Wednesday, October 14, 2009

30 Sept 09

In these tough economic times, it's hard to find good entertainment at a fair and reasonable price. Check out the Double Door's solution the next time you're in Chicago - FREE shows! Yes, that's right - you can still can get a free show without breaking your budget. Here's how it works - certain shows on their monthly schedule are reserved as Rock-n-Roll Bailout performances. It's a fun way to relieve that stress your wallet is experiencing while enjoying the best of what's out there in local music. Many of SouthSide's friends have graced the stage during one of these shows. Bands such as Mr. Russia, 7 Day Sonnet, Meqqa and Inn Cinema ...just to name a few. And believe it or not, this reviewer never turns down a free show. Free is the new black today. Recently her good pals, Everyday Celebrity, were the latest addition to perform on a Bailout lineup. For more information and/or when the next Rock-n-Roll Bailout show will be happening, visit the Double Door site at
Want to meet a celebrity? Say hello and meet SouthSide's good pals simply known as Everyday Celebrity. However make no mistake - their rock sound isn't everyday ordinary either. Promoting their new CD, Something's Missing, this band wasted no time opening the lineup by blasting the audience with thunderous guitar rhythms. Boy, did it ever get SouthSide's heart going as their music surprised her with sudden chord and riff changes. Taking this reviewer from one extreme to the next at times. Fans enjoyed the energy in which these Celebrities performed even while taking the momentum down a notch for a couple of songs. For example, listen to their song wonderfully titled Beautiful. With a name like that, don't expect it to be a rock ballad - no it was the direct opposite. Instead this song pumped a lot of guitar rock sound with a fast-paced tempo. Yet when it was time for a ballad, the energy still remained in tact yet it allowed Ryan's vocals to shine despite being a bit under the weather. During certain songs, he was able to make you feel the emotions off the lyrics especially in songs, While I Wait and I'm Through. This reviewer highly suggests her blogspot readers in giving this local band a listen. Snag a copy of their Something's Missing CD and tune into track 1 ( I Believe in Me ) and track 5 ( Scream ). For more information about Everyday Celebrity, visit them at or
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