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19 Jan 13

This is why I hate Rihanna’s a real sister who can sing can’t get break...” 
Elbo Room regular Chris about Esh the Singer

Photo0607 ~ The Last Chance Boyz

Hey, blogspot readers, the weekend has barely just begun for this reviewer! Tonight, SouthSide’s doing more than just rockin’ out Lakeview’s local rock venue, Elbo Room ...she’s partying until closing time with Esh the Singer (WI), Astor Place Riot (KY) and The Last Chance Boyz (IN) on this chilly winter’s night. Though unable to rock out with this beer-drinking, girlfriend-stealing scumbag band aka The Last Chance Boyz (can find them on Facebook) from Michigan City, IN, this reviewer highly suggests checking out this lively bunch off rockers who did a very mean punk version of the Richie Valens classic La Bamba. Hopefully, these Boyz will return to Chicago for a full review and perhaps an interview, blogspot readers.

Photo0592 Photo0599
The Astor Place Riot

Upon her arrival, SouthSide was automatically mesmerized by the symphonically pleasing sound of a uniquely blended mesh of music genres. It wouldn’t be fair to this band from Lexington, KY – Astor Place Riot in describing how awe-inspiring the music felt or how wondrous the floetry surrounded this reviewer as it drifted across the stage during their performance ...unless you were personally there yourself, blogspot readers. To say it was an amazingly good set would be a gross understatement especially to way this band blended the edginess of symphonic rock with some dreampop, shoegaze and piano-driven sound and dynamic vocals (by front man and guitarist Josh) here and there that made the basement lounge vibrantly pop to life. Sure this reviewer could compare this band to another popular and/or local band she knows but for the sake of Astor’s review, they’ll be spared that since she got the general feeling they want their music to stand on its own merit. And it did. During one particular song, her ears were lost within the energizing pop of the symphonic sound that she briefly forgot how it highlighted the heartfelt sentiments sung by Josh before flipping the script for a more alternative/rock sound and less symphonic while keeping an electrifying tone in the music of the song that followed. SouthSide highly suggests mellowing out when Astor cranks up the intense volume while they perform long instrumental bridges to which the fiery spirited sound excited this audience and fans who demanded for more. Snag Astor Place Riot’s current release Crossing Lines that features songs likes 2 Against 3, All In, Prevail and In Too Close – this particular song truly brought out Josh’s falsetto vocals as well as the band’s intense crescendo music rise at the instrumental bridge. Visit Astor Place Riot at


Upstairs rockin’ the acoustic lounge, The Silvas warmed up the audience with a dynamic vocal performance set to an electrical acoustic tone that featured a couple of originals and Bob Dylan cover before Esh the Singer took the stage. SouthSide enjoyed the natural floetry from the unique combination of Jasmine’s voice and the electric guitar (used as an electronic sitar) when she sang a couple of traditional songs. Then, it was time for something a little different from Esh (the Singer), blogspot readers. Tonight for her Elbo Room debut, this dynamic rock artist without her full band took the intimate, acoustic route to which thoroughly impressed and wowed not only this reviewer but also the Elbo Room regulars and management. Compared to when SouthSide first heard and met this artist, she enjoyed change of pace that featured a much more dynamic stage and vocal presence out of Esh in which her voice vividly brought each song to life with energizing fire and spirit. And so what if she flubbed on her favorite song (Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black), it was still cool to know she has moments when the famous words can escape her grasp but can still rockin’ it out for her fans while attracting the new listeners who came up from the basement lounge.


Esh is more than just a dynamic female vocalist, blogspot readers. She has a special unique talent of conjuring strong female emotions and then translating them through her choice of songs whether they be her own originals or covers. From the Elbo Room regulars and management, they compared her to Stevie Nicks because of her deep, classically trained vocal style. It has gritty edge in which you’re made to feel her voice permeating through your soul not just sitting there in your chair listening to it. For example, she soulfully drenched the ears with her powerful rendition of No Doubt’s Don’t Speak to which Nick (on electric guitar) took a much slower tempo pace to allow Esh’s vocals to be dynamic and strong while Chico as her male backing vocal added a touch of gentleness. Or check out her version of Radiohead’s All I Need – one of many “wow” moments that SouthSide had to stop writing and just be in awe of this artist’s voice as she emotionally pumped all that she had into this particular song. She turned Chris Issak’s Wicked Games from an overplayed radio hit into something so sexually hot and intensely wicked within slower downtempo electric rhythm. Even while performing her original like You Should Know Me, it wasn’t only her voice doing the “speaking” in this song. Her body language was clearly voicing its presence too, blogspot readers, that she packed a powerful punch of fire and spirit into each word breathed over the mic. Check out her other songs like Toxic, I’m Doing Fine and Burn This Place Down and get ready to be wrapped inside a strong woman whose voice will take you on one heck of a emotional rollercoaster ride ...she will expose  your ears to moments of deep heartache and intense anger through her songs. Visit for more about this artist and when she’s rockin’ the stage again.

Photo0633 Photo0645
Elbo Room after hours with DJ Horsehead

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