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28 Jan 11

...even in a Music Joint, it's pretty ordinary... - Tenniscourts

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to another action-packed weekend with SouthSide! Fun and music (and sometimes little mischief) abound within Chicago's rockin' music scene which kept this reviewer busy checking out some of the hottest shows happening around. Friday night, she was at Reggie's Music Joint for Tenniscourts and Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers (from WI). Saturday night, she's doing a double shot of local shows featuring The Lifeline and Lucid Ground at Metro and then Sutured Psyche over at Elbo Room.

They're a lively trio that rocked the stage with an eclectic Brit powerpop/rock sound with clever song titles/lyrics. SouthSide highly suggests checking out Tenniscourts at their next scheduled performance and be prepared to have some fun with this band. This reviewer liked how they poked fun not only at themselves (especially during the song Ordinary Life - a hilarious take on the unability to relate/connect with regular joes because the band's wealthy) but also at society in general. For instance, in one particular song, there was a grim but realistic look into the future where you could be arrested for your thoughts meanwhile in another (though written years ago) was about the condition of Chicago which was dedicated to outgoing mayor, Richard Daley. One can also find some humor within Tennis' seriousness such as "...if I had a swimming pool ...I would be the happiest kid in the world..." from Swimming Pool. She also enjoyed hearing about the little things that kill you in Little Things That Kill as well as a song titled Alfie. Not the Michael Caine movie song, mind you, blogspot readers but it's Tennis' take on the entire movie cleverly summed up inside a punk/rock vibe. This band's music popped with vibrant sound and plenty of percussion fadeout styles. Speaking of the drummer (Tom), he was a blast to watch as he sparkled with his charismatic charm and facial expressions while performing behind the kit. For more information about Tenniscourts, visit

Though having a rough night on stage, this trio (from Oshkosh, WI) still rocked the Music Joint stage with a vibrant alternative/rock performance. Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers made another return appearance to Chicago bringing with them that wholesome and lively music to the Friday night audience. SouthSide enjoyed their eclectic sound that tends to reflect the band's variety as well as personal taste in music. One minute, one might hear a rockin' mix of alternative and country while in the next song a little more blues or retro feel ...or in another one - something completely different yet it will keep you groovin' to their sound throughout the set. The main thing still remains that Ian and the band love to jam to vibin' guitar riffs and energetic percussion rhythms (especially while the drummer stands on his stool which generated applause and cheers). Despite not truly having a solid set (minor lyrical flubs with certain songs and some vocal strain), Ian still impressed this reviewer with heart-wrenching emotion and falsettos heard within the lyrics from front man, Ian himself. SouthSide knows with some minor adjustments (such as having a ready-made set list to keep them running smoothly), this band will have a better outting at their next scheduled appearance. Visit for when and where Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers will be rockin' the stage again.

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  1. Hey Southside,

    I'll have to give Tenniscourts a try. Thanks. By the way, you weren't the only one busy last weekend. I had a burlesque show, a wedding and reception show and figure drawing. *need sleep*



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