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24 Jan 14

It was a dark and snowy night ...but that didn't stop this SouthSide from rockin' the local scene on this Friday night! Covering one show wasn't enough for this fearless reviewer. NO, blogspot readers! Yep, she played the "CTA Mad Dash" game to cover two shows hapening at opposite ends of town in one fantastic night.  Her first stop of the evening was deep inside the Lakeview/Wrigleyville area to see her friend, Josh Hill Band before jamming at Double Door's Winter Formal with Brother George. It was a very exciting ...action-packed night for her. Believe it or not, blogspot readers, this wild and crazy (extremely) cold winter weather doesn't scare away others from packing venues and bars to hear local music either.

Opening the show at Goose Island was singer-songwriter as well as yodeler Zach Bonnan who wowed the audience with his fine skills of whistling and yodels while performing songs like New Orleans. SouthSide enjoyed the way he entertained with interesting slices of life about love, that noisy woman on the bus who's chatting loudly on her mobile and much more amidst his raw falsetto vocal tone. Stories that you could feel being brought to life, blogspot readers. Afterwards, Josh Hill and his band (from Akron, Ohio) rocked the audience with a lively performance of a blues/rockabilly rock sound which had many feeling so inclined to dance along to their rhythmic, upswing beat. Fans of this genre will enjoy how this trio will get your body groovin' to the intense energy felt within each guitar riff as well as to the "get down and get dirty" funky beat. Smokin' hot jams filled with the wailing soul of that Stax sound kept people around SouthSide near and far in the back area of Goose Island swaying to Josh's music ...exciting their musical souls til the very last drop of electric riffs died in a big finish. Songs like the R&B/soul Goodbye Brown Eyes brought out the dynamic yet emotional side of Josh Hill Band's vocal harmonies exposing that gritty heartache of telling someone you once cared about goodbye before electrifying the room with edgy rock-n-roll, blogspot readers. Sadly, SouthSide had to go just when the party was really heating up. However, she's looking forward to seeing Josh and the band whenever they swing by Chicago again but in the meantime, visit the band at

" two more left for y'all then you're coming to my house..."

Over at Double Door, it was a fashionable scene (despite the cold and snow) where music enjoyed the groovy sounds of Santah and Jonny Drake featuring the psychedelia rock jam band - Brother George, blogspot readers. This local band not only brought mesmerizing rhythmic sound and instrumental music vibe to the stage but also balloons. Yes, during their headlining set, balloons were bouncing everywhere near and around the stage while this quintet group performed. SouthSide immediately enjoyed the modernized version of the 70s acid/psychedelic guitar rock which surged throughout this popular Wicker Park venue with non-stop vibrant energy and electrifying sound ...the perfect combination for this type of party. People all around this reviewer were in a constant state of motion, blogspot readers, even though were moments in which the melodies were melodramatic and quite relaxing between the intense momentum. During those moments, blogspot readers, it was nice to jam to the calming instrumental vibe before returning back to the upbeat swing again. By all definitions, you consider Brother George's music to be moody ...and you would definitely be correct. This local band throughout their performance had this late night crowd swaying (or waltzing as observed by this reviewer) to the many mood swings produced by their melodic sound. With one song, they could take you towards the end of the spectrum and then leave you hanging at the middle while the band pursues other unique sound combinations before taking you to the end. That's how it felt when Brother George rocked the stage with their closing number with one of the biggest bang to leaving people wanting more. It was a feast of music for the body and soul, blogspot readers, while moving your body to that fantastic beat. Be one of many shiny happy people when seeing this band perform live at their next show. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the Brother George theme song and Love Dies Young (off the band's current album "Big Piney") in which this reviewer felt poetic sense wonderfully complimenting this band's unique rock sound and blended harmonies. For more about Brother George, visit

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