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11 Jan 13

Hey, blogspot readers, let's get honey-ized!

That's what happened to SouthSide when she ventured deep within Wrigleyville to see her new friend, Honey & the 45s rock the stage at Cubby Bear recently. This local band, known for its " your face ...original ...groovy..." sound, featured a whole lot of feminine hotness and a solid variety of music fusion ranging from soul/R&B to Chicago Blues and some country/rockabilly ...under one excitable performance that had many dancing in front of the stage. According to the band, it's what keeps their fans coming back for more of that honey-ized music as well as their stage presence. And who is Honey? Well, let's just say every band member is Honey.


This reviewer had a fun time groovin' to the funky vibe of this multi-talented band especially warming up the crowd with their "I Got Your Honey" Intro before moving quickly into their fun set. She especially enjoyed the hot rhythmic soul and energy that each member brought to the stage, blogspot readers, which also brought out the steamy sexual heat from Kristina and Kim when they did their sexy dance moves. Never seen so many guys (and ladies, too) get quite interested in a band while they performed "Got the Need". Blogpot readers should check out this particular song on their YouTube page because it features not only the band but a wide range of artistic performers from acrobats to dancers and more. It's part of Honey's policy of showcasing talent and promoting artistic awareness to others.


SouthSide also highly suggests checking out Honey's "Got The Need" and "End of Love" where Kristina (while not behind the guitar) truly pours on the sexuality and expressive body language with her dance moves as the rest of the band matches her vocal tone within this rather upbeat soulful sound ...or check out the Chicago blues style in "Not Whatcha Do" where the Honey added a touch of dirty guitar riffs to make the music sound a little sultry and and steamy in which Kristina and Kim shined amidst the rawness heard in their voices popping the lyrics to life. Also check out Honey's country/rockabilly with a dixieland jive, blogspot readers, during "Train's Gonna Go" when this band electrified the stage with such fun energy that many around SouthSide were kicking up their heels and having a hoedown near the stage before taking that same energy down for a bit for a gritty rockabilly/Blues fusion for Lolita with Concert. And to cap off this set was a little homage to James Brown and his hit song "I Feel Good"  that really had Cubby Bear jumpin' to the legendary soul man's funky R&B/soul sound.


Overall, blogspot readers, it was an awesome performance rockin' with Honey & the 45s. Their usage of blending/meshing different genres for their songs did have this Cubby Bear crowd jumpin', jivin' and asking for one more song at the end in order to keep this party going all night long. Be prepared to find yourself swinging to the infectious tempo and probably copying a few of those sexy dance moves too while enjoying the vibrant feel of the upbeat tempo. Honey & the 45s not only made this set fun and enjoyable ...but incredibly hot and steamy. The band would like everyone to know "...we love LIKES us on Facebook..." Also visit them on their main site,, as well as buy their album The Need.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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