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17 Oct 09

"...enough of this love bullsh*t ...let's talk about suicide..." Sinister Fate

*insert lycans howling and witches cackling here*

It was a dark and unseasonably chilly night. And SouthSide took a long walk (alone) in a creepy graveyard. There she partied under the blackened skies with the ghouls, goblins, and vampires of all kinds....

Halloween came early this year, blogspot readers, which brought plenty of tricks and treats for all. Horror fans gathered recently at the Viaduct Theater for the 1st Annual 1st Jason Feast of Flesh Freak Show (try saying that 3x's fast). This was designed to have music and theater under one convention ...a cool concept that this reviewer liked. However she hopes more horror vendors participate next year. The sexy ladies of Hot and Heavy Burlesque provided an array of enticing Halloween themed set between band performances. Sinister Fate and 1st Jason thrilled the audience with their dark gothic rock music on a stage decorated for the holiday season. For more information about Viaduct Theater, visit

Don't be frightened by their creepiness ...yes, they sometimes do scare but actually they're quite friendly for a group of rockin' dead guys. SouthSide was first introduced to Sinister Fate when they opened a Metro lineup over the summer. This time, the band brought the dark theactric music to the Viaduct to thrill and chill all with their devilish sound. Their show combined the look of Alice Copper and the feel of Ozzie without the biting the bat's head under the atmosphere of The Crow (original) movie. It's hard to imagine from that description alone unless you venture into their graveyard soon to see them live. However, this reviewer has to warn you - Sinister's stage antics can get very intense. It's definitely not for the squeamish. Sometimes the performance can involve murder, suicide and self-mutilation ...there's also a couple of fetishes. Plus they add pain, anguish and frustration into their songs as well. That's what happens when you combine love with death and vice versa. This is what Sinister Fate is all about.

With their demonic forces running loose on stage, this band's personality was not only hardcore in the music but also with the lyrics. For example, their favorite word, the reknown F-word, has its own song which appears every other word within the lyrics. Their fetish for having sex with the dead was hauntingly revealed (and relished) in Fairy Tale Love. Told you, blogspot readers, this show is not for the weak at heart or the kiddies. Other songs performed during the performance included The Hunger (a perfect song for those vampires who must "sparkle" in the daylight) and Last Dance (one hot energetic power ballad that doesn't sound like a ballad at all). It's amazing how they can be hardcore and mushy with the love emotion at the same time. But they rather be hardcore to the bone. Though not wanting to be known as a metal band, Sinister does pack their gothic sound with plenty of riffs and rhythms to hang your head to.

So, during this festive holiday season, embrace the darkness and accept your doomed fate with Sinisiter Fate at a creepy cemetery near you. Fore more information about this band, visit them at or

Happy Halloween, blogspot ghouls and goblins!


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