Tuesday, January 31, 2012

20 Jan 12

***Sincerest apologies to the band and fans of Vino - took time out to mourn a loss within SouthSide's family***

...anyone got a cigarette...

It's another dark and snowy storm night around town, blogspot readers ...and yes, SouthSide's crazy to enough to hit the road tonight. She's rockin' Elbo Room's acoustic lounge to enjoy a set of eclectic music and sound of Vino's Americana/blues/folk/acoustic fusion. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' with the lovely Savannah who opened Vino's three hour acoustic performance tonight. This dynamic singer/songwriter rocked the acoustic lounge with upbeat melodic guitar sound and heartfelt vocals felt as well as heard inside her lyrics as she played a few songs off her latest 6-song EP. This reviewer enjoyed the unique guitar riffs and breaks to emphasize the lively tempo in Mixed Signals meanwhile in Beautiful Memory, Savannah was more vocally expressive with her emotions via the realistic imagery laced within the words. During this particular song, she not only pumped her feelings into the words but also the music before closing out the set with Boston. Though given a brief sample of her music and vocals, SouthSide enjoyed the contemporary pop feel heard from this acoustic artist/songwriter ...her words wonderfully expressed such pain and tenderness while singing from the heart. Hopefully Savannah returns to Elbo Room for a longer performance run time.

New friend, Vino, entertained the audience with a lively mixture of acoustic blues/R&B/soul and more within the first hour of their three-hour performance, blogspot readers. Featuring the lovely Daniella Rojas on certain songs (as well as performing a few her own), SouthSide enjoyed the sultry mix and playful banter of her vocals complimenting Mike (lead on guitar) especially during opening number Booty Call (?). Yet the Motown sound and soul clearly came out when Vino performed Reasons & Rhymes which was interesting switch from the first - since the lyrics were more taken from a male point of view. For example in Booty Call - Daniella chimed with "...he's just a booty call / you're just a know-it-all..." meanhile in Reasons & Rhymes Mike chimed with "...reasons and rhymes don't matter / we both got reasons to lie..." Throughout this part of Vino's performance, there was some intense moments of hearing different stages of love and lust - like Morning Dew (or also known as Wet Nap - about having a dream about your lover), Daniella's vocals made the lyrics pop with hot sultriness under Vino's smooth R&B/groove sound. She totally turned up the heat (besides the charm) inside Elbo Room once this song had concluded. Yet when adding trumpet rhythms into this already lively mix, not only did Vino change its music sound but also upped the tempo too as heard in the whimsical song about affording a rock-n-roll lifestyle and in Don't Forget (featuring a rhythmic Latin tone and ska vibe). Blogspot readers should also take notice that Friend is a four-letter (dirty) word in which the upbeat tempo was taken down to a steady rhythmic tone to spotlight Mike's dynamic vocal style before getting all religious and sanctified within a Southern gospel sound in Amazing Gracie. This particular song blew SouthSide away with his dynamically powerful vocal style ...also brough out the religion within Daniella's voice too. Both were truly "testifying" underneath Vino's fiery church-like sound. This reviweer also recommends listening to the poetic imagery of the Emerald Isle (Ireland) in Seaside (off Vino's first album - available for download free on the band's soundcloud page). She enjoyed the romanticism surrounding the words amidst the gentle acoustic tempo. For more information about Vino and its music, visit http://www.reverbnation.com/vinopalmusic.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

February 2012

Hey, blogspot readers, where can you find love, learn about history, celebrate with a couple of dead presidents, sleep with a ground hog, eat, drink and get beads and still have an extra day to do it?

Why, February of course!

SouthSide highly recommends checking out these events happening during this rockin' month.

1 Feb - Dead heads (re)unite at Double Door for the Grateful Dead Tribute show! Begins 7:30p
Visit http://www.doubledoor.com for more info.

Meanwhile good friend, Matthew Alfano (of Mason's Case) will begin hosting a weekly Local Music showcase at Elbo Room. 21+ / FREE
Visit http://www.elboroomchicago.com for more details and lineup.

3 Feb - the lovely Estelle will be rockin' the Double Door stage.

Meanwhile frieds, Dot Dot Dot and AM Taxi will be rockin' House of Blues along with State & Madison and The Scissors.

4 Feb - Rockin' Bada Brew (located in Crest Hill, IL) is the Benefit for The Fallen. SouthSide highly recommends showing love and support for her friend Nate who recently lost everything to a fire (including most of the band's, Bleed For The Fallen, gear) before Christmas. With your generous $7 donation, you get to rock to metal-tastic performances by Devils in Angels, IN2 The Inferno, Catalyst, Renegade and more. 21+ show

At Quenchers Saloon, good polka-loving friend, The Polkaholics will be rolling out the beer barrel for a rockin' triple birthday celebration there. $5 donation / 21+

Meanwhile at Reggie's, it's the annual SXSW showdown where SouthSide's friend Yellow Jackets will be competing against other local bands for the final spot on the lineup. Each band will be judged on the following: performance, music originality and (most importantly) crowd reaction. Good luck to all! $10

6 Feb - head to NiteCap for Devil's Playground and celebrate David Bates' birthday too. FREE entry at this 21+ show - also rock with the house band of the month: Deadmanswake.

7 Feb - it's another HOT topic to debate during this month's Intelligence Squared US Debates. If in the NY area, check out the topic - Obesity Is The Government's Business - "...With 33% of adults and 17% of children obese, the U.S. is facing an obesity
epidemic. A major risk factor for expensive, chronic conditions like heart
disease, diabetes, and cancer, it costs our health care system nearly $150
billion a year. Should government intervene, or is this a matter of
individual rights and personal responsibility?
" For tickets - http://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pe/9045265

10 Feb - SouthSide gets an early jump on Valentine's day with Alpha Clef Project band at Darkroom for "The Love Before" Concert. Also featured in the lineup - Khari B, Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective, Ish and Soltre Jones.

Meanwhile at Double Door, it's a winter camp in! Join other campers at Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival rockin' this hip Wicker Park venue. Visit http://www.doubledoor.com for details and more.

11 Feb - get an awesome workout and/or Valentine's gift at these two charity events supporting two great causes. First head to TriCity Health Club for a workout from 10:30a to 1:30p where your $15 donation will get your bod into shape ($10 will be donated to Animal House Rescue, a non-kill animal shelter in Huntley, IL and Ken Gussy fund - to help pay for surgery in which Ken's sister will be donating half her liver to save his life). Then after working out head to Ray's Evergreen Tavern (in St. Charles) for an urban market - vendors will be donating 20% of their sales to both causes.

Meanwhile love, peace, happiness and groovy sounds will be rockin' this year's Winter Peace Fest happening at the historic Portage Theatre (located near six corners Irving Park/Milwuakee/Cicero). This all day ALL AGES event will feature bands (Digometric, General Patton & His Privates, Monk 9, Awdazcate - to name a few), DJs, Spinners, Speakers, Lasers and other surprises until 2a. Tickets are $15 - get them now! Visit http://www.peacefestchicago.com for more info.

Over at Elbo Room - Life After Liftoff will be rockin' the stage with friend RayIsDude.

And finally, SouthSide will make her debut at NOCTURNA'S monthly show happening at Bottom Lounge where the fashionably dressed of the Goth/music scene will be partying. This month, they will be celebrating new loves and broken hearts at this Valentine's themed party. GlitterGuts (cool photo folks) will be there to document everyone's best holiday black and red attire while good friend DJ Scary Lady Sarah spins your favorite "dark" loves songs (send requests in now). And as an added bonus - heart-shaped treats for all.

12 Feb - over at Mellow Yellow restaurant (located in Hyde Park), check out good friend Jesse Charboneir along with musicians Adrian (on piano), Michael (on bass), and Nils (on drums) as they jazz up your pre-Valentine's Sunday brunch from 10a to 2p. It's ALL AGES so bring the kids for a wonderful music experience ...musicians are encouraged to jam with the band too.

Meanwhile at Fitz's Spare Keys (located in Elmhurst, IL), friend Ivory Theory will be hosting a SXSW fundraiser to help finance their rockin' trip to Austin, TX in March. ALL AGES (except afterparty is 21+ only) / $7 donation

17 Feb - hey, do you want to know a hot secret ...promise not to tell anyone - sorry, blogspot readers, it's SO hot that even SouthSide cannot tell you but she can only say it's involves a local band ...a good friend and it's happening at Metro.

19 Feb - good friend, I Can Hear Myself Levitate will be rockin' a special Sunday Elbo Room appearance along with Disarmed, Curio and Track & Field.

21 Feb - MARDI GRAS partying

23 Feb - check out good friends, Kelsey Montanez and Kona Villamil (of Trainwreck Symphony) with SouthSide as they rock the stage at Elbo Room.

24 Feb - SouthSide returns to Elbo Room for more music and fun as good friend Alaya Conscious rocks the stage with Chicago Trash Ensemble, Artist vs Athlete and Zero to End featured in lineup.

25 Feb - a special, non-review outting for SouthSide. She's ditching the pad and pen for a relaxing evening at The Drake's famous Coq d'Or lounge with good friend and jazz crooner, Jesse Charboneir who will be performing three of her favorites (this reviewer has many standards and rarely heard favorites) by Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday.

Also happening this month - Urban Circuit Market ...stay tuned here for date and details.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

12 Jan 12

...are you a reporter... ~ fan from Schubas' Tomorrow Never Knows show

Hey, blogspot readers, it was a dark and very snowy storm night for this On The Town adventure! Yes, SouthSide braved the snow, cold and whipping winds to head out to Schubas for Day 2 of Tomorrow Never Knows - an annual multi-venue event in which new, up and coming bands/artists (locally as well as national and international) are showcased on stages like Lincoln Hall, Metro and more. You never know, blogspot readers, some of these names - Mannequin Men, Plants and Animals or Com Truise might be big one day like Bon Iver who got his start during TNK. Tonight, SouthSide was checking out the melodic/folk trio Herman Dune (France) opening for headliner Plants and Animals which also featured performances by Canon Blue and Cloudbirds.

SouthSide highly recommends blogspot readers checking out the melodic lively sounds of folk music amidst heartfelt storytelling type of lyrical style of Herman Dune. This reviewer enjoyed the vibrant yet energizing sound and vibe with an electric sound that flowed throughout the venue during this band's TNK performance. She liked the danceable feel to each song even while in a downtempo rhythm that would leave the crowd wanting more after wowing them with powerful finishes. Yet this reviewer liked the heartfelt words behind the songs in which the vocals popped to life under such imagery as heard in the song I Hear Strange Music. Besides the triple vocal harmony that's accompanied within this particular song, this reviewer liked the poetic words that seemed to pop to life inside the vibrant melodies and electric guitar riffs ... the thundrous percussion added to that umph sound to rock the stage. It was one of a couple of songs she liked by Herman Dune. She also highly recommends listening to Tell Me Something I Don't Know (another favorite of the night) for the vibe of heartache and pain heard not only from the lyrics (especially when hearing "...tell me / tell me / tell me something I don't know...) but from the music too. Despite being a somewhat "sad" song, it had an upbeat tempo after a gradual guitar momentum and buildup at the intro. Plus she enjoyed the emotionally expressive lovesong in which David (front man on guitar) truly emitted some strong tenderness within the words. Yet, blogspot readers shouldn't forget to also take a good rockin' look at Herman's eclectic music sound too. This trio rocked the Scubas stage with an organic folk instrumental sound besides the electric pop/rock vibe. To SouthSide's ears it had the elements of an Americana folk sound but not really ...it was more contemporary with a lively pop tempo especially when adding a shaker to one particular song. This band is totally big on making a presence hear, felt and known while on stage though creatively using very little to produce feel good music for its audience especially while closing out their Chicago TNK set with Shadow of a Doubt with a rockin' bang. It was energizing until the last note died, blogspot readers, that some in the audience wanted one more song. Though Herman's current album is not released yet stateside, after hearing a few of the live versions, SouthSide hopes the band decides to do it soon in 2012. In the meantime, visit http://www.hermandune.com for more tour details and music.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

11 Jan 12 - part 2: The Claudettes

YOU: Fake ID
ME: Real Gun

After a quick CTA bus ride from Wicker Park to Logan Square, SouthSide arrived in time at Whistler for The Claudettes. However, blogspot readers, this wasn't any ordinary local rock band performance that feartured members of Oh My God and the lovely Miss Lizbeth. Honestly, she was still confused in what she was reviewing even after Ig tried explaining the concept to her via email before the show. Even describing this unique performance idea - somewhat hard to do without confusing you, the reader. To truly understand who or what The Claudettes are, SouthSide can basically sum it up by saying this - it's a performance art/theatre/jazz band show about bar that was held inside Whistler.

Simply that's it, blogspot readers.

The Claudettes have taken the bar scene away from the bar and put it on stage complete with a rockin' two-piece band (members of Oh My God) and barmaid (Ms Lizbeth) serving the best Budweisers in town - all working for the mysterious Claudette (who couldn't come herself because she probably was too hungover from celebrating the news that she's pregnant). It does sound a bit confusing yet when attending this unique one of a kind show, the picture becomes less fuzzy. Oh by the way, the Budweisers on stage were actually real and the audience was encouraged to come on stage to purchase one or more in support of the "bar" (according to the premise, the owner lost her lease). The band (who must be on time for the show and wear ties while on stage) featured Ig (on piano) and Mike (on drums) of Oh My God jazzing up the scene with lively instrumental tunes throughout their set. The guys kept the audience well entertained with energized momentum song after song as a few from the audience came on stage for a beer or two.

Still the mysterious "Claudette" was very elusive though watching the action of her "bar" somewhere, blogspot readers, especially when she checked in to see how how Ms Lizbeth was handling things. Don't be surprised if you're snapped in a photo or two - it's to show "Claudette" there were people having fun while enjoying the show. Plus there's more than beer and drink specials at this "bar". You can also get unique merch and t-shirts at dirt cheap prices. On this night, Lizbeth was hawking Tower Of Power Live and Meter CDs.

Overall, blogspot readers, this was one strange but unique experience for this roving reviewer about town. Yet that's what makes Chicago's local scene so interesting, great and fun to cover. She could tell the audience didn't get the concept either at first however quickly warmed up once the "bar" was open for business and the band started playing. Even Claudettes' last call prompted the rowdy bar crowd to demand one more song from the band ...don't know if the burrito-selling guy was part of the act but nice touch. In truth, it's cool and fun theatrical experience. It might take off (or not) if Claudette ever gets a regular bar location again. There is a youtube page for The Claudettes but you can find out where this traveling "bar" will be setting up shop on Oh My God's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ohmygodmusic.

Until next time, support your local scene,

11 Jan 12 - part 1: Common Shiner

...think Jake got a pair of panties...

Hey, blogspot readers, it's a double shot Wednesday! SouthSide's rockin' two shows around town during one incredible night. First, she's at Wicker Park's hip rock venue, Double Door, for another $1 show to see longtime friend, Common Shiner perform. This bargain priced local show also featured performances by Simpleton & City Folk, Michael Lux & The Bad Sons, Bobcat Williams and Little Big Fat. But alas, this reviewer could only stay for one performance. She had to dash away to her next show rockin' Whistler at Logan Square to hang out with Claudettess. Both are highly recommended in seeing at their next performances.

It has been a very long time since SouthSide last saw her friend and was very anxious to see how they've changed over the years. Performing brand spanking new songs (as well as a couple of favorites and cover), Common Shiner once again impressed this reviewer with the band's melodic piano-driven/contemporary pop rock sound and picturesque imagery within the lyrics. The trio of vocals by Michael (keyboards), Morgan (electric/acoustic) and Jake (bass) not only brought out the heartfelt tenderness heard inside Common's songs but also the meaningful yet inspirational messages.

For example, during one particular song, besides enjoying the boisterous power of the music and tempo, SouthSide found peace wihtin the inspirational words of encouragement when hearing "...with sharks around ...we die if we stop swimming..." Or listen to the picturesque story about Jacob (in which the soulfully dynamic music had the entire venue at a silent standstill until the last note died) as well as the optimistic poetry of the song titled The Optimist. This reviewer higly suggests listening to Common's Interdemensional Love Song though less symphonic in sound, she enjoyed the soothing contemporary pop/rock melody which spotlighted the emotional tone heard from the heartfelt lyrics. Plus the music vibrantly popped when the acoustic sound was replaced with electrifying electric riffs that sparked more energy without loudly overshadowing the fantastic vibe.

Besides rockin' the stage with a lively Go West cover of King of Wishful Thinking (an upbeat piano rhythm Common Shiner style), the band also rocked the stage with a lively version of their acoustic song, Sleep In (off Common Shiner's acoustic album). Despite now hearing the original version, SouthSide liked the upbeat tempo and pop/rock sound wonderfully provided within in this radio-ready tune for contemporary music listeners to enjoy.

Common Shiner needs your help, blogspot readers. The band is currently raising funds to finance their next album on indiegogo.com (it's almost like Kickstarter.com) - they know times are tough and will accept any donation amount that you can afford. Visit http://www.commonshiner.bandcamp.com or http://www.facebook.com/commonshiner for details.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

06 Jan 12

...some people don't know what to do with us... ~ I Attack

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome the 1st of many weekends of 2012! Tonight, SouthSide's rockin' a Dollar ($1 US) show ...that's it only cost her one whole buck to rock at Wicker Park's hippest (and oldest) music spots around - Double Door. There punkers, rockers and metalheads converged to jam the night away to such performances by I Attack and her friend, Cenobites opening for Eat That Plastic.

Hailing from Little Village/Pilsen areas of Chicago's vibrant Hispanic neighborhoods, this local band packed a lot of venomous heat not into their songs but also in the music too. I Attack kicked off their short set with a rousing, heart-stopping punk sound that had metalheads banging heads. SouthSide's skin crawled (in a good way, blogspot readers) when hearing that raw primal scream being poured over the microphone ...literally melting the poor instrument with his venomous vocal heat even while performing a love song, I Attack style. It wasn't pretty or poetic full of flowering words ...no this band had the audience feeling every ounce of his spiteful lyrics and the hardcore music to match. It was hot and fiery, blogspot readers, with the blood curdling screams and gritty feel of the guitars flowing in her veins. The type of sound perfect for slam dancing/moshing but not tonight - observant Double Door security was watching. I Attack did incite a bit of riot feel during one song in which they urged the audience to "...take city back..." with refernces to Mayor Rahm Emanuel ...a true Occupy Chicago theme amidst the gritty guitars and spiteful screamo on the mic. Despite the shortness of set, this reviewer highly recommends letting your punk side shine with I Attack at their next show. For more information about this band, visit http://www.myspace.com/iattack312.

Even Pinhead and his Hellraiser henchmen have a band named after them, blogspot readers ...and these Cenobites will tear your soul apart - musically. SouthSide's local friend painfully rocked the stage with pleasurable screamo angst vocals mixed with hardcore guitar punk sound. And it wasn't just one vocals screaming that raw primal animalistic voice - it was three which could make the blood curl in a heartbeat. Yes, blogspot readers, SouthSide got chills from the raw vocals off the mic. Add that to the tempo and speed of the "wham bam thank you ma'am" music, Cenobites cranked up the Double Door monitors full blast. Enough sound and music for headbanging action that you could rock out to the flying furious riffs and thundering percussion beat. Check Cenobites' long list of tunes like In The Vault or They Say They Care to Ray's Piss Jugs and more - all featuring plenty of guitar chills and vocal thrills ...heartpounding music to boot packed into this tiny set. Yet Cenobites also do something else that's special. They incorporate a bit of the classic rock sound like in their new song which brought out the eclectic feel and intensity within the band's hardcore sound. As special set closer, Cenobites treated the audience to their homage to the one and only Frank Zappa ...oh what a rockin' way to end after performing Brain Wash and Everybody's Fucked. Don't be afraid, blogspot readers, these Cenobites are quite friendly and this reviewer highly recommends checking them out. Visit them at http://www.myspace.com/thecenobite.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

05 Jan 12

...need some A/C in this [place]... ~ Midwest Hype

Hey, blogspot readers, Happy New Year! It might the end of the world (according to the Mayan calendar) but SouthSide's going to rock it like she did in 2011. Welcome to 2012's On The Town first review with her. Tonight, this local scene queen and party girl kicked off another long year of rockin' adventures within Chicago's vibrant indie scene and more at Schuba's. This popular Lakeview venue/Irish pub was the place to be for hot soulful sounds of funk-tastic R&B/Groove/Jazz/Ska fusion performances by Funktion (MI) and Otis opening for Midwest Hype's DayGlow Record Release show.

Opening this night of partying and fun was the funky vibe mixed inside the lively rhythm and rockin' horn section (providing a bit of cool jazz during certain songs) by SouthSide's friend, Funktion. Immediately this ensemble of hip musicians electrified the stage with a vibrant wave of cool rhythms and melodies that had the crowd grooving to the beat. It was SO smokin' hot Schuba's didn't need to keep the heat on for the rest of the performance, blogspot readers. Matter of fact, the heat was turned way down for the rest of the night. Everyone was thoroughly warmed up while listening to Funktion songs like I Ain't Cheatin' and Bounce (which featured a lively dance move amidst the lyrical hip hop/rap verses). The band turned up the heat a notch when performing a couple of new songs Work Ya Body (more dancing to the sizzling R&B rhythms and groove that will keep the body "bouncing" to the beat of this downtempo song) and Trigger (SouthSide loved the funkatized space theme flowing through this rockin' song in the electricity had this crowd truly feeling Funktion's disco funk - think Parliament Funkadelic but with a little jazz and soul). This reviewer also recommends taking a fantastic voyage while getting funkified to the band's soulful groove hear within the instrumental bridge of Change and despite not performing it - listen to Step Into It (another lively dance number in which Funktion's smooth R&B/funk feel and sound will definitely have you stepping into the groove with them). For more information, visit Funktion at http://www.funktionmusic.com.

Continuing with tonight's music theme, this next band featured more of that funktastic hip soul/ R&B sound however with a touch of jazz and sultry female vocals (by Jessica). Otis impressed SouthSide with not only intricately fitting all seven members comfortably on Schuba's rather small stage but also the vibrant sound and melodies which lit up the entire venue. It was a hot combination, blogspot readers, when having music and a powerful yet soulful voice rockin' the stage together like Otis had. This reviewer was extremely happy for the heat not being on and for the fans being on because it was a little steamy inside with the crowd dancing to the music especially during the band's second song. After opening the set on an upbeat note, Otis took the tempo down a bit to highlight not only its slow R&B/Groove but how dynamic the band's chanteneuse could be when upping the charm and vocals. And there was another time when she displayed a sultry voice that defined the tone and mood of an Otis song. While performing new song, Lately, Jessica and the band really slowed things down but keeping sparks of energy within the horns and groove thus turning on that sultry charm and soulful style on the lyrics. It was the perfect song to rock a Steppers' move or two amongst the other dancing couples. SouthSide also recommends rockin' a groovy move or two while listening to Limits and closing song Slave Ship (which had this crowd really bouncing on the floor ...and the instrumental piece Break Out which features plenty of lively melodic music by the band. For more information, visit Otis at http://www.otis.bandcamp.com.

You can definitely believe the hype about this band, blogspot readers, as the guest of honor finally took the stage at their party. Fans thoroughly bouncing and grooving to the opening acts were ready for more as Midwest Hype electrified the venue with a hot fusion of soul/reggae/ska/electric rock and more during the headlining performance. Yet compared to the other sets, this one had a noticeable unique style in which SouthSide enjoyed. She liked the laidback atmosphere that brought out the philosophical side of this band's lyrics - the words if you listen very closely are quite meaningful and inspirational (at times) yet quite relevant to this millennial generation. If you want to find the real Occupy (anything) concerns and message, you'll definitely hear it within Midwest's lyrics. Performing songs off the new album Dayglow, this band delighted the packed venue with the hot island sounds of reggae/ska fusing it with other genres including lyrical hip hop/rap and electric rock. The music constantly kept bodies moving, shaking and grooving to the rhythmic beat ...a taste of summertime fun and music during the winter. Opening with That's My New Style, this reviewer enjoyed the poetic floetry of Sunrise (Will End My Night Tonight) and others like track 3 which took the party atmosphere down a notch to allow Midwest's R&B/Soul side be spotlighted though not slowing down the tempo one bit especially those dancing near the front of the stage. SouthSide had a rockin' time with Midwest Hype feeling the inspiration and music flowing in her soul, blogspot readers and she highly suggests you feel this vibe too at their next show in Muncie, IN on Jan 21st. For more information, visit Midwest Hype at http://www.reverbnation.com/midwesthype.

Until next time, support your local scene,