Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 Oct 09

"...we're going to make this quick - we have to pee...." Machinegun Mojo
It was hot fun and cool rock music flowing throughout the Elbo Room, blogspotters! And SouthSide was ready to party all night long. Her good friends, Konniption Fit (from Detroit, MI), were celebrating the debut of their newest CD, Balistic. Helping with this momentous event, bands like Riot Inside, Machinegun Mojo, and Innerfall were invited to put everyone in a party mood. Also included in this packed lineup was Jinx Never Sticks and the female duo, Level 5.
Unfortunately, SouthSide missed Level opening the lineup however she was lucky enough to receive a copy of their 2-track EP. She thoroughly enjoyed the duo's unique yet haunting vocals behind the acoustic/pop rock sound. One small note, the Elbo Room was their first live show and the audience was very receptive to their set. This reviewer's planning a full review soon. For more information about Level 5, visit Mel and Joanna at or Also SouthSide highly recommends checking out Jinx Never Sticks ( Besides rockin' the stage with a phenomenal Hendrix cover, guitar fans will love the rhythms and riffs which thrilled and amazed this reviewer. Definitely expect a full review on this band soon. Also be on the lookout for a new EP by Jinx coming in the Spring 2010.
Time to party, my blogspotters, Detroit style with Konniption Fit. This Michigan trio brought back their energized punk/hardcore rock back to the Windy City for their CD release of Ballistic. There were lots of guitar rock and energy on stage to get the audience moving. Jason (guitar/vocals) and Amber (bass/vocals) thrilled the room with their unique guitar style and performances. SouthSide loved their song Rush Hour that had her feeling the frustration of being stuck in downtown traffic. Konniption even brought along some of the funk rock solely for this Chicago show. Want to feel sexy and dirty at the same time? Listen to their song, Ego Trip, and watch out for the many fast and slow tempo riff changes. Such a combination made it one hot number, blogspotters. The highlight of this set was Jason's smokin' guitar solo which led into the next song, Erase. This reviewer suggests snagging a copy of their latest CD and cranking up the volume to feel (as well as hear) that crazy Detroit rock sound. Fore more information, visit Konniption Fit at, or
Now it was for SouthSide to get her mojo going with her good friends, Machinegun Mojo. And the secret to their rockin' mojo is (drum roll) chorizo tacos, according to Doc Popz. Well on Saturday night, this band was mucho caliente (very hot) and spicey while on stage with their wild guitar rock sound. Seriously, blogspotters, you will enjoy the variety of mojo's rock flavor during their performances. From southern and blues to a bit of honky tonk, these guys bring a little of something and everything to keep your mojo flowin' all night long. They even had Konniption Fit experiencing the wondrous power of Machinegun's mojo magic (try saying that 3 times) during their set. Performing songs off their Fundraising For the Devil CD, SouthSide was already rockin' to her favorites, Nobody's Hero and Devil on the Radio. There was so much mojo going, it got the band hungry again for more (what else) chorizo tacos at the end of the show. Even closing with Hot Damn wasn't enough for the mojo fans in the audience. SouthSide highly recommends everyone getting their mojo checked with Machinegun Mojo soon. For more information, visit these hot guys at
Being a little different may have been the understatement of the night for Innerfall. However, SouthSide had a difficult time comprehending the gist of their rock sound. In her honest opinion, the difficulty lay within the band itself. Front man Jon had vocals which too soft to be taken seriously as a part of a hardcore guitar rock band. He needed to project more emphasis in to the lyrics ...more screamin' agnst ...more something to pump life into Inner's songs. SouthSide suggests releasing those inner rock demons. And she also noticed his vocals were going at different tempo than the rest of the band. At times they had to play catch-up to his speed and singing style. This made the guitars out of sync with the drummer as well as the lead out of sync with everyone. This reviewer advises Innerfall in revamping either their rock sound and/or image. The audience needs to feel and believe that they're hardcore guitar rock band with the right sound and look. Sadly this band neither to make SouthSide believe in their music. For more information, visit Innerfall at ro
The riot wasn't inside the Metro or Congress Theatre Saturday night but it was definitely at the Elbo Room. Good friends, Riot Inside, closed out the rockin' lineup and they were ready to pump life back in the basement lounge. Technically speaking, they were ready to begin a revolution that wouldn't be televised, blogspotters. And it's always live ...loud whenever this band performs. Nothing was skimmed from Riot's loud rock performance. This band pumped the basement with so much energy and music that you actually felt it curdling inside you. Yes, you could say it was very intense especially during Suffer and King. Riot's currently working on a new 4-track EP and expect this song, Wicked Games to be included. SouthSide loved the angst and metal tone that had her head banging. She highly recommends everyone joining the revolution that is Riot Inside. For more information, visit or
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