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06 Jan 11

Hey, blogspot readers, it's an incredible night for music! Tonight, SouthSide's busily hitting all corners of the streets of Chicago covering the hottest show rockin' the scene. First, she' at Schuba's for Carta Marina's End Of An Era CD release show before heading to Subterreanan for Heavemedia/GigMaven's launch party featuring good friends, The Loneliest Monk. Then this fearless reviewer wraps up her night with vegan vanilla ice cream and electro pop/new wave music at Debonair Social Club for Front 312'a 2nd Anniversary Celebration which featured a live performance by Clique Talk.

Melodic though at times quite symphonic with a rock edge would be the best way to describe Carta Marina's opening perfomance at Schuba's. This band's quite known for its memorable melodies prominently featured in their epic-sounding instrumental pieces, blogspot readers. These types of songs will blow you away upon hearing the dramatic power and passion each member puts into the rhythms and melodic feel. Yet, Carta's also known for its rockin' alternative/pop side featuring harmonizing vocal falsetto by Jeff (bass/guitar). When listening to the vocal side of this band, one can hear the emotional depth off the lyrics ...it's very energetic and quite dynamic behind the melodic rock vibe. There's plenty of upbeat tempos even with a pop tone (off the keyboards) which won't turn Carta's songs overly poppy or too techno thus allowing the guitars to keep its rock sound. While performing tracks off the new CD - End Of An Era, Carta Marina instantly immersed the audience's ears to its blast of trippy symphonic electro-pop music vibrantly found in songs like Death Blossom (track 3) and the title track (track 7), End of an Era in which had lots of rhythmic chords and energy. SouthSide also recommends listening to track 1 - Your Majesty and track 8 - Tornado (a downtempo feel behind a vibrant organ rhythm). The highlight of this performance came at the end when Carta rocked down the house with their rendition of Whiter Shade of Pale. Procol Harum's famous rock poetic epic was given a much more dramatic flare featuring Jeff's heartfelt vocals on the lyrics. SouthSide highly suggests snagging a copy of Carta Marina's new CD, End Of An Era as well as experiencing this band live in person at their next scheduled show. Visit http://www.cartamarina.bandcamp.com for more details about this band and its music.

After making a mad dash from Schuba's to SubT, SouthSide arrived in time to catch the closing minutes of Dozens (http://www.dozens.bandcamp.com) rockin' the stage. She enjoyed the wicked yet trippy psychedelic groove intricately laced within this band's rock sound. Blogspot readers can expect a full review on this band as well as Wolf In A Spacesuit and Netherfriends in the near future. Those residing in the Austin, TX area are encouraged to check out Netherfriends when they rock the stage at Emo's on Jan 15. Visit http://www.fearlessradio.com and download the podcast interview of Wolf In A Spacesuit.

He's the Phantom ...she's his muse and together this amazing duo rocked the SubT stage as The Loneliest Monk (an excellent play on words paying homage to the jazz great). Tonight, it was an extreme treat for SouthSide to see another live performance by Monk in which the music can be enchanting ...beautifully bewitching despite missing the dramatic lighting fx to accompany their music of the night. Still there was passion and emotional depth intricately laced throughout this duo's neo-classical jazz/percussion fusion that also has a sharp edge and definition of rock music at times. Monk's music did have one featured effect on the audience tonight in which all were attentively focused on the duo and their perfomance until the end. They were too entranced by the simplicity yet complexity and beauty heard in such songs like Secrets and Easy Breathing. In her honest opinion, SouthSide found Monk's sound to be awe-inspiring with its own poetic floetry well hidden within the notes and melodies. Not saying she didn't enjoy hearing the angelic voacl tone by Michelle but found herself instead hopelessly hypnotized by the unspoken words heard vibrantly between the Phantom maestro and his muse were playing especially during Ghost. SouthSide also recommends listening to Yes Dear ( a bit of classical Asian influence heard off the electric cello), Epic (neo-classical music performed passionately and energetically) and Bad One (an upbeat tempo with the cello played similart to an electric guitar). Visit http://www.myspace.com/wearetheloneliestmonk for more details and when this duo are performing again.

After that beautiful experience, it was time for SouthSide to head down a few steps to Debonair Social Club to attend Front 312's anniversary celebration. This rockin' event was in full swing with the best of new wave to electro/snyth pop and alternative dance music played by such DJs Adam Black and SouthSide's friend, Peter Propaganda. Plus as a special treat for invited guests, there was a live performance by the electro/post punk band, Clique Talk (http://www.myspace.com/thisiscliquetalk)! This reviewer highly recommends checking out the trio and its hot techno/punk sound with electro guitar rock edge that kept the audience dancing to the dark rhythmic beat found in songs like Mutant Woman, Symbiote and Hell Is Other People. She enjoyed the dynamic power heard in the lead's vocals vibrantly expressing the emotional sentiment of the lyrics while the band (as well as digital programming) pumped an energetic rock vibe. Also SouthSide suggests tasting the yummy vegan vanilla ice cream during your visit to Veggie Bite (1300 N. Milwaukee - where the afterparty was held until dawn). This eatery (which is open late) has a 100% vegan meal and dessert selections on its menu to satisfy the appetite of any hungry party animal and vampire. For more information, visit http://www.veggiebite.net. Blogspot readers are encouraged to head to The Exit for Wormwood Wednesdays hosted by Jennifer Anne Buckley of GothicArtChicago.com & Kilter magazine. This night of industrial to electro/synth pop music features DJ Peter Propaganda and special guests spinning music from 10p to 4a. Plus there's authentic absinthe prepared by Lolly Gagger ...and guess what- it's FREE - no cover charge to enter this 21+ event.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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