Thursday, October 15, 2009

06 Oct 09

Interested in forming a band but don't have a clue where to begin? Then attend a New Music Business Seminar. One was recently held in Chicago on October 6th at the Park West. This day long event was the "only conference dedicated to the business of music" according to co-founder, Tom Silverman. He also reminded all participants during his opening speech that "...all of us [in the music business] are here to service the artists." Gone are the old ways of power and control in this business. Instead, it's all about collaboration, creativity, networking and making connections. Today, a band's success depends upon its members' willingness to make it happen. Technically speaking, it's the age of the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) bands.

Keynote speaker, Michael Spiegelman (Yahoo! Music), briefly spoke about how a band can attract traffic to its site and how a new artist buys attention without spending any money. He gave very good advice as well as ways of differeniating one's self from the many other bands. Mr. Spiegelman recommended artists to treat their passion as a business but still enjoying and doing what they love.

This conference was divided into four very informative sessions as a guide for any band/artist to follow in becoming successful. Session One featured a quick run-down of the new music business and what it entails for today's artists. Interesting topics such as how to make a unique impression and advice about creating an effective band webpage were discussed. Session Two dealt with band exposure, marketing and promotions. Panelists advised using fans, family and friends in getting the word out about your music. And remember - there are no shortcuts in this business either. It takes dedication and hard work to succeed.

Session Three was about the creativity within the new music business. It's all about being creative and having something unique ...originality is good too. This reviewer wholeheartedly agrees with that one hundred percent. Other topics briefly discussed were image, branding, and the show. Bands/Artists were encouraged to take risks while maintaining a good personality. Session Four's Reaching That Magical 300 Mark concluded the conference with tips from Tour: Smart author, Martin Atkins. He offered unique and fun strategies to participants such as effective ways of selling merch stuff to expanding your fanbase. More importantly he advised in the end "...make cool stuff..."

Well, it may have been a long day however it was very enlightening experience for this reviewer. A lot of ideas, information and advice was shared giving everyone the ins and outs on how to be a successful (independent) band/artist. She highly recommends attending this seminar and/or one similar to this in your area.

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