Wednesday, October 14, 2009

23 Sept 09

Energized for guitar rock ...razor sharp and loud - that's how SouthSide describes this performance by her best bud's, Sister Switchblade.
Recently they rocked the Elbo Room as part of a band battles. Performing a few songs off their new EP, plenty of ears were blown away by their fast paced guitar rhythms and sound. SouthSide enjoyed the thunderous momentum this music created which at times left her breathless begging for more. This was some serious "man balls" rock music here, my blogspot readers, which has to be performed loud, fast and down right dirty ...slashing you like a switchblade. Listen to songs Run Like Hell and Little Miss Cocaine (Pts 1 & 2 as listed on the 4-track EP). These were two good examples of Sister's sound that literally set the basement lounge ablaze with fiery music. You not only heard it but felt each rip-roaring riff note by note. If you like your rock a bit raw and stinkin' dirty, then you should listen to Dead Man's City ...simply some hot and heavy sweaty music to get your hips swaying. The only disappointing note about Sister's performance was that it ended too soon. Don't fret, my readers, Sister Switchblade's rockin' somewhere at a venue near you. Demand it if you have to. SouthSide highly suggests snagging a copy of their A Dirty Mind & A Mouth To Match CD. She also advises that you set the volume at the highest setting possible - you need to feel each rockin' guitar riff and percussion rhythm to truly enjoy this EP. It's not wuss rock ...this is how true Southsiders rock. Loud. fast and extremely hard.
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