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08 Feb 12

Hey, blogspt readers, SouthSide highly recommends checking out what's new and rockin' lately at Lakeview's popular bar - Elbo Room. This venue (SouthSide's home away from home) besides featuring hot local/indie acts and acoustic singer/songwriter shows now has special midnight movie showings, admission prices and daily drink deals that won't break your wallet. Included with your FREE admission after midnight, watch a nighly movie theme ...for example on Sundays, it's Kung Fu while on Thursdays, it's Westerns. Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for live concert footage on the big screen upstairs. Or join the hip party/club crowd downstairs to dance to the latest DJ remixes from midnight until closing (on Fridays and Saturdays only). Daily drink deals include $1 SH!T cans every Monday night to Friday/Saturday specials like $5 Sailor Jerry Rum drinks, $4 Tallboys and beer of the month, $3 Miller Highlife and Jameson shots. Plus as another added bonus, every night there's half off admission cover into Elbo Room before 9p. Must be 21 and older to enter Elbo Room and drink.

On this particular night, blogspot readers, SouthSide attended the Local Music Showcase held every Wednesday at Elbo Room. Hosted by good friend, Matthew Alfano (of Mason's Case), this FREE "open mic" type of show allows artists/bands to mingle and network with each other as well as jam on stage. Plus it gives music lovers and fans to hear a tiny sample of what's rockin' the local scene here in Chicago. After the host rocked the stage with some classic Radiohead and his originals, singer/songwriter Peter opened tonight's lineup with a few songs wrapped inside a vibrant acoustic sound and Tom Petty like vibe in his voice. This reviewer enjoyed hearing the strong voice powress of emotional angst heard during the song Art of Being meanwhile wowing the ears again with a rousing dream-like lyrical prose found in Evening Sun. Fans can find more Peter with his other project, Audio Aura band.

The duo Neverwhere (Kristen on electric/vocals and Steve on drums) rocked the stage with an intense punk/rock guitar style (mostly off the electric) in which the energizing sound that complimented Kristen's raspy/pop voice. Opening their set to the song, The Struggle, this local band popped vibrantly amidst thundering rhythms drawing out more hardcore guitar rock sound especially during Hide-n-Seek though it was a bit subdue but still vocally fierce. For more Neverwhere, blogspot readers shouldhead to Idle Hour Lounge (located 8501 W Grand in River Grove) on March 2nd. It's a FREE 21 and older show. Then it was time to groove to the rhythmic sounds of lyrical hiphop/rap fused to a lively mix of R&B/soul/rock by Party At The Moon Tower. This reviewer enjoyed 99.99% of this rockin' band however .01% (coming from Party's female lead vocalist) didn't appeal to the ears. She was putting too much effort into being a soulfully dynamic vocalist that her pitch wasn't complimenting and/or in tune with her male counterpart (Party's MC) during the chorus of the band's opening song. Yet on the other hand, she did display some lyrical verse skills during the song Night School Booty or during a bluesy tone in which she allowed her natural falsetto shine without overworking the voice.

Rounding out SouthSide's visit to this Local Music showcase was the blues fusion of Brody (on acoustic guitar) and good friend Leonard (of We Killed The Lion) accompanying him on drums. This reviewer liked the raspy blues voice amidst this artist's energizing acoustic sound that was vibrantly passionate within an upbeat tempo as heard in the opening song. Even while in a downtempo rhythm, this singer/songwriter's deep falsetto vocals were emotionally filled with tenderness off the lyrics though had some difficulty hearing him sing because he was rockin' to the beat on the stool. Yet the mini jam session at the end of Brody's set (featuring Peter and bassist of Party At The Moon Tower) rocked the stage until the last riff had died. You certainly don't know what will happen during the next Local Music showcase at Elbo Room, blogspot readers. Come out and support local music - it's alive and well ...rockin' every Wednesday from 8p to 1a - it's a FREE show!

For more information, visit http://www.elboroomlive.com.

***Attention band/artists - contact SouthSide's good friend, Brian Bender (sound guy, member of The Hot Sauce Committee and more), talent booker of Elbo Room to perform during a feature genre night (ie Americana/Bluegrass/Country, indie/folk, DJ). Send your electronic press kit to BRIAN@elboroomlive.com.***

Until next time, support your local scene,

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  1. You should come out tomorrow and check out some of these great bands! http://www.facebook.com/events/331552250211235/


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