Monday, January 10, 2011

05 Jan 11

Hey, blogspot readers, 2011's off to a rockin' bang! Tonight SouthSide's back at Double Door checking out Luring Thieves' headlining performance. They shared this momentous event with Plastic Boots, Sioum and Thunder Driver.

SouthSide highly recommends rockin' to the wicked electric thunder and keyboard rhythms of Plastic Boots. She enjoyed their set of blood-curdling as well as electrifying guitar riff and energy that vibrantly rocked throughout the venue. This lively trio will be back on stage again January 15th at Elbo Room. Visit for more details. Meanwhile SouthSide was quite intrigued and impressed by the next two bands, Sioum ( or and Thunder Driver ( During Sioum's performance, she enjoyed this trio's vibrant instrumental vibe which had a bit of OMD and Pink Floyd intricately woven into the music. This reviewer was blown away by the docile piano rhythms coupled with the fire of hardcore rock sound. And though Sioum's songs were completely lyric-less, she wholeheartedly believed spoken words would have spoiled the feel and tone of the mindblowing music. Yet during Thunder Driver's performance, she enjoyed the loud thunder and lightning fast energy from this band's wicked electrifying guitar rock sound. This trio from Zion, IL dazzled the audience's ears with rip-roaring riffs while performing under an aura of good ole fashion rock-n-roll that burned serious rubber on stage. Nothing was going to slow this band down throughout their set. This reviewer highly suggests listening to Thunder's Devil Went Down To Alsip, The Bronski and License To Rock. Blogspot readers should expect full reviews on these two bands in the near future.

Luring Thieves first dazzled and amazed SouthSide's ears when she briefly caught their performance at Elbo Room. Tonight, she witnessed their rockin' set as the featured headliner. This trio instantly had the audience immersed into their wicked instrumental guitar sound. And just like Sioum, lyrics for Luring's songs weren't necessary - no need to spoil the mood or lose the depth behind each note/chord played. One didn't need to hear a human voice to lyrically express the poetic thought when you could hear it vibrantly off Luring's thunderous guitar sound. While listening to them "sing", SouthSide found herself lost deep inside the music vibin' throughout the venue which was full of passion and energy. She could see each member of Luring Thieves feeling the same momentum she felt from the combined classical tone with a razor sharp rock edge. There were moments in which she "felt" the rises and falls found in the tumbling electric groove. This provided plenty of head-banging action yet be warned of unexpected riff changes happening to take your eats into a new dimension or off-beaten path with this band's songs. Though the guys will be taking a short hiatus from the stage (to record a new demo), this reviewer highly suggests checking the rockin' instrumental guitar groove by Luring Thieves by visiting or on Facebook.

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  1. Seeing how cold it has been last week and this week, I'm happy to see you've not been deterred by it. Thank you for the potential new favourite bands to follow.


  2. Cold (unless it's bitterly minus below zero), blinding snow, rain, sleet, scorching hot sun, etc ...SouthSide's there covering the "ins" and "outs" of what's happening in the local scene...


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