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21 Mar 14

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide’s back rockin’ the town after resting in bed due the dreaded flu bug. And what a fun adventure did this reviewer have planned for her Friday night. First, she partied at Wrigleyville’s Metro with her friends Magatha Trysty and Hero Monster Zero and then at Rogers Park’s Touche Bar with the bears in leather and DJ Germ of Riot Bear Productions/Modern Day Rippers. At the Metro, excitement was definitely in the air for two up-n-coming local bands – Magatha Trysty and Hero Monster Zero. Both making their debut at this legendary music venue with Hero headlining the show that featured other acts like Lost Brigade and Jeff Brown & The New Black.

This was so freakin’ amazing...” ~ Catherine of Magatha Trysty

Three months ago, they conquered the Double Door stage. Tonight, Magatha Trysty was poised and ready to conquer their next target – Metro, blogspot readers. And once again, they rocked it with their brand of melodic pop/alternative songs. After slight bumpy opening when performing “Raygun”, not even a minor problem with the mics was able to stop this band from giving their fans danceable rhythms amidst upbeat tempo and heartfelt lyrics. Soon things began to gell wonderfully for the band as they progressed through other songs like “Reels In Hand” and the dynamic downtempo ballad “Paper Cranes” which featured Catherine on lead vocals. Since this was an extra special occasion for Magatha and its fans, blogspot readers, the band premiered two new songs – “Brandywhine” and “The Clocks Run In Reverse”. SouthSide enjoyed the two new editions to the band’s growing song list ...each had its own distinct style and sound still featuring uniquely creative lyrics. Yet “The Clocks Run In Reverse” generated more of a poppy dance beat to which the audience liked best while “Brandywhine” was a rhythmic downtempo ballad. Plus, a show within the show. During “This Is Your Magic” (and closing song, “Meet Me Tonight”), the Metro audience was treated to twirling “fire” lights and freestyle dancers near the main stage to expound the energetic vibe felt from the stage. Magatha Trysty was having a great time, blogspot readers ...reeling in their momentous achievement as a band until the very end when they concluded with a thunderous bang. Some of their fans could be heard shouting for more. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this band at their next performance or visit them at

Not Freebird ...[but] it’s almost close to it...” ~ Andy Metz of Hero Monster Zero

Pumping hardcore rock back into this venue, Hero Monster Zero closed out the night’s lineup with one of this band’s best outings seen to date by this reviewer, blogspot readers. There was intense energy ...excitement as well as momentum felt throughout the set that held the late night audience within its tight music grip until the very end. It was the first time SouthSide had seen fans respond by cheering and/or head banging to songs like “Steppin’ On Me” and Rage Against The Machine's “Killing In The Name” in which this particular song generated the loudest response of the night. Andy (on vocals and guitar) totally stirred up the atmosphere with a fierce hardcore sound and raw intensity on the lyrics. What makes Hero somewhat unique in the local scene is the band covers its own songs but it’s the cover renditions that truly gives these fans thrill especially when Andy lays down the lyrical free verse as heard during “Only I Can Fly”. Yet tonight, each member of the band were personally giving it their all for the fans inside Metro ...and you could tell by how hard they were rockin’ the stage. The highlight of this headlining set came at the end when Hero Monster Zero wow the audience with its awesome rendition of Prince’s "Purple Rain". A great homage to His Royal Purple Highness, Andy seriously expressed the heartfelt emotions within the lyrics which probably many tearing up as he sang. You simply had to be there, blogspot readers, to witness the epic guitar ending that sent chills down this reviewer’s spine. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this amazing live at their next performance or visit Hero Monster Zero at Facebook.

SouthSide’s adventure had barely begun, blogspot readers, and it was time to continue partying as well as support her LGBTQ friends. She traveled from the heart of Wrigleyville to Rogers Park area to hang out the patrons and her friend Germ of Riot Bear Productions (and Modern Day Rippers) at Touche Bar. Located beyond the “twink” bar scene (i.e. Boystoen), this bar offers a sort of safe haven for those interested being in the company of the manly men of the LGBTQ community for drinks, a friendly game of pool and/or live music in between watching sports and porn on the tvs. At first it was a bit awkward for SouthSide being the only woman in this establishment but she soon warmed up the bar staff and some of the patrons hanging out to enjoy DJ Germ spinning his mix selection of industrial/punk/and more all night long. Her stay at Touche was brief, blogspot readers, though wanting to venture to the depths below to explore what happens underneath. However, she did see Mr. Leather 2014 making a quick appearance. It’s hard to pinpoint when DJ Germ will be spinning again at Touche but he did suggest checking out

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