Monday, January 14, 2013

10 Jan 13

Hey, blogspot readers, if it's not loud, it's not screamin' hardcore rock! Tonight, after carefully navigating the stormy streets of Chicago, SouthSide's rockin' the Bucktown area at The Mutiny - the best dive bar ever to review hardcore punk rock music. It was screamin' was loud ...and at times headbanging with hair flying everywhere as featured acts - Count Rugen, Evil Twin Sister and Cheer Up Mooncat rocked out the stage. Though being able to stay for Cheer Up Mooncat, this reviewer did check out the other two opening bands and highly suggests checking them out at their next shows.

There's something in the water up there in Waukegan that makes this twin thrash metal so screamingly evil that you not only got an earful but a faceful of this band's intensified anger and crazed madness. Yep, something's definitely in the water, blogspot readers, up there where Evil Twin Sister is from. This quartet of musicians not only broke the sound barrier for being the loudest thrash/metal band ever reviewed but they also knew how to pierce the eardrums a little even with earplugs on! And if The Mutiny had kept the volume on low during this performance, it would have taken away from the full effect of each vocialist sharing lyrical duties on the microphone especially when they performed the band's self-titled song - Evil Twin Sister. Yet, strangely, Evil did have its moment of "calm" and still retain some of that monstrous screaming and wailing within the intensity of the vocals amidst the grit of the electric guitar riff (as heard in the song Sling Blade). It was like watching a "woman" going through a rough bout of mood swings during "her" PMS cycle. Be prepared to leave this set feeling drenched from all of the frustration and anger Evil Twin Sister pours onto you. SouthSide highly suggests listening to Teeth and King of the World with the volume cranked up to its loudest setting. For more information about Evil Twin Sister, visit

Hey, blogspot readers, there's a special prize if anyone can tell her who is Count Rugen. Besides being a movie character (see a hint), it's also the name of this hair-raising metal band which was almost a direct opposite of Evil Twin Sister but still quite as intense amidist melodic side to its music. And when the music really gets going during this band's performance, watch for the long locks flying around the stage between BJ (front man on guitar) and Bob (bass and backing vocals). SouthSide loved the twitterpating electric riffs that allowed the ears to enjoy the soothing calm before being thrust back into the electrifying mix of crashing percussion rhythms and angered riffs again. She suggests checking out Count's Green Panda which had a sort of lullaby gentleness within but don't let that fool you one bit, blogspot readers, as this band will pump equal amounts of "in your face" metal guitar riffs during the chorus. It also spotlights BJ's heartfelt side to his vocals that make you feel emotionally the lyrics pouring off the mic. Then take a listen at the band's other song Nothing At All where this reviewer heard a little of psychedelia mixed within the opening before getting another earful blast of instense electric riffs blowing out the earplugs ...again. For more information about this band, visit and like them on Facebook at

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