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20 Jan 12

***Sincerest apologies to the band and fans of Vino - took time out to mourn a loss within SouthSide's family***

...anyone got a cigarette...

It's another dark and snowy storm night around town, blogspot readers ...and yes, SouthSide's crazy to enough to hit the road tonight. She's rockin' Elbo Room's acoustic lounge to enjoy a set of eclectic music and sound of Vino's Americana/blues/folk/acoustic fusion. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' with the lovely Savannah who opened Vino's three hour acoustic performance tonight. This dynamic singer/songwriter rocked the acoustic lounge with upbeat melodic guitar sound and heartfelt vocals felt as well as heard inside her lyrics as she played a few songs off her latest 6-song EP. This reviewer enjoyed the unique guitar riffs and breaks to emphasize the lively tempo in Mixed Signals meanwhile in Beautiful Memory, Savannah was more vocally expressive with her emotions via the realistic imagery laced within the words. During this particular song, she not only pumped her feelings into the words but also the music before closing out the set with Boston. Though given a brief sample of her music and vocals, SouthSide enjoyed the contemporary pop feel heard from this acoustic artist/songwriter ...her words wonderfully expressed such pain and tenderness while singing from the heart. Hopefully Savannah returns to Elbo Room for a longer performance run time.

New friend, Vino, entertained the audience with a lively mixture of acoustic blues/R&B/soul and more within the first hour of their three-hour performance, blogspot readers. Featuring the lovely Daniella Rojas on certain songs (as well as performing a few her own), SouthSide enjoyed the sultry mix and playful banter of her vocals complimenting Mike (lead on guitar) especially during opening number Booty Call (?). Yet the Motown sound and soul clearly came out when Vino performed Reasons & Rhymes which was interesting switch from the first - since the lyrics were more taken from a male point of view. For example in Booty Call - Daniella chimed with "...he's just a booty call / you're just a know-it-all..." meanhile in Reasons & Rhymes Mike chimed with "...reasons and rhymes don't matter / we both got reasons to lie..." Throughout this part of Vino's performance, there was some intense moments of hearing different stages of love and lust - like Morning Dew (or also known as Wet Nap - about having a dream about your lover), Daniella's vocals made the lyrics pop with hot sultriness under Vino's smooth R&B/groove sound. She totally turned up the heat (besides the charm) inside Elbo Room once this song had concluded. Yet when adding trumpet rhythms into this already lively mix, not only did Vino change its music sound but also upped the tempo too as heard in the whimsical song about affording a rock-n-roll lifestyle and in Don't Forget (featuring a rhythmic Latin tone and ska vibe). Blogspot readers should also take notice that Friend is a four-letter (dirty) word in which the upbeat tempo was taken down to a steady rhythmic tone to spotlight Mike's dynamic vocal style before getting all religious and sanctified within a Southern gospel sound in Amazing Gracie. This particular song blew SouthSide away with his dynamically powerful vocal style ...also brough out the religion within Daniella's voice too. Both were truly "testifying" underneath Vino's fiery church-like sound. This reviweer also recommends listening to the poetic imagery of the Emerald Isle (Ireland) in Seaside (off Vino's first album - available for download free on the band's soundcloud page). She enjoyed the romanticism surrounding the words amidst the gentle acoustic tempo. For more information about Vino and its music, visit http://www.reverbnation.com/vinopalmusic.

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