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26 Jan 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's back with more local show rockin' the scene! Tonight, she's hanging out at Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville location) for its weekly local music showcase. This free show featured a variety of talented artists/bands currently makin' waves within Chicago's vibrant local scene. Though each performance was only granted a limit of 3 songs, it gave the audience a bite-size sample of what's hip and happening on stages around town. SouthSide encourages blogspot readers to check out the following artists/bands at their next scheduled full-length show.

The showcase begun with an eclectic yet lively combination of alternative/electro pop/psychedelic performance by Teuce ( However, SouthSide found herself enjoying the instrumentally mellow side of this band rather than the lyrical side which opened their brief set. Despite the many miscues by the drummer (not known if intentional or simply mistakes) that threw off the guitars during the first song, the music didn't pop until the trio rocked the stage with a neo-jazz/funk/alternative fusion. And no fault of their own, the amps provided by Cubby Bear (especially the bass) were no match to handle the vibrant sound produced by this band.

Next Jeffrey Martin acoustically impressed this reviewer with a strong demonstration of his vocal capabilities throughout his time on stage. After opening with a cover song, he ended with two originals in which one was titled Hospital Sheets - dramatically showing off the raw emotion and heartfelt realism inside the lyrics. This artist's morbid fascination on the subject of death doesn't truly reflect anything frightening but more of a realistic tone while listening to him sing ...especially when Jeffrey equated death to being free.

Then the audience got a brief tast of the island sound of reggae/ska by Roots Rockers Club ( This group's music did spice up the stage a little however when not jamming to the rasta groove, SouthSide did have a difficult time understanding what was being said over the mics. This reviewer was expecting more umph happening within Roots' lively reggae music and also felt the female vocalist was merely unnecessary. She was mostly a distraction ...not really contributing (vocally) to the band's music or performance.

SouthSide's good friend, Nate Z (acoustically) electrified the stage with his electric vibe and dynamic vocal power throughout his short set. His lyrics tend to get emotionally frustrated in the voice between the lengthy instrumental solos to immerse your ears into his unique one-man band sound. However (and once again no fault of his own), the amp provided didn't have enough bass sound to accompany the electric groove usually heard in songs like Get Over Me. Even though, it wasn't one of his best outtings, blogspot readers, luckily Nate will be rockin' the stage again this weekend at Louie's (on Lincoln Avenue). Visit for details.

SouthSide stuck around for Shanghai Superstars' performance which was quite energetic within a vibrant pop/rock sound. She had a fun time feeling this lively quartet mixing a little hardcore/metal rock off the guitars as well as hearing some lyrical rap used between the chorus during one particular song. However more mic power was needed for the front man to be heard above the rip-roaring riffs tearing up the stage. Blogspot readers should visit for more details about their upcoming CD (due at end of March) and next scheduled performance.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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