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24 Sept 09

"...we're from IN..." - Philpot
"...Yeah - corn!"
Hey, my blogspotters, it's a double shot of the Elbo Room for more fun and music! SouthSide's on tap once again rockin' with Losing Scarlet and old friends from IN, Philpot. Included in this lineup was Paper Thick Walls and Westbury.
Feeling a bit under the weather couldn't stop Jodi and Losing Scarlet from kicking off their mini tour with a bang. This reviewer once again enjoyed the haunting mystique of Jodi's vocals. At times, she made us feel the angst and frustration as well as a soul pining for a love that was never there from the lyrics. Yet to hear the lyrics like that, my readers, you also needed to feel the music too. That's where the heart and soul of Losing Scarlet connect so nicely. A good example of this would be their Blondie cover Call Me in which this band gave the song an edgier metal tone than the 80's disco sound. SouthSide loved the metal feel and take of this cover version making it quite popular among their fans during Scarlet's performances. Besides performing other songs off their current self-titled CD, they debut two new tracks from their upcoming EP due soon. In With This We Fight, SouthSide found her new rock anthem to bang her head to. It was a little rough around the edges but it will get better the more they include this song as part of their playlist. In Shameless Prayer, the gradual build up in the intro led the audience towards a hardcore metal rock that they could sink their teeth into. And trust SouthSide, this didn't satisfy them ...they wanted more of this rockin' band. Losing Scarlet fed their hunger with another new song, Learning to Bleed which had many heads banging to the music. This reviewer highly suggests snagging a copy of their current CD and recommends listening to Philiphobia as well as Foresaken. Seeing them live is even better, my readers. For more information about Losing Scarlet, visit them at
Plenty has changed since SouthSide's first review of Philpot ...and wow, what a stage presence and new rock sound! This reviewer was literally blown away by the band's guitar rhythms and riffs pounding her ears. You could feel the excitement and electricity surging from this band's unique country/alternative/rock combination that will get your feet moving. She suggests that you think of John Cougar during his Mellencamp days when it rocked the music scene. The highlight of Philpot's set was when they performed The Absence of Color. This ballad never once lost its energy with the guitar sound taking the momentum and tempo down a notch. It was an excellent way for the audience to feel the pain and heartache off the lyrics. Yet Philpot impressed this reviewer with Foglights, a song that tapped into some serious Fogerty guitar themes. Their rock demons were certainly let loose to run wild and free throughout this performance especially during the song, Jesus On a Chain. It became an instant audience favorite that made everyone feeling the anguish and pain before they closed with Stolen Time. Rock fans in are encouraged to snag a copy of their CD, Hate Writes Better Than Love or better yet, see this band live. SouthSide guarantees you won't be disappointed. For more information about Philpot, visit them at or
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