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24 Jan 14

It was a dark and snowy night ...but that didn't stop this SouthSide from rockin' the local scene on this Friday night! Covering one show wasn't enough for this fearless reviewer. NO, blogspot readers! Yep, she played the "CTA Mad Dash" game to cover two shows hapening at opposite ends of town in one fantastic night.  Her first stop of the evening was deep inside the Lakeview/Wrigleyville area to see her friend, Josh Hill Band before jamming at Double Door's Winter Formal with Brother George. It was a very exciting ...action-packed night for her. Believe it or not, blogspot readers, this wild and crazy (extremely) cold winter weather doesn't scare away others from packing venues and bars to hear local music either.

Opening the show at Goose Island was singer-songwriter as well as yodeler Zach Bonnan who wowed the audience with his fine skills of whistling and yodels while performing songs like New Orleans. SouthSide enjoyed the way he entertained with interesting slices of life about love, that noisy woman on the bus who's chatting loudly on her mobile and much more amidst his raw falsetto vocal tone. Stories that you could feel being brought to life, blogspot readers. Afterwards, Josh Hill and his band (from Akron, Ohio) rocked the audience with a lively performance of a blues/rockabilly rock sound which had many feeling so inclined to dance along to their rhythmic, upswing beat. Fans of this genre will enjoy how this trio will get your body groovin' to the intense energy felt within each guitar riff as well as to the "get down and get dirty" funky beat. Smokin' hot jams filled with the wailing soul of that Stax sound kept people around SouthSide near and far in the back area of Goose Island swaying to Josh's music ...exciting their musical souls til the very last drop of electric riffs died in a big finish. Songs like the R&B/soul Goodbye Brown Eyes brought out the dynamic yet emotional side of Josh Hill Band's vocal harmonies exposing that gritty heartache of telling someone you once cared about goodbye before electrifying the room with edgy rock-n-roll, blogspot readers. Sadly, SouthSide had to go just when the party was really heating up. However, she's looking forward to seeing Josh and the band whenever they swing by Chicago again but in the meantime, visit the band at

" two more left for y'all then you're coming to my house..."

Over at Double Door, it was a fashionable scene (despite the cold and snow) where music enjoyed the groovy sounds of Santah and Jonny Drake featuring the psychedelia rock jam band - Brother George, blogspot readers. This local band not only brought mesmerizing rhythmic sound and instrumental music vibe to the stage but also balloons. Yes, during their headlining set, balloons were bouncing everywhere near and around the stage while this quintet group performed. SouthSide immediately enjoyed the modernized version of the 70s acid/psychedelic guitar rock which surged throughout this popular Wicker Park venue with non-stop vibrant energy and electrifying sound ...the perfect combination for this type of party. People all around this reviewer were in a constant state of motion, blogspot readers, even though were moments in which the melodies were melodramatic and quite relaxing between the intense momentum. During those moments, blogspot readers, it was nice to jam to the calming instrumental vibe before returning back to the upbeat swing again. By all definitions, you consider Brother George's music to be moody ...and you would definitely be correct. This local band throughout their performance had this late night crowd swaying (or waltzing as observed by this reviewer) to the many mood swings produced by their melodic sound. With one song, they could take you towards the end of the spectrum and then leave you hanging at the middle while the band pursues other unique sound combinations before taking you to the end. That's how it felt when Brother George rocked the stage with their closing number with one of the biggest bang to leaving people wanting more. It was a feast of music for the body and soul, blogspot readers, while moving your body to that fantastic beat. Be one of many shiny happy people when seeing this band perform live at their next show. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the Brother George theme song and Love Dies Young (off the band's current album "Big Piney") in which this reviewer felt poetic sense wonderfully complimenting this band's unique rock sound and blended harmonies. For more about Brother George, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

23 Jan 14

Happy 2014, blogspot readers! 

SouthSide's back rockin' the local music beat even while stuck in this unusually arctic-like winter. Despite the icy winds howling and below normal temps chilling the bones, it was definitely HOT inside Empty Bottle with bands like Aktar Aktar and The Ivorys on stage. In the middle of this fantastic lineup was North By North proudly celebrating the release of their debut album "Something Wicked".

Recently named as one of the top 15 rising local acts to watch in 2014 (according to RedEye), this reviewer enjoyed this band's fresh yet unique approach to their guitar rock sound that will leave you (as well as your ears) blown away when their set is finished. That's how SouthSide and many others who attended this show felt after witnessing North By North perform live selections off their new album. It was pop ...powerpop ...a touch of punk ...electronica and so much more wrapped up inside this local act's performance, blogspot readers, which electrified the stage with vibrant bursts of energy and intricately complex rhythms. For this reviewer, it was a feast for the musical mind and soul. She liked the way the trio incorporated bits and pieces of one or more genres to create danceable floetry of poppy melodies. At times, she also found North's music to be a little edgy to hauntingly creepy as well as emotionally passionate.

For this local trio, the music is the central and main focus do expect this band to rock the stage under an aura of mystery at times especially when it comes their song intros. For example, check out the song The Terror (list on the album as track 18), SouthSide loved the creepy electronic intro that sent a rush of icy chills down this reviewer's spine despite a touch of rough feedback off the monitors during the chorus. Yet, it was the North's unique upbeat rhythm and melody in this quick-paced tune that will definitely grab your attention, blogspot readers. SouthSide did have the same reaction during Is This A Dream ? (track 10) where you'll hear the twinkling sounds of lullaby enchantment under a creepy carnivale-esque vibe with dark lyrics to match. Or bask in the edgy grit of the guitar (by front man Nate) during Creature Comforts and new song with just enough rock loudness to get you head banging to the beat. Meanwhile feel that boisterous electrifying edge that will get the heart instantly racing with excitement from North's The Matisse Eye.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out North By North live as well as snagging a copy of the band's 18-track debut album, "Something Wicked" to add to your CD collection, blogspot readers.

For more information about this band, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, January 27, 2014

February 2014

Okay 2014 didn't begin with a BANG but with an Artic chill and snow (especially if you live were SouthSide resides). Hopefully the Phil the Groundhog has good news this month about spring coming soon. In the meantime, brush off winter's icy chill by checking out the following shows rockin' the month of February.

Please note all show are 21+ unless duly noted...

Ongoing until Feb 16:
The Den Theater - Breach ...a play by Egan Reich and directed by Krissy Vanderwarker.
Thurs - Sat 7:30p / Sun 6p
Tickets - $15 to $25 / every Thurs "pay-what-you-can" night 
For more info and tickets, visit

Feb 1:
4144 W. 25th ST - Let's get ready to rumble! It's Chitown Punk and Ska Kegger Throwdown featuring Thirty Case Chase, Ultra Nada, Foreign Policy, 40oz Sidekicks, Mandatory Abortions, Bumsy & The Moochers and The Fucker
$15 - $5 entry / $10 (for unlimited keg) / show is BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer)

Scruffy City Hall (Knoxville, TN) - Skytown Riot with Far Far Away will be rockin' the stage

Chicago Loop Sports Bar & Grill (Streamwood, IL) - check out Badge performing your favorite Cream tunes all night long.

Goose Island Wrigleyville - rock with Aly Jados, Zaramela, The Art of Cool and Mystery Crash at this show.
$8 adv / $10 dos

Bottom Lounge - Villains of the world, unite! V Is For Villains returns with special appearances, new music and more!

Concord Music Hall - Conspirator returns to Chicago along with Prefuse 73, Nasaj Thing and Fatty DL.
For tickets, visit

Drake Hotel's Coq d'Or - enjoy your favorite Jazz standards and rarely heard songs by Jesse Charbonier until 1a.

Cubby Bear - trip out with UV Hippo (Ultraviolet Hippopotamus) featuring Sure Fire Groove and Steez

Feb 2:
Empty Bottle -  attend this Super Bowl Party with Tight Pettyz.

Feb 3:
City Winery - JC Brooks covers his favorite female songwriters.

Feb 4:
ACT ONE Pub - check out CAU's "Singing For Your Supper" Songwriter Showcase featuring performances by Jeff Daschbach, Eric Dinse, Gary Badik, Surkis Moreso and more.

Feb 5:
Empty Bottle - check out Dream Council with Magicks and Perfect Kiss

Feb 6:
Double Door - Wakarusa Festival presents Waka Winter Classic with a performance by Digeometric and many others.

Door No.3 (Double Door) - attend The Hip Hop Monthly featuring Pseudo Slang and DJ Form

O'Brien's Pub (Allston, MA) - rock out with Civil Warblers, Old Soul (from Portland, ME) Vundabar and Derek Teichert
$5 / 9p

Uptown Lounge - check out Spread, Sticky Lupree and Foursquare performing on stage here.

Feb 7:
Livewire Lounge - SHIV-R with very special guests Sean Payne from Cyanotic and JILT!
$12 adv / $15 dos

Chicago Theater - 2 Chainz with PushaT and August Alsina will be performing on stage.
For tickets, visit
ALL AGES / 6:30p

Reggie's Rock Club - rock with The Coup featuring Boots Riley

Concord Music Hall - Dastik returns to Chicago with Must Die and TBA

Double Door - Swizzlesteve presents Swizzle Tree, Workout Music, Brighton MA and The Dead On performing on stage
$10 adv / $12 dos

The Hideout Inn - The Damn Choir's "Creatures of Habit" album release party/tour send-off with The Wild Family and Nate Van Allen.

Cubby Bear - it's Black Bridge along with Jet Driver, Sex Therapy and As Made Famous rockin' the stage.
$7 presale / $10 dos

El Patron Sports Bar & Grill (2260 S. Cicero) - feel the AFRO-Beat/Cumbia sound featuring some of Chicago's funkiest live musicians and collaborators.
$5 / FREE parking

Patio Theater (Irving Park and Austin) - Crispin Hellion Glover will be presenting Part 1 of his "It" trilogy as part of his dramatic narration of 8 of his illustrated projected books as known as Crispin Hellion Glover's Big Slide Show. Event includes Q & A and book signing.

Beer House - check out On Your Marx Ska Brewing Show featuring Run and Punch and The Skalalitabs.

Feb 8:
Fizz Bar & Grill - Hero Monster Zero returns to the stage with friends The Middle City Sound, Fall Classic and Fantastic Mammals
$8 / 8:30p

Dominican University (River Forest, IL) - Ladysmith Black Mambazo will be performing selections from the new album Always With Us.

Subterranean - GroundLift Media presents Classical Material an all-city showcase featuring Watch City, Benny Nice, E. Brown, Rich Jones, Vapor Eyes, Norman, Hongry Bogart, Trew, Fess Grandiose
$7 adv
For tickets,

Double Door - attend Bickhamstock 6 featuring Little Boy Jr, Tommy Gun, Geisha, The Blast Beats, The Yuppies, Furious Frank, The Uglies and Ex Bombers
$5 adv / $10 dos

Door No.3 (Double Door) - Akasha presents Simmer Down Sound
FREE show

Martyrs' - check out the Gorilla Music Fest featuring Fool's Brew, Driven, Birds of a Feather, River Coffin, Without A Breath, Open Hole Soul, Bound To Be Taken, Them Guilty Aces, Eyes of Demise, High Alert, Shifting Totem and I, of Anubis

Bada Brew (Crest Hill, IL) - hey, Skinn Jakkit, Final Curse, Helmer, False Hope Fades, The Desire Remains The Same and 671 Gains will be performing here.
$10 / 8p

Elbo Room - Ditchwater with Driven Under, In The Aisles and Hot Dang will be rockin' the stage here.

The Bacon Room (at Big Grove Tavern, Champaign, IL) - it's Porkapalooza 5 with The Polkaholics featuring MC Jet Sterling and DJ Jett Rock.

Livewire Lounge - robble robble your way when attending Hamburglars 10'' Release show featuring The Goblins and the original lineup of The Larroquettes!

Uptown Lounge (1136 W. Lawrence) - rock with Bluefish Fellows and The Creeps
FREE show

Schuba's Tavern -it's Royale along with QueenBuzz and Kellen and Me rockin' the stage.

Feb 9:
Exit - rock out with Armored Assault and Air Raid as part of Cold Steel Metal series happening every 2nd and 4th Sundays in Jan, Feb and March.
FREE show
Feb 12
Mayne Stage - CAUDog Record Release for Liz Chidester and Cleeman (from Denmark) with other special guests
$5 / ALL AGES / 8p

Elbo Room - check out Private Instigators here.
FREE show

Door No.3 (Double Door) - it's V-Day Mascara FABITAT event featuring burlesque performances by Lucy Stoole, VaVa Voom, Curlene Ribbon and DJ Adam El with special guests Mister Junior, Rob Racine and Po'Chop.
FREE / 9p

Merkin Concert Hall (Goodman House, NYC) - debate this topic Snowden Was Justified he a whistleblower or a traitor? You decide when listening to the arguments from Daniel Ellsburg (former U.S. Military Analyst & Pentagon Papers Whistleblower) and Ben Wizner (legal advisor to Edward Snowden and attorney, ACLU) FOR the motion between Ambassador James Woolsey (former director, CIA and chairman, Foundation for Defense of Democracies) and Andrew C. McCarthy (former federal prosecutor and contributing editor, National Review) AGAINST the motion.
tickets are limited -

Uncommon Ground (Clark location) - attend this benefit for Rock For Kids in a unique tribute to Ryan Adams. 20 local artists like Shawn Kellner, Laura Thompson, Todd Kessler, Gar Clemens, Jamie Lono, Great Divide and more performing 40 of Ryan Adams songs during this two-night charity event.
$10 / for a table reservation, phone 1 773 929 3680 

Feb 13:
Double Door - DJ noDJ, Dozens and Miss Remember will be performing here

The Whistler - it's The Kind of Fire Tour 2014: Fire Walk with Me. Journey into the world of Laura Palmer's nightmare and the ultimate evil himself, Bob, during this night as a place both wonderful and strange where Russ (formerly of Silent Dope Runners) takes his exclaimed Twin Peaks re-soundtracking and applies it to a new show Fire Walk With Me. Come and see David Lynch's cult classic like you've never seen it before.

Underground Wonder Bar - Room 11 Lives residency continues with special guest Radiant Devices performing with the band.

Feb 14:
Goose Island Wrigleyville - Swizzlesteve presents Ernie Halter with Eli Noll and Geoff Glenn performing on stage.
$10 adv / $12 dos

Underground Lounge - Queer Fest America hosts a benefit for The Crib (a LGBTQ homeless youth shelter) with performances by Tooth-Eye, Tutu & the Pirates, Matt Duhaime, Moxie Motive, Psycho Sister and Stardust The David Bowie tribute band.

Logan Square Auditorium - attend Chicago Reader's 5th Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Party featuring Big Freedia.

Reggie's -  spend your Valentine's night with Jack Rabbit with Steven Roth, Sexy Ester and Kerosene Stars

The Outpost Concert Club (Kent, OH) - check out We're All Lost with Switchblade Scarlett, Audience of Rain and Younger Still

Feb 15 - March 15:
It's Louder Than A Bomb 2014 ...The 14th Annual Chicago Youth Poetry Festival.
For more information and tickets, visit

Feb 15:
Metro - It's NOCTURNA's annual New Love / Lost Love Feb 14 Valentine's Ball Special. Be fashionably dressed and seen at this dark alternative dance party now in its 25th year with DJ Scary Lady Sarah as host spinning your requests til dawn (5a). Send your secret crush that special message of love anonymously or not during the Valentine's Mailbox Game.
18+ / $10

Green Town Tavern (Waukegan, IL) - Space Duck Events presents Voice of Addiction along with The C-Sides, Fur Coats for Sportsmen and College Transfer Student rockin' the stage.

Lilly's - Jack Rabbit will be performing here.

Red Line Tap - 6DOS (Degrees of Separation) will be invading this Rogers Park venue.

Tonic Room - rock at this Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Fest lineup featuring a performance by Great Divide.

Reggie's - check out the America Noir Tour 2014 featuring Moonspell, Leaves' Eyes, Atrocity and Withering Soul

Elbo Room - rock with The Manhattan Project, Broccoli Samurai and Digeometric

Double Door - check out Soul Summit FREE Dance Party featuring DJs Sloppy White, Dave Mata and Duke Grip with guest DJs TBA
FREE / $10 VIP ticket available.

Concord Music Hall - DJ Chuckie brings his "Dirty Dutch" show to Chicago

Drake Hotel's Coq d'Or - spend a romantic evening with Jesse Charbonier as he sings your favorite Jazz hits as well as rarely heard works from Chet Baker to Billie Holiday, Johnny Mathis and more until 1a.

Tonic Room - celebrate Tonic Room's 11th Anniversary featuring special performances by The Coop and Gurg.

Feb 20:
Tonic Room - Chicago Farmer performs at Dunn Dunn Fest 2014 along with Tristen Ryan and Joseph Anderson.

Concord Music Hall - it's Blood, Sweat and Tears featuring Downlink and Diezelboy

Feb 21:
Tonic Room - Great Divide performs at Dunn Dunn Fest 2014.

Bada Brew - celebrate at Voodoo Queen's Bday Bash Chicago Style!

Double Door - attend Sidewalk Chalk's album release show featuring The Heard and DJ Dave Mata (Impala Sound).
$10 / 8p

Sound-Bar - dance your night away with Le Castle and Knife Fight
FREE admision before 1a (with a secret password)

Feb 22:
Brauerhouse (Lombard, IL) - check out Armored Assault with Without Waves, Mexican Werewolf and Black 4 on stage.
$5 adv / $7 dos

The Fallout (2230 S. Ashland) - Welcome to Valhalla! Attend the Doc Metal Podcast Launch Party featuring Pig Champion, Oxblood, Taken by the Sun and In The Name of Suffering

Livewire Lounge - Lynch along with Pete Berwick and Kevin Lee & The Kings will be rockin' this venue.

Double Door - check out Vintage Blue's video release along with Markit 8, Dave Tamkin Trio and Eagle Trace.
$8 adv / $10 dos / 7:30p

The Burgundy Room (Waukegan, IL) - rock with Thunder Driver, Fahri and The Miners here.

Fitz's Spare Keys - it's the Drunky Monkey Pub Crawl benefiting The Lauren Kiefer Memorial Fundation
$10 before Feb 14
$15 Feb 15 - 21
$20 day of event

The Mutiny - it's punk all night long featuring Fisticuffs, Criminal Kids, NightCap and We Dodge Missiles.

Feb 23:
Double Door - it's Dre Day hosted by Psalm One featuring The O'My's, Pugs Atomz, Rich Jones with a Nate Dogg tribute by Wes Restless and DJ sets by Intel, Maker, Pickel, Trew, Big One and Kool Hersh
$10 adv / $12 dos 

Feb 26:
Reggie's - Metalhands, attend this show featuring Metal Church, Screamking, Wrath and Ironfinger

Feb 27:
Old Town School of Folk Music - singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan will be performing as part of his first North American tour.

Feb 28:
Rosey's Roadhouse - check out Lucky Boys Confusion rockin' the stage with a special guest(s) to be announced later

Livewire Lounge - attend the Vita Devoid Chicago Benefit and help a dear friend/burlesque sideshow icon of the Florida performance community cover her medical expenses.

Martyrs' - rock out with Dead On T.V., Miss Demeanor and Happy 99.
ALL-AGES / $5 / 5p doors

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So Long ...Farewell 2013!

WOW ...what a year, blogspot readers! It was a busy year for SouthSide On The Town blog ...130+ shows/events covered ...150+ blogs posted on this site ...yes - she did her best but worked super hard trying to cover everything happening within Chicago's vibrant local scene. 

This year she had a chance to meet two rock legends (as well as interview of them) ...took SouthSide On The Town out of Chicago and out of state during two mini road trips ...did some social activism and protesting ...rocked with Italians to Polish to Aussies as well as lads from UK and mourned the lost of a good friend...

R.I.P.  they may be gone but will never be forgotten, blogspot readers...
Mars Volta
My Chemical Romance
Denial Machine
Excalibur (now known as The Castle)
Uncle Fatty's (venue/bar)
Outshine (from Sweden)
Dot Dot Dot
French Wives (from Scotland)
Jonas Brothers
Blockbuster Videos
Cal's Bar (venue/bar)
The Viaduct Theater (now known as Constellation)
Dominick's (grocery store)
Dawn of Ashes

The music world mourned the lost of the following musicians ...some rock legends ...others famous within their craft ...yet all shall be remembered for what they accomplished in this world...

Jack Greene - country musician and veteran star of the Grand Ole Opry; Clive Burr - drummer for Iron Maiden; Peter Brooks - guitarist for YES; Alvin Lee - guitarist for Ten Years After; Bobby Rogers - founding member of The Miracles; Richard Street - vocalist of The Temptations; Van Cliborn - pianist; Don "Dangerous" Toler - guitarist for Allman Brothers Band; Otis "Damon" Harris - The Temptations singer; Magic Slim - Chicago blues guitarist; Tony Sheridan - singer/songwriter and early supporter of the Beatles; Mindy McCreedy - country music star; Shadow Morton - songwriter/producer behind the 60s pop classic "Leader of the Pack"; Ricky Hhuxley - Dave Clark Five bassist; Donald Byrd - jazz trumpeter; Reg Presley - singer of the rock band The Troggs ("Love Is All Around"); Patty Andrews - sole surviving member of the Andrew Sisters; Claude Nobs - founder of Montreux Jazz Festival; Patti Page - singer ("Tennessee Waltz" and "How Much Is That Doggie In the Window"); Claude King - country music singer; Melvin Rhyne - jazz organist; Fran Warren - singer and actress; Jewel Akens - R&B singer ("The Birds and the Bees"); John Kalinowski - rock-n-roll manager (Madness, Procol Harum, Van Morrison, The Kinks); Magic - rap vocalist; Mike Westhues - singer/songwriter and guitarist; Kevin Ayers - psychedelic rock songwriter and musician (Soft Machine, Wilde Flowers); Diane Lampert - songwriter; Claude Monteux - flauist and conductor; Norma Zenteno - singer; Sonny Russo - jazz trombonist; Virgil Johnson - doo-wop singer of The Velvets; Stewart "Duck Fischer - jazz musician and composer; Stanley Snadowsky - rock-n-roll club owner (Bottom Line); Chuck Goff - bassist; Bobby Bennett - musician (The Famous Flames); Ray Vincent Adams - composer and conductor; John LaChapelle - jazz guitarist; Leroy "Sugarfoot" Banner - lead singer of funk band, The Ohio Players ("Love Rollercoaster"); Javier Flores Valerio (saxophonist) and the other band members of Kombo Kolumbia; Ann Robson - blues singer and musician; Butch Morris - composer, cornetist and conductor; Bryan Carlstrom - record engineer (Alice In Chains, The Offspring); Gregory Carroll - R&B singer (The Four Buddies, The Orioles) and songwriter ("Just One Look"); Claude Black - jazz pianist; John Bracheny - songwriter; Claudio Leo - guitarist of Lacuna Coil; Nic Potter - bassist of Van der Geof Generator; Precious Bryant - blues and country musician; Jimmy O'Neill - disc jockey and television host; John Wilkinson - rhythm guitarist of Elvis Presley's TCB Band; George Gruntz - jazz musician; Rex Trailer - television host and recording artist; Tandyn Almer - musician; Kent Abbott - rock musician of Grade; Tom Ebbert - trombonist of Dukes Dixieland; Sammy Johns - singer and songwriter ("Chevy Van", "America"); Steve Knight - musician of Mountain; Frank Pooler - choirmaster and composer; Jason Molina - songwriter ("Ohio"); Bobbie Smith - lead singer of The Spinners; Robert Ward - composer (The Crucible); Phil Ramone - record producer; Hugh McCracken - rock-n-roll sessions musician, producer and arranger; Robert Zildjian - musical instrument manufacturer (Sabian); Gordon Stoker - musician (The Jordanaires); Paul Williams - music journalist, publisher and writer; Lawrence McKiver - gullah singer; Deke Richards - Motown songwriter ("ABC", "The Love You Save"); Eddie Bond - rockabilly singer; Victoria Wicks - jazz publicist and press agent; Floyd McRae - singer (The Chords); Sean Hannan - rock musician and songwriter; Michael Rhodes - opera singer and vocal coach; Paul Shurey - concert and rave promoter; Jimmy Damon - lounge singer; George Jones - country music singer; Earl Pionke - folk nightclub owner; Richie Havens - folk singe and guitarist; Artie White - soul singer; Cordell Musson - bassist (Parliament-Funkadelic); Jim McCandless - singer and songwriter; Scott Miller - singer/songwriter and musician; George Jackson - singer and songwriter; Chi Cheng - bassist (Deftones); Dean Drummond - composer, musician and inventor of multiple myeloma; Vincent Montana Jr. - composer. arranger and percussionist; William Steck - violinist; Don Blackman - jazz-funk pianist, singer and songwriter; Tim Carr - music executive (Capitol Records); Jimmy Dawkins - blues musician; Annette  Funicello - actress and singer; Andy Johns - record producer (Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones); Neil Smith - rock-n-roll musician (AC/DC); Roy Cox - bass musician; Sammy Terry - television horror show host; Jim Nayder - radio producer and personality; John Harrelson - rock musician and songwriter; Puff Johnson - pop singer and songwriter; Alan Myers - new wave drummer (Devo); Bobby Bland - blues and soul singer; Jeanne Arland Peterson - jazz pianist; Mary Love - soul and gospel singer; Kevin McDade - metal bassist; Lil Snupe - rap artist; Chet Flippo - music journalist (Rolling Stone, Billboard); Slim Whitman - country singer and songwriter; Roger LaVern - keyboardist (The Tornados); Sam Most - jazz flautist; Johnny Smith - jazz guitarist and songwriter; Darondo - soul singer; Elaine Laron - songwriter and lyricist (The Electric Company, "Free To Be You And Me"); Brent Wilson - jazz saxophonist; Don Bowman - comedian and country singer/songwriter;  Cecil Crawford - co-founder of Ticketmaster; Joey Covington - musician (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna); Jim Sundquist - rockabilly musician (The Fendermen); Ben Tucker - jazz musician; Arnold Eldus - violinist; Piano C Red - blues musician; Mick Deth - heavy metal bassist (Eighteen Visions, Bleeding Through); Rob Marsberger - rock-n-roll singer and songwriter; Keith Wilson - classical musician, teacher and conductor; Paul Olefsky - cellist; Jaime Thompson - singer; Chris Kelly - rap artist (Kriss Kross); Jeff Hannerman - guitarist (Slayer); Ray Harryhausen - stop-motion animator; Teri Moise - singer; Romathony - DJ, record producer and singer; Ken Whaley - rock musician (Man, Ducks Deluxe, Help Yourself); Ollie Mitchell - big band musician (The Wrecking Crew); Munroe Hopper - gospel musician; Alan O'Day - singer and songwriter; Harold Shapero - composer and pianist; Ray Manzarek - rock keyboardist of The Doors; Zach Sabiech - pop singer and viral video performer; Trevor Bolder - musician (David Bowie); Frank Cornstack - composer; Helmut Braunlich - composer; Ed Shaughnessy - drummer (The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson); Marshall Lytle - rock-n-roll musician (Bill Haley & His Comets); Mulgrew Miller - jazz pianist; Elliot del Bargo - composer; David Burge - pianist; Jane Henson - co-found of The Muppets; Roger Ebert - film critic and screenwriter; Matt Ryd - singer and songwriter; Mick Farren - lead singer of The Deviants, music journalist and author; Texas Johnny Brown - blues musician and songwriter; Brett Walker - songwriter, musician and record producer; Curly Lewis - swing fiddler (The Texas Playboys); T-Model Ford - blues musician; Carline Ray - jazz guitarist; GiGi Hine - blues singer and songwriter; Steve Berrios - jazz drummer; Ken Levy - rock singer; J.J. Cole - Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter ("After Midnight", "Cocaine"); Cosmo Allegretti - children's television actor (Captain Kangaroo); Sharon Mosby - jazz and blues singer; Nick Nixon - country singer/songwriter; Nat Weiss - talent manager and lawyer (The Beatles, James Taylor, Miles Davis); Karen Black - actress (Trilogy of Terror, Burnt Offerings, Easy Rider); Bill Johnston - music venue owner (The Warehouse); Marilyn King - singer and last surviving member of The King Sisters; George Duke - Grammy award-winning jazz fusion keyboardist; Tim Wright - bass guitarist (Pere Ubu, DNA); Steve Jones - music journalist and critic; Toby Saks - cellist and found of Seattle Chamber Music Society; Jack Clement - record/film producer and singer/songwriter (Sun Records, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, U2); Al Coury - music executive; Regina Resnik - operatic mezzo-soprano; Louis Killen - musician and folk singer (The Clancy Brothers)/songwriter; Eydie Gorme - singer ("Blame It on the Bossa Nova"); Jody Payne - musician (Willie Nelson's Family); Jason Rosenthal - rock singer (On The Might of Princes)/songwriter; Jon Brookes - drummer (The Charlatans); Tompall Glaser - country music singer; Allen Lanier - rock keyboardist and guitarist (Blue Oyster Cult); Bobby Stone - bluegrass musician (Kentucky Colonels, J. D. Crowe); Jane Harvey - jazz singer; Donna Hightower - singer;  Cedar Walton - jazz pianist; Sid Bernstein - music producer, promoter and the one who brought The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to the U.S.; Jay P. Richardson - musician and son of the Big Bopper; Norman Winter - publicist (Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond); Joey LaCaze - drummer (Eyehategod); Vanaye Aikens - singer; Chris Friedich - rock bassist (Caspian); John "Juke" Logan - blues harmonica player; Alvis Wayne - rockabilly musician; Kidd Kraddick - radio personality; Fred Katz - jazz cellist and composer; Forrest - singer; Patti Webster - publicist (Usher, Janet Jackson); Jerry Bishop - disc jockey, television personality and creator of Svengoolie; Mac Curtis - rockabilly singer; Jimmy Pander - jazz guitarist; Lindsay Cooper - rock and jazz bassoonist and oboist; Gia Malone - jazz singer; Billy Mure - guitarist; Oscar Castro-Neves - bossa nova musician; Zulema - R&B singer; Ramblin' Tommy Scott - country/rockabilly musician; Frank Wess - jazz saxophonist and flautist; Sherman Halsey - music video director; Layne Redmond - drummer; Lou Reed - rock musician (The Velvet Underground)/songwriter ("Walk On The Wild Side"); Al Johnson - soul singer (The Unifics); Lawrence Leighton Smith - conductor and pianist;  Gypic Mayo - rock guitarist (Dr. Feelgood, Yardbirds)/songwriter ("Milk and Alcohol"); Colonel Robert Morris - musician; Noel Harrison - singer ("The Windmills of Your Mind"); Ronald Shannon Jackson - percussionist; Lou Scheimer - TV producer (He-Ma, Fat Albert) and co-founder of Filmation; Donald Bailey - jazz drummer; Gloria Lynne - jazz vocalist; Cal Smith - country singer ("The Lord Knows I'm Drinking", "Country Bumpkin"); Dick LaPalm - music producer and promoter (Count Baise, Nat King Cole); Will Ogdon - composer; Butch Warren - jazz bassist; Frank D'Rome - jazz musician; Bill Lawrence - electric guitar designer and maker; Austin John Marshall - record producer and artist; Clyde Stacy - musician and co-founder of the Tulsa Sound; Arnold Rosner - classical music composer; Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre - jazz saxophonist; Bob Beckham - music publisher and country singer; Katherine Hagedorn - musicologist; Conrad Susa - opera composer; Brian Dawson - folk singer; Wayne Mills - country music singer; William Adam - trumpeter and bandleader; Bob Day - pop singer (The Allisons); Chico Hamilton - jazz drummer; Oliver Cheatham - singer ("Get Down Saturday Night"); Dick Dodd - musician (The Bel-Airs, Eddie and Showmen, The Standells); Yusef Lateef - Grammy award winning saxophonist; Ricky Lawson - drummer (Phil Collins, Michael Jackson); David Richards - record producer (Queen, Iggy Pop); Herb Gellar - jazz saxophonist; Larry Lujack - Chicago disc jockey; Ray Price - singer ("For the Good Times"); George H. Buck Jr - music industry executive; Jim Hall - jazz guitarist, composer and arranger; John Wyker - musician; Chick Willis - blues singer; Jack Purcell - trombonist and big band leader; Nelson Mandela; Eric "Guitar" Davis - blues guitarist; Chrissy Amphlett - frontwoman of Divinyls; Phil Chervon - guitarist of the Pogues; Doe B - rapper (Hustle Gang);  Boyd Lee Dunlop - jazz pianist; Marta Eggerth - singer and actress; Stan Brooks - radio broadcaster; Trigger Alpert - jazz double bassist (Glenn Miller Band); Lord Infamous - rapper (Three 6 Mafia); Kayo Redd - rapper; Benjamin Curtis - rock musician (Tripping Daisies, Secret Machines, School of Seven Bells); Dwayne Burno - jazz bassist and composer;

Over the course of 2013, SouthSide had the pleasure of either meeting and/or interviewing or both the following musicians/bands that rocked the stages around town:
National - Golden State, Detective, Mordacious, Capture By Robots, A Band of Orcs, Psyclon Nine, Dawn of Ashes, Davey Suicide (California); Havok (Colorado); The Relapse Symphony (D.C.); Ludoovio Technique (Florida); Jake Shimabukuro (Hawaii); Driven, Energy Commission, The Last Chance Boyz (Indiana); The Diplomats of Solid Sound (Iowa); Astor Place Riot (Kentucky); Honey Island Swamp Band, Dirty Dozen Brass Band (Louisiana); God and The Architects, Don Preston (Michigan); Beacon James (Minnesota); Alice Sweet Alice (Missouri); Frontal Bounary, Motive, We Are Temporary, The Knocks, Dumpster Hunter, Noveller (New York); Andrew Ellis (Ohio); Truckstop Darlin', Eric Stern (Oregon); Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, The Grahams, Blackfoot Gypsies, Av0ndale (Tennessee); UME, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead, Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs (Texas); The Rose Phantom (Utah); God Module, William Control (Washington); Esh the Singer, Ifdakar, Eagle Trace, Dead Man's Carnivale (Wisconsin)
International - The Red Paintings (Australia); Rococode (British Columbia, Canada); The Rabid Whole (Ontario, Canada); Dope Stars Inc (Italy); Black City Lights (New Zealand); Femi Kuti & The The Positive Force (Nigeria); Riverside (Poland); Anna von Hausswolff (Sweden); Robert Plant and Sensational Space Shifters, Ian Anderson, Jim Rose Circus, Fearless Vampire Killers (United Kingdom)

Plus, SouthSide had an opportunity to take SouthSide On The Town out of the town during 2013. In March she traveled to High Noon Saloon (located in Madison, WI) with Vintage Blue July, it was sipping wine under the stars at Ravinia (Highland Park, IL) for Thick As A Brick 1 & 2 with Ian Anderson as well as seeing Ian Anderson again at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, IN

At this time, SouthSide would like to say "Thank you" to the following (of course in no particular order) for another year of fun and excitement well as keeping her extremely busy all 2013 long: Tom George of Tag Publicity, Lorri Francis of Double Door, August Forte of Novo Arts Inc., Anne Leighton of Leighton Media, Dave Cooke and Elbo Room, Michael Teach of CAU and CAU Dog Records, Schuba's Tavern, Lincoln Hall, Berlin Nightclub, Vic Theatre, DJ Scary Lady Sarah and NOCTURNA, Metro, Smart Bar, Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville), Empty Bottle, Dennis Kelly of Chicago Music Guide, Beat Kitchen, Rock In Chicago group, Hard Rock Cafe, Angels & Kings, House of Blues (Chicago), Ravinia, Star Plaza Theatre, Chicago Cultural Center, Showplace Icon, Logan Theatre, River East, Richard Roma (SouthSide's publisher at Page Publishing ...for having patienee while she pens her book), Livewire Lounge, Elle Quintana of Reggie's, Reggies Rock Club and Music Joint, Cobra Lounge, Martyrs', Double Door, Subterranean, Debonair Social Club, Evil Olive, Porn and Chicken (yep, SRTB again), Bottom Lounge, CTA (best way to travel around town), The Castle, Ultra Lounge, Chill Fest, Social Media Week, Concord Music Hall, Music Box Theatre, Mutiny, Hungry Brain, Red Line Tap, Park West, The Hideout, Township, The Ryd family, Underground Lounge, Wise Fool's Pub, Joseph C "Lord" Vourteque and Rouge! Electro Swing, Shawn Kellner, City Winery, Scary Cherry & the Band Bangs, The Abbey Pub, Jeff Fest, North Coast Music Fest, Taste of Randolph, JBTV, The Alley stores, Door No.3 (Double Door), Goose Island, Copernicus Center, Beauty Bar, Mayne Stage, Riviera Theatre, Quenchers Saloon, Lincoln Square Lanes, Uncommon Ground, Rockit Bar & Grill, Serbian American St Ava Museum, Nite Cap, Coq d'Or (The Drake Hotel), Jesse Charbonier, and many, many more (in case I forgot a name or two).

Thanks to the many bands (she wishes she could thank each and every one of you out there) for rockin' the stage near and far during 2013. See many of you again in 2014!

Thanks to the fans for attending the shows ...supporting your favorite band as well as supporting the music scene. Continue giving them that support in 2014.

Thanks to you the blogspot reader ...SouthSide enjoyed sharing her adventures with you. She ready for another year of sleepless nights and endless partying until dawn...

Until next time,  support your local scene in 2014...