Thursday, January 6, 2011

03 Jan 11

"...are you ready for the world?" ~ S-preme

hey, blogspot readers, it's January 3rd and the holiday partying continues!

SouthSide had one more seasonal event to officially kick off her 2011 calendar. She attended Breakthrough Audio / Kellner Management's Holiday Hangover at Double Door. Guests who resp-ed to this shindig were treated to special hour-long DJ sets featuring Shawn Kellner (Breakthrough Audio & Kellner Management) and Damon Ranger (of Blackbox). Both had the venue vibin' to a variety of what's hot in the local scene as well as club/dance parties. Other music acts included hour-long performances by S-preme and Boom Goes The Globe. DJ Phenom (of S-prodigy) rocked the audience between set with more vibrant beats and club remixes.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out the electrifying rock/hip hop fusion of S-preme as S-prodigy. Though not her favorite genre of music, this reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the lightning fast lyrical floetry behind Phenom's club beats and Shane's wicked guitar riffs. This artist had some serious mad skills on the mic which kept this audience rockin' to the realistic lyrics heard. SouthSide could literally feel the anger and aggression from the way S-preme rapped especially during Zero (a track about his disdain for the military and government). Besides the energetic hype off the mic, SouthSide also liked the sharp rock edge during Crazy which found Shane rockin' the stage as he sat on the floor. This reviewer hopes he's feeling better after taking a slight tumble during towards the end of the performance. Visit S-preme and his mad rhymes about life and society at or

Space ...the FINAL (music) frontier, blogspot readers. This was SouthSide's fantastic voyage into the future of electro/rock with Boom Goes The Globe! *cue the theme to the original Star Trek* Decked out in his best spacesuit (Ryan, DJ) along with Dan (in gas mask rockin' the drums), this duo totally rocked out Double Door to an energetic blast of programmed club/techno and live percussions. This performance was wild and funk-tastically out of this universe ...and yes, Boom did actually go "BOOM" too! Their music was so instanteous that SouthSide was already groovin' to the lively DJ rhythms under the glow of the perfectly timed club lighting fx (also by Mike Kellner of Kellner Lighting). Each track ran in sync with the strobes and laser which turned Double Door in a galatic spacehop for one hour. Music fans would hear a bit of popular srtists mixed within Boom's music (for example, the duo rocked SouthSide's ears with an awesome 30 Seconds To Mars' remix of Hunter) as well as Asian pop. SouthSide highly recommends teleporting to Boom Goes The Globe's next moonbase show. Be prepared, blogspot readers, for one intergalatic space ride you'll never forget. Visit or for more details.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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