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28 Jan 11

...even in a Music Joint, it's pretty ordinary... - Tenniscourts

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to another action-packed weekend with SouthSide! Fun and music (and sometimes little mischief) abound within Chicago's rockin' music scene which kept this reviewer busy checking out some of the hottest shows happening around. Friday night, she was at Reggie's Music Joint for Tenniscourts and Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers (from WI). Saturday night, she's doing a double shot of local shows featuring The Lifeline and Lucid Ground at Metro and then Sutured Psyche over at Elbo Room.

They're a lively trio that rocked the stage with an eclectic Brit powerpop/rock sound with clever song titles/lyrics. SouthSide highly suggests checking out Tenniscourts at their next scheduled performance and be prepared to have some fun with this band. This reviewer liked how they poked fun not only at themselves (especially during the song Ordinary Life - a hilarious take on the unability to relate/connect with regular joes because the band's wealthy) but also at society in general. For instance, in one particular song, there was a grim but realistic look into the future where you could be arrested for your thoughts meanwhile in another (though written years ago) was about the condition of Chicago which was dedicated to outgoing mayor, Richard Daley. One can also find some humor within Tennis' seriousness such as "...if I had a swimming pool ...I would be the happiest kid in the world..." from Swimming Pool. She also enjoyed hearing about the little things that kill you in Little Things That Kill as well as a song titled Alfie. Not the Michael Caine movie song, mind you, blogspot readers but it's Tennis' take on the entire movie cleverly summed up inside a punk/rock vibe. This band's music popped with vibrant sound and plenty of percussion fadeout styles. Speaking of the drummer (Tom), he was a blast to watch as he sparkled with his charismatic charm and facial expressions while performing behind the kit. For more information about Tenniscourts, visit

Though having a rough night on stage, this trio (from Oshkosh, WI) still rocked the Music Joint stage with a vibrant alternative/rock performance. Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers made another return appearance to Chicago bringing with them that wholesome and lively music to the Friday night audience. SouthSide enjoyed their eclectic sound that tends to reflect the band's variety as well as personal taste in music. One minute, one might hear a rockin' mix of alternative and country while in the next song a little more blues or retro feel ...or in another one - something completely different yet it will keep you groovin' to their sound throughout the set. The main thing still remains that Ian and the band love to jam to vibin' guitar riffs and energetic percussion rhythms (especially while the drummer stands on his stool which generated applause and cheers). Despite not truly having a solid set (minor lyrical flubs with certain songs and some vocal strain), Ian still impressed this reviewer with heart-wrenching emotion and falsettos heard within the lyrics from front man, Ian himself. SouthSide knows with some minor adjustments (such as having a ready-made set list to keep them running smoothly), this band will have a better outting at their next scheduled appearance. Visit for when and where Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers will be rockin' the stage again.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

26 Jan 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's back with more local show rockin' the scene! Tonight, she's hanging out at Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville location) for its weekly local music showcase. This free show featured a variety of talented artists/bands currently makin' waves within Chicago's vibrant local scene. Though each performance was only granted a limit of 3 songs, it gave the audience a bite-size sample of what's hip and happening on stages around town. SouthSide encourages blogspot readers to check out the following artists/bands at their next scheduled full-length show.

The showcase begun with an eclectic yet lively combination of alternative/electro pop/psychedelic performance by Teuce ( However, SouthSide found herself enjoying the instrumentally mellow side of this band rather than the lyrical side which opened their brief set. Despite the many miscues by the drummer (not known if intentional or simply mistakes) that threw off the guitars during the first song, the music didn't pop until the trio rocked the stage with a neo-jazz/funk/alternative fusion. And no fault of their own, the amps provided by Cubby Bear (especially the bass) were no match to handle the vibrant sound produced by this band.

Next Jeffrey Martin acoustically impressed this reviewer with a strong demonstration of his vocal capabilities throughout his time on stage. After opening with a cover song, he ended with two originals in which one was titled Hospital Sheets - dramatically showing off the raw emotion and heartfelt realism inside the lyrics. This artist's morbid fascination on the subject of death doesn't truly reflect anything frightening but more of a realistic tone while listening to him sing ...especially when Jeffrey equated death to being free.

Then the audience got a brief tast of the island sound of reggae/ska by Roots Rockers Club ( This group's music did spice up the stage a little however when not jamming to the rasta groove, SouthSide did have a difficult time understanding what was being said over the mics. This reviewer was expecting more umph happening within Roots' lively reggae music and also felt the female vocalist was merely unnecessary. She was mostly a distraction ...not really contributing (vocally) to the band's music or performance.

SouthSide's good friend, Nate Z (acoustically) electrified the stage with his electric vibe and dynamic vocal power throughout his short set. His lyrics tend to get emotionally frustrated in the voice between the lengthy instrumental solos to immerse your ears into his unique one-man band sound. However (and once again no fault of his own), the amp provided didn't have enough bass sound to accompany the electric groove usually heard in songs like Get Over Me. Even though, it wasn't one of his best outtings, blogspot readers, luckily Nate will be rockin' the stage again this weekend at Louie's (on Lincoln Avenue). Visit for details.

SouthSide stuck around for Shanghai Superstars' performance which was quite energetic within a vibrant pop/rock sound. She had a fun time feeling this lively quartet mixing a little hardcore/metal rock off the guitars as well as hearing some lyrical rap used between the chorus during one particular song. However more mic power was needed for the front man to be heard above the rip-roaring riffs tearing up the stage. Blogspot readers should visit for more details about their upcoming CD (due at end of March) and next scheduled performance.

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26 Jan 11 - The Millennium Experience

Hey, blogspot readers, do have the drive to challenge yourself and dance abilities? Do you have what it takes to win a spot in Chorus Line? If so, SouthSide highly suggests testing your dance capabilities and dreams when Millennium Dance Complex brings a mini version of what it can offer to a major city near you. This world reknown dance studio, where many celebrities, choreographers and dancers train to achieve their very best in the craft, is about to launch its premiere national tour called The Millennium Experience. Touring coast to coast which includes stops in Chicago, Miami and Salt Lake City, the Experience will give dancers and choreographers an opportunity to meet and work alongside with celebrity choreographers such as Marty Kudelka, Donyelle Jones and Jesselee Santos. Besides the intensive choreographed dance sessions, this weekend experience also includes lessons on how to complete a successful dance audition and techniques, meets and greets with agents and dance agencies as well as performing in a dance show on a the final day. This looks to be one action-packed weekend, blogspot readers, only if you're ready to challenge yourself to the extreme.

To get more in depth information about The Millennium Experience tour and what else participants can expect during their intense weekend sessions, SouthSide was granted an opportunity to interview dancer/choreographer - Jesselee Santos. Blogspot readers might have seen him recently dancing with Queen Latifah during the People's Choice Awards or remember him performing on the Grammy Music Awards with Madonna (in 2001) and Alicia Keys (in 2002). He has also starred in Honey (with Jessica Alba) and Malibu's Most Wanted (with Jamie Kennedy) as well as music videos like Will Smith's Wild Wild West. However, believe it or not, blogspot readers, according to Jesselee dancing wasn't truly his passion was a way to lose weight when discovering it at the age of 19. Though not having met him in person yet, SouthSide could distinctly hear the excitement in his voice as he passionately spoke while answering her questions.

SouthSide first asked Jesselee if prior dance experience and/or background is required to attend The Millennium Experience. He suggests those planning to attend this intense weekend event should have at least three (3) years of dance experience (ballet, tap, modern, etc) which also should include a working knowledge and familiarity of routines, combinations and etiquette. Dancers will be classified into two sections - those with three years of experience will be placed in the intermediate or "up-n-comer" level meanwhile those with three to five years of experience will be placed in the advance or "elite" level. Then she asked him what would it take for Millennium participants to have a successful weekend. Jesselee advises participants to be open-minded and ready to challenge themselves and their craft go beyond their "normal" element. This will involve (for some) stepping away from the mirror ...for others, it might be working with a different set of people from all walks of life and backgrounds or pushing themselves beyone one style of teaching. He also hopes each participant walks away not feeling comfortable but challenged once their weekend Experience is over. According to Jesse, participants will also discover who they truly are as a dancer whether or not they're fitted within the entertainment industry as a chosen career. Yet, this doesn't solely mean being a dancer, blogspot readers. One might "discover" he or she want to create the hottest dance routine/combination or direct choreography for the next hottest music video. Jesselee also mentions there will plenty of knowledge and helpful hints given to help all attendees have successful dance careers such as what agencies to see. "...survival skills..." is what he calls the knowledge given from the Q & A sessions in which participants will be able to apply beyond their weekend Millennium Experience.

This reviewer, having recently experienced her first Rock-n-Roll Fantasy Camp (weekend session), asked Jesselee if it was fair to compare that to The Millennium Experience. Though not quite the same experience or level as Rock-n-Roll Fantasy Camp, she did learn The Millennium Experience is still within similiar parameters as Fantasy Camp. Participants will get the opportunity to work with artists like him or Donyelle Jones and meet with dance companies/agencies. However the Experience will be intense - attendees will feel that pressure of learning a new routine/combination within a set time limit, experience that anxiety of getting it perfected and much more. Jesselee says the experience not only will be nerve-wrecking but will feel similiar to what professional dancers/choreographers face on a daily basis in this industry. "...the ups and downs in dancing..." according to Jesselee also stating the time constraint will heighten the attendees' dance experience. Then SouthSide asked whether or not each city might feature a different lineup during The Millennium Experience national tour. For example, the Los Angeles session (happening the weekend of February of 19 and 20) will feature Jojo Wright (KIIS 102.7 Fm's Jojo On The Radio) as MS with special guest performance by Grammy-nominated singer Colby O'Donis (featured performer on Lady Gaga's Just Dance). Colby, by the way, blogspot readers, is a currently studying at The Millennium Dance Complex. The choreographer lineup and what will be taught during Chicago's Millennium Experience weekend will differ from New York's and Orange County's depending on the style that is prevalent amongst the participants who sign up. And like Rock-n-Roll Fantasy Camp, attendees to The Millennium Experience will have the opportunity (if they want) to be a part of the premiere dance show slongwith their choreographers on the final day of the weekend Experience.

The interview concluded, blogspot readers, with more random questions for Jesselee especially one asked for SouthSide's eight year old daughter. She wanted to know if he has ever worked with Lady Gaga. Despite not having the chance to work with this popular pop rock artist, Jesse said he would love to work with her (and Beyonce as well) but with caution and some stipulations because he's also a role model and mentor to the kids he trains. He states she (Lady Gaga) is a phenominal artist ...very ecelectic and out there with her own style and music. And plus she puts on an amazing (Monster Ball) show. Besides hoping the chance to work with Lady Gaga and Beyonce, he first and foremost would like to work with Patti LaBelle. SouthSide asked if there was any particular music or dance style he prefers the most to which he excitedly replied, "EVERYTHING!" Jesselee enjoys all kinds of music and dance especially that involves culture (i.e. Bollywood - which both Jesselee and SouthSide share a love for). According to Jesselee, "...artists cannot be picky..." and advises dancers not to limit themselves to one single style of music and/or dance genre. And lastly, SouthSide asked how does it feel touring with the other celebrity choreographers. Jesselee really doesn't like to be known as a "celebrity dancer/choreographer" rather instead to be known as an artist. "...take away the words 'celebrity' and 'choreographer' ...we're all [merely] artists..." And being an artist doesn't mean singer either, blogspot readers. If you're creating and/or perfecting a craft that appeals to other people, then according to Jesselee, you're an artist. He did also state that he has worked with the other Millennium Experience choreographers scheduled to appear during the tour ...and is very excited to be directing their creativity and vision.

Wow, what a fun interview that was for SouthSide. She would like to thank Jesselee Santos for taking time out of his busy schedule answering her questions. The reviewer alongwith her 17 year old daughter will get an opportunity in March to observe him instructing a Master class when he comes to Chicago ...perhaps she'll learn a new dance routine in the process, blogspot readers. In the meantime, SouthSide highly suggests checking out for more details and ticket information to attend The Millennium Experience tour coming to a major city near you!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

February 2011

Hey, blogspot readers, it's the Year of the Rabbit! And maybe Mr. Goundhog will predict the end of winter! It's another exciting rockin' month of music and events happening around town you should check out with SouthSide.

Feb 1 - Check out this FREE show happening at Double Door featuring Sinister Fate, Tryst, Illusion Fate and Bleed for the Fallen.


Check out this rising rock band, Athel, when they hit the stage at Congress Theatre opening for Buckcherry!

Feb 4 - At Subterranean, Verona Red celebrates its 7-song EP release titled Every Pound. The lineup also features Bully In The Hallway. $10


At Beat Kitchen, Luster also celebrates its EP/Single release before embarking on a mini tour.


At Luck Number (1931 N. Milwaukee) New Wave meets Industrial smashed together with vibin' sounds of Electro music featuring DJ Peter Propaganda.

Feb 5 - At Hideout, Chicago's Roommate will be rockin' the stage before its March 18 Guilty Rainbow Record Release show (at Empty Bottle). Check out Rommate's single - Snow Globe in which you can download a free MP3 copy here:
For more information, visit


At Double Door, Rambos will be rockin' the stage alongwith Detroit Cobras and Hollows. Visit for more information.


Check out this benefit show happening at Nite Cap (5007 W. Irving Park). Metal Fury presents Adult Stem Cell Research featuring Mega Militia (Metallica tribute band) with special guest speaker George Flores. 9p / $8 donaton. for more information and details.

Feb 7 - SouthSide's good friends, The Reptoids, will be rockin' the Empty Bottle stage with Hunters and Hawbit. FREE show

Feb 9 - Jesse Payne (from Birmingham, AL) will be visiting Elbo Room performing songs off his current album, Nesting.
For more information, visit

Feb 10 - At Cubby Bear, check out this hot rockin' lineup featuring Inn Cinema, Red Novella and The Branded.

Feb 11 - The Alaya Conscious rocks La Salle Power Company during its video release show featuring Bambi Raptor and The Branded. $5


Grape Juice Records will be hosting its 1st installment of a 2011 showcase at Subterranean. The lineup on this date will feature Chaperone, Jon Drak & The Shakes, Julie Muckler and Rachele Eve. $8 / 21+

Feb 12 - Athel rocks the Metro stage opening for The Lovehammers!


Check out Winter Peace Fest happening at Stage One Temple Arts (located in Des Plaines, IL). This all ages/one-day event features 25+ bands rockin' THREE stages from 2p to 2a. Tickets are $10 and can be purchase here:

Feb 13 - The Passing will be rockin' Subterranean opening for Innerpartysystem.

Feb 15 - Check out this Double Door lineup, blogspot readers, Hemmingbirds, Pinto & Bean, Jet W Lee and Tiny Bones. Show starts at 8p / $5 / 21+

Feb 17 - At Schubas, Riley Etheridge, Jr (from NY/SC) will be visiting Chicago before the release of his new album Powder Keg on March 8.

Feb 18 - Steampunk Chicago presents - Clockwork Vaudville: The Gearbox Fantasique! It's going to be a circus extravaganza, blogspot readers, that SouthSide has never seen before. It will feature The Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow, The White Ghost Shivers, The Mutiny Sideshow and Magician Michael Burke - just to name a few. Tickets are $20/advance with RSVP at or
$25/without RVSP at door - 21+
For more information, visit

Feb 19 - At Double Door, Biffy Clyro & Moving Mountains will be rockin' the stage.

Feb 20 - Fashion Bomb alongwith Sinister Fate and Sirens In Vein will be rockin' the stage at Reggie's Rock Club during the SYN and SYNTHS show.
$10/advance / $12 Door / ages 17+

Feb 25 - SouthSide's friends, The Real Jane Martin will be celebrating the release of its 6-song EP titled North of Nowhere at Elbo Room. Visit for more details.

Feb 26 - SouthSide closes out this busy month with one last hurrah with The Branded at Elbo Room.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

14 Jan 11 - The Flabby Hoffman Fest

Hey, blogspot readers, love, peace, happiness and lots more at this post-millenial Woodstock event. On Friday night, SouthSide attended one unique music fest featuring over 70 local artists/bands, sideshow acts and comedians and artisans/crafters under one roof. The Abbey Pub played host to the premiere event known as The Flabby Hoffman Fest - a rockin' salute to this local legend's service within the Chicago music scene which spanned two stages over two nights.

On the main stage - Sloop Biederman welcomed festgoers and then Baggy Time ( got the fest going with whimsical yet sexually-laced humor in her songs during the short acoustic performance. SouthSide hears she's also available to perform mood music for all of your intimate bedroom moments ...for a reasonable fee. Spherical Banana ( rocked the stage with the ambience and spirit of the psychedelic rock age. In between this performance and The Enormous Johnsons, it was time to another fun edition of the Flabby Hoffman Game in which the lucky contestant wins a fabulous prize from Flabby's mystery sack. If ever a contestant, blogspot readers, just remember most answers are "C". From the wild regions of Tarzania and beyond, The Enormous Johnsons ( entertained the crowd with lively renditions like War's Low Rider and Divinyls' I Touch Myself. Next there was throat warbling and vocal stimulation by Sid Yiddish ( before Lucrezio ( took over the stage. SouthSide was highly impressed by this band's vibrant yet melodic hardcore rock sound especially during the song, Silence (off upcoming album). This band will be rockin' the stage again on March 29 at Elbo Room - expect a full review, blogspot readers.

After another game show break, the all-female punk/metal rock band The Wanton Looks ( kicked major arse on stage! Watch out, these rockers had razor sharp claws to scratch out the spunk and energy heard off the guitars and vocals during songs like Neverending. SouthSide's looking forward to reviewing this band as well. In between acts, Wildfire Weaver dazzled the crowd with a spectacular performance of fire dancing to Guns-N-Roses tune, Sweet Child Of Mine. Then, The Hidden Dangers ( had the crowd rockin' to the sound of deep falsettos and hardcore/alternative guitar rock. SouthSide highly suggests listening to the head banging anthem - Kill Me Twice off current CD, Release The Hounds. Meanwhile Sara seductively charmed most of the male audience with the very exotic and sensual act of belly dancing. This artisan was a tempting Turkish delight for all, blogspot readers. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the dynamic versatility in both music and vocals of Pipe Dream ( She enjoyed the energy projected within the realistic but heartfelt memories vividly expressed in the lyrics especially during the song Ten in which the female vocalist made hearts bleed from her emotional plea "...let me save you..." This reviewer also suggests listening to Because I Said So, a song about any mother's usual answer to a child's question of "why?". Blogspot readers can expect a full review on this band as well as the next one in the next future.

This reviewer highly recommends checking out the whimsical world and lively spontanity of this Chameleon World ( This band's energetic pop/rock sound definitely POPPED with charismatic stage presence and delightful fun throughout the set. Check out songs The Entire World Minus Batman (what would happen if Gotham City's villians actually destroyed Batman), Kitty Kat (a song that has nothing do with a "cat") and Someone Stole My Street (what happens when strip malls take over your street). While Aston and the guys were quickly setting up, Blunt Objects Theatre did a non-Disney version of Pinochio which taught all adults to always use protective sealant on your wood. Hail The Black Dragons ( closed out the main stage featuring the wild guitar man Lizard. Though SouthSide was sorely missing the rockin' trippy/spaceage rock rhythms by Android (on keyboards), she still enjoyed hearing the hard-hitting guitar rock vibe and energy during the band's epic songs (she suggests listening to track 1 - Wings Of Hyperion off Space Phantom Machine Vampire CD).

Meanwhile inside the Pub area of The Abbey, comedian Rick March hosted the side stage acts of The Flabby Fest which mostly featured acoustic performances. Chuck's Wagon ( entertained the bar crowd with a lively mix of Americana/bluegrass to rockin' Blues/Rockabilly music. This group was followed by Wooden Wing and his crooner-style vocals and then the sister duo act of Jenny and Robin Bienemann. In between acts at the side stage, there was comedic entertainment by Christian Bernal and Harold Pierre. Other music performances included Kitty Mortland and Stoneguard. SouthSide highly suggests checking out the acoustically melodic side to Moxie Motive ( Members of the full band, the duo featured an interesting combination of electric guitar and violin that highlighted the depth and meaning heard in the lyrics. Yet the haunting violin rhythms brought out the emotional pain and anguish within the lead vocals and his deep falsettos. Meanwhile, Lizard (of HTBDs/Plain Ole Delicious/The Flabby Hoffman Trio) raved about Monk 9's performance saying " was f-in' stellar..." Monk 9 ( dazzled the crowded pub with a rockin', high energy psychedelic/hardcore two-man show. And it's not just the music that will attract you, blogspot readers. Dig the crazy costumes in which they rock the stage with blood-curdling riffs and percussion rhythms ...lots of vibrant sound to keep you groovin' to the beat. Liston to their songs Nasty Girl and Leave Me Alone as well as a rockin' version of KC and the Sunshine Band's Get Down Tonight.

Upstairs in the balcony area of the main stage, local arts/crafters lined tables displaying handcrafted jewelry to paintings and t-shirts. SouthSide's outspoken friend for artists' speech rights, Chris Drew, was there with art patches and t-shirts. Visit to learn more about this organization and their fight to change Chicago's peddlers license law for artists. SouthSide's other friend, Madame Platypus was also in attendance with new jewelry pieces on display at her table. Visit for catalog and details. Also she shall be rockin' the acoustic stage on February 12 during the Brad Coles Acoustic Circus series.

This reviewer browsed the many other tables that caught her wandering eye such as Terry Tuccori and his originally designed guitar string bracelets and necklaces. Email him at to view his unique pieces (SouthSide recommends the skull designs to all rockers). Don't throw away your bottle caps, blogspot readers, it can be re-used as jewelry too! Visit Michel Rosenthal at to view her one of a kind bottle cap jewelry catalog. On display, she had Lady Gaga (from the Poker Face video) to local sports (ie Sox, Bears) as well as other fun icons. She also does custom designs too. For all your letterpress needs, SouthSide highly suggests using Steel Petal Press. This local artisan does greeting cards to announcements as well as custom work. Visit for details and catalog.

The highlight of this upstairs was Rob Hogan, the Pointillism Artist who creates beautiful paintings with dots. Think of him as the modern day Georges Seurat and his famous intricately dot-painting Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand-Jatte. At first, SouthSide was fooled by his work ...she thought his artwork were merely photographs that were ran through a Xerox machine to have that fuzzy look. Not at all, blogspot readers, she had a chance to watch this artist create his next portrait which will be auctioned off during a charity event for Joffery Ballet. Rob's portrait of the Cloud Bean took an estimated 100,000 points of color to create. You can view his prints online at Also he wants everyone to know about what's happening throughout the month of February along Michigan Avenue. There will a unique heart art display created by faculty, staff and students of Columbia College as well as well known sports celebrities in support of Northwestern's Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute called Hearts of Bluhm. Visit for more details and sponsorhsip.

Whew, what a night, blogspot readers yet that was simply the beginning of this two-day extravaganza. More rockin' local acts and sideshow features were to follow on Saturday night such as The Flabby Hoffman Trio (never really a trio), General Patton & His Privates, comedians Ian Foley and Patty Vaccarella and more. Sadly, SouthSide wasn't able to attend Saturday's excitng show however she cannot wait to see what Flabby pulls out of his mysterious sack for next year's fest!

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, January 14, 2011

13 Jan 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's back on the beat ...and her latest adventure took her to the ever popular Elbo Room. There, she's rockin' with new friends, Skytown Riot (TN), and their melodic guitar riffs found in its euroamerican rock. Euroamerican rock is where Euro meets American ...basically defined by having Euro music influences yet it's more melodic within the guitars under an American hardcore rock edge.

This type of rock sound certainly wowed and dazzled the audience's ears as well as blew the roof with its thunderous crescendos and explosive guitar energy. Skytown Riot's Chicago debut had distinct euro influences which could be prominently heard inside the poetic floetry of the chords and socio-political tone of the lyrics. Yet this unique sound was coupled with a vibrant hardcore American rock edge. To say SouthSide was impressed by this band would be an understatement. She was totally feeling each momentous burst vibin' in each song introduction - not long or overdone with unnecessary riffs ...just enough to grab your attention. Most of the energy in Skytown's music was generally reserved for the instrumental bridge or for that triumphant song ending. This rock sound also spotlighted the dynamic power heard in Van's(guitar) vocals. Since some of the songs have strong political tones, he's able to vent his truest sentiments in which the band had no trouble matching with plenty of heart pounding crescendos and head banging rock riff. However when performing a ballad, the emotion was vibrantly heard in the vocals amidst the few heartfelt falsettos.

Skytown wasn't so "serious" about its music during the majority of their performance. There was a moment when they playfully added some rhythmic funk sound in the bass to give one particular a touch of soul while in another, there was wild guitar action. And with Pep working the lights, he definitely captured the essence and energetic vibe of Skytown's sound thus creating a spectacular light show for the band's music. SouthSide highly suggests listening to Thunda (plenty of thundering guitar riffs ...breathtaking instrumental jam before ending with a thunderous bang) and The Feast (a lighter pace in tempo yet retaining that energetic floetry-hardcore edge combination). This was one exciting show, blogspot readers, and hopefully this band will make a return appearance again. This reviewer highly recommends rockin' to the vibrant sounds of euroamerican rock by Skytown Riot. Fans will enjoy the melodic poetry off the guitars and the socio-political lyrics defined by dynamic vocal energy. The guys will be back on stage Friday, Jan 14 in Bloomington, IL at Coconut Louies. Or catch them in Knoxville and Greenville, NC in February. For more information, visit or find them on Facebook.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

06 Jan 11

Hey, blogspot readers, it's an incredible night for music! Tonight, SouthSide's busily hitting all corners of the streets of Chicago covering the hottest show rockin' the scene. First, she' at Schuba's for Carta Marina's End Of An Era CD release show before heading to Subterreanan for Heavemedia/GigMaven's launch party featuring good friends, The Loneliest Monk. Then this fearless reviewer wraps up her night with vegan vanilla ice cream and electro pop/new wave music at Debonair Social Club for Front 312'a 2nd Anniversary Celebration which featured a live performance by Clique Talk.

Melodic though at times quite symphonic with a rock edge would be the best way to describe Carta Marina's opening perfomance at Schuba's. This band's quite known for its memorable melodies prominently featured in their epic-sounding instrumental pieces, blogspot readers. These types of songs will blow you away upon hearing the dramatic power and passion each member puts into the rhythms and melodic feel. Yet, Carta's also known for its rockin' alternative/pop side featuring harmonizing vocal falsetto by Jeff (bass/guitar). When listening to the vocal side of this band, one can hear the emotional depth off the lyrics's very energetic and quite dynamic behind the melodic rock vibe. There's plenty of upbeat tempos even with a pop tone (off the keyboards) which won't turn Carta's songs overly poppy or too techno thus allowing the guitars to keep its rock sound. While performing tracks off the new CD - End Of An Era, Carta Marina instantly immersed the audience's ears to its blast of trippy symphonic electro-pop music vibrantly found in songs like Death Blossom (track 3) and the title track (track 7), End of an Era in which had lots of rhythmic chords and energy. SouthSide also recommends listening to track 1 - Your Majesty and track 8 - Tornado (a downtempo feel behind a vibrant organ rhythm). The highlight of this performance came at the end when Carta rocked down the house with their rendition of Whiter Shade of Pale. Procol Harum's famous rock poetic epic was given a much more dramatic flare featuring Jeff's heartfelt vocals on the lyrics. SouthSide highly suggests snagging a copy of Carta Marina's new CD, End Of An Era as well as experiencing this band live in person at their next scheduled show. Visit for more details about this band and its music.

After making a mad dash from Schuba's to SubT, SouthSide arrived in time to catch the closing minutes of Dozens ( rockin' the stage. She enjoyed the wicked yet trippy psychedelic groove intricately laced within this band's rock sound. Blogspot readers can expect a full review on this band as well as Wolf In A Spacesuit and Netherfriends in the near future. Those residing in the Austin, TX area are encouraged to check out Netherfriends when they rock the stage at Emo's on Jan 15. Visit and download the podcast interview of Wolf In A Spacesuit.

He's the Phantom ...she's his muse and together this amazing duo rocked the SubT stage as The Loneliest Monk (an excellent play on words paying homage to the jazz great). Tonight, it was an extreme treat for SouthSide to see another live performance by Monk in which the music can be enchanting ...beautifully bewitching despite missing the dramatic lighting fx to accompany their music of the night. Still there was passion and emotional depth intricately laced throughout this duo's neo-classical jazz/percussion fusion that also has a sharp edge and definition of rock music at times. Monk's music did have one featured effect on the audience tonight in which all were attentively focused on the duo and their perfomance until the end. They were too entranced by the simplicity yet complexity and beauty heard in such songs like Secrets and Easy Breathing. In her honest opinion, SouthSide found Monk's sound to be awe-inspiring with its own poetic floetry well hidden within the notes and melodies. Not saying she didn't enjoy hearing the angelic voacl tone by Michelle but found herself instead hopelessly hypnotized by the unspoken words heard vibrantly between the Phantom maestro and his muse were playing especially during Ghost. SouthSide also recommends listening to Yes Dear ( a bit of classical Asian influence heard off the electric cello), Epic (neo-classical music performed passionately and energetically) and Bad One (an upbeat tempo with the cello played similart to an electric guitar). Visit for more details and when this duo are performing again.

After that beautiful experience, it was time for SouthSide to head down a few steps to Debonair Social Club to attend Front 312's anniversary celebration. This rockin' event was in full swing with the best of new wave to electro/snyth pop and alternative dance music played by such DJs Adam Black and SouthSide's friend, Peter Propaganda. Plus as a special treat for invited guests, there was a live performance by the electro/post punk band, Clique Talk (! This reviewer highly recommends checking out the trio and its hot techno/punk sound with electro guitar rock edge that kept the audience dancing to the dark rhythmic beat found in songs like Mutant Woman, Symbiote and Hell Is Other People. She enjoyed the dynamic power heard in the lead's vocals vibrantly expressing the emotional sentiment of the lyrics while the band (as well as digital programming) pumped an energetic rock vibe. Also SouthSide suggests tasting the yummy vegan vanilla ice cream during your visit to Veggie Bite (1300 N. Milwaukee - where the afterparty was held until dawn). This eatery (which is open late) has a 100% vegan meal and dessert selections on its menu to satisfy the appetite of any hungry party animal and vampire. For more information, visit Blogspot readers are encouraged to head to The Exit for Wormwood Wednesdays hosted by Jennifer Anne Buckley of & Kilter magazine. This night of industrial to electro/synth pop music features DJ Peter Propaganda and special guests spinning music from 10p to 4a. Plus there's authentic absinthe prepared by Lolly Gagger ...and guess what- it's FREE - no cover charge to enter this 21+ event.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, January 10, 2011

05 Jan 11

Hey, blogspot readers, 2011's off to a rockin' bang! Tonight SouthSide's back at Double Door checking out Luring Thieves' headlining performance. They shared this momentous event with Plastic Boots, Sioum and Thunder Driver.

SouthSide highly recommends rockin' to the wicked electric thunder and keyboard rhythms of Plastic Boots. She enjoyed their set of blood-curdling as well as electrifying guitar riff and energy that vibrantly rocked throughout the venue. This lively trio will be back on stage again January 15th at Elbo Room. Visit for more details. Meanwhile SouthSide was quite intrigued and impressed by the next two bands, Sioum ( or and Thunder Driver ( During Sioum's performance, she enjoyed this trio's vibrant instrumental vibe which had a bit of OMD and Pink Floyd intricately woven into the music. This reviewer was blown away by the docile piano rhythms coupled with the fire of hardcore rock sound. And though Sioum's songs were completely lyric-less, she wholeheartedly believed spoken words would have spoiled the feel and tone of the mindblowing music. Yet during Thunder Driver's performance, she enjoyed the loud thunder and lightning fast energy from this band's wicked electrifying guitar rock sound. This trio from Zion, IL dazzled the audience's ears with rip-roaring riffs while performing under an aura of good ole fashion rock-n-roll that burned serious rubber on stage. Nothing was going to slow this band down throughout their set. This reviewer highly suggests listening to Thunder's Devil Went Down To Alsip, The Bronski and License To Rock. Blogspot readers should expect full reviews on these two bands in the near future.

Luring Thieves first dazzled and amazed SouthSide's ears when she briefly caught their performance at Elbo Room. Tonight, she witnessed their rockin' set as the featured headliner. This trio instantly had the audience immersed into their wicked instrumental guitar sound. And just like Sioum, lyrics for Luring's songs weren't necessary - no need to spoil the mood or lose the depth behind each note/chord played. One didn't need to hear a human voice to lyrically express the poetic thought when you could hear it vibrantly off Luring's thunderous guitar sound. While listening to them "sing", SouthSide found herself lost deep inside the music vibin' throughout the venue which was full of passion and energy. She could see each member of Luring Thieves feeling the same momentum she felt from the combined classical tone with a razor sharp rock edge. There were moments in which she "felt" the rises and falls found in the tumbling electric groove. This provided plenty of head-banging action yet be warned of unexpected riff changes happening to take your eats into a new dimension or off-beaten path with this band's songs. Though the guys will be taking a short hiatus from the stage (to record a new demo), this reviewer highly suggests checking the rockin' instrumental guitar groove by Luring Thieves by visiting or on Facebook.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

03 Jan 11

"...are you ready for the world?" ~ S-preme

hey, blogspot readers, it's January 3rd and the holiday partying continues!

SouthSide had one more seasonal event to officially kick off her 2011 calendar. She attended Breakthrough Audio / Kellner Management's Holiday Hangover at Double Door. Guests who resp-ed to this shindig were treated to special hour-long DJ sets featuring Shawn Kellner (Breakthrough Audio & Kellner Management) and Damon Ranger (of Blackbox). Both had the venue vibin' to a variety of what's hot in the local scene as well as club/dance parties. Other music acts included hour-long performances by S-preme and Boom Goes The Globe. DJ Phenom (of S-prodigy) rocked the audience between set with more vibrant beats and club remixes.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out the electrifying rock/hip hop fusion of S-preme as S-prodigy. Though not her favorite genre of music, this reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the lightning fast lyrical floetry behind Phenom's club beats and Shane's wicked guitar riffs. This artist had some serious mad skills on the mic which kept this audience rockin' to the realistic lyrics heard. SouthSide could literally feel the anger and aggression from the way S-preme rapped especially during Zero (a track about his disdain for the military and government). Besides the energetic hype off the mic, SouthSide also liked the sharp rock edge during Crazy which found Shane rockin' the stage as he sat on the floor. This reviewer hopes he's feeling better after taking a slight tumble during towards the end of the performance. Visit S-preme and his mad rhymes about life and society at or

Space ...the FINAL (music) frontier, blogspot readers. This was SouthSide's fantastic voyage into the future of electro/rock with Boom Goes The Globe! *cue the theme to the original Star Trek* Decked out in his best spacesuit (Ryan, DJ) along with Dan (in gas mask rockin' the drums), this duo totally rocked out Double Door to an energetic blast of programmed club/techno and live percussions. This performance was wild and funk-tastically out of this universe ...and yes, Boom did actually go "BOOM" too! Their music was so instanteous that SouthSide was already groovin' to the lively DJ rhythms under the glow of the perfectly timed club lighting fx (also by Mike Kellner of Kellner Lighting). Each track ran in sync with the strobes and laser which turned Double Door in a galatic spacehop for one hour. Music fans would hear a bit of popular srtists mixed within Boom's music (for example, the duo rocked SouthSide's ears with an awesome 30 Seconds To Mars' remix of Hunter) as well as Asian pop. SouthSide highly recommends teleporting to Boom Goes The Globe's next moonbase show. Be prepared, blogspot readers, for one intergalatic space ride you'll never forget. Visit or for more details.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, January 3, 2011

30 Dec 10

Happy New Year!

SouthSide closed out her busy calendar with one final review of 2010, blogspot readers! On Thursday night, she rocked The Abbey Pub for a blast from the past tribute band show. Three local acts performed music in which brought back fond music memories. The lineup featured performances by Kid A as Radiohead, Echonine as Depeche Mode and The Handsome Devilz as The Smiths/Morrissey. And in between set, DJs entertained the crowd with lively dance re-mixes. This reviewer was able to catch part of The Handsome Devilz's tribute to The Smiths. She enjoyed the full essence and spirit heard from this 80s Brit pop band's tunes that had many in the crowd singing along with The Devilz. The front man wowed with his charismatic style keeping the entire venue immersed with excitement and vibrant momentum.

The night kicked off with an excellent tribute to the moody alternative emo/rock sound of Radiohead by Kid A. This band vibrantly relived the best of this late 80s group without missing a single beat and/or rhythm through Kid's interpretation. The front man wonderfully captured the essence of Thorn Yorke vocally on each Radiohead song via the emotional angst and pain head deep inside his falsettos. His vocals had SouthSide soulfully weeping while feeling every ounce of the words. Though slightly disappointed not hearing her favorite, Creep, SouthSide still enjoyed reminiscing to other Radiohead tunes such as There There.

Meanwhile there were some minor technical problems during Echonine's Depeche Mode tribute. Now SouthSide's an uber DM fan and she really scrutinized everything about Echo's set from the music to lyrics. Yet this band performed a good show for this crowd by capturing the energetic techno vibe of Depeche then and now. This reviewer enjoyed the unique vocal twist (deep baritone falsetto) to the songs though at times the front man did strain a little to reach the high notes. She liked how Echo covered new Depeche (Suffer Well, A Pain That I'm Used To) as well as classic Depeche (A Question of Time, Everything Counts). Too bad, it had to be a short performance, blogspot readers, she was looking forward to hearing others like Personal Jesus, Walking in My Shoes or Policy of Truth.

Until next time, support your local scene,