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23 Jan 14

Happy 2014, blogspot readers! 

SouthSide's back rockin' the local music beat even while stuck in this unusually arctic-like winter. Despite the icy winds howling and below normal temps chilling the bones, it was definitely HOT inside Empty Bottle with bands like Aktar Aktar and The Ivorys on stage. In the middle of this fantastic lineup was North By North proudly celebrating the release of their debut album "Something Wicked".

Recently named as one of the top 15 rising local acts to watch in 2014 (according to RedEye), this reviewer enjoyed this band's fresh yet unique approach to their guitar rock sound that will leave you (as well as your ears) blown away when their set is finished. That's how SouthSide and many others who attended this show felt after witnessing North By North perform live selections off their new album. It was pop ...powerpop ...a touch of punk ...electronica and so much more wrapped up inside this local act's performance, blogspot readers, which electrified the stage with vibrant bursts of energy and intricately complex rhythms. For this reviewer, it was a feast for the musical mind and soul. She liked the way the trio incorporated bits and pieces of one or more genres to create danceable floetry of poppy melodies. At times, she also found North's music to be a little edgy to hauntingly creepy as well as emotionally passionate.

For this local trio, the music is the central and main focus do expect this band to rock the stage under an aura of mystery at times especially when it comes their song intros. For example, check out the song The Terror (list on the album as track 18), SouthSide loved the creepy electronic intro that sent a rush of icy chills down this reviewer's spine despite a touch of rough feedback off the monitors during the chorus. Yet, it was the North's unique upbeat rhythm and melody in this quick-paced tune that will definitely grab your attention, blogspot readers. SouthSide did have the same reaction during Is This A Dream ? (track 10) where you'll hear the twinkling sounds of lullaby enchantment under a creepy carnivale-esque vibe with dark lyrics to match. Or bask in the edgy grit of the guitar (by front man Nate) during Creature Comforts and new song with just enough rock loudness to get you head banging to the beat. Meanwhile feel that boisterous electrifying edge that will get the heart instantly racing with excitement from North's The Matisse Eye.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out North By North live as well as snagging a copy of the band's 18-track debut album, "Something Wicked" to add to your CD collection, blogspot readers.

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