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11 Jan 12 - part 2: The Claudettes

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After a quick CTA bus ride from Wicker Park to Logan Square, SouthSide arrived in time at Whistler for The Claudettes. However, blogspot readers, this wasn't any ordinary local rock band performance that feartured members of Oh My God and the lovely Miss Lizbeth. Honestly, she was still confused in what she was reviewing even after Ig tried explaining the concept to her via email before the show. Even describing this unique performance idea - somewhat hard to do without confusing you, the reader. To truly understand who or what The Claudettes are, SouthSide can basically sum it up by saying this - it's a performance art/theatre/jazz band show about bar that was held inside Whistler.

Simply that's it, blogspot readers.

The Claudettes have taken the bar scene away from the bar and put it on stage complete with a rockin' two-piece band (members of Oh My God) and barmaid (Ms Lizbeth) serving the best Budweisers in town - all working for the mysterious Claudette (who couldn't come herself because she probably was too hungover from celebrating the news that she's pregnant). It does sound a bit confusing yet when attending this unique one of a kind show, the picture becomes less fuzzy. Oh by the way, the Budweisers on stage were actually real and the audience was encouraged to come on stage to purchase one or more in support of the "bar" (according to the premise, the owner lost her lease). The band (who must be on time for the show and wear ties while on stage) featured Ig (on piano) and Mike (on drums) of Oh My God jazzing up the scene with lively instrumental tunes throughout their set. The guys kept the audience well entertained with energized momentum song after song as a few from the audience came on stage for a beer or two.

Still the mysterious "Claudette" was very elusive though watching the action of her "bar" somewhere, blogspot readers, especially when she checked in to see how how Ms Lizbeth was handling things. Don't be surprised if you're snapped in a photo or two - it's to show "Claudette" there were people having fun while enjoying the show. Plus there's more than beer and drink specials at this "bar". You can also get unique merch and t-shirts at dirt cheap prices. On this night, Lizbeth was hawking Tower Of Power Live and Meter CDs.

Overall, blogspot readers, this was one strange but unique experience for this roving reviewer about town. Yet that's what makes Chicago's local scene so interesting, great and fun to cover. She could tell the audience didn't get the concept either at first however quickly warmed up once the "bar" was open for business and the band started playing. Even Claudettes' last call prompted the rowdy bar crowd to demand one more song from the band ...don't know if the burrito-selling guy was part of the act but nice touch. In truth, it's cool and fun theatrical experience. It might take off (or not) if Claudette ever gets a regular bar location again. There is a youtube page for The Claudettes but you can find out where this traveling "bar" will be setting up shop on Oh My God's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ohmygodmusic.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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