Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20 Sept 11 - CHIRP Radio

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has many friends who also support the local scene (and beyond) ...and CHIRP Radio is one of them.

CHIRP aka Chicago Independent Radio Project is a unique web radio station located here in Chicago. It's a non-profit, volunteer-run, music-, arts-, and culture-focused radio station transmitting live from our studios in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood from 6AM-3AM seven days a week, 365 days a year. It's their mission is to provide "...Chicago residents with a community radio station focused on the representation of local people, events, and issues alongside a wide array of local and independent music..."

They seek to promote localism, diversity, and independence in public broadcasting via programming and web content curated, created, and produced by Chicagoans as well as aim to consistently expand the breadth and depth of our on-air and online voice by incorporating the multi-faceted voices of the community.

CHIRP does have a goal - a physical spot the FM dial on the radio and they are working hard to convince Congress and the FCC to remove such existing barriers to grant low power FM radio licenses in urban areas, including Chicago. For now, CHIRP will operate the station in its online format until a broadcast license can be secured, at which time that functionality will be added to the online presence.

CHIRP Radio also wants you, blogspot readers, to know that it does not air commercials, and receives no funding from corporations or the federal government. It is mainly supported by special event revenues, small grants, and listeners like YOU and SouthSide.

Her friends at CHIRP Radio are asking listeners to help contribute as much as they possibly can during their Autumn Harvest fundraising campaign happening now until September 30th. And with your generous donations (which is tax-deductible), you will be supporting and helping this local independent station with its endeavors of keeping the music (not normally heard on the mainstream stations) alive and working in getting their LPFM license. But they don't want you to go home empty-handed without receiving a "thank you" gift or two:

A handy stainless steel bottle opener for a $60 gift
A freshly designed CHIRP T-shirt for a $120 gift
Both a bottle opener and a T-shirt for a $180 gift
A fashionable CHIRP Messenger Bag for a $240 gift
Or receive all of the above with a $365 donation!

Make your tax-deductible contribution and become a supporter of the best radio station in Chicago by visiting http://www.chirpradio.org/donatenow today.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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