Monday, January 3, 2011

30 Dec 10

Happy New Year!

SouthSide closed out her busy calendar with one final review of 2010, blogspot readers! On Thursday night, she rocked The Abbey Pub for a blast from the past tribute band show. Three local acts performed music in which brought back fond music memories. The lineup featured performances by Kid A as Radiohead, Echonine as Depeche Mode and The Handsome Devilz as The Smiths/Morrissey. And in between set, DJs entertained the crowd with lively dance re-mixes. This reviewer was able to catch part of The Handsome Devilz's tribute to The Smiths. She enjoyed the full essence and spirit heard from this 80s Brit pop band's tunes that had many in the crowd singing along with The Devilz. The front man wowed with his charismatic style keeping the entire venue immersed with excitement and vibrant momentum.

The night kicked off with an excellent tribute to the moody alternative emo/rock sound of Radiohead by Kid A. This band vibrantly relived the best of this late 80s group without missing a single beat and/or rhythm through Kid's interpretation. The front man wonderfully captured the essence of Thorn Yorke vocally on each Radiohead song via the emotional angst and pain head deep inside his falsettos. His vocals had SouthSide soulfully weeping while feeling every ounce of the words. Though slightly disappointed not hearing her favorite, Creep, SouthSide still enjoyed reminiscing to other Radiohead tunes such as There There.

Meanwhile there were some minor technical problems during Echonine's Depeche Mode tribute. Now SouthSide's an uber DM fan and she really scrutinized everything about Echo's set from the music to lyrics. Yet this band performed a good show for this crowd by capturing the energetic techno vibe of Depeche then and now. This reviewer enjoyed the unique vocal twist (deep baritone falsetto) to the songs though at times the front man did strain a little to reach the high notes. She liked how Echo covered new Depeche (Suffer Well, A Pain That I'm Used To) as well as classic Depeche (A Question of Time, Everything Counts). Too bad, it had to be a short performance, blogspot readers, she was looking forward to hearing others like Personal Jesus, Walking in My Shoes or Policy of Truth.

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