Monday, September 21, 2009

19 Sept 09

“…we now know what’s the future for the dead…” The Glide

Hey, Fearless fans, shake your groove thang! It’s time to party and dance the night away. That’s what SouthSide did at her favorite place on the Southside. Reggie’s Rock Club went from its typical rock statue into one huge Euro pop disco scene on Saturday night. The party atmosphere was set on high as fans packed this popular venue for The Glide’s CD release show. The stage itself was electrified with the rockin’ sounds of electronic/pop/rock from the featured lineup. The Glide invited their close friends, Aktar Aktar, and Professor Kliq, to help celebrate their momentous event with Par Avion opening the lineup.

How does one get everyone into the spirit to a party? They have Par Avion open with an energetic pop/rock performance. Their rockin’ songs and stage presence contained a contagious vibe. No one was standing still throughout the set. It was a wild bout of crazy madness, Fearless fans, near the stage! Par’s flare for giving the audience an energized sound truly kept the momentum going until the very end. SouthSide enjoyed the eclectic pop/synthesized sound that brought out the band’s nonstop energy. Nothing slowed this band down for one minute except having to abruptly end their set. Sadly it was a crowd disappointment since Par Avion’s set barely started. Time did fly by fast when you’re in a dancing frenzy! If you’re looking for some high energy electronic music, SouthSide recommends Par Avion. For more information about this band, visit them at

Performing as part of the Chicago Noise Machine initiation next week at Cubby Bear, SouthSide caught a sneak peek of the latest member at Reggie’s. In her honest opinion, Aktar Aktar’s rock alternative sound didn’t fit on the lineup. However, Fearless fans, SouthSide’s knew a little variety is the spice to all things wonderful. And this band totally added spice and much more to the Reggie’s stage. Aktar rocked it with lots of energy and guitar rhythms which kept the packed venue dancing throughout their set. This band whipped the fans into a feverish frenzy during their song, Wet Dick, Raw Sex. Though not the official title, this song jammed with a titillating sound of Southern fried country rock. Whew, Fearless fans, it was sizzling hot especially during the lead guitar solo. There was another song which featured a unique mix of country and blues. Now, SouthSide could understand why CNM asked this band to join them. If you want rock alternative with a touch of country, Aktar Aktar is your type of band. SouthSide says see them perform on September 26th at Cubby Bear with the other Chicago Noise Machine members. For more information, visit them at

This duo of electronic pop wizardry surprised SouthSide by adding new member to their family. Looking very handsome and dapper in suits, Professor Kliq had a live drummer to accentuate the electronic drum rhythms for their performance. SouthSide thoroughly enjoyed their funky sample of the Sanford & Son theme to open the set. It totally had the crowd dancing into a dancing frenzy. Think the early days of house and underground music when you see them perform, Fearless fans. Professor took something old flipping it into something fresh with funky scratches and samples. However this reviewer was somewhat lukewarm to the new addition to the band noticing that Professor’s electronic/pop truly didn’t need a live drummer. Their unique and eclectic sounds worked just fine without drums performing with them. A good example would be when they performed the Steppenwolf rock classic, Born to be Wild. This reviewer wondered if she knew the drum rhythm or had a hard time keeping up with the Professor’s fast paced electronic sound. The highlight of the entire performance came when they covered a popular song by The Glide. Wow – that’s all SouthSide can say about the song. Professor Kliq gave it an awesome techno spin which closed out their set with The Glide joining them on stage. SouthSide highly recommends those into underground and house music to check out these professors of electronic pop wizardry sound. For more information about this band, visit them at or

Now it was time for the guest of honor to take the stage. After overcoming minor technical difficulty, The Glide rocked out their CD release party in style, Fearless fans. The guys looked very handsome on stage in their party costumes while exciting the crowd with electronic/pop songs off their new CD, A Future for the Dead. During their performance, the band dazzled their party guests by using a variety of video images on the big screen. This gave their songs more definition in imagery and depth …sometimes leaving you to wonder what actually goes on in the minds of The Glide. SouthSide loved how certain songs were paired with classic Twilight Zone or 2001: A Space Odyssey scenes. Even watching the final scenes (when the aliens’ true identities are revealed) from the movie, They Live, had a creepy yet the abstract effect on this reviewer. In other words, she loved the weirdness of their video choices. And what’s a Glide party without balloons? Yes, balloons, Fearless fans, bounced and popped everywhere as fans waved the glow sticks hidden inside in the air. This party was way better than their Metro one less than a month ago. The Glide had a longer set time to be more creative in showcasing their rockin’ electronic/pop/disco music. Sadly, it had to come to an end, Fearless fans …and this band did it under a blanket of stars and infinite space (with some help from 2001: Space Odyssey again). It was a stellar calm before closing with a rockin’ encore. SouthSide highly recommends this popular local band making its mark in the pop/disco/rock genre. For more information about The Glide, visit them at or

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.


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  1. For the record, I (Professor Kliq) had messed up the timing of that Steppenwolf sample. The drummer was anticipating something else and instead got a big sample she wasn't expecting. So that's actually a Professor Kliq mistake, however masked by technology.


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