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27 Jan 13

Hey, blogspot readers, let's party! SouthSide's rockin' the Double Door once more on this wet and icy night around town at a special birthday bash. Even though the audience was at its lowest (many stayed away due to weather), the guest of honor and  fans supported the bands who truly pumped one exciting show by rockin' the stage hard and loud. Tonight, the lineup featured an eclectic mix of music from hard-hitting psychedelia guitar rock (We Killed The Lion) to energizing industrial/steampunk electronica (V Is For Villains) to mobilizing an army of classic hard rock (General Patton & His Privates). SouthSide highly recommends checking out all bands listed in this review at their next scheduled appearances around town.

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We Killed The Lion

We Killed The Lion did more than just thrilled the initimate audience of a few, blogspot readers, ...they opened with a sonic bang of tripped out psychedelia rock vibe while performing songs like The Scene, To The Sky (dedicated to SouthSide) and Back Down. Fans of this genre will like how this trio of musicians combine intensely wicked guitar riffs, rhythmic flow and groove of sound to surround you and the rawness heard in the vocals by Brian (front man/guitarist) on the lyrics especially during To The Sky. Though there were times when they did take that intensity down to a mellow vibe (as heard in 7 Circles), WKTL didn't skimp on the energizing wave of psychedelic grooviness felt within the soothing music. During this particular song, the band's music will give off the sensation of tripping or floating along to the tempo underneath the Double Door's lava lamp-like lighting effect illuminating the stage. Yet that feeling will soon wear off once you're sent back to the intense electrifying sound of Back Down which incorporates some wild stax guitar wailing within the band's hardcore guitar riffs just to give this particular tune an extra kick before steadily keeping you in that sound groove with Slayer. Even after closing their set with the rousing, fired up song Revival, the audience wanted more and got Jet Plane to zoom them into the next band appearing on stage. For more information about We Killed The Lion, visit,
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"...sometimes shit breaks..." ~ Fallon Flynn of V Is For Villains

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V Is For Villains

Where's Scotland Yard when you need them?! Villains have taken over the stage during their Double Door premiere, blogspot readers. And though it came with a few minor problems (Fallon Flynn blew a guitar and Mr. Agitator rockin' the stage with sore leg), this villainous band of wanted criminals still perform one heck of show especially after enticing the audience with a very seductive entrance of belly dancing by their newest member Isthar (also on keyboards). Beware ...she's one powerful villain while luring you closer towards the stage as the others ensnare your ears with songs like Everybody Hates Me, Sinner and Evolve or Die. SouthSide is not faulting the band for a somewhat lackluster appearance ...and also knows there will be moments like this show when nothing seems to be going right. Every band has that one "bad" performance. Still these Villains made the best out of a somewhat rather interesting show where most of the set was missing Fallon's electrifying guitar sound and the keyboards and drums had to rock the show. Also, this reviewer was totally amazed after hurting himself at another event weeks ago Mr. Agitator (villainous leader of the band) took command of the stage in full villain style and force even while in pain. Ladies, he looks very dapper sporting a cane to his look too. All was not lost during their Double Door debut, blogspot readers. The Villains did return to full strength with it's electrifying industrial/steampunk sound and pulsing intensity that fans love and enjoy so much. Just in time too when it was time to perform Broken Doll and Sinner. Sinner didn't have quite of intensity or sex appeal as it did during the Villains' House of Blues debut but it was shocking as Mr. Agitator revealed his true self to the world by removing his mask. *shock* *awe* But NO Villain show would be complete without the ever popular Pink Elephants haunting the stage before ending with the anthem, Playing The Villain. For more information about V Is For Villains, visit
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General Patton & His Privates

This general is looking for a few good men (and women) to rock out the stage with him and Rockasaurus, blogspot readers! Don't worry, Rockasaurus doesn't eat meat ...he simply rocks out the stage while devouring  the twitterpating guitar rock music of General Patton & His Privates. The general himself was in fine form tonight as he commanded his army of musicians into battle with a performance featuring classic tones of psychedelic guitar rock and screaming punk on lyrics. Loud wouldn't be the correct term to describe it. It was intense, head-banging rock to where your ears were assaulted with heart-pounding riffs and chord changes after another especially during the instrumental bridges. You were meant to feel this army of three storming the stage with full force especially while performing Sorry (dedicated to those who told the General their excuses for not being able to attend this rockin' birthday bash) and Cyber. SouthSide was simply blown away by this band ...and felt the groove when Rockasaurus joined the band for his special song. Got to love a rockin' dino who loves to rock out with this band, blogspot readers. This reviewer spent most of her time rockin' out with the band than writing since it was a party why work too hard not enjoying the fun! For more information about General Patton & His Privates, enlist at He and his army as well as others will be rockin' the Winter Peace Festival happening at Portage Theater on Feb 16.
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