Chico as her male backing vocal added a touch of gentleness. Or check out her version of Radiohead’s All I Need – one of many “wow” moments that SouthSide had to stop writing and just be in awe of this artist’s voice as she emotionally pumped all that she had into this particular song. She turned Chris Issak’s Wicked Games from an overplayed radio hit into something so sexually hot and intensely wicked within slower downtempo electric rhythm. Even while performing her original like You Should Know Me, it wasn’t only her voice doing the “speaking” in this song. Her body language was clearly voicing its presence too, blogspot readers, that she packed a powerful punch of fire and spirit into each word breathed over the mic. Check out her other songs like Toxic, I’m Doing Fine and Burn This Place Down and get ready to be wrapped inside a strong woman whose voice will take you on one heck of a emotional rollercoaster ride ...she will expose  your ears to moments of deep heartache and intense anger through her songs. Visit for more about this artist and when she’s rockin’ the stage again.

Photo0633 Photo0645
Elbo Room after hours with DJ Horsehead

Until next time, support your local scene,

18 Jan 13

Photo0584 ~ Jess Godwin

Hey, blogspot readers, it’s an adventure around town fit for a Mom and daughter! Tonight, SouthSide and her “manager” spent some quality time together by attending an all-ages show at Mayne Stage located within the hub of Rogers Park neighborhood. There, they rocked to alternative/rock performances by The Matt Ryd All-Stars and Jess Godwin with April Henry ( opening the lineup. 

Photo0562 ~April Henry

Though enjoying the lively, energized performance by this singer/songwriter, blogspot readers, which at times her voice did pop the lyrics to life however there were other times when she did strain to be heard above her own band and/or to reach the unattainable high vocal range. April Henry did pop the stage with a rousing child-like atmosphere full of boisterous sound and tempos but sometimes the two left this reviewer confused especially during her third song that featured a lullaby-like tone before sweeping the audience into a dramatic symphonic pop feel. Even the imagery used inside the lyrics didn’t seem to gell or create a pleasing floetry to the ears. The next song should have had the band tuned down a bit (while keeping that fiery feel in the chorus) so April’s vocals could be vividly heard above the loud guitars. It was nice to see an artist portraying the persona of a little girl who still plays with her dolls yet it was too bad this particular artist was visibly as well as musically overshadowed by the rhythmic groove of the band.

Photo0570 ~ The Matt Ryd All-Stars

He’s a little bit country but still a whole lot of that alternative/pop rock sound, blogspot readers, as he experiments combining the two elements within his latest EP – Ryd ‘Em Cowboy. Matt Ryd and his All-Star band rocked Mayne’s stage with the artist venturing into his country side but not deep enough that he sounds like Brooks & Dunn. Yet the electronic violin rhythms added to his songs did give certain songs a touch of that down home country feel and tone while retaining the lively pop sound as heard in For So Long and Nobody But Me. SouthSide enjoyed the semi-acoustic vibe during 10,000 Angels which the violin rhythms wonderfully helped spotlight Matt’s heartfelt vocals with some dramatic feeling in the lyrics before the rest of the band joined in. POW! This song took a different direction where you felt the vibrant burst of energy and sound though still remaining so heartfelt at the same time. Matt’s set also featured a few songs that were part of television shows like Marianne (featured on MTV’s Made – he’s not really proud of his songs on TV shows ...or so he says), When I Fall (featured on The Brackston Family Values) and this reviewer’s favorite, Healed (featured on an episode of Scrubs), in which had an energizing upbeat tempo from the violin. The audience were invited to dance along with Matt and his funky white guy dance moves when the band performed a rousing version of Stevie Wonder’s classic R&B hit Signed, Sealed , Delivered even though many in attendance weren’t that adventurous to dance, blogspot readers. Visit Matt Ryd and his music at


Continuing with that energizing spirit from The Matt Ryd All-Stars band, blogspot readers, Jess Godwin and her band brought to the stage more hip shaking music and rhythmic sound which had many on the now crowded main floor immediately dancing along. This singer/songwriter really spiced things up with more than just her stage presence and vocals ...she added a lot of expressive body language to the mix while popping the lyrics to life. And wow – there was no stopping Jess from setting the stage ablaze song after song amongst the electrified riffs and lively percussions. Besides the highly intense and electrifying feel in this performance, there was also a bit of playfulness between her band members especially with the acoustic guitarist during one particular song. It highlighted the heartfelt emotion heard within Jess’ voice while pouring out her feelings to which one could easily hear the heartache in her voice. During Let’s Get Down, this artist showed off a bit of her sexy feminine and dynamically soulful sides to truly pop this R&B/soul sound within this lively pop/alternative rock song. This was one headlining performance which had a little bit of everything wonderfully meshed together leaving many dancing in the aisles (or their seats), blogspot readers.  Visit Jess Godwin and her music at

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

February 2013

Hey, blogspot readers, still snowless in Chicago as we quickly approach February! Besides being the shortest month out of the year featuring Mardi Gras debauchery, (anti) Valentines romance and President's Day, there are plenty of shows you should check out around Chicago or even as far away as Australia. Please note: all shows are 21+ unless stated otherwise.

Every Wednesday during this month at Elbo Room – it’s the FREE local showcase

Feb 1:
Metro – Bambi Raptor along with Mike Golden & Friends, Katz Company, The Ivorys and Blood Red Boots will be rockin’ the stage.
18+ / $6 adv ($10 dos)

Shrine – Shabazz Palaces, Illuminati Congo and Morris are scheduled to perform

Mackey’s Hideout – Joe Marcinek Band featuring Mattas and Janis of Family Groove Company will be here

SubT (Subterranean) – Private Instigators will be rockin’ the stage

Jackpot Music Hall (Lawrence, KS) – Illphonics along with Scripts-n-Screwz and the Phantom will be rockin’ the stage
18+ / $5

Elbo Room – Sonic Pistol returns to rock you face off along with Funbrella and Lighten Up!

Greenhouse Theater – The Kiss Kiss Cabaret 2nd Anniversary show (and also Ramona Mourir’s birthday too). This event hosted by Max & Les Flattery will be celebrating 2 years of wild burlesque and crazed vaudeville entertainment

Feb 2:
The Blue Fugue – Illphonics will be here along with another band tba later

The 5 Spot (Nashville, TN) – check out The Bright White’s live performance here

Goose Island Wrigleyville – it’s a Hero Monster Zero Birthday BYOB* Party! Celebrate with Andy and Chris as they turn 28 rockin’ with Local Motive, The Cooks and Sweet Diezel Jenkins featuring DJ Funktopus
*Bring Your Own Ballons

Schuba’s Tavern – Common Shiner will be celebrating the release of Before They Sold Out (part 2) album featuring The Pomegranates

Ultra Lounge – Groundhog Day Deja 2 featuring Stoplight Jones, Jet W Lee and Big Black Bird

Fitz’s Spare Keys – Stubhy and Adam of Lucky Boys Confusion will be performing

Cobra Lounge – Sexy Baby Record’s presents Vindictives Bible School, Stat Dad, Modern Day Rippers, Ridgelands and Adam Widener on stage

Feb 4:
Reggie’s – The Andreas Kapsalis and Goran Ivanovic Guitar duo along with Bryan Rason

Feb 6:
Schuba’s Tavern – Filligar with Taddy Porter will be performing here

Ultra Lounge - check out Hunter Valentine, The Wanton Looks and The Cathy Santonies rockin' this Logan Square venue

Feb 7:
Double Door – check The Private Instigators at this show

Feb 8:
Ultra Lounge – check out What It Do! performing live

Apollo Fine Arts & Entertainment Centre (Peoria, IL) – The Great I Am’s CD Release party featuring Ahmadahere
$15 (admission includes free album download – save Apollo tix for admission to after party at Shifters)

Underground Wonder Bar – check out the France Jean-Baptiste & the Sexy Menz reunion show

Feb 9:
Live Wire Lounge – A.S.S., Radio Creeps, Praise The Fallen, Severed Tether (and 1 more band TBA) will be rockin’ the stage

Young Avenue Deli (Memphis, TN) – The Great Barrier Reefs along with Kaleidophonix will be rockin’ the stage here

Record Bar (Wesport, KS) – Alice Sweet Alice, Alice 102 and Kansas City Local Artists present ASA Masquerade – Mardi Gras 2013! Attendees are encouraged to come with masks and/or costumed attire. Music lineup features Mad Libby, The Clementines. Red Velvet Crush, Molly Picture Club and of course, Alice Sweet Alice
$8 adv / $10 @ dos
Visit for more information

Red Line Tap – God Bullies front man Mike Hard along with Rollo Tomasi and the Polymer Twins will be performing live here

Feb 10:
Ravinia (at Bennett Gordon Hall) – it’s the 6th Annual Discover National Chamber Music Competition. This event is designed to provide an educational as well as competitive experience for pre-college chamber ensembles in 12th grade and younger.
Visit or email - if you have any questions

Feb 11 & 12:
Elbo Room – KMA Management presents Battle of the Bands to SXSW in Austin, TX

Feb 13:
United Center - attention all little monsters, Mother Monster aka Lady Gaga will be bringing her Monster Ball here for two sold out shows starting tonight.

Feb 14:
Liar’s Club – it’s the Anti-VD show featuring Napervillains, MILFs, Underground Day 1 and Panzer live on stage

Feb 15:
Nowhere Bar and Terrapin Brewing Co (Athens, GA) – Great Barrier Reefs returns for an Athens double banger! First at Terrapin Brewing Co from 5:30p – 7:30p and then at Nowhere Bar 10p until ?
NO COVER both shows

River Rockhouse – Spyderbone featuring Sparkplug Assassins, Stonewave and Simple Simon on stage

Elbo Room – Peter Terry & The City Profits, Kelsey Montanez, Trainwreck Symphony and Sean Magwire

Martyrs’ – Steak House Mints will be celebrating the release of their album – Love Songs for Prostitutes featuring Paper Thick Walls and Leslie Hunt in the lineup

Feb 16:
Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville location) – work up a sweat with Workout Music and Energy Commission featuring Kairus Down and Twilight & the Sound
$5 presale

TBA – V is for Valentines featuring V Is For Villains and Hayley Jane (burlesque dancer)
$10 dos / $16 for couples

The Portage Theater – Winter Peace Festival featuring Family Groove Co and Drugula

Arcada Theatre – The Guess Who live on stage performing hits like “American Woman”, “These Eyes” and “Share The Land"
Visit for more information

Feb 17:
East Peoria Event Center – Cabin Fever Indoor Camping & Music Festival. This 30+ hrs of music, 3 days and 2 stage event runs from Feb 15 – 17 featuring food, camping (indoor and HEATED) and fun but The Great I Am rocks the stage on Feb 17
Visit for tickets and lineup details

Feb 18 & 19:
Elbo Room – KMA Management presents Battle of the Bands to SXSW in Austin, TX

Feb 21:
Elbo Room – Blue Eyed Jesus along with Carsick Radio, Kickaways, Thaddeus Pine and The Sound Check will be here

The Southern (1840 W North Ave) – it’s the Bourbon Dinner! Experience a sampling of rare bourbons paired with tasty southern bites as well as learn about the exclusive whiskeys from expert Armando Zapata. Purchase ticket to reserve your seat.
$45 includes tax and gratuity

Feb 22:
Elbo Room – It’s the Michael Laechel and Bob Erl show! Also performing Kelroy with Call Me King, Sean Magwire and The Strongest Swimmers

Des Plaines Theatre – it’s the Winter Wreckoning

Amplyfi (Los Angeles, CA) – check out Vanattica rockin’ the stage with Reverse Order
AA / 7p

Feb 23:
Chris Club (Vallejo, CA) – check out KLANK, The Bastard Makers, Trainwrecked and Zeroclient rockin’ hard on stage

Double Door – Bickhamstock 5 featuring Cheer Up Mooncat, Little Boy Jr, Mugwump Specific, The Uglies and Cousin with a special acoustic performances by Frank Maloney

Elbo Room – Illphonics along with The Old Comiskeys, The Trouble!, Back Alley Riot and Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne will be performing

Goose Island Wrigleyville – Free Spirited’s First showcase

Feb 25 & 26:
Elbo Room – KMA Management presents Battle of the Bands to SXSW in Austin, TX

Feb 26:
The Wall (Sydney, Australia) – Blood On The Dance Floor will be rockin’ this ALL AGES show

Reggie’s Music Joint – Magatha Trysty opens for the legendary Mr. Blotto

Feb 28:
Phoenix Youth (Melbourne, Australia) – Blood On The Dance Floor will be here rockin’ this ALL AGES show

Will update this blog as more shows/events are sent to SouthSide to post, blogspot readers.

Until next time, support your local scene,

13 Jan 13 - XXI Finals WOSP


Cześć czytelnicy blogspot, to zdarzenie zbiera pieniądze dla dzieci!
Hey, blogspot readers, it's an event raising money for kids!

Photo0536 ~ Joanna Beads

SouthSide and her daughter spent a chilly Sunday afternoon enjoying the sights, fun and music while attending The Great Orchestra Christmas Charity sponsored by WOSP Chicago inside the historic Copernicus Center. The main goal of this event was to raise money in saving the lives of sick people especially children as well as improving their medical condition by purchasing much needed medical supplies and equipment for hospitals all over Poland via the generous donations of Poles everywhere. So far, this organization has raised over $83,000, blogspot readers! For more information about The Great Orchestra Christmas Charity event and how to donate, visit http://www/ (the page can be translated into English if you don't speak Polish).

Photo0535 ~ Barbara Gasior photography

This day-long event at Copernicus Center occupied two floors featuring vendors and fabulous artwork and jewelry to purchase in support of organization's theme or cause (each year, the organization raises money for different theme or cause such as children's heart surgery or saving the children victims of accidents). On the 2nd floor-balcony area, there were excellent prime examples of avant garde artwork from bold watercolors to photography (by Barbara Gasior) ...some abstract as well as quite angelic (by Lidia Wiakowska). One of the particular art pieces caught SouthSide's eye was called "the lonely woman" by Irena Siwek. Plus there was a jewelry vendor (Joanna Beads) showing off her lovely beaded neck pieces.

Photo0538 ~ "lonely woman"

Meanwhile on the main floor, there were booths where young girls and tweens could get pampered with professional manis and facial makeup or have their hair styled for a small donation. Over at the larger tables, people could enter raffles and win fabulous gifts and prizes such as autographed CDs (by popular Polish artists) to gift baskets from local businesses and more. There was something for the younger kid age group like story time and dance contest. Those needing a much needed break and massage PDR Physical Therapy Center was on hand to give you a deep back or shoulder rubdown. And despite not understanding the language, blogspot readers, SouthSide and her daughter were met with friendly smiles and greetings throughout this family charity event.

Photo0534 ~ artwork by Lidia Wiakowska

Rockin' the main stage inside the Copernicus Center, featured bands and artists like Dori Koz, July Trio Autofobia and Eon Arc (just to name a few) entertained a sizable audience from traditional Polish music to hot pop rock/alternative. SouthSide highly recommends checking out Maggie D Grupa ( and also on Facebook) who rocked out the stage to a lively set done in both English and Polish which she found to be very vibrant and full of life song after song. At times, Maggie D electrified the stage with hardcore rock riffs and danceable rhythmic groove especially when she did her cover version of the Gnarls Barkley hit "Crazy". This reviewer loved the energizing tone of the gospel organ sound matched alongside the electric twang of the guitars.

Photo0542 ~ Maggie D Grupa

Also she highly recommends rockin' a soul/funk/R&B fusion performed by Wishing Well ( Though offering their audience a slightly different change in pace, this local band truly brought some soul and dynamic female vocals to which each song received a warm reception. SouthSide liked how the band opened their set with a toe-tappin', hip shakin' song to draw the audience into their soulfully rhythmic groove before taking the energy down a bit to allow Anjali's vocals shine under the spotlight. These were the moments when Wishing's music was wonderfully melodic and soothing under it's soul/R&B/funk fusion ...nice floetry especially during the instrumental bridges where nothing was rushed as your ears soaked up each note played. They really got jammin' when performing a lively pseudo reggae/ska song to which Anjali had a little fun with the lyrics before setting the roof on fire with some classic soul covers by Aretha Franklin ("Chain of Fools") and The Steve Miller Band ("Fly Like An Eagle") which closed out their performance.

Photo0548  ~ Wishing Well

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, January 18, 2013

11 Jan 13

Hey, blogspot readers, let's get honey-ized!

That's what happened to SouthSide when she ventured deep within Wrigleyville to see her new friend, Honey & the 45s rock the stage at Cubby Bear recently. This local band, known for its " your face ...original ...groovy..." sound, featured a whole lot of feminine hotness and a solid variety of music fusion ranging from soul/R&B to Chicago Blues and some country/rockabilly ...under one excitable performance that had many dancing in front of the stage. According to the band, it's what keeps their fans coming back for more of that honey-ized music as well as their stage presence. And who is Honey? Well, let's just say every band member is Honey.


This reviewer had a fun time groovin' to the funky vibe of this multi-talented band especially warming up the crowd with their "I Got Your Honey" Intro before moving quickly into their fun set. She especially enjoyed the hot rhythmic soul and energy that each member brought to the stage, blogspot readers, which also brought out the steamy sexual heat from Kristina and Kim when they did their sexy dance moves. Never seen so many guys (and ladies, too) get quite interested in a band while they performed "Got the Need". Blogpot readers should check out this particular song on their YouTube page because it features not only the band but a wide range of artistic performers from acrobats to dancers and more. It's part of Honey's policy of showcasing talent and promoting artistic awareness to others.


SouthSide also highly suggests checking out Honey's "Got The Need" and "End of Love" where Kristina (while not behind the guitar) truly pours on the sexuality and expressive body language with her dance moves as the rest of the band matches her vocal tone within this rather upbeat soulful sound ...or check out the Chicago blues style in "Not Whatcha Do" where the Honey added a touch of dirty guitar riffs to make the music sound a little sultry and and steamy in which Kristina and Kim shined amidst the rawness heard in their voices popping the lyrics to life. Also check out Honey's country/rockabilly with a dixieland jive, blogspot readers, during "Train's Gonna Go" when this band electrified the stage with such fun energy that many around SouthSide were kicking up their heels and having a hoedown near the stage before taking that same energy down for a bit for a gritty rockabilly/Blues fusion for Lolita with Concert. And to cap off this set was a little homage to James Brown and his hit song "I Feel Good"  that really had Cubby Bear jumpin' to the legendary soul man's funky R&B/soul sound.


Overall, blogspot readers, it was an awesome performance rockin' with Honey & the 45s. Their usage of blending/meshing different genres for their songs did have this Cubby Bear crowd jumpin', jivin' and asking for one more song at the end in order to keep this party going all night long. Be prepared to find yourself swinging to the infectious tempo and probably copying a few of those sexy dance moves too while enjoying the vibrant feel of the upbeat tempo. Honey & the 45s not only made this set fun and enjoyable ...but incredibly hot and steamy. The band would like everyone to know "...we love LIKES us on Facebook..." Also visit them on their main site,, as well as buy their album The Need.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, January 14, 2013

10 Jan 13

Hey, blogspot readers, if it's not loud, it's not screamin' hardcore rock! Tonight, after carefully navigating the stormy streets of Chicago, SouthSide's rockin' the Bucktown area at The Mutiny - the best dive bar ever to review hardcore punk rock music. It was screamin' was loud ...and at times headbanging with hair flying everywhere as featured acts - Count Rugen, Evil Twin Sister and Cheer Up Mooncat rocked out the stage. Though being able to stay for Cheer Up Mooncat, this reviewer did check out the other two opening bands and highly suggests checking them out at their next shows.

There's something in the water up there in Waukegan that makes this twin thrash metal so screamingly evil that you not only got an earful but a faceful of this band's intensified anger and crazed madness. Yep, something's definitely in the water, blogspot readers, up there where Evil Twin Sister is from. This quartet of musicians not only broke the sound barrier for being the loudest thrash/metal band ever reviewed but they also knew how to pierce the eardrums a little even with earplugs on! And if The Mutiny had kept the volume on low during this performance, it would have taken away from the full effect of each vocialist sharing lyrical duties on the microphone especially when they performed the band's self-titled song - Evil Twin Sister. Yet, strangely, Evil did have its moment of "calm" and still retain some of that monstrous screaming and wailing within the intensity of the vocals amidst the grit of the electric guitar riff (as heard in the song Sling Blade). It was like watching a "woman" going through a rough bout of mood swings during "her" PMS cycle. Be prepared to leave this set feeling drenched from all of the frustration and anger Evil Twin Sister pours onto you. SouthSide highly suggests listening to Teeth and King of the World with the volume cranked up to its loudest setting. For more information about Evil Twin Sister, visit

Hey, blogspot readers, there's a special prize if anyone can tell her who is Count Rugen. Besides being a movie character (see a hint), it's also the name of this hair-raising metal band which was almost a direct opposite of Evil Twin Sister but still quite as intense amidist melodic side to its music. And when the music really gets going during this band's performance, watch for the long locks flying around the stage between BJ (front man on guitar) and Bob (bass and backing vocals). SouthSide loved the twitterpating electric riffs that allowed the ears to enjoy the soothing calm before being thrust back into the electrifying mix of crashing percussion rhythms and angered riffs again. She suggests checking out Count's Green Panda which had a sort of lullaby gentleness within but don't let that fool you one bit, blogspot readers, as this band will pump equal amounts of "in your face" metal guitar riffs during the chorus. It also spotlights BJ's heartfelt side to his vocals that make you feel emotionally the lyrics pouring off the mic. Then take a listen at the band's other song Nothing At All where this reviewer heard a little of psychedelia mixed within the opening before getting another earful blast of instense electric riffs blowing out the earplugs ...again. For more information about this band, visit and like them on Facebook at

Until next time, support your local scene,

One On One with Charlie Hustle

Who is Charlie Hustle?

Charlie Hustle

A question asked of this underground hip hop artist during a recent interview with SouthSide. You might know him as the other half to the supergroup duo known as Bread N Butta from their hit #1 single - Dolla Baby. However lately, he's genertating noise on his own by not imitating anyone famously mainstream or following what the rest are creating music wise, blogspot readers. What he's definitely doing is trying to rise above the rest and be the greatest by capping on the best of himself while motivitating and inspiring others to do the same through his songs. And we've barely uncovered the surface of who and what this artist is all about as he reveals a little more of himself and his creative process to SouthSide within this interview as well as why "The Greatest" is his favorite song and more.

Charlie Hustle has the best of all worlds, blogspot readers. He can be a hardcore hip hop artist and then on the flipside he can be that motivator. Hear how he describes himself, "...[I'm] fresh innovative determined leader and go-getter..." And why is he these things, you might ask yourself. The artist went into further detail of each word used to described who Charlie Hustle is. He's fresh " new air..."; he's innovative because "..[my] beats don't sound the same..."; he's determined to stand apart from the rest; he's a leader  because " crew expect me to lead them and do things..." and last but certainly not least, he's a go-getter ...a hustler with dream. "...everyone has a dream..." states Charlie, "...that's what inspires everybody..." In wrting his songs, like "The Greatest" or "I'm Kool", this artist draws his inspriation from his own personal experiences and situations "...[from] the things I've been through..." Yet, there's flipside to that statement, blogspot readers. Charlie also references things "...that people don't want to say or feel..." A spokesperson, you could say, to uplift and motivate those who are too shy or timid to speak for themselves.

Musically, this artist has a unique approach for his beats to which he's not using the overused James Brown's Payback or other popular hit songs for his beats. Instead, he samples rare or even hard to find artists as well as B-sides from old 70s soul music. He likes using artists who weren't as popular like James Brown or The Temptations however will use a rarely heard B-side that wasn't popluar by the same artists. Then, too, if it's something like Adele, Charlie will try to use a song that no one else has used before. Prime example - listen to the music backing his lyrics for the song "The Greatest". Even though not remembering the artist's name and song title, he disclosed to SouthSide that upon hearing this obscure song he found the music to be powerful and inspirational. After getting the inspiration, blogspot readers, it's time to begin the multi-tasking process of creating his unique sound and beats via the use of Fruity Loops.

And this isn't going to be an easy process to complete in a day. "...when I hear a beat in my head, I [will] test all instruments..." until getting the right rhythm wanted for a particular beat besides sampling music. This process might also include a little adding or substracting something to the beat like hooks or the percussion sound as Charlie tries to build a beat around the rhyme before adding the lyrics of the song last. As you can plainly see, Charlie Hustle is somewhat meticulous with his songwriting and music process for each song like his favorite, "The Greatest". "...The Greatest is special to me..." Charlie tells this reviewer. Besides feeling powerfully motivated by the music, he also told SouthSide that for this particular song he instantly got the hook '/...I'm the greatest...' "...[it's] one of those things that clicked..." he says before going on to say the song was specifically written for people who want to be inspired as well as for those not really into hip hop music. The main plus side to this song, blogspot readers, it shows others within the music industry how versatile and marketable " different areas..." this indie hip hop can be. That he can do it all.

This reviewer highly suggests checking out Charlie Hustle's two other songs "I'm Kool" - with its retro R&B/soul sound in which Charlie (behind nerdy looking specs) tells you he's not worried about what the haters (others) have to say about him and his music and "Get Ya Own" - Charlie's hardcore hip hop song showing you don't have to be a cliche artist to follow what others are doing, blogspot readers. Personally, he doesn't want imitators imitating him. It's nice yet he strongly advises "...just be yourself..." because " can't sound or be like me..." One thing to look closely while watching his videos, he uses real places around theSouthside area of Gresham/Auburn neighborhood to which he prefers than using a "costumed" studio (an empty building decorated for a video shoot). Also you might notice, he spends a lot of face time in the camera as he's personally "chatting" with you throughout the video, blogspot readers.

During the interview, SouthSide asked Charlie if there was a difference between hip hop and rap since sometimes in the mainstream of the music industry the two words have been interchangably used together. "...there's a difference..." he states, "...hip hop is more socially conscious touches on things like politics..." while "...rap is straight to the point..." Charlie further stated that rap, in his opinion, should be called hip pop now because "'s no longer a Black thing ...or not coming of the Bronx anymore's mainstream and global..." With that being said, is there a distinct difference between Southside and Westside (of Chicago) rap or hip hop? Truth be told, blogspot readers. there is. Though both do talk about gangs and the lifestyle of living in both respect sides of the city, according to Charlie "...[it's] more lyrical on the Southside..." while  on the Westside "'s more basic ...straight to the point..."

So what can you expect from Charlie Hustle in 2013? Well, blogspot readers, you'll see a lot of him. At the moment, he's in negotiation for something he's working on but it's tied up in music politics which he tries to stay away from. "...don't want to be held accountable for not bringing in the support or not selling enough tickets..." he states before adding, "...I will bring my support..." Also he's currently working on a website and new video that premiere towards the end of the month as well as having his mixtape, The Reset Button, 90% completed. And if that's not enough, besides being featured in this blog, you can read more about Charlie Hustle featured in Source magazine and Hip Hop weekly - both coming out soon. Visit his YouTube page and check out his official video for "The Greatest", blogspot readers, or follow him on Twitter@charliehustle20.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, January 7, 2013

Jan 2013 - update

Hey, blogspot readers, so far Chicago's experiencing another snowless winter and many bands are taking advantage of that fact. AND so should you by checking out some of these shows also happening during this month.

Please note - all shows are 21+ unless noted.

Jan 9:
Cubby Bear - cheer on Aly Jados as she competes in a contest to open for Candlebox

Debonair Social Club - The first No-Tell Motell of 2013! It will feature Shanna Von Garbor, Sidney Scarlet, Ra Ra Sunshine, Maria Mayhem and Shirley Knot. Hosted by Mack The Knife and Mustached Steve

NEO nightclub - It's passive/Aggressive night featuring Zer0gree and M. Logan Brown

Jan 10:
Mayne Stage - Trainwreck Symphony along with Kelsey and Seppuku Sonata will be rockin' this Rogers Park venue

Goose Island (Wrigleyville) - presents Patrick Gemkov of Daysleeper and Vino along with Mike Chorvat of Treaty of Paris and Matthew Alfano of Mason's Case

Bobby McGee's (in Chicago Ridge) - Fresh Hops and Digeometric will be rockin' this venue

Mogger's Brewery - Papa J. Otis will be performing here

Jan 11:
NEO nightclub - It's TRANSMISSION Fridays with Trancid (Death On The Autobahn/Echodroides). Hosted by Sissy Spastik and Front 312

The Mutiny - Cheer up Mooncat along with Count Rugen and Evil Twin Sister will be performing here

Fitz's Spare Keys - Maggie Speaks performs its first show
$8 / $5 with college ID

Beat Kitchen - The Action Blast and Simplistic Urge will be here

Chris' Northland Tavern and Grill - SHIMMER! shine while dancing to shoegaze and dreampop with Scary Lady Sarah and Philly Peroxide at this new venue

Jan 12:
Mac's Uptowner - The Fresh Hops along with Digeometric will be performing

Shark City - Join Diver Down's Fight for Breast Cancer event.

NEO nightclub - It's HELTER SKELTER with Pathogen and Stats

Uncommon Ground (Clark Street location) - Ben Joseph, Justin Heron and Danny Surico will be performing

Lincoln Tap Room - Cirque de la Femme: Peepshow/Freakshow featuring a sizzling performance by Ms Franki Markstone (from Florida) along with Shannara Bathory, Feli Fury, Spyder Dupre and Shanna Von Garbor. Host/Emcee - Dago T / DJ Peter Propaganda

Beat Kitchen - The Claudettes will be tending bar (to pay back rent and other expenses) along with Dead Sheriff and Cell Phones (headliner)

Jan 13:
Room 43 - Hyde Park Jazz Society Presents Chris Greene Quartet

Jan 15:
Angels & Kings - Top Shelf Lickers w/ Aly Jados and Adam Savin will be performing.

Jan 16:
SubT - check out Phillip Morris and The Conglomerate sharing the stage with Room 11

LiveWire Lounge - Private Instigators will be rockin' out a birthday bash ...and you're invited to attend!

The Exit - It's ARCADIA (on the 2nd Flr) featuring Chris Catastophe, S@int Circuitry, Eddie Riot and Adam Black

NEO nightclub - it's the annual Employee Appreciation Holiday Party. Yes, the holidays may be over but it's time to thank the NEO employees for helping you survive the seasonal stress and madness featuring DJ Jeff Moyer
Jan 17:
Beat Kitchen - Blue Eyed Jesus along with Fletcher and Blackwater '64 will be here

150 First ST (Batavia, IL) - check out the Artisan Collective January Market featuring crafters/artisans like Sister Charm, TreSkinRX, Travis Thrasher, Bema and Pa's Products and many, many more.

Jan 18:
Cubby Bear - Check out Model Stranger rockin' the opening lineup for Candlebox!

Birdy's Bar and Grill - Me In Radio with special guest Alcki will be here

Mojoes - A.D.D. will be headlining an ALL AGES show!

The MID - React Presents welcomes RL Grime to MAYHEM at the MID!

Metro - the first of NOCTURNA of 2013! Come out and have fun dancing until 4a to the best in request-driven music featuring ebm, shoegaze, dreampop, current & classic goth, post-punk, industrial  and more spun by DJ Scary Lady Sarah
18+ / $10

Jan 19:
Phyllis' Musical Inn - Jeff Daschbach's performing

The Mutiny - Bill Ura Dik, The Rackatees (KS) and Cellar Rats (+ 1 TBA) will be rockin' this venue

Elbo Room - Esh The Singer will be rockin' this venue featuring DJ Money Z opening the lineup in the Lounge from 9p to 11p. Esh performs at 11p.

Preservation Pub (Knoxville, TN) - Skytown Riot and Evan Stone will be performing here.

Jan 20:
Ultra Lounge - Mandatory Abortions along with Eske and Gas Mask Horse will be rockin' the stage here

Double Door - Liquid Soul will be celebrating 20 years featuring ALL original members and very special guests (they wouldn't even tell SouthSide who's coming)

Jan 25:
The MID - The MID and React presents James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem) for a DJ set along with Tim Zawanda, The Redux DJs and Mike Petrack and Aran Daniels.

The Loop Bar and Grill (LaPorte, IN) - Illusions Fate will be rockin' a ground breaking performance to welcome 2013!

The Wild Hare (2610 N. Halsted) - every Friday night, get your reggae on, blogspot readers, at this Sub-T Lounge's event HIGH GRADE-REGGAE DANCE PARTY from 10p to 2a - super drink specials and featured guest DJs - this week Dave Mata and Impala Sound Champion
Jan 26:
Des Plaines Theatre - Kashmir and Axis will be in concert

The Mutiny - FREE punk rock show featuring Kreutzer Sonata, The Braver Days, Al Bundies Army and The Hypnic Jerks

Nitro Bar (Highland, IN) - Something Something Bass will be performing.

Jan 27:
Fitz's Spare Keys - It's the JT Woodruff (of Hawthorne Heights) and Mark Rose "Special Matinee Show"

Jan 29:
Abbey Pub - Falldown with The Henhouse Prowlers will be rockin' the stage

Jan 31:
Q4 / Multi Kulti - it's Q4's 20Hz x 20Hz Open Mic returns! Every last Thursday of each month (hosted by Phillip Morris) this event will featuring resident poet Luis Tubens and performers Ally & Ira along with DJ B-Vax. Sign up begins at 9p / Open Mic begins at 10p

Until next time, support your local scene,