Friday, October 4, 2019

1 Oct 19 - The Field

Hey, blogspot readers, something strange and spooky is happening within a farmland field ...and it's not those mysterious children of the corn either.

Picture this, if you will, a happily married couple in the autumn of 1961 running towards their farmland until...suddenly and unexpectedly the wife disappears ...vanishing without a trace. Where did she go within the field?

That, blogspot readers,is just the beginning of this supernatural, psychological thriller (with a bit of romance) mystery of this indie movie, The Field.

Now, flash forward to modern day at the new sold Dondlinger Farm owned newly transplanted couple from Chicago, Ben (Tim Higgins) and Lidia (Kara Mulrooney) in an attempt to rekindle the lost romance of their stalled marriage. It's a second chance at love, blogspot readers.He is a former chef now turned photographer while she is an interior designer but together, they're totally out of place in this quiet community of Manitowoc. Yet, you can tell this couple is determined to make it work.

Aw, the cinematic trappings of a romantic movie ...not so fast, blogspot readers. There are creepy things and weird dreaming (among other occurrences) that begin to happen between our two main characters. Besides Ben getting so caught up with his ghostly images appearing in his photos, Lidia uncovers strange photos and finds of her own which may involve Runistic/Satanic rites that were once documented by the town's art gallery owner, George (Barry Bostwick).

Please, also note, the townspeople harbor their own level of creepy vibes throughout The Field. There's the Manitowoc County sheriff, Roy Dondlinger (Mark Metcalf) who cruelly outs the new inhabitants with his surly brand of welcome at the local diner upon noticing Ben eating the very last slice of Warren Cafe's infamous blueberry pie. That's strike one against our main characters. The local cashier (Mark Borchardt) at the local hardware store who enjoys spouting his own version of guru, zen-like Celestial prose to Ben and George (Bostwick) who was a former New York photographer/ad man harbors some dark secrets to his past and connection to the farm and field. And there's Edith (Veronica Cartwright). She, blogspot readers, is an unsolved mystery wrapped within herself to which you might soon get the feeling she's not whom she really is due to her off mannerisms.

The more secrets are uncovered or discovered about The Field the more suspenseful and strange the movie becomes, blogspot readers. That's the psychological thriller beauty of this indie supernatural film. Various connections or as filmmaker Tate Bunker coins it as "mythology" to the farmland field will begin to lead you, the viewer, down different paths of perhaps different parallel dimensions occurring at the same space of time. It's that kind of vibe that will stick with you until the very end ...ah ha - no spoilers by this reviewer here, blogspot readers. You have to see The Field.

If SouthSide had to compare this movie among other commercially produced or with other genres she has seen, she would have to say there's a tiny bit of Jordan Peele's US (you will know it when you see it), mixed with Alfred Hitchcock suspense, and the supernatural element of Clive Barker or Ari Aster (for the ruinistic symbols and details) with some heart-racing moments and the added touch of romance just to lighten the mood ...a little. However, SouthSide would like to add a word of caution, blogspot readers. When viewing the trailer for this movie, don't immediately assume The Field is a "horror"movie. No real horror to be found here ...just good old fashion suspense and surprises that will come unexpectedly throughout.

SouthSide could go on and on raving how great The Field was ...from the script writing to the directing and wonderfully well-placed music that blends as well as highlights the dramatic suspense and spookiness together to the acting with totally believable characters just to convince you to see this movie. Nope, she would rather let your mind be intrigued after reading this review and or viewing the trailer. During this age of reboots, remakes and sequels having sequels, it was very refreshing to view something so original and out of the Hollywood ordinary which allowed this blogger's mind get spookified by the creepy farmland trappings in between a few laughs that weren't forced upon her as a comedic set-up and then question her sanity along with Ben and Lidia the further she watched The Field.

Oh before SouthSide signs off - yes the farm used in The Field and surrounding land as well as town of Manitowoc is real, blogspot readers.Just don't expect her to venture into the field alone either ...merely a precaution.

Highly recommended

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