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04 Jan 13

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to the very FIRST review of 2013! Tonight, SouthSide's deep within the heart of the Lincoln Park neighborhood inside the former 3 Penny Theatre - now known as Lincoln Hall  to see The New Folk featuring Todd Kessler (of The Voice) performing on stage. The lineup also included rockin' alternative/folk performances by Tree and Vintage Blue as headliner of the night.

Let's get one thing straight - SouthSide isn't a fan nor does she watch any of the music reality shows (ie American Idol, The Voice, X Factor, et al). She's also not a fan of those who have talent appearing on said television programs (that rant she'll save for a later date). Perhaps, she doesn't understand or comprehend the mindset which makes one wanting to venture onto those shows when having the "gift" aka the vocal chops. That being said, blogspot readers, she was a little apprehensive about tonight's featured review of The New Folk featuring Todd Kessler on lead vocals but did give this artist and his band a try. This reviewer did like the vibrant energy felt during the opening song of the set that had a lively alternative/country/folk rock sound and a pleasing rhythm to which you could get your toes tappin' to the upbeat groove. However in her honest opinion there was something missing from this set besides the lack of audience/fan response throughout the performance.
And speaking of audience reception - it was lukewarm to non-existent, blogspot readers.

SouthSide heard more of her neighbors busily chatting around her than The New Folk fans standing on the main floor or balcony of Lincoln Hall. It seemed they weren't there. Maybe because they didn't feel the excited momentum drifting from the stage either. There's no denying that Todd Kessler has the voice when emitting heartfelt emotions within his falsetto voice especially when not behind his acoustic guitar. SouthSide could definitely hear his voice popping the lyrical words to life while the band matched his tone and mood that made the ears feel the words besides hearing them during The New Folk's downtempo ballads. At one point, the band did take the energy down to an almost standstill to spotlight Todd's strong voice yet it was difficult to enjoy since there wasn't enough instrumental bridges to bask in the glow of the gentle music. Even though New Folk did pick up the energy here and there at the midway through the set, it was painful to observe how the audience wasn't feeling the vibe from the band, blogspot readers. There wasn't much favorable response from the audience where SouthSide stood observing the crowd of people around her and even the few moments of interacting with the crowd was a tad lifeless. No one really got excited when Todd mentioned being on Windy City Live or written up in Chicago Tribune ...certainly a fickle crowd here especially when not getting excited about the headliner coming up.

Bottom line, blogspot readers, SouthSide's 2013 is getting to a semi-rough start at Lincoln Hall with The New Folk. She enjoyed the show but felt it did lack that energetic feel and momentum which she experienced at the beginning of the performance though feeling the music was weighed down heavily by the seriousness of mood and not having enough upbeat moments to dance along to. She does recommend seeing The New Folk at their next show and you can visit them at

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